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Universal Newsreel
DN-LB-275 Beta SP (Vol. 25 Rel. 402)
15:22:12:05 B W 1945 15Feb45 Sd. Malta. 'Big Three Confer.' Plane landing. Harriman, ambassador to Russia, at airport in leather coat with fur collar. General Marshall comes down steps of plane, salutes British Field Marshal Wilson. Men talks. Cuts to Ext Montgomery House, CU plaque on wall. Int, conference, civilian and military men sit around table. VO, 'Here starts a series of talks that will profoundly influence the diplomatic and political future of the world.' MCU Field Marshal Alexander. Sommerville and Admiral King also attend. Cuts to pan across Yalta landscape with mountain in background. 15:22:57:00 B W 1945 Line of men including Stetinius, Molotov, Eden. Cuts to Churchill carefully descending aircraft steps, cigar in hand. Honor Guard at airport. MCU Molotov and Churchill. 15:23:11:25 B W 1945 FDR arrives, looks like walking corpse, Molotov close by. Roosevelt's daughter with him, Mrs Anna Boettinger, who looks like mother Eleanor, she's talking to woman in uniform (FDR's lover?). 15:23:23:00 B W 1945 MCU three flags, British, Russian and American. Troops reviewed. Cuts to EXTs of summer palace of tzar Nicholas II, VS. 15:23:40:00 B W 1945 Hammer and sickle and star engraved into stone on wall. Cars pull up outside. MCU of presidential advisor, Harry Hopkins, with Anthony Eden who's wearing fur hat. 15:23:47:00 B W 1945 Stalin arrives, salutes on way into building. Int, meeting takes place. VS of conference. 15:24:12:00 B W 1945 Ext, HA, Stettinius, Molotov and Eden with other men. 15:24:15:00 B W 1945 Churchill wearing fur hat extends hand to Stalin, they shake over FDR who's seated, wearing black cape and laughing. He gives thumbs up. VS of three men seated, posing for cameras, FDR smoking cigarette. VO, '...Hitler's hoards were being crushed between the jaws of Allied might. His people were in disordered flight. His remaining Axis partner, Japan, was being pounded by terrific air blows.' 15:24:38:26 B W 1945 Poland. 'Poland Will Never Forget.' Russian soldiers find Lublin massacre. HA pan of ruins, destruction, people on street. Nazi atrocity. Ext shot of castle, VO, 'Here countless thousands died in a ruthless bloodbath and this ancient castle was the death house for slave workers coldly machine gunned at their sewing machines. Men, women and children, it was all the same to the supermen.' Pan across dead bodies, women crying. Cuts to piled up bodies of civilians murdered in prison, 700 altogether. VO, 'This is master race savagery.' Women on knees weeping. VO, 'During the occupation of Poland it is estimated that one million five hundred thousand civilians were systematically slain.' Cuts to funeral, priest, nuns, women weeping into handkerchiefs. (Hamburg police slaughtered 1,500 Jews, women, children and men too old to work, in woods outside of Lublin too) WWII-Poland. Murder-Nazi-German-Cold blooded-Civilian-Prisoners. Destruction-Lublin. Bodies-Dead-Women-Men-Children. Blood-on factory floor. Funeral-Mass. Religion-Roman Catholic. Propaganda-Anti-German-Anti-Nazi. Crime-War 15:25:53:13 B W 1945 Alabama, Mississippi. 'Scores die in Tornado.' VS of tornado destruction, houses levelled, devastation. 40 killed. 15:26:05:00 B W 1945 Black men attempt clean up, cuts to two women in ruins of house, ext, damaged card in foreground, debris. VO, re Montgomery, 'It was here that the tornado tossed box cars around like match boxes' Box cars turned over on sides. 15:26:21:00 B W 1945 Army called in to help. Salvation Army and Red Cross on scene, women handing out drink, LS of women standing on top of pile of rubble, debris, house. Weather-Tornado. Disaster-Natural-Tornado. Destruction-Tornado. Death-weather related. Homeless-Tornado related-Black people. Clean up. Aid-Red Cross-Army-Salvation Army. Charity-Red Cross- Salvation Army-Christian. Government-Aid-Army. 15:26:33:22 B W 1945 New York, Madison Square Garden. 'Dogdom's Annual Classic.' HA of dog show at garden, 69th Westminister Show. Fox hounds surround man, litter of 23, mother of puppies looks exhausted. Woman in leopard print or leopard skin coat with St Bernard. Three boxers come second. Cocker Spaniels, two Irish wolfhounds, boy on ground with several Bedlingtons, look like sheep. Cuts to Mexican hairless? and Chihuahua in basket. Basset hound. Cuts to WA of showing dogs, MCU of winner, Scottish terrier. Show-Dog. Dogs-Breeds. Pups-Fox hounds. 15:27:31:21 B W 1945 New York. 'National Scout Week.' Boys scouts ceremony at Statue of Liberty. Boy scouts in different uniforms, man in civilian clothing shakes hands and hands over money to provide assistance to scouts in liberated countries. One black scout in line. Scouts place wreath at base of statue, 15:27:56, Asian and Black scouts salute, MCU. VS of scouts saluting, LA of statue with flags in foreground. Organization-Fraternal-Boy Scouts. Fraternal-Scouts. Ceremony- Wreath laying. Landmark-New York. Attraction-Tourist-New York City. Racial-Mix. Diversity-Boy scouts. 15:28:06:21 B W 1945 China. 'China's Tiger Joe Joins up.' 14th Air Force in China. GIs adopt Chinese boy, present him in office, cuts to bathroom, where man washes boy under shower. Joe turns up to collect message in office in uniform, salutes and heads off. Four-year-old Joe sits at desk writing, sign with 'Asst 1st Sgt' beside him. He looks up and smiles at camera. Ext, inspection line, Tiger Joe at end, sneezes. Company marches off, Joe trying to keep up. Telegraph poles and wires in background. Propaganda-American-Feel good. Orphan-War-Chinese. WWII-China. Air Force-US-Fourteenth Division. Hygiene-Shower. Humor-Sentimental GIs-American. PR-American. 15:29:35:01 Ends