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DN-LB-533 Beta SP
13:40:20:00 B W 1949 23Jun49 Si 'Big Jump. Fort Bragg, North Carolina West Point Cadets get Paratrooper Pointers.' Outdoor instruction, soldiers sitting on ground listening to officer with map and pointer. Troops with flags. Inspection line. Paratroopers board plane, planes taxi, take off. Good. Parachute jumping. Formation flying. Parachute landings, good. Army Military Academy training. 13:41:32:00 B W 1949 Si 'News in Brief' Long Island, New York [Drought Perils Vegetable Crop]. Irrigation. Field of crops with automatic sprinklers, watering system. MCU cauliflower. PAN across field of dead crops. Barren. MCU farmers' hands sieve dry dirt, soil. Tractor leaves trail of dust in wake. Agriculture Farming Weather. 13:42:18:00 B W 1949 Si Memphis, Tennessee. [43 Escape Death in Plane Crash]. Aftermath of crash landing. Truck parked by side of road, plane's tail sticks out from ditch. Good. Sign, 'Street Closed.' Barricades. People watch near crash site. American Airlines. MCU int. and ext. damage to plane. Wreckage. Luck. Transportation Safety, Commercial Airplane. 13:42:53:00 B W 1949 Sd. Lemfoerde, Germany. 'Mass Production Poultry.' Eggs on trays in incubator, thermometer on wall. Hundreds of chicks hatch and man puts them into boxes. CU chicks. Thousands of ducks cross field, MCU eating (20 tons food a day to feed them). Good. Duck gets stuck on its back, has trouble getting up but manages in the end. Animal Cruelty. Poultry Farming 13:43:37:00 B W 1949 Si Sd. Sound intermittent. 'Sports.' Comiskey Pk. Man with cigar walks past camera, nods. Int, crowd wait, men in boxing ring. Ezzard Charles v Jersey Joe Walcott. Champ surrounded by his people, holding his hand up. He looks exhausted, battered. CUs of both fighters' faces, badly beaten. (Mostly no sound at all). Boxing match winner. No fighting. 13:44:13:00 B W 1949 Si Isle of Man, England. Motorcycle marathon. VS of motorcycle riders running with machines and jumping on. Wearing leather suits. VS of race, thru residential streets. Man falls off bike. Spectators. Danger. Sports. Motorcycle Road Racing. 13:44:44:00 B W 1949 Si 'Wimbledom Tennis' England. Gardner Mulloy and Ted Schroeder in five set game. Schroeder wins. Slow motion action. (13:45:16) only 3 sec. of sound of crowd cheering. (13:45:27) sound, crowd empathise. Sound out of sync. Umpire. Players shake hands at net, Mulloy throws racket to ground. Temper. Bad sport. 13:46:42:00 B W 1949 Si Canada 'Toronto Clears Slums' Children playing on street, boys climb over fence, dog barks in cluttered backyard. Clothes hanging on line. Int, woman in kitchen with toddler and girl. Construction site, men working, children watch. Building. Women and children in group. New houses, int, same woman in new kitchen puts milk in refrigerator. Man and woman organize furniture in living room he moves armchair, she gives instructions. Ext, yard, kids play. Clothes drying on lines in fenced area. Class. Poverty. Housing. Suburbs Post-WWII Home building. 13:47:51:00 B W 1949 27Jun49 Si 'Aviation in the News' LS paraplane, man walking towards it, propellor moving. Plane's name 'Every Field an Airport' Testing wings and flaps, shot of tail. Plane takes off in 200 feet, grass blown from force. Plane flying, brief AV of land below. Two planes in the air. Paraplane dives, lands. Military B-50 bomber lands. MCU of tractor tread landing gear for rough terrain. Nose of plane, pan down to man working on landing gear. CU of landing gear moving over planks of wood. Private Aviation Military Aviation Futurism. 13:49:43:00 B W 1949 Si 'News in Brief' Pittsfield, Massachusetts. LA General Electric Company lab. Experiment, 15 million volts of man-made electricity detonates as lightning in laboratory, Safety tests for controlling lightning. Electrical contraption, bright bulbs. Man suspended from ceiling, sits in chair working on some kind of rod with screwdriver. Sign, 'Danger High Voltage.' Two rods, sparking at each end, rotate. Scientist at machine turning dials. Electrical currents transmitted from rods. Good shots with black backdrop, like lightning. Science, testing, Tesla coil. 13:50:40:00 B W 1949 Si Atlantic City, New Jersey Terry Gualtieri wins Miss Atlantic City. Row of contestants on beach pull hood off to reveal themselves in swimsuits. VS of beauty contest, women parading about wearing numbers. HA shot to capture contestants' breasts. Posing. Fake smiles. Winner smiles, wearing crown. Sexism. Competition. Bathing Beauties. Contest. 13:51:26:00 B W 1949 Si New York City. Baby parade in Chinatown. Toddlers paraded, some in native costume, jewelry. Infant in woman's arms cries. Chinatown's mayor, Shavey Lee, gives out the awards. Boy with trophy crying. Children fast asleep in strollers. More babies sobbing. Competition. Contest. Ethnic. Chinese-American. 13:52:07:00 B W 1949 Si Sports. Asbury Park, New Jersey. Emma Miller wins girls divison in marbles and George Wents wins boys. MCU girl on knees shooting marbles, chewing gum, cool as a cucumber. Spectators. Two girls shake hands, sunny day. Boy's game. Winner sits in throne as man places crown on his head. Audience cheer. Boy and girl champs together, she doesn't seem to have crown. Competiton. Contest. Championship. Games. 13:52:53:00 B W 1949 Si Forest Hills, New York. Bobby Riggs beats Don Budge to win professional tennis title for third straight year. Players pose holding rackets. VS of game. Action from doubles game. VS of crowd. 13:54:35:00 B W 1949 Si Canada [Men's Golf Tournament] Sunny day. Teeing off, woods. VS of driving ball, walking course, caddy carrying clubs. putting. Golfers cross wooden bridge, take difficult shots. Winners with trophy. Competition. Sports. End: 13:55:??:00 13:55:54:00 B W 1949 07Jul49 Si Skyraider: Navy's Most Powerful Attack Plane Tested. A D Sky Raider w rockets demonstrated. Crew loads rockets under wing, CU of sailor attaching rocket. Two views of take off. Targets on ground seen. Sky Raider flying, shot of underbelly of aircraft with rockets. Firing rockets, good. Rockets explode on ground. Military. Cold War. 13:56:48:00 B W 1949 Si Kerryville, Texas Parade with flag, one star, cowboys, women in bathing suits. Flags and bunting across street, people watch from sidelines. Night, floodlights in stadium, woman on horse smiles and raises stetson hat, crowd cheers. VS rodeo, men only. Western recreation. 13:57:59:00 B W 1949 Si Holland. Three male gymnasts on bars. Good shots of flips. MCU Queen Julianna and Prince Bernhard watching, he smokes pipe. Women's hurdles race. Winner, Fanny Blankers-Coen, receives medal from queen, smiles at camera. She's older, not a very young woman. Prince on horse, salutes queen, before beginning a round of show jumping course, he does well. Young girls watch, concentrate. Competition. Horsemanship. Gymnastics. Gender. Women racing. 13:59:05:00 B W 1949 Si Sd Wimbledon, England. American Ted Schroeder beats Czech Baroslav Drobny. Scratch. Winner throws racket in air, shaking hands over net. Americans in womens finals: Louise Brough beats Margaret DuPont. Sound intermittent. VS of spectators. MCU of women holding bouquets of flowers. 14:00:16:00 B W 1949 Si Albany, Oregon. Timber Carnival. Lumberjacks Two men in bathing trunks log rolling, running on log in water, both eventually fall. Women log rollers, could be beauty queens, spectators applaud. Loggers climbing tall spar pole, descending, good. Contests, Stunts, Oddities, Gags. 14:01:23:00 B W 1949 Si Georgia. 'Georgia Opens First Factory for Blind.' Sign, 'Georgia Factory of the Blind,' as two men enter. Int, mattress making, blind men hand-sewing. VS of men working at benches, making brooms. Loading plane with products, brooms, at airport. Handshakes between sighted men and blind man. Disability. Welfare. Disabled. Job training. Industry. 14:02:40:00 B W 1949 Si Dominion Day Regatta. People waving. Banner raised, people wearing hats and sunglasses wait in sun for boat races. VS of sculls, men rowing, bridge in background, people applaud. Single scull race. Award ceremony. Canoe. Young women cheering team on. Ritual, coxswain gets thrown into river. Sign,'? 1949 Championship.' Canada. Competition. End: 14:04:06:00 14:04:11:00 B W 1949 21Jul49 Si [Canada Hobby Show] People looking at jewels, toys, art work. Men inspect violin. Women model in bathing suits & people take photos. VS of model amusement park with working mechanical rides. Children look and laugh at side show toy, Black figures in grass skirts dance. Ethnic racism. Sexism. 14:05:16:00 B W 1949 25Jul49 Si Canada. [Boy Scout Jamboree], VIP in uniform reviewing marching scouts with flags and receiving gift. Marching, 'British Columbia' and 'USA' banners carried. Flags, British flags. Youth Organization. 14:06:08:00 B W 1949 Si Toronto, Canada [Variety Club hosts Handicapped Children at Baseball Stadium. Entrance, people going in, MCU of people in crowd watching show, vaudeville routines intercut with kids watching. Western duo playing while bouncing ball & acrobatics. good. Regular baseball game. End: 14:07:06. 14:07:12:00 B W 1949 28Jul49 Si 'Atom Secrets. Congress to OK Swap of Bomb Information.' Joint Congressional Committee meeting, MCU of various politicians. Dean Acheson. Atomic scientists. Cold War. End: 14:07:57. 14:08:03:00 B W 1949 08Aug49 Si Quebec, Canada [AV of lakes, large waterfall, forests, mountain region. Heavy equipment digging rock, Mining. POV back of rail transport vehicle, tracks. Fishing, man catches fish, nets it and shows to camera. 14:09:03:00 B W 1949 Si Canada. Canada Steamship Lines Launching of Ore Carrier Chalaga]. Woman in shorts or very short skirt poses beside giant propellor of ship before launch. VS of ship. Men hammering wooden wedges. Flags on ship blowing in wind. VIPs on board with loud ties, woman holds up bottle of champagne ready for launch, lets bottle go, smashes off side and ship slides sideways into water causing huge splash and flooding of next pier. Ship launching. End: 14:10:02:00. 14:10:09:00 B W 1949 11Aug49 Si Canada. Diving competition. Women and men dive, spectators watch from pier, some on small boats. Good dives. 14:11:14:00 B W 1949 Si 'First Pictures. Thousands Killed as Quake Hits Ecuador.' Quito. Six thousand dead, 25,000 injured, 100,000 left homeless. AV of devastation. Six towns hit. CU man in plane, shots over smokey or foggy terrain, lots of trees, mountains. Locals clear rubble. Train engine. Shot of leg sticking out of pile of debris. Removing dead on stretchers. Man covering his nose and mouth leans and looks into car. VS of destruction, buildings mostly. Clock tower, time 2:10. Men work clearing rubble from church or cathedral. Cars flattened. Ecuadorian Indians walk in line up hill carrying belongings on their backs, women, children and men. Indian herding pigs. Homeless, shelters. Children, barefoot. Soldiers carefully move injured from truck. Woman being treated, she looks pregnant. Earthquake. Disaster. Geology. 14:13:33:00 B W 1949 Si Morehead City, North Carolina. 'Coast Guard Celebrates Anniversary.' 159th birthday of Coast Guard. Newest model of amphibious helicopter demonstrated, flying in air and lands in water with floating devices attached to landing gear. Men rowing surf boats and going thru full exercise, lifting oars, toppling boat and pulling it back to position. Military. Rescue Demonstration. 14:14:41:00 B W 1949 Sd Washington, DC. President Elpidio Quirino of the Philippines is applauded as he disembarks from plane, waves his hat. He's greeted by President Truman (only see back of Truman's head). Truman introduces Quirino to VIPs as honor guard stands by. Truman wearing white suit, white hat. They review troops, then pose for camera. 14:15:32:00 B W 1949 Si Chicago, Illinois. Movie marquee, 'World Premiere Yes Sir That's my Baby. Technicolor' Crowds wait for stars to show. Convertibles slowly drive up street and stars (Donald O'Connor & ??) wave. Posing with children, babies. Motion Picture Promotion. Daytime 14:16:15:00 B W 1949 Si Sports. Chicago, Illinois. Lloyd Mangrum wins Tam O'Shanter golf competition. MCU swinging club. VS driving, putting, spectators. One close miss. Some scratching. Mangrum smoking and holding up check, smiles at camera. 14:17:17:00 B W 1949 Si Goshen, New York. Trotters Horse racing. Lining up to place bets. Race course and spectator stands. Miss Tilly wins Hambletonian beating the favorite, Bangaway. VS of race, good. Man uses binoculars. Gambling. Summer. End: 14:18:25:00 14:18:31:00 B W 1949 15Aug49 Si Off Virginia Capes. 'FDR Banshees Make 1st Carrier Landings.' AV of carrier USS Franklin D. Roosevelt. Crew running on deck. LA shots of radar equipment, ext. Good. Fighter planes take off, good. Crewmen watch, heads turn quickly indicating high speed. Planes fly past in formation. Fighters land without a hitch, signal man holds up flags. Good. Military, Navy, Cold War. 14:19:39:00 B W 1949 Sd Berlin, Germany Children play by water, some swimming while others bury boy in sand. German VO. Cuts to WWII ruins beside water. Children diving off concrete slabs, running thru and climbing up dangerous-looking buildings, in bare feet. They take in the view from a height. Post-WWII. 14:20:30:00 B W 1949 Si Holland. Riding school, children on ponies canter in circle, people watching them. Queen Julianna looks at Princess Irene and Beatrix from bench. Julianna has bad posture. Slow motion of one of the princesses riding, she's capable and confident. Royalty. Sport. Monarchy. Family Relationship, mother-daughter, Horsemanship. 14:21:19:00 B W 1949 Si Canada. Ext, National Research Council. Men walk in and out. Thermometer on wall reads 95 degrees. Int, men in climate controlled room with tent doing arctic tests in freezing cold temperatures. One has clipboard in hand. Working lever on gun. Melting snow for hot drink. Man smokes cigarette and drinks liquid, looks at something in his hand. From outside other man signals that he has something to pass in. Hatch opened, CU of liquid freezing in tumbler while man holds it in his hand. Good. Men crawl into tent. Cold War. Military Equipment Testing. 14:22:40:00 B W 1949 Si Post, Texas. Sports. Junior Rodeo. WA riding in formation. Cuts to rodeo action on Brahma bulls, young men get thrown off quickly. Very young boy barely makes it out of the pen before he falls, all that's left is his hat. Good. MCU bucking action. Good. Fear. Anxiety. 14:23:36:00 B W 1949 Si Akron. Ohio. All-American Soap Box Derby. 15 year-old Fred Derks of Akron wins. Derby parade, float, flags. Boys fiddle with cars, weigh in. VS races, all angles. Good. Checkered flag at finish line. Trophy. Contest, Racing, 14:24:24:00 B W 1949 Si Chicago, Illinois. The Eagles beat the All-Stars, 38 to 0. Scratch down left. VS of plays, some good fast running. Cameras flashing. Professional football. Sports. 14:25:27:00 B W 1949 Si Canada. Club house on water. Speed boat racing by five boats around circular course. VS, surf. Scratch down left. Trophy presented to winner. Man and woman kiss, smile. Sunglasses. Sports. End: 14:26:??:00. 14:26:31:00 B W 1949 18Aug49 Si Canadian Navy Week. AV of docks, buildings, aircraft carriers. WA ships, guns, sailors. People board ship with large guns. Couple of officers with young women. US Navy VIP arrives, walks up gangplank, salutes and shakes hands with Canadian sailors. Guard of honor await him. He reviews troops. Submarine partially above water. Plane flying over head. Sub guns fire, lots of smoke. Plane dives, sub submerges. Surface ship fires guns in training exercise & demonstration. End: 14:27:58:00