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AFP-32AC 16mm; VTM-32AC Beta SP; NET-283 Beta SP (at 01:17:30:00); DigiBeta
Sound Comedy
B W 1933 HARRY LANGDON Loose In A Wax Museum (A Galaxy Of Sight Gags) Langdon, stellar silent comedian in a short two reeler "talkie", joined by Vernon Dent, Mathew Betz, Lita Chevret, Nell O'Day, and Eddie Baker 01:03:18:00 B W 1933 Young woman, blond pleasant chaste type, sits at easel painting scene in park. Suddenly thief grabs her purse, runs away. She screams..."HELP! POLICE!" innocent looking 'man child' character, tho probably a harmless tramp (Harry Langdon) hears noise, falls out of hammock, strung between two trees, on top of thief 01:04:00:00 B W 1933 Thief gets away by hitting policeman on head pushing his police hat down over his eyes 01:04:27:00 B W 1933 Sequence Water Hose Gag: Harry Langdon walks into a gushing park sprinkler system and keeps getting soaked... over and over again. Tries creative ways of solving riddle of shooting waters, but nothing seems to work. 01:06:33:00 B W 1933 Wax Museum Long Running Gag (to end of film): Harry Langdon gets mixed up as a wax figure. Great comic sequence of him standing men's bar in wax museum next to "Free Lunch" sign & bartender tries to eat phony pretzel & sponge sandwich. Blows foam from beer mug but it's wax. Sticks his hands up in fright when he sees wax gangsters, what he thinks is real, pointing pistol & machine gun at him (but they 'really' are real!) insect on nose, can't brush it off because he's reaching for sky jackhammer sounds outside (workmen building next door) has Langdon thinking it's machine gun fire. 01:09:00:00 B W 1933 Great shot of Harry Langdon running past wax figures in wax museum...he mistakes a wax policeman for a real one until policeman's head comes off in his hand 01:10:00:00 B W 1933 Harry Langdon imitates wax figure to fool security guard looking for him...face in a painful grimace when guard steps on his hand 01:10:35:00 B W 1933 Harry Langdon slaps wax figure holding machine gun who falls down, firing live bullets. Hat on Langdon's head jumps up and down. Good visual gag 01:11:00:00 B W 1933 Policeman & young lady pass glass case holding valuable ruby (would you find a real jewel on exhibit in a wax museum?). Anyway, policeman exclaims "HOLY MACKEREL IS THAT REAL?...LISTEN BABY, YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY, NOTHING CAN HAPPEN AS LONG AS I'M HERE" sooner said, then he gets hit over the head and knocked out. 01:11:30:00 B W 1933 Security guard still looking for Langdon "I WONDER WHERE HE WENT?"...Abraham Lincoln wax figure points 'that a way'! 01:11:53:00 B W 1933 A couple of crooks (man & woman burglars) plan to steal valuable ruby in glass case by disguising themselves as wax figures 01:12:30:00 B W 1933 Thieves break glass case and steal ruby...pose as wax figures (in front of wax judge on bench) curator screams and wrings his hands...ruined, devastated 01:13:11:00 B W 1933 Woman hides stolen jewlery in Harry Langdon's pocket 01:13:33:00 B W 1933 Great scene, as Langdon finds himself a Harem, surrounded by rajah and his lovely harem girls all wax. 01:14:00:00 B W 1933 Harry Langdon hides, disguised as wax figure wearing a fez, smoking water pipe. Smoke blows out of his ears (CU). Struggles with woman trying to get back stolen jewel she dropped in his pocket 01:16:10:00 B W 1933 CU Langdon & woman thief pose as comfy couple wax figures on couch to avoid getting caught security guard sticks sharp pin into them to see if they are real...Langdon bites his thumb to hold back scream. 01:16:54:00 B W 1933 Policeman gets hit over head and takes a falling leap... actually its a cop hits cop scene. 01:17:23:00 B W 1933 Policeman on floor with helmet pulled down over eyes. 01:17:20:00 B W 1933 Just wonderful Harry Langdon pulls aside robe, appears with his head upside down wearing hat...impersonates a moving figure with a balloon head, wearing top hat, & robe 01:18:00:00 B W 1933 Harry Langdon climbs moving ladder, getting nowhere prop wall collapses and falls on cops police chase after Langdon 01:18:43:00 B W 1933 CU Langdon sneezes...freezes, poses as wax figure with his head on a chopping block. Phony cop also freezes and poses as wax figure with sword in hand about to strike and cut off Langdon's head. When posed wax cop gets stuck with sharp pin, he screams and swings sword, cutting cord releasing guillotine to strike Langdon's neck...but Langdon 'saves his neck' by a whisker when he pulls his head away 01:19:37:00 B W 1933 Langdon's magic disappearing act box trick' Very good and funny. 01:20:18:00 B W 1933 Again, policeman hits policeman over head with billy club. 01:20:27:00 B W 1933 Langdon runs into mirror, smashes his nose policeman sees Langdon's image in mirror, runs, crashes into mirror 01:20:50:00 B W 1933 Wax indian shoots arrow into Langdon's rear end, screams 01:22:20:00 B W 1933 Langdon surrounded by wax bathing beauties freezes on diving board...stuck by sharp pin, dives into stage backdrop (which is not a pool of water!) 01:23:00:00 B W 1933 Harry Langdon behind wheel of antique car in museum, lovely young woman gives him a kiss & he lights up. They drive off together through wax museum. Langdon turns and waves goodbye, back of car reads, "So Long