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VTM-45ADT 1 inch
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Color 1951 Musical feature with Fred Astaire - the one with the classic dancing-up-the-wall-and-on-the-ceiling sequence. Jane Powell and Astaire are a brother-sister song and dance act doing a show in London. While there, Astaire falls in love with a dancer (Sarah Churchill), and Powell falls for an English lord (Peter Lawford). The picture ends with the couples united, after the usual misunderstandings. Excellent color. Starring Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Peter Lawford, Sarah Churchill [daughter of Winston Churchill], Keenan Wynn. Screenplay and song lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner directed by Stanley Donen. 00:01:32:00 Color 1951 ms Fred Astaire dressed as king seated on throne red carpet he glances at his watch ECU man's wrist watch, reads 7:00. 00:01:50:00 Color 1951 ws Jane Powell dances around throne, cleaning objects with duster. "Every Night At Seven," dance number, Fred Astaire and Jane Powell, later joined by soldiers in red uniforms. 00:04:58:00 Color 1951 ws Well-dressed, smiling theater audience, HA shot. 00:05:50:00 Color 1951 ws Curtain drops. 00:10:20:00 Color 1951 ms Two men fight in bar onlookers pay little attention. 00:11:00:00 Color 1951 Boarding ocean liner CU of couple necking, man (Lawford) winks. 00:12:35:00 Color 1951 ws HA two men fighting police break it up. 00:13:02:00 Color 1951 ws Ocean liner at sea (it's a model, but convincing) repeats at 0:21:15 at night repeats at 0:24:20 as rough water breaks against hull all brief shots. 00:16:30:00 Color 1951 ws Fred Astaire tap-dances to the beat of a metronome gym setting, he dances with a coat rack, weights, and parallel bars as props. 00:21:40:00 Color 1951 ws Jane Powell sings "Open Your Eyes", dances with Fred Astaire ocean liner ballroom setting. At the end of the sequence the ship begins to roll and the two dancers collapse accidentally into spectators objects roll across dance floor finally they land on a sliding couch. 00:25:55:00 Color 1951 ws Panoramic views of London: the Thames River, Piccadilly Circus or Trafalgar Square (?), Buckingham Palace. 00:30:40:00 Color 1951 ms Sarah Churchill dances on stage, onlookers in BG. 00:32:50:00 Color 1951 ws Stately English manorhouse, mansion roadster car pulls up to front door. 00:34:55:00 Color 1951 ws London taxicabs leave from hotel sidewalk foggy night. 00:39:20:00 Color 1951 ms Fred Astaire and Sarah Churchill walking down foggy London streets double-decker bus. 00:41:10:00 Color 1951 ms Unusual slanted split-screen telephone conversation both men played by same actor (Keenan Wynn) repeats at 1:10:20. 00:44:40:00 Color 1951 Jane Powell sings, hotel room setting. 00:50:20:00 Color 1951 ms Fred Astaire and Jane Powell sing a duet, "How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Love You When You Know I've Been a Liar All My Life" and dance on a theater set the schtick is they're a couple of street toughs. 01:05:05:00 Color 1951 Astaire serenades a photograph part of the song is sung non-diegetically, i.e. he imagines it, lips don't move. This is the classic scene where he also tap dances all over the walls and ceiling. "You're All The World To Me". 01:14:20:00 Color 1951 Song and dance number with Fred Astaire singing "I Left My Hat In Haiti" he's joined by dancers who are supposed to be Haitians (they wear Caribbean country garb but thankfully are not in blackface) he's joined by Jane Powell. 01:26:40:00 Color 1951 cu Ringing bells excellent shot, double-exposure. 01:26:50:00 Color 1951 ws Tracking crane-shot of busy, narrow London street waving British flags dot screen. A song ensues, "What A Lovely Day For A Wedding", with Keenan Wynn. 01:28:15:00 Color 1951 ws Britain, a royal procession out of Buckingham Palace and down crowd-lined London streets, carriage followed by mounted guard excellent. 01:29:35:00 Color 1951 ws Facade of Westminster Abbey. 01:31:08:00 Color 1951 ms Jane Powell runs after taxicab hugs a bobby (policeman). 01:31:35:00 Color 1951 ms Astaire yells "will you marry me?" from the middle of a crowd. 01:31:48:00 Color 1951 ms Two just-married couples exit church, then kiss on the sidewalk (Fred Astaire and Sarah Churchill Jane Powell and Peter Lawford