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Universal Newsreel
DN-LB-537 Beta SP
1948, 1949
21:01:20:00 B W 1948 03May48 Si. Universal International Newsreel main title. 21:01:29:00 B W 1948 Si. May Day: Demonstrations Abroad Overshadowed By US Loyalty Show. In Japan, pan crowd of anti-reds stage demonstration against leftists. CU of Political VIP & waving. 21:02:11:00 B W 1948 Oslo, Norway Anti-Communist parade thru rainy streets with banners. People applaud. 21:02:37:00 B W 1948 Communist parade with banners. Police talking & marching. 21:03:02:00 B W 1948 Copenhagen, Denmark demonstrating anti-USA crowd with speakers, placards, banners and crowd. Marching through square. Listening & cheering pro-US VIP speaker. 21:03:57:00 B W 1948 New York City Loyalty Day parade down 5th Avenue with military and veterans marching in CU. Kids and others carry flags and banners. Women with anti-communist banners. Cold War. Red Scare. Propaganda. 21:04:47:00 B W 1948 Si Sd. Gen. Ike Leaves Army To Head University. Eisenhower in uniform as Mamie receives bouquet, They walk away from house at Fort Myers, Virginia and he salutes & reviews troops. 21:05:23:00 B W 1948 swish pan to EXT of Columbia University building and interior with sound as he answers reporters about whether he would accept a nomination at national Political Convention during coming summer: CU Ike: `Last January I wrote a letter which I assume most of you here have read. In it I expressed myself completely and positively on this subject. Nothing since the writing of that letter has occurred to change my mind with respect to that subject.' Reporter: General, do you think we are nearer to war with Russia today than we were a year ago? Ike: `I believe today, just as I did a year ago, that no great nation would deliberately provoke global war at this time. That does not mean that war cannot start. Wars are stupid, and they can start stupidly. There could be many situations from which our nation or another would find it difficult to back away from but, I repeat my statement that no great nation would provoke war today.' Politician. Cold War. Military Hero. College President. Press Conference. 21:06:37:00 B W 1948 Si. 1948 Kentucky Derby EXT, people entering with tickets, LS of garden, 2 young women drinking from decorated glasses with straws. 2 men standing talking, 3 women with programs, man with program. Betters at window making bets. Jockeys onto track. High angle with rain. excited woman with binoculars as horses leaving gate, splashing mud in telephoto shot toward camera and around first turn. Cutaways from good weather. Around final turn and down stretch with exchanging lead. 21:08:25:00 B W 1948 CU from LA of excited man jumping and waving arms in excitement, then holds head (staged but good). Winner with garland of flowers. 74th running of Derby at Churchill downs. Citation wins by 3 1 2 lengths over Coaltown, second, and My Request, third. Exciting. Excitement. Fans. Spectators. Gambling. Sports. Horse Racing. Horse Race. 21:08:51:00 - 21:08:58:00 Si. The End title. 21:09:02:00 B W 1948 06May48 Si Sd. Pres. Truman: Says Family Unit Is Basic of ???ment. LS of auditorium, MCU of woman applauding. Truman at podium listening to applause. `We are interested in the security and the welfare of the family because that is the fundamental unit on which all governments are formed. Governments are formed for the purpose of being of service to the family as a unit in our conception of what government ought to be. For that reason the welfare and the security of the family is vital to every government in the world. We are short of housing, we are studying health programs, we are working on the expansion of social security. All those things have their bearing upon the family and upon the government of the United States, upon your government. It is absolutely essential that we solve these problems just as our ancestors solved them.' Eric Johnston with others on platform behind Truman. Presidential Speech. Family Values. Role of Government. 21:10:27:00 B W 1948 10May48 Si Sd. Washington, DC. Rail Strike: US Seizes Roads At Eleventh Hour. Men walking along sidewalk in front of White House stop for camera. 3 men pose in drive way and walk up to wing of White House. Interior shots of men arguing during labor union negotiations and talks. 21:10:56:00 - 21:11:33:00 B W 1948 Sec of Army Royall at mic: `The President has today given to me as Secretary of the Army, the responsibility for the control and operation of the railroads of the country. It is obvious that this task cannot be successfully performed without the full cooperation of railroad labor, railroad management, and of the entire public. I bespeak that cooperation from all of our citizens.' Labor Unions, Strikes, Government Seizure, Politics, Cold War, Executive Branch Authority, Labor Leaders. 21:11:40:00 B W 1948 27May48 Si. Washington, DC [Truman Sees Israel President, Chaim Weizmann]. MCU Outside White House, Truman receives Torah from Weizmann and holds for newsreel cameras which are seen. HA many still photographers around Weizmann and woman and man. Weizmann lobbying for lifting of arms embargo. MCU at mic (MOS). Ship leaving dock seen over crowd. Diplomacy, Palestine, 21:12:23:00 B W 1948 Si. Washington, DC [Democrats 23, Republicans 14 before 5,000 spectators in Griffith Stadium] Joe Martin swings bat with line up of players in uniforms posing and shaking hands. Sen. Arthur Vandenberg throws out pitch. Fat player gagging for camera. Night game with many errors. Spectators laughing. Baseball, Sports, Politicians, Senators, Congressmen. 21:13:52:00 - 21:15:04:00 B W 1948 Si. New York City [Liverpool 5, Metropolitan All-Stars 1 in Triborough Stadium soccer match]. Players into stadium and spectators watching from under umbrellas. Game with much field action. Some slow motion. Successful goals seen. Muddy field. Head shot in. Sports, Weather, Rainy 21:15:29:00 B W 1948 28May48 Si. Pompton Lakes, NJ [Joe Louis training to defend Heavyweight title against Jersey Joe Walcott] Boxing with speed bag, running with trainer and small boy. Punching bag. Catching medicine ball bounced off stomach. MCU in robe. 21:16:03:00 - 21:16:08:00 B W 1948 Si. Greenlock, NJ [Jersey Joe Walcott prepares for return match] Sitting in MCU with model of rink and pointing to boxer on back. 21:16:11:00 - 21:17:53:00 B W 1948 Si. Baltimore, MD [Johns Hopkins university 10, university of Maryland 6 in Lacrosse] Helmeted players on sunny day in violent play. Good action. Sports, College. Fans, Spectators Watching 21:18:00:00 - 21:19:45:00 B W 1948 02Aug48 Si. New York City 1,000 Planes: Mammoth Air Show Opens New Airport. Large crowd, people inspecting planes. B-36 on runway with crowds around. AV over airport and runways. Large motorcycle leading motorcade with President Truman & unid. VIP. Truman greeted by Thomas Dewey on reviewing stand. American flag raised. Flyover by many planes with people watching. Man with movie camera and beanie hat with propeller. Flying boxcars over, 3 B-36s in flight. Military Airplanes, Air Force, 21:19:50:00 - 21:21:49:00 B W 1948 02Sep48 Si. Shanghai, China China: Inflation Rampant New Money Issued. AVs over Shanghai & bund. Rickshaws and bicycles with bundles of cash. Man paying for gas and bundles put into box. Shopping for cloth with bundles of money. Telephone switchboard operators working, sack dumped with bundles of money for wages and women walking off with arms full of bundled paper money. People in bank (?) counting bundles of money. US money being counted. New gold `Yuan' unwrapped at bank. 21:21:56:00 B W 1948 13Sep48 Sd. Universal International Newsreel main title 21:22:05:00 B W 1948 Sd. Germany. Berlin Crisis: Blockaded Capital World's Powderkeg. Flags of four powers. USSR lowering flag and breaking off relationship with West. CU of British, US & french flags High angle of German communist protest through Potsdam platz. People watching, police arresting and roughing up. People standing about various monuments and people moving around for meetings of Germans in western zone as Reds block the meetings. Social Democrats meet at university. Franz Neumann speaking. 200,000 gather before Reichstag in rally for Berlin. 21:23:56:00 B W 1948 Sd. St. Peter's Square, Vatican City, Rome Italy. [Pope Blesses Huge Rally] 250,000 girls from throughout Italy, members of Italian Catholic Action clubs, celebrate 30th anniversary by parading with banners thru St. Peter's Square in costumes of native Italian provinces waving for Pope Pius XII carried thru on litter in papal chair. Massive crowd seen from above. Religion, Catholic, Leader, Youth Organization. 21:25:05:00 B W 1948 Sd. Chicago, Illinois [Jalopies Go Up In Smoke] Old cars paraded after crashes with attached signs of damage & death caused. Crane lifting cars into large pyre & burning at night. Auto Safety Campaign, Automobiles 21:25:53:00 B W 1948 Sd. Atlantic City, New Jersey [Miss America of 1948] Parade with contestants on floats past camera. CU & MCU of Miss Canada, Miss Puerto Rico, and drag queen gag. LA of bathing suit contestants. Miss Beatrice Shopp, 18-year-old from Minnesota wins. Beauty contest bathing beauties. Sex. 21:26:59:00 B W 1948 Sd. Ellensburg, Washington [Cowboys Bite The Dust] Rodeo with bullrider out of chute with good rides and bucking. Bareback & saddle bronch bucking horses and saddle. Sports, West, Falls, Failures 21:27:49:00 B W 1948 Sd. Washington, DC Aviation: B-50's Spearhead 70-??? Air Force. Secretary Symington & Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg in front of Air Force seal as Vandenberg speaks on how the Air Force is making the air power a force for peace in Berlin. Swish pan to, 21:28:40:00 B W 1948 Sd. Seattle, Washington [Boeing constructing B-50 Superfortresses] Pan over large factory floor with men working on them mounting propellers and taxiing on field. Test flight seen air to air with Mt. Rainier behind. Military Airplanes, Defense Industry, Cold War. 21:29:30:00 - 21:29:35:00 Sd. The End title. 21:29:41:00 B W 1948, 1949 Sd. Washington, DC Aviation: B-50's Spearhead 70-??? Air Force. Same as 21:27:49 but possibly better sound, though with printer bounce. Swish pan to, 21:30:29:00 - 21:31:19:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Same as 21:28:40 but silent. Possibly better picture quality. 21:31:25:00 - 21:35:37:00 B W 1948, 1949 11Oct48 Si. Boston, Massachusetts World Series: Indians Scalp Braves To Win Series 4 To 2. LS of grandstand, umpires onto field in MCU. Men yelling at umpires. People sitting in back of stands. Boston & Cleveland pitchers. Batter & runner stealing 3rd and going home. Home run with slide. MCU of hitters. Men on base, runner stealing, crowd in stands cheering and sitting down again. Umpire signals man out at home plate. Spectators applauding with 3 sailors visible. Players hugging after winning. Player carried off field, coming into club house. Two captains shake hands. Sports, Baseball, 1948 World Series, Winners, Celebrating, Cleveland, Bob Lemon, Gene Bearden pitching. 21:35:42:00 - 21:36:55:00 B W 1948, 1949 14Oct48 Si. New York City Education: Eisenhower Takes Office At Columbia. LS of crowd in front of Low Library. Columbia Spectator newspaper handed out to arriving well-dressed people. Seated VIPS including Mamie Eisenhower, John Eisenhower, unid. VIP, Maj. Doolittle (?), Gen. Bradley, Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg, Herbert Hoover (?), etc. Eisenhower in cap & gown marching to front & being installed by ??? People applaud. Columbia university, Students, Faculty, Ceremony. 21:37:02:00 - 21:37:51:00 B W 1948, 1949 18Oct48 Sd. London, England [King meets British Prime Ministers of Commonwealth at Conference] Well dressed Prime Ministers of Rhodesia, Ceylon, Pakistan, Australia. Also present is Atlee, Robertson of Canada, Lowe of South Africa, Frazier from New Zealand and Panda Nehru of India. Colonialism, Royalty, United Kingdom. 21:37:57:00 - 21:38:49:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. New York City [Warfare On The Campus During Rush Week] Columbia University freshmen & sophomores students running toward each other and fight, take clothes off, climb greased pole and get stuffed effigy mascot down. Fighting. Oddities gags college fraternities. 21:38:53:00 - 21:40:17:00 B W 1948, 1949 28Oct48 Si. France French Crisis: Coal Strike Imperils Industry In France. Soldiers walking through coal mine property. CU sign: St. Etienne. Miners standing around, fighting with tear gas and running across fields. Man throwing stones with slingshot at soldiers running after miners. MCU of slingshot. Men running toward camera. Parts of wrecked coal train laying in grass. Labor, unions, Europe Post-War France, Conservatives. 21:40:20:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. News In Brief New Lexington, Ohio [Machine Speed Coal Mining] Men around mining machine as arms with claws rotate. Men at controls of large diesel motors on trailer. CU of 3 men (inventors?). Machine into coal face and coal up hopper at rear. Man moving low coal truck loaded with coal. Colmol shown in tests at Sunnyhill Coal Co. pits. 21:41:19:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Middletown, Ohio [Mrs. America on Air Tour] Marie Strohmeier of Philadelphia visits the Aeronca plant to begin nation- wide trip. Large crowd of women watch Mrs. America in bright leopard skin fur coat. Wearing button You Gotta Stay Happy and boarding plane taxiing off. Oddities. 21:42:02:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Philadelphia, Ohio [Connie Mack celebrates his 86th birthday w relatives & Commissioner Chandler] Large banquet hall. VIPs shaking hands with Mack, Mack cuts cake & gets kisses from young women. Eating cake. 21:42:38:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Germany. [Trial of Ilse Koch from 1947 shown in Signal Corps films]. On witness stand in MCU & CU. Objects from torture shown to her. Koch w pointer at map, panel of judges, Koch led from room. 21:43:33:00 - 21:44:23:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Caldwell, New Jersey [Flying Lab in Converted B-17 Used to Test New Gas-turbine Engine. Plane taxies and takes off over camera. Wright Typhoon motor mounted in nose of plane, seen in flight over countryside and city. Inventions Oddities Military Testing Air Force Cold War. 21:44:30:00 - 21:45:34:00 B W 1948, 1949 18Nov48 Sd. London, England Royal Heir: Son Born To Elizabeth, All Britain Rejoices. MCU of Queen & Philip. Crowds outside Buckingham Palace. Teletype and couriers deliver photos to newspapers. Headlines. Firing cannon salute along Thames River. Navy Sailors on shipboard. CU of Philip. Sound choppy. 21:45:43:00 - 21:47:15:00 B W 1948, 1949 Sd. Hollywood, California. Ida Lupino in `It Might Be You'. Ladies & Gentlemen, somehow you don't associate pain and suffering with childhood and yet the most fearful things do strike at younsters. But the worst crippling disease that medicine knows is rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease. Twice as many children die from this cause as any other. Because there are so few facilities to study it, science has as yet found no specific cure. Now this is a disease that strikes most heavily at the poor, where there isn't enough money to do what should be done but you can't explain that to a child. Right this minute there are 7 million Americans suffering from this disease... MCU of Lupino talking to the camera and pleading for your help, title card with mailing address for contributions. Motion Picture Star Charity Fundraising. 21:47:22:00 B W 1948, 1949 24Nov48 Si. Universal International Newsreel main title. 21:47:31:00 B W 1948, 1949 24Nov48 Si. San Diego, California. World's Smallest Airplane. Man walks out and picks up plane by himself. Pilot climbs on and is strapped on laying down on fuselage. Operates controls with feet. Plane takes off, flies past camera. Oddities Inventions Gag Miniatures Testing. 21:48:38:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. New York City South African Beauty Queen Arrives in US. June Fulton arrives enroute to Hollywood with 2 lion cubs. Talking with man before leaving Africa. Off plane with cubs and shaking hands with actor. Tiny cubs follow across runway, teased with handkerchief. Man in lion costume carries cubs. Gag. Promotion. Starlet. Actress. 21:49:42:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Germany. Wrist Watch Camera. Men in lab, tiny watch mounted with camera. Girl taking picture of man. Enlargements of shown beside tiny photograph. Invention Anti-Crime Photography Film Pictures. 21:50:32:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Puerto Rico's Salty Story. Men cutting salt and wheeling off lake bed. Using pick to break loose. Flood gates to trap seawater. Testing content. Cu of hands and feet torn by salt. Men wheeling salt as supervisors check. Labor, Workers, Industry, Harvest. 21:51:40:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Indianapolis, Indiana Sonja Henie Stars On Ice. Large line of skaters, clown on ice does stunts & gags. Dancing couples in elaborate costumes. Couple doing solo dance. 21:53:12:00 - 21:55:06:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Paris, France Grunt & Grown. Wrestlers do violent butts, punching. Men watching. Wrestlers dance around ring. Man thrown out of ring. Winners hand raised. The End title in Art Deco type face. Sports, Wrestling, Gags, Oddities. 21:55:14:00 B W 1948, 1949 29Nov48 Si. Uiversal International Newsreel main title. 21:55:22:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Hollywood, California Jingle Bells: Saint Nick Sparks Gay Holiday Parades. Night parade with marchers, drum majorettes kids open-mouthed watching stars on floats. 21:55:56:00 B W 1948, 1949 New York City Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade along Central Park West. Giant balloons, animated floats and Santa Claus on sleigh. 21:56:29:00 B W 1948, 1949 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania parade with large paper-mache floats through streets with Santa and climbing ladder against building. Christmas season 21:57:05:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Omaha, Nebraska Boys' Town Gets Statue of Founder. Canvas over statue with people around, VIPS sitting and standing around mics MCU of statue & CU of plaque to Rev. Edward J. Flanagan 1886-1948 founder of Boys Town. Boys. Priest blessing statue. CU of stone head and 2s boys. Catholic Religion Honor Orphans Variety Clubs Gift. 21:57:48:00 - 22:02:43:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Football: Navy Battle Army In Service Classic. Cadets march on field before full grandstands then running up to seats. Navy cadets on field at attention. Raise hats. Secretary of Navy Forrestal, Gen. Omar Bradley, Eric Johnston & other VIPS watching. Banners. President Truman & head of academies shake hands for cameras. Newsreel cameras. Running plays. Navy touchdown in slow motion. Long pass and almost touchdown. Scoreboard at 14 to 14. Successful kick for extra point & final score 21 to 21 tie led by Bill Hawkins and Pet Williams for Navy. Crowd on field. Sports. 22:02:50:00 B W 1948, 1949 02Dec48 Si Sd. Suchow, China. War! Reds Converge On China's Capitol. Trucks with troops through dusty streets, leading military mules pulling artillery. Chiang Kai Shek (?) in winter hat & coat watch troops. Troops firing artillery, rifles, machine guns from barricades. Dead laying on ground and carried on stretchers. Captured soldiers and weapons. 22:03:58:00 - 22:04:38:00 B W 1948, 1949 Madame Chiang arrives in US walks with Mrs. George Marshall and sit in chairs by mics for cameras. Both in fur coats. Madame Chiang makes statement saying she's happy to be with her good friends Gen. & Mrs. Marshall. 22:04:45:00 B W 1948, 1949 09Dec48 Si Sd. News In Brief Washington, DC. [Truman greets Cuba's President Carlos Prio Arriving on Independence at National Airport] Truman reads statement of greeting on platform. Cuban responds with thanks, then walk past troops. Diplomacy 22:05:26:00 B W 1948, 1949 Sd. Holland. [Dutch WWII War Crimes Trial] Men on trial with guards, Judges arrive. Footage of deserted concentration camp. Men listen to judges or attorneys. 22:06:31:00 - 22:07:46:00 B W 1948, 1949 Sd. Washington, DC Spy Probe: Chambers-Hiss Papers Barred To Public. HUAC hears testimony by Congressman Mundt who calls for full public hearing and former under-secretary of State Sumner Welles. LS of room. Committee, Welles sworn in, shown papers and testifies that publication of the message would be prejudicial. CU of Mundt (?) who says its a sad commentary on the security situation in the government when documents which have already been read by the Russians cannot be disclosed to the American public. Anti-Communism Cold War House Committee on United Nations-American Activities Testimony Politicians 22:07:53:00 - 22:09:05:00 B W 1948, 1949 13Dec48 Si Sd. Canada [Common Wealth Prime-Minister Conference?] Men into room, around table signing documents. Canadian speaks to CBC mics: I am confident of our united future. My colleagues in the government and I are happy and proud to have had this opportunity of working with you we the people of Canada look forward to the last step in confederation. We believe that, with you, we have had the privilege of completing the structure of a union strong and great. Applause. Diplomacy Diplomats Statement 22:09:11:00 B W 1948, 1949 20Dec48 Si. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Football [Philadelphia Eagles Edge Chicago Cardinals, 7-0 to win National Football League Title] Heavy snowing during game and players sliding on snow. Violent and rough tackling. Van Buren makes 4th quarter touchdown. Sports Professional Football Weather Winter Blizzard. 22:10:09:00 - 22:11:20:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Cleveland, Ohio [Browns rout Bills, 49-7 for All-America Conference title] Light snow. Passing and running with slides in snow. Touchdown run. 22:11:26:00 B W 1948, 1949 27Dec48 Si. San Francisco, California [Guns Cut Up For Scrap] Large 16-inch coastal guns originally made for the `Saratoga are inspected by Army officer. Men using cutting torch on barrel to slice into sections which fall onto grovd. Post-WWII Salvage Military Peace Homefront. 22:12:11:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Hampton Bays, Long Island, New York [Shinnecock 168-ft. Lighthouse Demolished] LA shot and CU showing cracks. Placing timbers under base and burning to topple the tower. Slowly falling in cloud of dust. 22:12:59:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Shanghai, China [Financial Chaos in China] Army truck with crowd outside closed iron gates of building. Crowd pushing. Police moving people back as others fight to get inside. 22:13:45:00 - 22:14:23:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Independence, Missouri Personalities In The News. President Truman knocks snow off shoes and takes pre-breakfast walk down street with secret service. Posing in entrance of store and shaking hands with man. Walking past people at church. Weather Winter Exercise Constitutional Walk. 22:14:29:00 B W 1948, 1949 10Oct49 Si Canada [speed boat Launched] Lowered into water, Driver & another man into cockpit, away from dock. Timer's hold watch and gesture to start. LS of boat with rooster tail through water and AV of boat. 3 hands holding stopwatches. boat on water, man talking on phone & holding stop watch. Man posing for camera with wife and kisses her. Timing, Measuring, Clocking, Record Attempt, Inboard, Speed Record Attempt. 22:15:23:00 - 22:16:17:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Canada. [Canadian Prime Minister Arrives] 2 political VIPS shake hands. Others posing for camera outside of ?? above Saint Lawrence River. Politicians, Meeting, Conference. 22:16:24:00 B W 1948, 1949 13Oct49 Si Universal International Newsreel main title. 22:16:34:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Washington, DC Defense: Navy And Air Force Fight For Supremacy. Interior of Congressional Hearing Room. Panel. CU Air Force General. MCU others giving testimony. CU Adm. Blandy giving testimony (MOS). Congressmen talking and smoking at panel table as Navy fights against Air Force B-36 bomber as primary attack weapon in any future war. Military, Budgets, Government, Rivalry, Democracy. 22:19:02:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Labor: Irving Brown, AF of L, Lauds American Films. CU speaking to camera (MOS). Cold War, Propaganda, Self Promotion, Labor union, 22:20:27:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. New York City Sports [Belmont Park 2 Day united Hunts Meet] People in front of grandstand watching, horses from standing start on backstretch, over jumps on track, falls. Slow motion. Man with cigar and binoculars (several shots). Brutal, Violent, Jockeys. 22:21:24:00 - 22:23:22:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. New York City [Yale 33 Columbia 7, in College Football] Players run past camera onto field. Game with long pass, packed grandstand, MCU of tackle. Cheering crowd in MCU. Pass caught for touchdown run. 22:23:30:00 B W 1948, 1949 17Oct49 Canada [Horse Race] Crowded grandstand as horses onto track, VIPs in crowd. Large field out of gate and around track, spread in back stretch and around turn. Announcer with mic around neck while calling race raises binoculars while talking. Winner by several lengths. Small statue presented to owners. 22:24:27:00 - 22:25:21:00 B W 1948, 1949 Si. Canada. [Scottish Bagpipers at Stanley Cup Match] Parade across ice, banner reading Stanley Cup 1949 unfurled from ceiling. Players skating on ice. Fast shots, good face off. Hockey sticks pounded on side of rink. Crowd shot. Goal. Players raise sticks in victory. Professional Sports, Championships. 22:25:27:00 B W 1948, 1949 20Oct49 Sd. Universal International Newsreel Main title. 22:25:36:00 B W 1948, 1949 Sd. Washington, DC. Air vs. Navy: Symington and Bradley Says Defense Plans Hit. Congressional Armed Forces Committee. Air Sec. Stuart Symington at mic defends Air Force and challenges attacks against Air Force