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DN-LB-285 Beta SP
1916; 1930s; 1935; 1947
01:01:15 1947 - India-Pakistan partition 01:03:27 1947 - India partition announced Freight train wreck in NJ Ukraine log rafts Pig swimming contest. 01:08:14 1947 - British withdraw troops from Bombay, India. 01:09:10 CA Ostrich Farm (1916) Ostriches in corral. Sign on fence "President and Mrs. Wilson". Man's hand feeds ostriches. Ostrich eats from pocket of keeper, runs carrying rider. Los Angeles, CA (1916) Panorama of business district with small parks - building, "Public Library", and hotel. Hall of Records and the Old Court House. Large church - palm trees - pedestrians - automobile, streetcar traffic - Angels Flight Inclined Railway and end of Third Street Tunnel - buildings: 'Bullocks', 'Walter P. Story Building', 'Mullen and Bluett Clothing Co.' - sign, 'Vogel Hotel, Rooms, 50cents - 75cents - 1 dollar by day, 2 dollars to 4 dollars by week'. Clunes Auditorium, Central park, pedestrian traffic - fountain, Retail district, California hospital, Chinatown, The Old Plaza (Mexican Pueblo of Los Angeles), North Hill Street. Double Barrelled Tunnel, Scottish Rite Temple, park with stream, bridge, ducks, swans - Hollenbeck Park, Westlake Park, man lounges on grass - oil field - pipeline - residential area. Santa Catalina Island, CA (1916). passengers aboard steamship. Los Angeles harbor, LA waterfront with railroad yards as seen from moving ship in harbor. Lighthouse. Port of Avalon, Santa Catalina - waterfront - Hotel Stamford - Metropole Cafe - steamship docks at pier, passengers disembark. 01:19:17 1935 - Hurricane damage in Cuba Winter Hair Styles Gymnastics High School Football FDR dedicates Boulder Dam. 01:23:24 1935 - Italy Ethiopian War Spanish Grand Prix won by German wrestling in England Chicago Cubs win first game of baseball World Series (announced by Graham McNamee, at Naven Field, Detroit Michigan - with original play-by-play audio!) 01:30:42 Construction of Hoover Dam (Boulder Dam): "The Pictorial Record Of Man's Conquest Of the Colorado River". Produced by the United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation - Official Picture (1930s). GREAT FOOTAGE - excellent visuals of the construction of Boulder Dam from the late 1920s to the mid 1930s. Highly recommended. IMPORTANT NOTE: These are reels 1-3 of the film the reel 4 continuation and conclusion of it is found on DN-LB-291 (from T C 01:43:23:00 onward).