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07:01:19:00 B W 1938 03Oct38 Si. World-Wide News Events Charleston, South Carolina [26 Die As Tornado Hits City] High angle and street level shots of heavy destruction. People picking through wreckage and debris. Blacks working gathering materials. Wooden houses tilted 2 girls with pet cats Boy holds dog in rocking chair. Damages est. at 5 million dollars in wake of 72 mph `double' twister. 07:02:00:00 B W 1938 Sd. Clydebank, Scotland [Queen Launches Huge Liner] Queen out of car, with Elizabeth and Anne. Crowds on docks and she waves from launch platform. Multiple views as liner, (possibly, but likely not Queen Elizabeth) slides down ways into water--very dramatic. People race along river edge. 07:02:40:00 B W 1938 Si. The World of Sports [USC 7, Oregon State 0] Football kickoff in bright sun. OSC spelled out in crowd with large cards. Not much action. Cheerleaders. 07:03:32:00 B W 1938 Sd. New Haven, Conn. [Columbia 27, Yale 14] Football. Large crowd & sync sound. 3 running plays to touchdown. Kick and runback for touchdown. Good MCU of lateral and running for touchdowns. Long pass for touchdown. Spectator shots. 35,000 see Sid Luckman, Columbia ace lead team to win. 07:04:53:00 B W 1938 Si. Minneapolis, Minn. [Minnesota 16, Nebraska 7] MCU of running plays with touchdown on 3rd play. Many other running plays and heavy tackling. Good breakaway touchdown run. 07:06:10:00 B W 1938 Sd. End title Talk of the World. End: 07:06:19. 07:06:26:00 B W 1938 05Oct38 Sd. Special Release Chicago, Illinois Yanks Win First Game Ext. of Wrigley Field with sign, Crowd of men at ticket windows. Field and Chicago players in dugout, Yanks in dug out. Managers talking. Announcer begins: Dickey base hit and to 2nd base with runners on 2nd and 3rd. Then Gehrig scores from 3rd. Collins hits from Ruffing. Dickey drives in 3rd run. Yankees win first baseball game of 1938 World Series, 3 to 1 07:08:36:00 B W 1938 Si. World-Wide News Events [Benes Resigns Over Sudeten] Benes looking thru periscope binoculars and several shots looking forlorn and standing with wife. Pre-WWII Czechoslovakia. 07:08:51:00 B W 1938 Sd. London, England [Alfred Duff Cooper, First Lord of the Admiralty, resigns] Officers board navy ship and salute, review sailors--one officer nearly trips (possible gag)--then leaving ship. `Alfred Duff Cooper quits rather than continue to endorse Chamberlain's policy of dealing with the Dictators. Music only. Military, British Navy, Pre-WWII. 07:09:15:00 B W 1938 Si. Friedrichshafen, Germany [Graf Zeppelin Unveiled] and out of hanger gradually raising off ground. 07:09:43:00 B W 1938 Si. Kiukiang, China [Anti Chiang Kai Shek Chinese Join Japanese Army] During Yangtze River drive, Japanese organize & train a detachment of native infantrymen. Barechested troops salute, practice with rifles and train while wearing headbands with written characters. War, Sino-Japanese. 07:10:14:00 B W 1938 Si. San Pedro, California [Chinese Junk Arrives After 85-day Crossing] flying US falg and with 2 russian crew, Dr. H. Allen Peterson and his Japanese bride arrive. Drop anchor in harbor, hold sextant, wave to camera. 07:10:42:00 B W 1938 Si. New York City [Police Stage Pageant] Marching in formation of geometric patterns. Many ride single motorcycle, others perform with cycles and one rides through wall. Marchers as clock and spell out words. Oddities. Stunts. Cops. 07:11:22:00 B W 1938 Sd. New York City [New Fireboat Tested] Large water guns spraying with Bridge in background. MCU of firemen and long shots of boat and streams of water. 07:11:51:00 B W 1938 Si. San Francisco, California [Perfect Back Contest] Outside Palace of Fine Arts Audrey Anderson is winner at 2nd annual contest staged by Chiropractors. Inspecting backs of women in swim suits with much feeling. 4 finalists turn. MCU of winner. 07:12:21 end 07:12:28:00 B W 1938 Si. Wonalancet, New Hampshire [Sled Dogs Train For Winter] Dogs on merry-go-round device in woods pulling sleds. Dogs watch, huskie & malamute puppies looking out doghouse and carried in pack by dog. Pups hanging on line in CU. 07:13:10:00 B W 1938 Si. Chicago, Illinois [Roller Derby] 12 boy and girl teams on banked track compete. Spectators, in line around track and pushing, passing, falling in piles. Rough. Violence. 07:13:49:00 B W 1938 Si. Cornwall, New York [New York Military Academy 6, St. Thomas 0 in Junior School Football] Small crowd cheers them on sunny day. Sports Gag. Oddities. 07:14:55:00 end. 07:15:04:00 B W 1938 10Oct38 Sd. & Si. World-Wide News Events [Munich Germany 4 Power Meeting & Signing Pact] Troops Marching & Fly-over. Hitler and others with crowds waving swastikas. Chamberlain, Daladier and Mussolini into building, in meeting and signing accord. Hitler talking with Mussolini. All standing talking. 07:16:30:00 end. 07:16:32:00 B W 1938 Sd. & Si. The World of Sports New York City Yankees Sweep World Series. Jack Dempsey watching from full stands. Dimaggio (?) hitting, Crowds waving, no. 23 gets 2 base hit. Various angles and shots, some with crowd noise. Chicago player crossing home plate. Quick shot of LaGuardia holding his nose. Crowd across field. Yankees--first to win 3 titles in row--shut out Chicago Cubs, 8-3, in the fourth and final baseball game of 1938 world series. 07:18:05:00 B W 1938 Si. Los Angeles, California [UCLA 13, Washington ?] Football on sunny day with touchdown run 07:18:52:00 B W 1938 Si. Atlanta, Georgia [Notre Dame 14, Georgia Tech 6] Football on sunny day. Interception and running. 07:19:29:00 B W 1938 Si. West Point, New York [Columbia 20, Army 18] Football Good running, passing for touchdowns. Crowd leaving after game 07:20:49:00 B W 1938 Sd. Princeton, New Jersey [Dartmouth wins over Princeton] Crowd noise. Good football touchdown runs. 07:21:48:00 end 07:21:57:00 B W 1938 11Oct38 Sd. The World of Sports New Haven, Conn. [Yale 9, Navy 7] Football, crowd noise. Interception. Running. Passing. 07:23:14:00 B W 1938 Si. New York City Fordham 6, Purdue 6 Running, kick and runback attempt. Good shots of tackle and breakaway run for touchdown. 07:24:38:00 B W 1938 Si. Madison, Wisconsin Pittsburgh 26, Wisconsin 6 Running and pushed over for touchdown. Extra point scored. Pass interception. Touchdown run. Cheerleaders. Pass & touchdown. 07:25:51:00 B W 1938 Sd. Los Angeles, California [USC 19, Washington State 6] Card tricks in stands. Announcer describing kick off and game with enthusiasm. Good pass for touchdown. 07:27:37 end 07:27:47:00 B W 1938 Si. Ft. Riley, Kansas Cavalry Tests Its New `Iron Horses' In Demonstration LS of base. Tanks in various shots across field in long columns. Officers watch men out of trucks and unload and fire artillery. 07:28:30:00 B W 1938 Si. New York City [Tug Strike Cripples Port] Many tugs at dock, Liner docking with men walking lines along edge of dock. Large liner with people waving. Garbage barges and trucks dumping garbage onto them. Very heavily loaded. 07:28:52:00 B W 1938 Si. Czechoslovakia British observers watch as Czechs leave area ceded to Germany by the Munich Conference. People talking, having papers checked. Red Cross truck down road. Bullet holes pointed out. Smashed trucks and load of furniture. Old couple in cab of truck. Large group of people walking past others as seen from above. 07:29:39:00 B W 1938 Si. San Francisco, California `Blackie' a 12 year old horse swims the Golden Gate. Horse into water and swimming behind rowboat with man behind horse. Coming out of water & posing. 07:30:12:00 B W 1938 Si. New York City [Sailing ship for Maritime School] Students climb rigging, raise sails and 3 masted ship out into harbor, various views including man at wheel. 07:30:42:00 B W 1938 Si. New York City [Hazel Franklin, 13 year-old, Skating in Madison Square Garden show] Spins and CU of smiling girl. 07:31:37:00 B W 1938 Si. New York City Attention, Ladees! Antoine Shows Ze New Fall Styles] Fitting hats on models. Adjusting hair of several. Braided hair and oversized curls. Oddities, gags, Fashions. 07:32:33:00 B W 1938 Si. Birmingham, Alabama Tennessee 13, Alabama 0 Football field with marching band, game with run almost to end zone. Good crowd shots. 07:33:27:00 B W 1938 Si. Long Branch, Ontario, Canada 10,000 Fans See Archworth Win Cup And ?? Race. Horses around track, out of gate. Woman out of car with bouquets. Winning jockey on horse and receiving cup from woman. 07:34:25:00 end. 07:34:34:00 B W 1938 19Oct38 Si. New Orleans, Louisiana 8th National Eucharistic Congress Opens. Outdoors and religious VIPS are greeted and watch as parade of Catholic youth march thru town. Cardinal Mundelein, Papal Delegate presides. 07:35:12:00 B W 1938 Si. World-Wide News Events Sudetenland Soldiers along road and moving thrugh woods. Hitler and other Nazi officers inspect troops and former defenses. Goering talking with women & children who are saluting. Street scenes. Geramns giving food from field kitchens to old peasant people. Pre-WWII 07:36:12:00 B W 1938 Si. Paris, France [Pres. LeBrun & King Leopold of Belgium honor King Albert 1] Large crowd at unveiling of statue of Albert on horseback. Leopold at mic. Parade of military troops.] Royalty. Commemoration. WWI. 07:36:44:00 B W 1938 Si. New York City [SS Queen Mary Docked Without Aid During Tugboat Strike] AV of 3 stack liner. CU of Commodore Irving skipper who shows St. Christopher good luck medal after docking. View of docking and using rowboat to get lines to dock. 07:37:21:00 B W 1938 Si. New York City [Woman sails 45 foot boat to New York City to marry] Views of boat Colin Archer and docking. Man greets woman & kiss several times. Love. 07:37:47:00 B W 1938 Si. Rome, Italy Amphibian auto driven down steps past people. Into water with 5 military officers and crossing marsh Along road. Back up Spanish Steps as people watch. Inventions. Oddities. Gags. Pre-WWII. 07:38:38:00 B W 1938 Si. Hollywood, California Waitresses Earn More Than `Extras' Says Geo. McCall. Past Brown Derby and sidewalk cafe with umbrellas. Women helped out of car, waitresses to tables with deserts. Holding Brown Derby menu and taking orders. Restaurant. Vernacular architecture. Parking lot attendants. Movie Starlets. 07:39:53:00 B W 1938 Si The World of Sports Longchamps, France Well dressed crowd of models and high society at horse race. Horses running on turf track, winner, Chocolate Eclair, ridden past camera. Wealthy. Rich. Recreation. Gambling. 07:41:02:00 B W 1938 Si Berkeley, California California 20, UCLA 7 Football with large crowd cheering. Short touchdown run, passing and interception 07:42:16:00 B W 1938 Si. Portland, Oregon [Firemen Hold Dressing Race] Firemen making beds in street, take off clothes and get into bed. 2 men jump out and put on boots, run down street getting fire extinguisher and put out candle as people watch. Oddities, contests gags. 07:42:58:00 B W 1938 Si. Salt Lake City, Utah Novel `Sailboat' Has Try-outs For Dry Land Racing Iceboat with wheels on dry lake bed with POV and runby. Man working sail and tacking. Oddities. Windpower. Transportation 07:43:43:00 B W 1938 Si. New Orleans, Louisiana 100,000 Jam Park For Eucharistic Rites By Mundelein Large crowd in white, MCU of young pople. Cardinal & religious VIPS walk past, onto raised platform. Large Christ on cross. end: 07:44:41 07:44:46:00 B W 1938 24Oct38 Si. World-Wide News Events Hankow, China [Chinese Defend Key City] Mme Chiang with wounded in hospital. Women and children boarding river boat. Chiang Kai Shek & wife with Irish Setter dog on lawn. Troops cheering, marching along road in camouflage. Armored vehicles along road and trops running across fields. Firing machine guns, plane low overhead. 07:46:07:00 B W 1938 Si. Van Nuys, California [Daredevil Auto Stunts] Chief Bob Whitehorse, full-blooded Cherokee Indian, hangs from back of car and drops off at high speed. Gets up and walks off. 07:46:38:00 B W 1938 Si. New York City [Famous Tombs Prison to be Razed] View of ornate front with sign for sale. TD turrett tower. Van arrives, interior looking at bars and hallways. High angle shot. Jail. Criminal. Crime. 07:47:11:00 B W 1938 Sd. The World of Sports New Haven, Conn. Michigan 15 Yale 13. Marching band on field, cheering crowd, very long pass. Running plays and touchdown passes. Football. 07:48:58:00 B W 1938 Si. South Bend, Indiana Notre Dame 7, Carnegie Tech 0 Officials, coach and players talking. Running, tackle, fumble. 07:49:52:00 B W 1938 Si. New York City Fordham 26, Oregon 0. Long touchdown run. Violent falls in tackles. Many lateral passes. 07:51:34:00 B W 1938 Sd. Montreal, Quebec, Canada Canadian Airline Starts Service Linking Dominion Pilots and crew in front of twin-engine plane. Packages brought to plane and destinations called out as they are loaded. Plane takes off past camera. Commercial Aviation 07:52:37 end 07:52:44:00 B W 1938 02Nov38 Sd. Ft. George Meade, Maryland. Light Tanks Show Their Prowess In Battle Maneuvers. Crews put on gas masks, run to tanks and tanks move ahead. Plane drops smoke screen and tanks and troops move through. Explosions, machine guns firing, mortars fired. Tanks through brush. Night scenes of tanks and dust or smoke and flares lighting. 07:53:51:00 B W 1938 Sd. World-Wide News Events Lancaster, California [Pilots change plane in mid-air]. AV of light plane as man parachutes down and is helped to feet on dry lake bed. Car and man climbing rope ladder into plane `Little Bear'. Natural sound. Stunts. Oddities. Gags. 07:54:58:00 B W 1938 Sd. Churt, England [Gyro-tiller Invented] Large tiller mounted behind bulldozer and stirring soil to 18 inch depth. Demonstrated on farm at night of Lloyd George. Invention. 07:55:25:00 B W 1938 Sd. Seattle, Washington [Bobbing for Apples] Apples poured into swimming pool by boxfuls and then children dive in and pull them out. Man on side pushed in. Halloween stunt. Gags. Oddities. 07:56:02:00 B W 1938 Si. New York City [Fur Fashions Shown] Wedding dress of ermine modeled with boy and girl watching. 3 models in different fur coats. Other furs in stripes and women sitting at El Morocco Club bar drinking cocktails in. Promotion, National Fur Week. 07:56:45:00 B W 1938 Si. The World of Sports New Haven, Conn. [Darmouth 24, Yale 6] Football Passing, running for touchdown. Good run and tackle. 07:57:43:00 B W 1938 Si Chicago, Illinois [Loyola University Pushball] Freshmen & Sophomore battle and tear clothes off. Throw each other into lake. College, stunts, gags. 07:58:20:00 B W 1938 Sd. Pimlico, Maryland [Seabiscuit Wins over War Admiral] Jockeys parade, large crowd, two horses along stretch. Even on the backstretch. On home stretch Seabiscuit pulls ahead and wins by two lengths. MCU of well dress old man looking disappointed. Cup and flowers. C.S. Howard smiling with Jockey. 08:00:09 end 08:00:13:00 B W 1938 07Nov38 Sd. Hyde Park, New York Pres. Roosevelt Urges Natl. Unity. FDR sitting at desk reading speech: `Democracy in order to live must become a positive force in the daily lives of its people. It must make men and women who's devotion it seeks feel that it really cares for the security for every individual. That it is tolerant enough to inspire an essential unity among its citizens and that it is militant enough to maintain liberty against social oppression at home and against military oppression abroad. Remember that in these grave days in the affairs of the world, we need internal unity, national unity. For the sake of the nation that is good advice, and it never grows old. 08:01:08:00 B W 1938 Sd. New York City National Horse Show Opens With Colorful Pagaent Band in center and horses ridden around ring in formation while well dressed society people watch. Military rider jumping horse over jumps. Elaborately costumed riders in formation. 55th National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden with Army teams from many countries. 08:02:06:00 B W 1938 Si. The World of Sports Chicago, Illinois [Blackhawks Win Hockey Opener] Blackhawks 6, New York Americans 1. Ice skating, checking and goal 08:03:00:00 B W 1938 Si. Baltimore, MD Notre Dame 15, Navy 0 Football Navy marching on field. Running play, watched by people under umbrellas. 08:03:44:00 B W 1938 Sd. New York City Fordham 3, St. Mary's 0 Football Pass interception. Crowd noise. Long run but no touchdown. Field goal kicked. 08:04:18:00 B W 1938 Sd. Pittsburgh, PA Carnegie Tech 20, Pittsburgh 10 Football. Long runback for touchdown. Pass into endzone. Lateral and running play. Pass interception. Very long pass into end zone after bouncing off one player another scores. Oddities. 08:05:59:00 B W 1938 Sd. & Si. Canada [Horse Show] Teams doing formal riding in ring in elaborate uniforms. 08:07:04:00 B W 1938 Sd. Los Angeles, California Trojans Torpedo Bears In Thrilling Card. USC 13, CA 7. Announcer describes with enthusiam. Sangster, Lansdale, Morgan are players. Much passing. 6 yard run for touchdown. Cheering crowd in packed football grandstand. Crouger running series of plays. End: 08:09:43 08:09:50:00 B W 1938 09Nov38 Si. World-Wide News Events Washington, DC [2 Army Fliers Die In Crash] Lietu. Col. Leslie MacDill Air Corps general staff officer and Private J.C. Gloxner die in combat plane trying for forced landing on capital street. Wreckage inspected by people with part of plane over car. Motors about. Several burned cars. 08:10:19:00 B W 1938 Si. Arlington National Cemetery and unveiling of statue to Army and Navy nurses. Woman sculptor Frances Rich, daughter of screen and radio star Irene Rich watches dedication. Uniformed women alongside and many women watching. MCU of statue and artist wearing corsages. Pre-WWII. 08:10:48:00 B W 1938 Si. Disney, Oklahoma [Tree used as jail] Sheriff chains prisoners to tree near auto trailer used as mobile court. Dam construction site and main street of town seen. Men out of trailer and handcuff man to tree while others watch. 08:11:26:00 B W 1938 Si. Science in the News [Scientist Discovers Fire That Won't Burn] Man and candles lights liquid, allows it onto hand where it is afire but doesn't burn him. Dips hands into fire. Pours liquid onto hat and wears as it is set afire. 08:12:17:00 B W 1938 Si. The World of Sports Chicago, Illinois [Six-Day Bike Race Begins in Stadium] Bicycle riders around banked track seen from mulltiple angles. Fall and spill and rider walked off. 08:12:56:00 B W 1938 Si. Brooklyn, New York [Amateurs In Wild Slugfest] Boxers in Diamod Belt Show at Ridgewood Grove. Fast action of lightwieght fighters. Flailing at each other. One knocked down. Several others knocked out. 08:14:18:00 B W 1938 Si. Evanston, Illinois Wisconsin 20, Northwestern 13 Runner crisscrosses field for touchdown. Passes for other touchdowns and kickoff runback for touchdown. 08:15:48:00 B W 1938 Si. Brooklyn, New York Erasmus 26, Manual 0 High School football in large stadium. Teams pose. Almost touchdown runs. Fan jumping in stadium. Crowd stands up. Winning team poses. 08:17:38:00 end 08:17:45:00 B W 1938 14Nov38 Sd. Arlington, Virginia President Leads Impressive Rites On Armistice Day. Honor guard, wreath laying, FDR on arm of military. Pershing placing wreath and salutes. 08:18:29:00 B W 1938 Sd. Blaine, Washington [International Peace Arch Ceremony] Many people, ceremony, mounties & soldiers, people exchange flags across the border Canada-US. 08:18:53:00 B W 1938 Si. World-Wide News [Madame Chiange Kai-Shek trains Hankow, China girls for war work] Lecturing to them, with US ?? looking at ambulance. Girls play volleyball. 08:19:18:00 B W 1938 Si. Hankow, China [Refugees Evacuate War Zone] Packages loaded onto poles and carried out. Guard posts watch. Tanks maneuver in streets as people watch. Guard post occupied by Chinese. Sino-Japanese War. 08:19:41:00 B W 1938 Si. Brunn, Czechoslovakia [Czech Jews Starve In Exile] Men out of tents past camera, with women pose for camera sitting bundled in coats and eating bread. 80 Jewish families banished by the Nazis from areas ceded to the Reich to `No Man's Land' near the border, eke out a tragic existence near death's door when Prague officials refuse to set a precedent by admitting them. Pre-WWII 08:20:10:00 B W 1938 Si. Naples, Italy [20,000 In Mass Migration] People with belongings along dock and bording small freighters. Wave goodbye as putting out to sea. Mussolini on shipboard. Guns fired. Mussolini saluting passing line of these ships. Families brought from farms to colonize the Italian possession of Libya in North Africa. Pre-WWII 08:20:45:00 B W 1938 Sd. South Kensington, England [Joseph P. Kennedy & Family Opens Exhibition of goods made by disabled WWI veterans]. Kennedy arrives with wife and children. Look at toys etc. Greeted by veteran in wheelchair. Pre-WWII 08:21:05:00 B W 1938 Si. Washington, DC [Col. Batista & Wife In USA] MCU seated & CU of Batista. Army military review standing next to Gen. Malin Craig, Ft. Myer, Virginia. MCU saluting. 08:21:33:00 B W 1938 Sd. The World of Sports Compiegne, France [Annual St. Hubert's Hunt Held] Group of dogs on leash and in front of riders on horse. Stag being chased by dogs, swimming in marsh with dogs next to it. 08:22:07:00 B W 1938 Si. Ithaca, New York Cornell 14, Darmouth 7 College football in sunny weather. Running and long touchdown pass. Goal line play for touchdown. 08:23:24:00 B W 1938 Sd. Princeton, NJ Princeton 20, Yale 7 Crowd noise in packed stadium sunshine. Long pass for touchdown. 08:24:14:00 B W 1938 Sd. South Bend, Indiana Notre Dame 19, Minnesota 0 Packed college stadium for football game. Running length of field for touchdown. Long pass for another. Fumble and handoff but then tackled. Long pass intercepted. Last minute pass into end zone. 08:25:33:00 B W 1938 Sd. End title Talk of the World. End 08:25:42 08:25:48:00 B W 1938 Si. New York City Automobile Show Opens With Many Changes of Design. Elaborate display with rotating globe. Grills, chrome, cut-away cars, models, convertibles with automatic top closing and woman as hood ornament at 1939 Grand Central Palace exhibition. Oddities. Gags. 08:26:34:00 B W 1938 Si. Toronto, Canada Maple Leafs Beat Canadiens, 3 To 1, In Hockey Classic. No helmets, fast skating, 08:27:33:00 B W 1938 Si. Nashville, Tenn. Tennessee 14, Vanderbilt 0 College football Stadium crowd doing cheer. Goal line stand and field goal. 08:28:50:00 B W 1938 Si. Special Release San Francisco, California Galloping Gaels Trim Santa Clara. St. Mary's 7, Santa Clara 0. Sunny weather and rough playing. Pass interceptions, fumbles, End 08:30:59