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Famous Actress Auctions Off Her Worldly Goods
DN-LB-519 Beta SP
Auction - Wealthy - Household Possessions - 1936; Actress - Fans - Collectors; Debts - Auctioneer;
09:17:39:00 - 09:18:15:00 B W 1936 09 09 Famous Actress Auctions Off Her Worldly Goods New York, North Terrytown Outdoors and crowd watching auctioneers. Looking at glassware, shoes, porcelain. Woman holding up letter. Man with cigarette watching. Women carry off tables. 'Elsie Janis declares herself loaded down with 'Posessions, mortgages and debts' and puts her personal belongings up at auction before a crowd of 5,000 interested and cuious spectators. The first day's sale nets $2,000.' Janis, Elsie (not seen)