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DACHAU (and other titles)
DN-LB-684 Beta SP
B W 1945 Holocaust - post liberation Dachau. POWs in Chinese camp. North Korean propaganda (communist propaganda re. Korea) 13:01:18:15 B W 1945 NOTE - VERY GRAPHIC MATERIAL! ATROCITIES AT DACHAU, GERMANY. May 3, 1945 (B&W, MOS) MS Soldier opens door to gas chamber, "BRAUSEBAD" printed on wall above door. VS, including CU of nozzle in ceiling. VS pipes, gas pipes ? CU two soldiers walk out of room filled with naked corpses. CU corpses. EXT MS entrance to camp with "Dachau" sign on building - CU sign MS detail of carving of German soldiers, running, and possibly Hitler figure, on top of sign post. Soldier stands on guard at gates of concentration camp. CU sign posted outside of gates, "Quarantine - TYPHUS - This concentration Camp is Off Limits to All Civil and Military Personnel." VS altar with statue of Virgin Mary holding child - vases of flowers surround statue. Candles, ornate cross, framed text with illustration of crucifixion of Jesus (out of focus). 13:05:33:15 B W 1945 VS men leading horse-drawn carts, full of corpses, along country road. One man wears gas mask. MS back of cart with corpses as they pass train with open railroad cars. CU fair-haired man wearing gas mask, leading horse. MS horses and carts full of dead bodies moving along road 13:06:36:00 B W 1945 CU sign with Star of David painted on it and ribbon attached at bottom. VS rabbi (?) arrives at Dachau concentration camp. Man wearing uniform (rabbi ?) smiles as he gets out of jeep with Star of David painted on front - he is surrounded and welcomed by civilians - some wearing prison uniform - holocaust survivors. VS Jewish religious service - CU men, some boys, standing close together, listening, many are weeping. Excellent CU shots. Wind blowing flags held up in crowd. MS women, survivors of Dachau, at religious service. LA MS male survivor, wearing striped uniform, speaking from podium. 13:08:41:08 B W 1945 Group of men (possible German locals) walk on country road - men lead horses and carts with corpses behind them. Some carts are covered with blankets, most reveal naked and clothed corpses. 13:09:51:03 B W 1945 FIRST JEWISH RELIGIOUS SERVICE, DACHAU, May 6, 1945. CU women and men standing close together, flags flying in wind in BG, some women are weeping, wiping their eyes. Side profile of man wearing striped uniform and hat, weeping, blowing his nose - he doubles over, puts his hands on his head and cries. CU teenage boy turns and looks at CAM. VS survivors, lots of young men and teenage boys. LS religious men standing on platform, flags blowing in very strong wind. CU crowd, women and men. 13:11:00:06 B W 1945 VS corpses lying on ground in various states and positions, Dachau - some CU of men's faces with open eyes. One body lies next to potatoes. 13:12:09:03 B W 1945 Religious service, May 6, 1945. MHA shot of group of people, Jews, holocaust survivors, attending religious service at Dachau concentration camp, Germany. Lots of activity - people walking about. VS crowd and flags blowing in wind - men wearing striped camp uniforms. 13:13:23:25 B W 1945 VS soldiers helping sick survivors onto flatbed truck - sick men are covered with blankets. Naked corpse of man lies on ground beside large pot. 13:14:11:26 B W 1945 More footage of religious service, May 6, 1945. Flags blowing in wind, some with "Dachau" and crest on them, British flag, American flag and others. VS men at service. VS dead bodies on ground, some covered, some naked. MS corpses in railroad car. VS corpses. 13:15:42:21 B W 1945 Munich, May 2, 1945. HA shot of thousands of men, German POWs perhaps ? marching along wide road, under escort or guard, through Munich. HA military trucks driving slowly along street. Pan kennels - dead, or sleeping dog in one. 13:17:06:22 B W 1945 EXT crematorium oven. INT oven with bones. 13:18:00:10 B W 1945 RED CHINESE PROPAGANDA (WWII POWs) B&W, MOS. MS white POWs exercising in yard. INT POWs eating. POWs play ping-pong, table tennis. Eating fruit and playing card game. POWs look at photographs. CU air mail letters and envelopes. VS table full with food - prisoners eat. POWs writing letters. VS POWs, wearing hats and coats, exercising in snow, playing volleyball. INT VS medical and physical examinations. 13:24:07:12 B W Sound 1945 38th PARALLEL (Korean anti-Japanese propaganda) Montage of Japanese atrocities committed against Korea - includes recreations, movie clips, and executions. VS burying people alive, killing women and children. Japanese flag blowing in wind - village in BG. VS Korean architecture, pan over roofs of houses, street scenes - Nam San Dong, Seoul. Small houses with thatched roofs, farmers at work, irrigation - man manually moves water with large paddle-like implement. VS crops, harvesting, men cycle bicycles, village scenes. Sacks of rice inspected before shipment to Japan. Men carry sacks onto boat. Trains transport lumber, logs. MHA steam train moving through countryside. Women working in factory, mill - men work in industry. VS Koreans working on rock piles, carrying logs. Recreation of workers falling from exhaustion and being beaten by Japanese occupiers - fake blood on one man. Japanese soldiers disembark ship. WWII battle scenes, Japanese and Korean soldiers fight side by side. Explosions, bridge bombed. 13:30:05:18 B W 1945 VS Korean students demonstrate in Kwang Choo - protesting against Japanese occupation. Recreation of Japanese terrorizing woman and son. VS instruments of torture. VS explicit recreations of Japanese prison officers torturing Korean men and women - includes hanging man by feet, burning prisoners face, water torture - putting rag in man's mouth and pouring water up his nostrils. CU syringe. Beating female prisoner. Fingernail torture. Pulling woman's hair and then stripping her clothes off (rape, sexual assault implied). CU face of unconscious, and bloodied woman being rolled on gurney. VS prisoners and prisons, INT and EXT, brief. Airplanes drop bombs - AVs of explosions on ground. August 9, 1945, Russian ships bombard Japanese positions - explosions. Russian soldiers run to shore. Artillerty guns fired. Russian infantry run through burning fires in bombed city. Japanese soldiers surrender - Japanese POWs. VS dead bodies. VS bomb and fire destruction - destroyed temples. 13:33:51:23 B W 1945 EXT prison - VS Russians releasing Korean prisoners. Liberation symbolism - hand cuffs opened - handcuffs on ground. VS Koreans celebrate liberation - march in street with banners. VS celebrations on Korean Liberation Day - marching, flag waving, chanting. Band plays. Boy sells newspaper on street. Japanese sign unconditional surrender (Shigemitsu signs) aboard the USS Missouri. Russian representative signs agreement. VS Korean refugees, in rain and sunshine, walking. EXT LS Duck Soo Koong building in Nam Dai Moon, Seoul. INT conference room - General Hodge of US meets with Syngman Rhee, Kim Sung Soo, and General Shtikov, and staff (very poor quality). 13:36:34:16 B W 1945 EXT Koreans enter YMCA building in Soeul - guards at building. Japanese flag fades to American flag. Crude animation shows southern Korea invaded by American beetle (stars and stripes on its back). EXT Len Han Sa building, Soeul. VS Soeul. Recreation - South Korean police beat village people and steal their food. VS American soldiers sight-seeing - Korean rodeo, sitting outdoors at public building. Bagado Park - Korean men gamble, (gambling) and socialize. Crowd, includes children, gathered about fortune teller, listening. Street vendors - two boys run and disappear when they see CAM. Market scenes, Soeul. VS slums in Soeul. INT inspector rooting though personal items in house - CU sign on door announces contagious disease. VS poverty, slums, hungry people. VS abondoned and run down factories. 13:40:50:12 B W 1945 Montage of American servicemen and Korean women drinking, dancing, carouse, etc., in nightclubs. Recreation of Korean activists pasting or hanging liberation posters on wall at night. Recreation - South Korean authorities brutalize and murder dissidents - VS beatings, shadow on wall of officer beating prisoner, prisoner covered with fake blood, hand claws dirt on ground. Badly beaten prisoners, one woman, one man, dragged from cells and tied to back of truck - dragged through streets. Lynchings - bodies hang from trees, bodies on ground with nooses around necks - Son Ack mountain in Kai Sung - recreation. Actuality - pan mass grave - bodies have hands tied behind their backs - women, children, and men. Dramatic recreation of communists revolt - rioting at night, attacking police, running over body on ground, setting fires, running at night with torches - good, with much use of chiaroscuro to create drama. 13:44:56:04 B W 1945 Russians welcomed at Pyongyang railroad station. Band plays on railroad platform. Koreans cheer Russians - some good shots. Crowd waves arms in air at mass meeting. VS including CU Kim Il Sung, Communist leader, addressing mass rally. INT shot addressing large gathering of men. Parade. Ice floes on river. VS North Korean farmers - plowing, harvesting, packing rice. VS celebration of harvest - festival, music, dancing. Pan Korean river and modern concrete bridge. Sheep, cattle, and duck raising sequence, good. VS Nock Kang dam and power station - hydro electric power - INT and EXT shots of plant. Industry, construction montage - Nam Po, Wha Chum, Hung Nam and Chung Chin. Launch of new locomotive, steam train. Pollution. Ship and boat launches. VS logging industry. VS Paper manufacturing factory. Trucks, piled high with sacks, leave factory. Women workers - cotton mill, manufacturing, sweat shop, good. Bales of cotton. Soap and candle making. Hand-painting pottery. Dance teacher, wearing very short skirt, shirt and tie (like school uniform) dancing with girls, good. Children put on play, drama. Boys play drums, wind instruments. Girl's choir sings in radio recording studio girls hold hands in ladylike fashion. People listen to radios. Industry, progress montage - North Korea. Korean countryside, POV moving train. 13:54:32:23 B W 1945 North Korean toursits at Diamond Mountain resort, visit Koo Rong Hun falls, Sin Ke Sa temple, excellent. Walking across rope bridge. Tour party poses for photograph at falls. 13:55:38:00 B W 1945 VS women and children making their way into building for mass meeting on equality for women. VS speakers, audience response. Women and men attend meeting where women speak. Panel of judges, all women. Switchboard operators. VS Kim Il Sung university under construction. Education montage - school children in yard, in classrooms, taking tests, university students, medical students, theater or dance students. The arts - choral recital, band recital, drama. 13:57:49:05 B W 1945 VS construction of national motion picture studios. INT shooting motion picture, making film, VS, good. Director on set, lighting technicians. Developing reels of film, editing, cans of film on table, excellent. VS books and book displays in stores. Paintings hang in gallery. Sports montage - track and field, female and male athletes. Basketball, volleyball, wrestling. VS spectators. Trapeze, soccer, tennis, marathon runner, winter sports. Mass demonstration. Montage of scenes, transposed over each other, includes mass demonstrations, parades, industry, agriculture, culture, etc., as narrator calls for the abolition of the 38th Parallel, getting rid of Syngman Rhee, crushing imperialism and the unification of Korea. 14:01:42:04 B W 1945 VS demonstrations, parades through Pyongyang, good. Image of Kim Il Sung transposed over Korean flag which ripples in wind