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Aerials New York City
03:01:19:00 B W 1930s Si. 26Sep38 Leaders Strive to Avert New Threat of War. Czechoslovakia - Sudeten-German Areas. Police outside broken windows, people reading wall bulletins anti-Jewish signs painted on walls. 03:01:44:00 B W 1930s London, England. Lord Runciman, mediator who attempted to solve impasse, returns empty-handed to England. Off plane and in MCU. 03:02:05:00 B W 1930s Berchtesgaden, Germany. Chamberlain arrives and greeted by Hitler and up steps together. 03:02:40:00 B W 1930s Plane with Chamberlain arrives London & crowd greets his arrival at airport and 10 Downing Street. 03:03:07:00 B W 1930s Prague, Czechoslovakia. Men dig trenches and construct bomb shelter at US embassy. 03:03:29:00 B W 1930s 2 stack liner SS Batory arrives with former Sen. Vojta Benes, brother of Czech President who makes sound statement to mic: We are prepared our men are behind their guns and ready to fight... 03:04:02:00 B W 1930s Sd. Beginning of Isle of Man, England motorcycle race with sliding out on turn. Rider carried off, but smiles. Race goes on with riders past camera, over hills, and winner Junior Manx Prix in 79 mph average holding trophy. 03:04:45:00 B W 1930s Si. Miss Alice Marble is women's tennis winner over Miss Wynne of Australia in Forest Hills, New York championship. Packed stadium and both courtside & high angle shots of match. Shake hands at net. Women in stands applauding. Winner receives flowers from official. 03:05:29:00 B W 1930s Si. Gene Mako & Don Budge onto court together, coverage of play with good mcu of Budge who jumps net, Smiling with trophy. 03:05:59:00 B W 1930s Si. Wilmette, Il and Patty Berg teeing off. Crowd applauds and follows golfers. Berg wins over Mrs. Julius Page, previous victor. MCU holding trophy. 03:06:45:00 B W 1930s Sd. Navy Wins in grid opener before 20,000 football fans with 26 to 0 victory over William & Mary. Kick off and runback till out of bounds. Runs for touchdown. Good coverage of running and passing for touchdown run. 03:07:50:00 B W 1930s End title with music over it. 03:07:59 end. 03:08:07:00 B W 1930s 18Oct39 On The War Front SS City of Flint, owned by the US Government, which recently brought home Athenia survivors, is reported `captured' by German raiders. LS of ship, refugees or survivors helped down gangplank. 03:08:34:00 B W 1930s Man forging and turning shell casings and steel for munitions. Six-ton flood gates are installed in London subways to prevent flooding in case of air attack and demonstrated closing. French advance patrols use army dogs to patrol and carry messages across countryside to officers. 03:10:11:00 B W 1930s Mussolini presides at the 13th Fascist Levy, militant graduation rite for members of Italy's youth legions. Boys embrace, salute as he watches. 03:10:39:00 B W 1930s Grover Whalen, New York World's Fair head, visits the site of the Universal Exhibition--1942 Fair in Rome. With military in front of statue and billboard. Looking at model and partially completed buildings. 03:10:56:00 B W 1930s Winston Churchill at wedding of Randolph and Pamela Digby at St. John's in London. Pamela & Randolph pose in leaving. 03:11:26:00 B W 1930s The World of Sports. Yale 20, Army 15 in football before packed stadium crowd. Touchdown pass caught in endzone. Running for another touchdown. Runner falls out of bounds. Long pass sets up end zone run. 03:12:50:00 B W 1930s Tennessee 21, Alabama 0 in Knoxville, TN game before 40,000 fans. 03:13:29:00 B W 1930s Ohio State 23, Minnesota 20 in Minneapolis. Balloons drift past camera. Touchdown with goal line run. Another touchdown pass for win in final minutes of play. 03:14:32:00 B W 1930s Santa Clara trips St. Mary's in San Francisco, CA. Kickoff on sunny day. Good running and faking. Many bullet-like passes. Santa Clara 7, St. Mary's 0 as end title. 03:16:46:00 B W 1930s Toronto, Canada Rough Riders Trip Argonauts, 18-7, In Rugby Classic. Players, crowd and MCU of players on sidelines. Fans crowd on field at end. 03:17:56 03:18:00:00 B W 1930s Si 25Oct39 British Flying Units Prepare For Aerial Raids. Eastern France. Men shake hands, plane camouflaged at edge of field. View out of shelter. Metal on ground for field. Fliers eating and horseplay. Pack mules and motorcycles guard French mountain passes and dams. Large guns put into place under camouflage. Men lay mines 03:19:47:00 B W 1930s Chicago, IL Men looking in windows at war maps. Interior of Rand McNally and men drawing new lines onto maps in MCU. Fitting new shapes onto map, CU man scratching head. Printing presses running maps, woman marking up globe and many globes together. 03:20:42:00 B W 1930s Denver, Colorado inventor demonstrates safety shock absorber for use on high scaffolds to safely lower endangered workers to street. Man shown jumping off building so that harness holds him. 03:21:30:00 B W 1930s White Salmon, Washington Indians gather salmon from small stream. Woman hangs salmon to dry. 03:22:01:00 B W 1930s Roasmond, California site of new endurance record set by pilots Clyde Schlieger and Wes Carroll after exchanges of food and fuel between the plane and auto on dry lake bed. Kay of America painted on plane pontoons and side. Woman packs basket with food and passed on to plane. Holding plane tail from car. 03:23:01:00 B W 1930s Si. World of Sports. Army riders over jumps on Governor's Island in New York harbor with skyscrapers and skyline seen behind. View of horses from moving camera alongside. Cameras set up beneath jump by newsreel cameramen. Slow motion views of leaping horses. 03:24:03:00 B W 1930s Ft. Bragg, California. Loggers sharpen axes and then throw in slow motion at targets on sections of logs. CU of winner. Underhand throw into bullseye. 03:24:39:00 B W 1930s Los Angeles, CA. Women in football uniforms run out and past camera. One putting on makeup. Spectators. Playing, passing and rough tackles. Touchdown run. End 03:26:22. 03:26:23:00 B W 1930s Si. World of Sports Notre Dame 7, Carnegie Tech 6. Touchdown run, Field goal. Long run. Failed field goal kick. 03:27:43:00 B W 1930s Sd Fordham 27, Pitt 13. Kick and runback after lateral pass. Statue of Liberty play. Touchdown and good coverage of other running and passing. Touchdown pass. Runback of full length for another touchdown. 03:29:31:00 B W 1930s Si. Cornell 23, Ohio State 14. Dry field and touchdown run. Good shot of cheerleaders. Broken field runner for touchdown. More touchdowns. 03:30:40:00 B W 1930s Sd. UCLA Bruins Beat Oregon Webfeet in Gridiron Classic. Robinson picks up kickoff for UCLA. Oberlin does long kick. Oregon fumbles. Long field goal kick. Very long pass by Washington to Robinson for touchdown. Touchdown as UCLA wins 16 to 6. 03:33:11. 03:33:17:00 B W 1930s Sd Drive Last Rivet At World's Greatest Building Project as Rockefeller Center is completed. Long shot of skyline. LaGuardia applauds as John D begins speech. We should as a people free ourselves forthwith from any legislative enactment that may prevent our freedom of action in connection with whatever International situation that may arise. Having done that, and with the power to act from time to time as the conscience and will of this great nation may determine, we should devote ourselves tirelessly and persistently to the maintaining of peace, and the preservation of our priceless heritage--the freedom of the individual--which the millions of men and women throughout the world who have already have lost it are realizing is worth than life itself. To that great task, with faith in God, and belief in the inherent worth of men let us rededicate ourselves. 03:34:55:00 B W 1930s John D with rivet gun fixes final rivet. 03:35:10:00 B W 1930s Helsinki, Finland. Map, man walking across stadium, women bundling grain, Electrical lines and dams. Wood products, paper mill and street scenes. Main street and people, modern buildings. Crafts and others. Border with USSR and troops marching. 03:36:16:00 B W 1930s Shanghai China and flooding with cars, wagons and rickshaws through knee deep water. Woman walks holding up skirt. Man's boots leak. Man falls into water from rickshaw while trying to get into car. 03:36:51:00 B W 1930s Winthrop, Washington. Firefighters parachute into forests to fight forest fires. Seen preparing suit, from ground and from plane while jumping. Out of suit and fighting fire. 03:37 53 end. 03:38:00:00 B W 1930s Si. Colorful Chinese Styles Displayed At Charity Show, New York. Models in and show off embroidered silk. Jewels on Orientals. Western models without jewels but wearing brocade. CUs. 03:39:01:00 B W 1930s World of Sports. University of Maryland freshman and sophomores have tug-of-war and mudfight. Coed helps clean them up. 03:39:40:00 B W 1930s AAU heel & toe walking race in Boston. John Rahkonen sets pace. Many walking past camera and car following. MCU of walkers. Winner across finish line. MCU 03:40:35 Louisiana State 12, Vanderbilt 6 in football. Touchdowns. 03:41:11 Tulane 18, Mississippi 6 Bright sun and good running. Cheerleaders. 03:41:57 New York Peruvian pilots begin flight. 2 motor plane and nose art of map. Fliers out to plan and look over with checklist. Boarding plane. End 03:42:40 03:42:49:00 B W 1930s Si. Crowd on beach and children playing water rugby under piers. Fighting in water. Good CU, children watch. 03:43:35 4 tiger cubs with mother in zoo. Cubs play and climb over mother. CU of cub. 03:44:15 End. 03:44:20:00 B W 1930s 06Nov39 The World Of Sports. Notre Dame 14, Army 0. Crowd watching as cadets on field. Gen Marshall watching. Cadets on mule. Kick off. Muddy field, good spectator shots. Touchdown run Pass intercepted for another. 03:46:32:00 B W 1930s Tennessee 20, Louisiana 0. Full stands, players are in shadows. 19th straight victory for Tennessee. 03:48:05:00 B W 1930s Duke Blue Devils Top Georgia Tech., 7-6. 03:49:47:00 B W 1930s Colorado Buffaloes Beat Utah, 21-14, in Big Seven Tilt. Parade up Salt Lake City street with marching band and floats. Ceremony at flag pole. Crowd, cheerleaders. Fumble recovered and more cheerleaders. Tackle on goal line. Marching band at half-time. 03:51:37:00 B W 1930s USC Trojans Trip Oregon State on the Gridiron. Much running and violent tackling and blocking. 03:53:55:00 B W 1930s Maple Leafs Trip the Bruins, 5 to 0, In Hockey Opener in Toronto, Canada. Good camerawork along side rink and covering play. 03:55:00 end. 03:55:06:00 B W 1930s Fire Brigade trucks past and Canadian air raid fire brigade women watching. VIPs watch demonstration of rescue technique and setting multi-story structure on fire while teams hose things down. 03:56:36:00 B W 1930s 08Nov39 Si. Big Guns Roar As US Army Tests Coast Defenses. Ft. Monroe, VA and shells loaded into large coastal guns shooting at miniature ships. Men on board ship dropping floats and sighting. Men charting. 03:57:40:00 B W 1930s Buffalo, New York Navy Scout Plane Tested. Pilots in front, takes off and AVs. 03:58:20:00 B W 1930s Ham and Eggs Old-Age Pension Plan Defeated in Los Angeles. Man at speakers stand, Women working sorting mail being sent to encourage voting. CU of bonus check. Various advertising for and against. Old people going in and voting. 03:59:19:00 B W 1930s President Roosevelt and Eleanor voting in Hyde Park. Shaking hands with people and leaving in car. 03:59:40:00 B W 1930s Mayor LaGuardia throws switch to blast the last stretch of rock as midtown tunnel under East River is rushed. Mayor in hard hat descends in elevator. View of Manhattan from east end and Mayor and others walking through tunnel. 04:00:19:00 B W 1930s Si. Matanzas City, Cuba Col. Batista, expected to run for President, is welcomed by parade marchers. Banners carried. 04:00:40:00 B W 1930s Si. Denver, Colorado. 3-wheeled car without body races over dirt dunes cross country as Planabile with a motorcycle engine and wheelbarrow tires. Built by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Murray, it goes 80 mph and hits 50 miles to the gallon. 04:01:27:00 B W 1930s Si. World of Sports. Military showing cavalry from Fort Myer featured in the 54th National Show riding with horses over jumps, teams & caissons around arena. Horse knocks over series of jumps. Bowman Challenge Cup given to Capt. Mariles, Mexican Army jumper. 03:02:24:00 B W 1930s Lawrence, Kansas 16th National Corn Husking Contest & people watching corn picking contest. Men throwing ears into wagon as they go through thin patch followed by police. CU of winner Lawrence Pitzer of Indiana. 04:03:11:00 B W 1930s Dartmouth 33, Yale 0 in football before packed New Haven stadium. Good touchdown passes. 04:05:05:00 B W 1930s Philadelphia, PA. Students Put On A Snappy Prevue of Mask & Wig Show. Chorus line of men in drag dancing on stage in western gear. Good costumed gags. 04:06:08 end 04:06:16:00 B W 1930s 13Nov39 Si President Salutes Unknown Soldier On Armistice Day. Wreath placed at Tomb of Unknown Soldier by military on behalf of FDR. 04:06:45:00 B W 1930s World-Wide Events--Scotland. People viewing Nazi plane crashed on rocky hillside. British military look it over. 04:07:20:00 B W 1930s England and Germans inside barbed wire prison as British patrol outside. 04:07:43 British sailors patrolling English Channel signalling, moving guns, and tankers and other shipping on water. 04:08:20:00 B W 1930s New York and two Lockheed bombers on barge seen from plane and after barge springs a leak and sinks at Staten Island Dock. 04:08:44:00 B W 1930s Venice, Italy Catholic blessing given to 18,000 colonists off to settle in Libya, North Africa. People walking to ships and boarding ships with goods and children, ship away from dock. 04:09:23:00 B W 1930s Admiral Byrd's huge snow cruiser seen along dock with people watching as it prepares to be loaded onto ship. Sled dogs seen. 04:09:48:00 B W 1930s Nobel Prize Goes To Inventor Of Atom Smasher. Berkeley, California and Dr. Ernest Orlando Livermore, 38 year-old professor of Physics, seen working at electrical control panels after being awarded $40,000 `peace' prize for Cyclotron. 04:10:11:00 B W 1930s Georgia `Bulldogs' Beat Florida 6-2, in Colorful Game. People onto field after game. 04:11:27:00 B W 1930s Eugene, Or. Oregon Beaten By Oregon State In Grid Classic. Football kickoff good CUs and high angle shots. Running and fumbling. Tearing down goal posts and fighting. 04:13:37:00 B W 1930s Canada. Future `Aces' Learn ABCs of Flying In A Special Trainer. Instructor talking to student pilot who closes lid on Link Trainer and guides it via radio as pilot manipulates. They look at chart of his maneuvers. 04:14:38 end. 04:14:43:00 B W 1930s Sd. 13Nov39 The World of Sports. Princeton 9, Dartmouth 7. Long pass, kicking field goal. 04:15:45:00 B W 1930s Si. Missouri 20, New York U. 7. Camera along sidelines with CU shots. Fumble in end zone. 04:16:22:00 B W 1930s Si. Tulane 13, Alabama 0 Touchdown run. Crowd jumping up and down in good lengthy shot. Cheerleaders. 04:17:31:00 B W 1930s Si. Iowa 7, Notre Dame 6 CU of players. Interception in end zone. Touchdown play and field goal. 04:19:06 end 04:19:11:00 B W 1930s Si. Dahlonega, Georgia A Bonanza Gold Vein Discovered In ? Men down into tunnel and dynamite explosion. Geologist viewing vein of gold and look at glittering rock from the previously closed Culhoun Mine. CU of an. 04:19:56:00 B W 1930s On The War Front. French tighten sea blockade. US ship seen. Men board and search hold. Dock with goods piled up. 04:20:32:00 B W 1930s Bayonne, NJ AV over docked ships and water level showing heavy damage from explosion & huge hole in deck of Panama Transport Co. tanker, `J.A. Mowinkel' at her pier. Sabotage hinted and FBI investigates. 04:21:00:00 B W 1930s Hyde Park, New York FDR dedicates cornerstone of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library to the cause of peace. Crowd watching as he sits in car and reads speech. He is shown troweling the corner stone in place. 04:21:22:00 B W 1930s Kansas City, MO Kathleen Hildebrand, 19 year-old redhead, was short an inch of the five eet-two inches required for flying students. She is seen stretching to get that extra inch. Measured by army nurse. Looking at plane. 04:21:50:00 B W 1930s San Francisco, CA. Joe DiMaggio marries Dorothy Arnold. Universal screen star. Crowd lined up to view them as they leave. Serving table with chefs carving. Bride & Groom smiling. Figures from top off cake. Couple eating cake. 04:22:20:00 B W 1930s Si. The World of Sports. Football Missouri 7, Oklahoma 6. Runner in MS running up field before run out of bounds. Kick from behind goal line for safety. 04:23:16 Princeton 13, Yale 7. Running plays but no touchdown. Fumble. Finally touchdown. 04:24:08:00 B W 1930s Duke 13, N. Carolina 3 Field goal. Long pass. Blocked kick into end zone. 04:25:12:00 B W 1930s Cornell 35, Darmouth 6. Running, touchdowns. 04:26:29:00 B W 1930s US Diving Champs Show Topnotch Form In Practice, Palm Springs, California. AVs over estate, People watching pair of women divers in slow motion. Underwater shots. Men doing tricks & women doing fancy diving. Clowns doing gag diving. 04:27:44 end