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United Newsreel
DN-LB-356 Beta SP
01:18:16:00 B W 1940s Sd. Opening sequence. 'First US Army Women Arrive in England.' HA of women marching, VS. VO, 'Women of the United States Army Auxiliary Corps, a volunteer organization recruited to relieve men for combat duty, now become a part of the regular army.' 01:19:06:00 B W 1940s Commander, Colonel Hobby, on stage, MCU. Pan across women soldiers taking oath of allegiance, good. They cheer and throw hats in the air. 01:19:20:00 B W 1940s VS of US women soldiers arriving for duty in England. Marching band. CU of women's feet, legs, and women. Setting up camp, carrying heavy loads. 01:19:56:00 B W 1940s Leaving barracks on first leave, 'Stop' sign on checkpoint gate. Touring countryside, walking over stone bridge, through gardens of manor house, drinking afternoon tea. 01:20:16:02 B W 1940s Sd. 'Hollywood Movie Stars and Studios All? War.' HA of hundreds of Hollywood technicians and workers. 01:20:29:00 B W 1940s Sign, 'Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.' Entrance gates and sign for '20th Century Fox Film Corp,' soldiers entering studio. 01:20:33:00 B W 1940s 'Paramount Pictures' entrance. VS of army units on set, making training films in Hollywood studios. CU camera, man teaching techniques. Door with sign, 'Stage 3,' soldiers enter. 01:20:53:00 B W 1940s Int, laboratory, cans of film on shelves, man working at cutting table, other winding spool. 01:21:00:00 B W 1940s Soldiers watch industry, and Signal Corps training films in screening room. Can see man on screen putting on gas mask. 01:21:10:00 B W 1940s Int, studio set with lights and camera. 01:21:13:00 B W 1940s Women stands watching machine reducing film to 16mm, CUs of film in machine. Women winding spools. 01:21:22:00 B W 1940s Loading motion picture onto plane. CU of boxes of films with addresses in Africa and Australia. 01:21:31:00 B W 1940s Ann Miller and Linda Darnell, John Garfield and Bette Davis throwing packages into hall full of servicemen. 01:21:40 MCUs Greer Garson, Judy Garland, Heddy Lamar, back view of Betty Grable with hundreds of soldiers running towards her. Grable links arms with two soldiers and laughs, good. 01:22:00:00 B W 1940s Sd. Quebec. 'Canada Stocks Lakes with Fish ?' (TC) AV. Cuts to ground shot of young trout being sorted and graded by game wardens, good. Fish boxed and packed on airplanes which drop fish into lakes from air. French Canadian soldiers home on leave fishing, one has pin-up picture attached to his rod. Fish splashing about in water, caught on hook, soldier jumps up. Pulling fish in and posing with it for camera. 01:23:19:20 B W 1940s Sd. 'Filipino Regiment Receives Bolos ?' (TC) Ceremony, soldiers with flags. Bolo knives are presented to regiment. VS of crowd, small boy in uniform salutes, women smile. VS of regiment marching around field with knives raised in the air. 01:24:00:18 B W 1940s Sd. 'Newest Inland Aircraft Carrier ?' (TC) CU, group of naval air cadets, being trained to fly with fleet, on Great Lakes. Planes take off and fly across sky in formation. MLS of plane landing on carrier. 'USS Wolverine.' VS of planes taking off and landing on Wolverine. POV from tail of plane as it leaves carrier behind, good. 01:24:52:15 B W 1943 Sd. 'Sicilians Hail American Army of Occupation' : General Patton comes out of building into sunshine, CU. VS of Patton. Seventh Army marching through streets of Sicily, boys ride on sides of army trucks, Sicilian civilians cheering and waving. VS of soldiers marching, jeeps up side streets, people waving. GI drives jeep loaded down with happy young Sicilian boys directly toward CAM. 01:25:40:00 B W 1940s Civilians disarm and give weapons to Allied soldiers. Food line outside of building, man in uniform gesturing to crowd. 01:26:01:00 B W 1940s MHWA of Palermo. Italian commander speaking, CU. He surrenders city and rides with General Keyes in jeep. VS of destruction in city as soldiers march through. US forces occupy Palermo, civilians cheer. Patton with clergy. Boys ride on jeep with American soldier. Ends 01:27:27:00