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Universal Newsreel
DN-LB-520 Beta SP
Aerials; New York City
11:01:19:00 B W 1936 04Nov36 Si Dearborn, Michigan Henry Ford Goes To School During Education Week. Ford and another man with children walk to brick school building at Greenfield Village. Shows boy his initials carved into desk. MCU w boy. CU w initials & finger pointing. Oddities Promotion Americana School House Museum. 11:01:52:00 B W 1936 Si. San Pedro, California Steamer With Cargo Ablaze Races To Port. Freighter into port, fireboat alongside and much smoke coming out. Firemen hosing, winch removing pallets of christmas packages. Fire shipboard. 11:02:32:00 B W 1936 Si. Coquille, Oregon Airplanes Used To Replant Land Ravaged By Fire. Loading seed from large burlap bags into normal area where front seat would be of biplane. View of seed coming out pipe. Sign on plane: State Dept. of Agriculture, State of Oregon. Pilot into plane and taking off past camera. View flying over and man flagging from burnt over land with downed burned timber. Gunny sacks. Reforestation. Conservation. Forest Fire Aftermath. 11:03:19:00 B W 1936 Si. Hermosa Beach, California Trained Penguin Has A Flair For Classy Clothes. Girl puts ribbon around small penguin and adds sailor hat, penguin poses, then walks with girl across the yard. Girl picks up and holds for camera. Penguin trained by Ralph Ruxford. Oddities. Animals Penguins Tricks Stunts. 11:04:03:00 B W 1936 Si Hollywood, California. Hollywood Girls Paint Their Legs In New Hose Fad. Max Factor and assistant painting legs of starlets with polka dots, strips, and patterns to imitate stockings. CU of women and mcu. Women hoist skirts to show legs and pose. Gag Stunts Oddities. Make Up. 11:04:53:00 B W 1936 Si Baltimore, Maryland Pimlico Futurity Goes To Matey On ?? Foul. Horses walk to starting gate, crowd watches, out of gate and around first turn in pack mcu of woman with binoculars. Horses down backstretch & good shot of spectators, down home stretch and horse pulls up fast. Winner not seen. Matey wins, owned by Walter Jefford after Priviledged is disqualified for interfering by stewards. Horse Race Sports Racing. 11:05:50:00 B W 1936 Si Portland, Oregon Huskies Defeat Oregon 7 to 0. Crowd of women in fur coats stands up and cheers for camera. Game on very muddy field. Washington cheerleader does flip. Touchdown, fumble. Head-on view of people standing up and cheering. Good shot of packed grandstand. College football Sports Students Multnomah Stadium. End:11:07:40:00 11:07:45:00 B W 1936 09Nov36 Si Oviedo, Spain Siege of Oviedo Leaves The City Badly Besieged. High angle over town, roofs with holes in them and nearly completly destroyed stone buildings. Badly burned church w destroyed windows. Other heavy damage with destroyed trains in rail yard and station with many holes in roof. Cu of officer. Solders walk toward camera with mess plates. Take wounded out of car. Soldiers walking with blankets. with mules through streets. Artillery pulled by trucks of soldiers. Asturian miners have surrounded the city but finally food brought in to the insurgents who have been standing off the Loyalists for many weeks. Spanish Civil War. 11:09:03:00 B W 1936 Si Croydon, England Mollison Gets Great Welcome After Ocean Hop. Plane comes in for landing on grass runway and taxiis up to crowd. Airplane pilot Jimmy Mollison climbs out and waves to camera in MCU after Landing at London airport from Newfoundland. New aviation record by English flier of 2,300 miles in a little over thirteen (13) hours. 11:09:36:00 B W 1936 Si New York City Sec. Hull Heads US Peace Mission Off For Argentine. Picket line with strike placards supporting west coast strike. CU sign: Secretary Hull You Are Sailing On A Scab Manned Ship. Cars through pickets under Westside Highway. Reporters and Hull at mic (MOS). Ship leaving w people waving and shot of tugs alongside. Seamen delay departure to Buenos Aires, Argentina Peace Conference. 11:10:08:00 B W 1936 Si Venice, California. Police Dogs Train As Mounted Cops On 3-Wheel Bikes. Hansel & Gretchen 2 German Shepherd dogs, one pushing baby on tricycle, other one riding tricycle by itself. MCU & CU of paws pedaling and tail dragging on pavement. Trained by Dwight Lanham. Oddities Animals Trained Dogs Stunts Gags. 11:10:56:00 B W 1936 Si Evanston, Illinois Northwestern Beats Wisconsin For Big Ten Title. Dark day, Touchdown pass, running scoring by both sides. Sports College Football. 11:12:10:00 B W 1936 Si Baltimore, Maryland Navy Defeats Notre Dame, 3-0. Navy cadets on field before game, Crowded stands. Navy officers throw hats in air. Field goal kick. People across field and take down goal posts in LS. College Football Sports Military Academy. 11:12:58:00 B W 1936 Si New York City Fordham Routs Purdue, 15 to 0. Good handoff and running play till tackled. MCU of field goal kick & applauding. MCU of runner breaking away for touchdown dodging tacklers. Tearing down goal posts in MCU. College Football Sports. 11:13:49:00 B W 1936 Si Los Angeles, California California Defeats Trojans. High shot of action. Fans cheering in group. Violent tackles. Touchdown. California 13, USC 7. College Football Sports. 11:16:07:00 B W 1936 Si Portland, Oregon UCLA Defeats Webfoots. UCLA 7, Oregon 0. People watching kickoff on sunny day. Shots from sidelines with close action, slightly higher for longer shots. Breakaway for touchdown. Kickoff. Good sideline of male cheerleaders doing flips. Fans watching. College Sports Football. 11:17:55:00 B W 1936 Detroit Defeats Toronto leafs In Rink Opener. Beginning ceremony, faceoff, Poorly lighted arena. Violent checking. Sports Professional Ice Hockey. 11:18:59:00 B W 1936 End Title The Talk of The World. 11:19:15:00 B W 1936 09Nov36 Si. Universal Newsreel Main Title w montage behind. 11:19:35:00 B W 1936 Si Sd. 200,000 Welcome Pres. Roosevelt Back To Capital. Motorcade before huge crowds leaving station, FDR hoists flower bouquet. Cars toward Capitol. Crows over lawns and pillars at White House. On arm of son as police standing nearby. 11:20:23:00 B W 1936 Sd. FDR in MCU seated at desk in front of model boat. CU, `Through the news shown on the screen I want to thank the many thousands who have telegraphed and written to me since the election. I would like to thank each one individually for his and her messages of confidence and goodwill. But there are so many of them that this is practically impossible. To all of you I say we can now march forward, all of us, together. President Roosevelt 1936 Re-election Speech. 11:21:02:00 B W 1936 Sd. Europe. Automobile For Cross-Country Travel Devised. Cerman car up steel hill, down rough countryside and across ditches bouncing, several past camera. Transportation invention oddities gag pre WWII Germany. End: 11:21:45:00. 11:21:52:00 B W 1936 16Nov36 Sd. New York City Amerks Outplay Rangers, 2 to 1, in New York Hockey Tilt. Madison Square Garden capacity crowd cheering, falls and fast skating. Goal. Fighting in end of rink. Save by goalie. New York Americans New York Rangers. No helmets. Sports Professional Ice Hockey. 11:23:03:00 B W 1936 Si Sd. Princeton, New Jersey Yale Trims Princeton 26 to 23. MCU of game, crowd w noise, touchdown runs. Cheering crowd. Taking down goal posts. Sound carries into next story. College Sports Football. 11:24:34:00 B W 1936 Si New York City Notre Dame Routs Army, 20 To 6, In Big Gridiron Upset. Cadets marching off field. Long pass, tackled. Touchdowns on running plays. Crowd waving. Runback for another. College Sports Football. End: 11:25:57:00 11:26:05:00 B W 1936 30Nov36 Si Universal Newsreel main title w montage behind. 11:26:24:00 B W 1936 Si Trinidad, British West Indies. President Roosevelt Tries His Luck In Trinidad Waters. USS Indianapolis & launch with FDR away, islands in background. Men fishing as they go toward shore. FDR in sunglasses and no hat. Sports Fishing Recreation Enroute Inter-American Peace Conference 11:27:54:00 B W 1936 Si Cincinnati, Ohio Sheep Dog Passes Out Free Lunch To Tiger Cubs In Zoo. Large German Shepherd nursing puppy and 3 larger tiger cubs. Oddities Animals Tigers Dogs 11:27:59:00 B W 1936 Si Saint-Chamas, France 51 Dead As French Munitions Plant Goes Up In Blast. Pan over hillside carved by mines & large building. Houses. Men watching as covered stretchers are brought out. Men in coats and top hats led by President Lebrun walk past. Coffins lined up and very large crowd of family & mourners filing past. Disaster Industry Mining Pre WWII. 11:28:29:00 B W 1936 Si Carrara, Italy Million-Ton Blast Sets New Record At Marble Quarry. 20 tons of dynamite used to loosen million tons of stone. Workers moving down on ropes, boxes of dynamite carried into tunnels. Workmaan blows horn, wall of ridge collapses and dust clouds rise as rock avalanches into valley. Industry Mining. 11:29:15:00 B W 1936 Si New York City Hobgoblins Hover Over Broadway In Weird Parade. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from high angle with balloons & marchers down packed avenue. George Washington horizontal giant 2 headed balloon, mouse-like balloon. 11:29:57:00 B W 1936 Si Glamorgan, Wales King Edward Sees Squalid State of South Wales Families. Walking with others, looking at thatched roof, Miners waving & families running after. Troweling mortar with bricklayer. People wave goodbye. Depression Working Class Poverty Inspection Tour British Royalty England Great Britain Colonialism. 11:30:35:00 B W 1936 Si Japan. Nippon Marshals Armed Forces As War Clouds Loom. War maneuvers, troops thru mud, Emporer rides white horse, men leap ditch, firing machine guns, moving across street and up banks. Running across bridge thru smoke. Sino-Japanese War Preparations Pre WWII Military Army, Japan. 11:31:17:00 B W 1936 Si Wonalancet, New Hampshire Sled Dog Trainers Prepare Huskies For ?? Winter. Mrs Milton Seeley in pen with many dogs jumping around. Dogs on sled traces and pulling sleds down road Pup with small sled. Malamute Dogs Animals Training Winter Sports Dog Sledding Recreation. 11:32:08:00 B W 1936 Si Los Angeles, California Southern California - UCLA In Tie 7 to 7. Kick off on bright day from high up in stadium. Cheering section. Run out from end zone. Fumble & recovery running almost to touchdown. Sports College Football. 11:33:53:00 B W 1936 Si Birmingham, Alabama Alabama Beats Commodores In Last ?? Drive. Kickoff from high up. College Sports Football. Alabama 14, Vanderbilt 6. 11:35:00:00 B W 1936 Si Dayton, Ohio Thousands See Big Toy Parade Through Dayton. Residential street with cars parked on both sides and parade toward camera large downtown treet and floats past, Old woman in a shoe mechanical elephant, clowns on horses, Indians on horses, Costumes as animals. Santa Claus onto roof from fireman's ladder and waving. Christmas Parade Holiday Thanksgiving Children Watching. 11:36:14:00 B W 1936 Si Canada Roughriders Beat Argonauts Team In Big Four Final. Playing on snow, sliding, tackling, Sports Professional Rugby (?) Football. End: 11:37:10:00 11:37:18:00 B W 1936 23Nov36 Si Atlanta, Georgia 3 Dead, Many Hurt, As Blaze Sweeps Atlanta building. Firemen hosing down 3 story buliding with much steam and smoke coming out. Firemen climbing ladders. Fireman having eyes washed out. Body under sheet to ambulance. Fireman lowered on rope, other bodies removed. Fire started in finishing department of Cable Piano Company. Fire Disaster Death. 11:38:13:00 B W 1936 Si Santa Monica, California Popular Screen Star Announce Their Engagement. Mary Pickford and Buddy Rogers announce wedding plans at Rivera Country Club. Couple off polo field and Rogers waves to players who come over and shake hands. CU of Rogers MCU of the couple. Movie stars Motion Picture actors actress Publicity Promotion. 11:38:45:00 B W 1936 Si South Bend, Indiana 1200 Employees Occupy Plant In Sit-Down Strike. 900 men & 300 women wait for dissolution of a `company union'. AV over huge Bendix plant. Ground shot and people carrying packages to windows and talking with workers. Kisses of kids, wives etc. Strikers. Labor union. Sit-In Industry Workers. 11:39:22:00 B W 1936 Si Portland, England King Edward Spends A Day With Fleet. Fleet anchored in harbor large launch to ship. Edward followed by naval officers reviews sailors, holding hat in formal dress. Great Britain Royalty ceremonial duties. 11:40:06:00 B W 1936 Si San Francisco, California Last Steel Girder In Place On Great Golden Gate Span. Netting under bridge looking across. Camera up in elevator and looking down on bridge and workers putting rivets in place. Lowering steel, swinging hammers to drive rivets in. Sail boat beneath. View from top of tower looking north across at other tower & hills beyond. Iron workers bridge construction dangerous work. 11:40:58:00 B W 1936 Si South Bend, Indiana Irish Trim Wildcats 26 to 6. Kickoff, CU running plays, runs thru middle for touchdown, good. High angle pf last minute pass play attempted with penalty flag on play. Sports college football Notre Dame University Northwestern U. 11:42:21:00 B W 1936 Si Berkeley, California Calif. Defeats Stanford. High angle for plays over exposed. College Football Sports California 20, Stanford 0. 11:44:22:00 B W 1936 Si Corvallis, Oregon Beavers Defeat Webfoots. Cheer leaders perform good cheer leading in front of covered grandstand. MCU of running plays. High angle of other running and fumbled pass covered by quarterback. Students applauding. Standing for cheer. Other fumbles. Sports, College Football, Rivalry. Oregon State 18, Oregon 0. 11:46:06:00 B W 1936 Si Canada Varsity Defeat Queen's To Win Football Crown. Kickoff. Multiple lateral passes. Goal posts on end zone line. Rugby (?). Sports College Football (?). End: 11:47:24:00 11:47:30:00 B W 1936 30Nov36 Sd. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Navy Sinks The Army 7 to 0. Music and announcer Graham McNamee. Army cadets march onto field and cheer. Naval cadets march in. Army mule & navy goat mascots. Kick off. Sullivan on 24 yard. Craig runs 29 yards. Meyer runs. Woman drinking from bottle in stand. Ryan takes pass for 40 yards. 4th quarter fumble by Craig and Navy recovers. Ingram passes to Lynch for 15 yards then long pass to 3 yard line. Schmidt of Navy runs for touchdown. Tearing down of the goal posts by huge crowd. End: 11:50:06:00. 11:50:11:00 B W 1936 02Dec36 Si Brooklyn, New York USS Brooklyn 10,000-Ton Light Cruiser Launched. Nose of cruiser w pennants. TD to crowd gathered and Kathryn Jane Lackey in MCU. LS of breaking bottle and ship slides down ways with bridge in background. In water w tug alongside. 3rd ship of her name since Civil War. Launching Ritual Christening Ceremony. 11:50:52:00 B W 1936 Si Chicago, Illinois World's Finest Cattle Seen at Big Stock Show. Men leading large cattle & horses mcu of horses, steers, sheep, lambs, International Stock Exhibition Union Stock Yards Livestock Show Exposition. 4-H Club. 11:51:37:00 B W 1936 Si Chicago, Illinois [3 Boys & 3 Girls Chosen As Healthiest in the Country by 4-H Clubs]. Sitting at long table, drinking milk, smiling and serving to each other. 3 guys pose, 3 girls pose, winners of each in CU. Girl in CU of eyes and profile. All 6 together pose. Contest Winners Americana. 11:52:09:00 B W 1936 Si Washington, DC Vice Pres. Garner Sits On Lid While FDR Is Out of US. Walks up steps of office in Senate Office Building with wife, tips hat, MCU of wife typing CU of him smoking cigar. She brings him papers. Politicians Government Vice-President Garner. 11:52:55:00 B W 1936 Si New York City Strike Pickets Try To Halt Sailing Of SS Manhattan. Line of pickets huddled out of rain under West Side Highway. Police on horses watching. Quick shot of On Strike placard. Ship sailing in MCU, In longer shot. 2 Stack Liner Seaman' Labor Union Strike Protesting. 11:53:25:00 B W 1936 Si Shanghai, China 10,000 Shanghai Youths Complete Military Training. Troops march toward camera in formation. Reviewed by officers. Nationalist flags behind. MCU of people on reviewing stand. MCU of soldier. Troops raise arms in cheer. Sino-Japanese War Pre WWII. 11:54:13:00 B W 1936 Si New York City Jimmy Braddock Begins Training For Louis Bout. Braddock punching heavy bags at Stillman's Gymnasium for non-title bout. Putting helmet on & sparring with partner as people watch. Good heavy punching. Sports Boxing Boxers Fighting. 11:55:07:00 B W 1936 Si Cairo, Egypt Egypt Hails New Independence As Premier Returns. Preimer Nahas Pasha returns from England where he signed a treaty granting Egypt complete political independence. High angle view of packed crowd. Soldiers on horse back with swords and others keeping back crowd with whips. Night and lighted decorations over crowd. Politics Islamic Arabs. Adulation. 11:55:49:00 B W 1936 Si Boston, Massachusetts 625-Lb. Martin Levy takes Big Part In Battle Royal. Huge wrestler gets into ring with four others. They push at him and he knocks them down with his belly, they try to punch & jump on him. They hit him. Sports Professional Wrestling Gag Stunts Oddities Fat Overweight Size Large. 11:56:48:00 B W 1936 Si New York City 15 Teams Start Dizzy Whirl In 6-Day Bike Race. HA racers around Madison Square Garden track w referee riding, shots of changing lead, fallen riders on corner untangling. Sports Bike Racing Bicycle Endurance Race. 11:57:36:00 B W 1936 Si Universal Newspaper Newsreel end title with globe and The Talk of the World. End: 11:57:45:00. 11:57:52:00 B W 1936 07Dec36 Si London, England Edward VIII Abdicates. Montage of newspaper headlines in US & England. CU of Wallis Simpson. King Edward reviewing troops. Police outside Number 10 Downing Street, Prime Minister Baldwin & wife enter. King & Queen with Princesses Elizabeth & Anne out of car, & into ?? walk between troops. Edward shaking hands with ??. Government Royalty Great Britain Divorcee. 11:59:32:00 B W 1936 Si Seattle, Washington Largest Bomber In World Tested For The US Army. Bomber warming up with hills behind, men watch Plexiglass blisters for gunners. Taxiing and taking off air to air in flight. Landing toawrd camera and rolling pasts. Pre WWII Homefront Defense Aviation Industry Airplane Boeing Test Flight. 12:00:37:00 B W 1936 Si Arlington County, Virginia Buses That Run On Rail or Road Put Into Service. Bus off road as policeman watches, turns onto railroad tracks button pushed and wheels lowered. POV inside runs past church, View backwards as bus follows camera on tracks. Suburbs Commuting Trollies Transportation Inventions Versatility. 12:01:20:00 B W 1936 Si New York City New Yorkers Get Novel Thrill On Indoor Ski Slide. Women with skiis in front of slope, wearing coats, scarfs. Side stepping up slope. Falls as they ski down. Off jumps. Wanamaker's indoor run is longest covered with borax. Stunts gags oddities models. Hobby Recreation Winter Sports Skiing Ski Jump. 12:02:06:00 B W 1936 Si New York City Heel-And-Toe Hikers Stage Bunion Derby. Murray Rosenstein wins 10 1 2 mile City Hall to Coney Island walking race. Starting seen from high angle, walkers across bridge, thru Brooklyn, POV from behind walkers. Moving with walkers along traffic and on empty streets. Butts, shorts, wiggle walk. Crowd at finish line. Smiling winner with brother? Sports Walking Race Gags Oddities Exercise Ethnic Jewish. 12:03:00:00 B W 1936 Si. Los Angeles, California Notre Dame And U. Of S. California Battle To 13-13 Tie. High angle of teams on sunny day with good pass play. Running plays. Runner breaks away for touchdown. Pass interception and runs length of field. Play runs over referee knocking him down. Sports College Football Oddities Mistakes. 12:04:32:00 B W 1936 Universal Newspaper Newsreel end with The Talk End: 12:04:42:00