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[India, military & Nehru reviewing large parade]
DN-LB-177 Beta SP
Parade - Military - India; Elephants; Camel Corps; Floats;
13:13:02:00 - 13:17:47:05 B W 1950s [India, military & Nehru reviewing large parade] India, Nehru & military at event. Greets woman & ??? People in grandstand watching. Royal carriage with many horses. People lining street, large monument in distance. Army trucks, weapons, etc pulled past reviewing stand. Riders on horseback with flags past. Camel Corps past. Marching units. Elephants ridden some with houdas etc. Floats pulled by trucks & tractors. Shot from top of monument looking down at crowds watching marchers. Floats past CAM in front of arch. Nehru, Jawaharlal