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Cards Win the Series (11 to 0)
DN-LB-444 Beta SP
Aerials; Sports - Baseball - World Series - 1934; Detroit; St Louis Cardinals; Hits; Announcer - Describing; Stadium - Crowd; Gag - Binoculars - Searching;
04:06:44:24 - 04:09:07:17 B W 1934 Cards Win the Series (11 to 0) MI, Detroit AV from blimp, pan over Tiger stadium. Mickey Cochran speaks St. Louis Manager Frankie Frisch. Dizzy Dean to Jo Jo White. Anker pitching. Pepper Martin safe at first. Medwick in field peppered w bottles, apples, etc. Judge Landis calls him out. Dizzy Dean and Paul Dean pose with binoculars looking for Tigers. Dean, Dizzy Dean, Paul Landis, Judge Martin, Pepper Frisch, Frankie White, Jo Jo Anker, Garrangher, Cockrane, Mickey Medwick,