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Refining The Crude R4 of 4
DN-LB-229 Beta SP
Laboratory - Chemists - Analyzing; Testing - Viscosity - Oil; Petroleum - Refining; Gas Mask - Safety; First Aid; Fire Fighting - Refinery; Manufacturing - Cans - Sealing; Barrels - Filling - Loading; Tanker; RR - Tank Cars; Service Station - Convertible - College Coeds; Street Scenes - 1929; Workers - Blacks;
19:49:59:00 - 19:58:44:00 B W 1929 Refining The Crude R4 of 4 Chemists & lab techicians analyzing distilled gas & checking needs of sulphur. Viscosity of oil tested. Chemical analysis. Workers shown how to use gas mask. Men working on pipeline & man takes off mask and is gassed. Rescued by others. Taken to first aid station. Fire trucks & hose wagon. Blacks moving barrels of fire-fighting solutions. Trucks & hose team spraying water on simulated refinery fire. Large electrical generator operating. Manufacturing metal tanks, cans and sealing. Punching out can lids, filling cans and drums and barrels. Moving empty barrels, filling and loading onto ship. Loading tanker. Putting solid material onto barge and into freight car. Filling train of tank cars. Truck filling gasoline tank at service station. Women inconvertible. traffic.