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23:01:20:00 B W 1949 24Oct49 Si Sd. New York City United Nations: President Dedicates New ? To Peace. View from above of crowd, from below of tower. 2 men look up. Stone, Truman arrives and up to platform, sits next to Dewey & black man. Truman at podium & speech: `We have come together today to lay the cornerstone for the permanent headquarters of the United Nations. These are the most important buildings in the world for they are the center of man's hope for peace. This is the place were the Nations of the World will work together to make that hope a reality.' LS of crowd, laying of corner stone by workrs and with VIPs placing grout. Lowering into place. Cornerstone Laying. LS of speakers platform. President Truman Diplomacy Construction. Dedication Speech Ceremony Post WWII, Cooperation 23:02:47:00 B W 1949 Si. New York City $3,000,000 Worth of Glitter. Diamonds shown on trays and worn by models with MCU of people watching from tables. CU of bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches, earrings and viewed with magnifying glass. Heavily made up models. Fashion Jewelry Wealth Society Luxury goods. 23:03:48:00 B W 1949 Si. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Football Penn 28, Navy 7. Punt & 74 yard runback by Bagnell for touchdown seen from high angle. Students and ??. Navy fan covers eyes. Muddy field and violent tackles. Goalline play. Penn students cheering. Navy cheering. Last minute touchdown pass. 3 insert shots of seated peanut vendor. College Sports. 23:05:33:00 B W 1949 Si. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Michigan 14, Minnesota 7. Sunshine and packed stadium. Good running and passing. College Football Sports. 23:06:24:00 B W 1949 Si. West Point, New York Army 63, Columbia 6. College football. Running place, then passing for touchdowns. Much good running. Sports. End: 23:07:56:00 23:08:02:00 B W 1949 Si. Canada. People outside ice rink. Men in grandstands. Hockey game with good quality picture and well lighted and covered. Sports. 23:09:02:00 B W 1949 Si. Canada. Young woman figure skater in white coat and white hat w large feather and older woman in dark coat, LS large building. Int. of chorus line of ice skaters in Indian headdresses skating, men pound drums also in Indian dress. Solo woman skates in 3 or 4 spotlights follow as she does figures, circles, twirls in tiara. Ethnic stereotype Ice Show Entertainment parent. End: 23:10:02 00 23:10:11:00 B W 1949 28Oct49 Sd World Affairs: $700,000,000 Cut Faced By British. Big Ben, people outside House of Commons, arrival of PM Churchill, Princess Elizabeth & Anne to waving crowds on sidewalks. Attlee from 10 Downing Streets to speak. Newsboys run with newspapers and sell to crowd. Headlines. Workers walking home. Economics. Post WWII. 23:11:09:00 B W 1949 Si. Washington, DC. [Mrs. Eugenie Anderson arrives on plane to be appointed first US woman ambassador as Truman appoints her to Denmark] Stands with another woman at foot of plane stairs, smiles to camera. Diplomat Diplomacy Gender Politics Political Appointment 23:11:34:00 B W 1949 Si. Hermosa Beach, California Seal arrives on plane is greeted by men. Large group applauds. Rides in back of convertible with sign welcoming Pierre Cillion `Truth or Consequences' Channel Swimmer. On platform receiving certificate & key to city as other seals applaud. Ralph Edwards on platform. Seal swam channel in 5 hours. Stunts Radio Show Oddities Gag Applause. 23:12:14:00 B W 1949 Si Sd. New York City [Gonzales Loses to Jack Kramer in Madison Square Garden Professional Debut]. MCU playing. Intermitent wild sound of racquets and crowds. Loses in 4 sets. At net and after talking. Sports Men's Tennis Singles. 23:13:13:00 B W 1949 Si. Nashville, Tennessee. Arkansas 7, Vanderbilt 6 in College football. Long kick caught & good runback. Cheering crowd. Slides across but no score, then short run. Sports. 23:14:10:00 B W 1949 Si. Tule Lake, California. [Duck hunters & ducks] Sun- rise, ducks shoot from blinds & hit ducks fall. Men walk home with ducks. Ducks come in to land on water and resting. Large number take off from marsh. Killing. Recreation. Sports. Hunting Birds. 23:15:18:00 B W 1949 Sd. France [Wrestlers Miquet & Asserati] Asserati wins. Bouncing off ropes, pounding. MCU man with cigarette watching. Man biting fingernails. Wrestler throws himself at other, misses and goes out of ring. Thrown down for a pin. Walked to corner. Wild sound & crowd noise. Sports. Staged Professional Wrestling Violence Violent. Stunts Gag Oddities. End: 23:16:48:00 23:16:55:00 B W 1949 Si. Canada [Prime Minister Pandit Nehru Visit] Indians wait, Nehru off plane greeted. MCU talking with Canadian PM. Nehru speaking before CBC mics to Parliment (MOS). Diplomacy Diplomat British Colonialism. India. End 23:18:30:00. 23:18:33:00 B W 1949 Si Sd. Washington, DC. Marshall Plan: Film Head Says Europe Must ?? On Aid. Eric Johnston sitting before reporters. `The Marshall Plan was a 2 way program. The United States was to supply the funds. The Western European nations pledged themselves to greater mutual aid and economic unity. The United States has lived up to its end of the bargain thus far Europe has not. Unless it does, I'm fearful that the Marshall Plan program next year will be greatly reduced or eliminated. I hope the Europeans understand this. I did my best..has not. And we in America must realize that as great as is the cost of aid to Europe the cost of another war would be even greater. As a leader in the Democratic World we will have to make up our minds that we will have to pay the price of leadership. For it is only thru the leadership that we will have a century of peace. Economics Cold War. Patriotism. 23:19:49:00 B W 1949 Si. News in Brief Azusa, California [Scores Hurt In Train Wreck] Zig zag of passenger cars of Santa Fe's El Capitan. No deaths. Police and others inspect damage & firemen on side of over- turned locomotives. Burning debris and night. Railroad Accident RR Transportation. 23:20:27:00 B W 1949 Si. Long Beach, California. [Goofy hats modelled]. Women wear past camera, pose with hats. Birds in cage on one, carousel on another. Fish bowl, architecture, clothesline, paper horse, crackers on another. Fashion Gags Stunts Oddities. 23:21:17:00 B W 1949 Sd. Baltimore, Maryland. Football Notre Dame 40, Navy 0. Cheering Navy cadets and officers in stands. Long pass for touchdown. Long run for another. Other good running plays and touchdowns. Sports College. 23:22:53:00 B W 1949 Si. Los Angeles, California. California 35, UCLA 21 Long passes & touchdown run. College Football. Sports. 23:23:37:00 B W 1949 Si. Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State 24, Northwestern 7 Good runner & blocker. Good lateral passing. 23:25:04:00 B W 1949 Sd. New York City Variety Clubs: Mayor O'Dwyer Hails Theaterowners Society. Large banquet room with table. Chief Barker O'Donnell gives ribbon to Max Cohen, new Chief Barker. Mayor speaks at podium, talks about his youth and 3 years at city hall and 3 industries that support New York City and one is the theater and art. Welcomes Variety Club members to New York City, applause & much handshaking. Charity. End: 23:27:14:00 23:27:22:00 B W 1949 Si. Canada Prime Minister at mic and ribbon cutting. Looking at map & large relief map of lakes, bridges, etc. & explained by man. View of architectural model of Ottawa(?). Landscape Design urban planning presentation. 23:28:24:00 B W 1949 Si. Canada Modern stage with people seated watching, MCU of models & fur coats shown. Fur wraps for arms. Evening dress with low back and another with small cape. Fashion Show. End: 23:29:24:00 23:29:30:00 B W 1949 Si. Washington, DC Plane Crash: 55 Killed In Worst Civil Air Disaster. Men stand around plane wreckage in edge of water Capitol visible over marshland. Torn fuselage. Picking up pieces of plane and clothing. Bodies carried ashore from water. Priest, firemen. Line of stretchers on mud. Int. of hospital and man in bandages with nurse. Portion of plane lifted by crane onto barge. 55 killed as Bolivian fighter plane crashes into a transport coming in for landing. Commercial Aviation Disaster. Potomac River. Recovery. Salvage 23:30:44:00 B W 1949 Si. Seattle, Washington. Sports Southern California 40 University of Washington 28. Sunny day and mcu of running and passing plays. Runner out runs tackler for touchdown. Opposing team runner evades many tacklers. Pass for another touchdown. College Football. 23:32:08:00 B W 1949 Si. Atlanta, Georgia. Duke 27, Georgia Tech 14. Good running, passing, touchdowns. Fumble caught and nearly touchdown. Sports college football. 23:33:36:00 B W 1949 Si. Montreal, Canada [Professional Wrestling] Ivon Robert vs Fred Atkins. Violent slugging, knocking out of ring and throwing over ropes, kicked under ring and punched infront row in fistfight as police watch. In ring wrestler stomps on other and man in suit (probably another professional wrestler) comes in and punches him brutally. Two others also come into ring and beat on him. Sports Violence Gags Stunts Oddities. End: 23:34:58:00 23:35:07:00 B W 1949 Si. San Fernando Valley, California [Brush Fire] Daytime view from above with much smoke. Men evacuating furniture, firemen carry hoses and hose down brush. Nigh and heavily burning brush. Wreckage of homes still smoking. Natural disaster. 23:35:51:00 B W 1949 Si. Washington, DC [Admiral Forrest Sherman succeeds Admiral Denfeld as chief of Naval Operations] Seated at desk speaking to mic. MCU, Unusable sd. Military Navy. End: 23:36:30:00 23:36:37:00 B W 1949 Si. Canada. [Arrival of elderly VIP by military plane] down stairs, greeted by military Scottish Regiment, he reviews troops. Canadian Military. End 23:37:09:00 23:37:16:00 B W 1949 07Nov49 Fort Benning, Georgia High Command: US Defense Leaders Review ?? Army & Navy officers shake hands, including Admiral Forest Sherman. Flying Box Car and paratroopers out seen from ground. Tanks firing and large explosions. Bazookas fired at targets machine guns fired men firing rifles. Gen. Bradley sitting with Defense Sec. Johnson others. Infantry reviewed. 23:38:18:00 B W 1949 Si. Los Angeles, California. Stanford 34, USC 13. College football. Good touchdown runs. Pass and another touchdown run. Goal line run. Sports. 23:39:31:00 B W 1949 Si. Evanston, Indiana. Wisconsin 24, Northwestern 6. College football. Running plays and last minute touchdown. Jumping fans. Line of scrimmage shot with tackle near camera. Sports. 23:40:47:00 B W 1949 Si. West Point, New York. Army 35, Fordham 0. College Football. Touchdown with cheering cadets. Muddy field and sliding. Touchdowns & passing. Sports. End: 23:42:06:00 23:42:13:00 B W 1949 Sd. Indonesia. News In Brief [Diplomats sign accord] Sound poor. MCU of signing. Dean Acheson. CU of papers signed. Hand shaking. 23:42:55:00 B W 1949 Si. St. Paul, Minnesota. President Truman arrives at Shriner's Hospital along with shriners, past military flag guard. Shaking hands with children. Holding strange picture and other odd gifts. Politics. Art Oddities. 23:43:48:00 B W 1949 Sd. German track. Germany [Water walking contraption] Inventor demonstrates as two men watch wood & wire using arms & legs for power. Gags Stunts Inventions. End: 23:44:17:00 23:44:25:00 B W 1949 10Nov49 Si. Elgin Field, Florida. Air Rescue! Paratrooper Saves Pal in Mid-Air. Military brass pin award on Sgt. Marvin Smith. MCU. View of troops parachuting out of plane and two chutes together. More handshaking at awards. 23:45:14:00 B W 1949 Si. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia Eagles 38, Los Angeles Rams 14 in professional football. Tommy Thompson & Bosh Pritchard lead the Eagles victory. Passing and rough tackling on sandy field. Man on sidelines kncocked down. Fumble and touchdown results. Sports. 23:46:47:00 B W 1949 Si. Clemson, South Carolina. Boston College 40, Clemson 27 in college football. Bright sunny day and dry field. Player thrown for loss after running far back. Pass interception for touchdown. Sports. End: 23:48:26:00 23:48:34:00 B W 1949 14Nov49 Si. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Army 14, Penn 13 in college football. Rough game seen from LA. Dramatic tackle very close to camera. Cheering fans in CU. TWO really exciting games, with excellent sports crowd shots. Sports. 23:49:57:00 B W 1949 Si. New York City [Notre Dame 42, North Carolina 6.] Fan cheering with fan (very good shot). Touchdown run. Rain or fog and muddy field and good plays. Camera follows runner for touchdown. Sports College Football. End: 23:51:30:00 23:51:37:00 B W 1949 Si. Canada [Women indoor bicycle racers] Powdering nose & putting on helmets, get bikes ready and pushed off on indoor circular wooden track. Good POV shots from bike. Fall from inside ring and overhead shots panning with riders. Small crowd watching. Sports Gender Very good. 23:52:36:00 B W 1949 Si. Canada [Military Memorial Service} Military service & wreath-laying outdoors by Canadian Army Generals and civilians. Prime Minister lays wreath civilians lay wreaths at foot of statue.. Salute & standing at attention. 23:53:34:00 B W 1949 Si. Canada [Unid. Football Game] stadium and players in leather helmets. Crowd of men watch non-player kickoff. High angle of game on sunny day. Good running play and hard tackle. Cheering fans, mostly men. End Zone catch for touchdown as Montreal wins. Sports. 23:54:33:00 B W 1949 Si. Canada [? Football Finals] Cold game. Football kick hits posts and bounces back. Goat as mascot. Fans in stands with many couples. Sports. End: 23:55:42:00 23:55:52:00 B W 1949 17Nov49 Si. New York City `Putting On The Dog' Dog show w goofy hairstyles and jewels as decorations. Dogs in MCU & CU. Hats Shoes on dogs. Gags Stunts Oddities. 23:57:03:00 B W 1949 Si. Portland, Oregon `Football - Oregon State 25, Michgan State 20' MS of paly with passing, catching and touchdowns Interception & partial runback, touchdown. Sports. College Football 23:58:37:00 B W 1949 Si. Columbia, Missouri `Oklahoma 27, Missouri 7.' College football. Lateral and good broken field run. Long jump pass. Touchdown pass. Cheering crowd. Other interceptions. Sports. End: 23:59:55:00 00:00:03:00 B W 1949 21Nov49 Sd. Bermuda. `B-29 Crash: Survivors At Bermuda After 4 Days Adrift.' View from ship of Canadian naval ship HMCS Haida into harbor. CU of life preserver w name. Survivors off on stretchers. To shore with army ambulance, one jumps up and down. Others in hospital where Lt. Colonel John Grable speaks of how crowded it was in life rafts and how happy to be alive. Capt. ?? & crew tells how they spotted the men, the dye markers and dropped the life raft. Military Rescue Canadian Navy Air Force. Were adrift for 4 days & 3 nights. 00:01:56:00 B W 1949 Sd. [Sound Track narrator telling of VP Barkley's wedding S2--ends 00:03:00] This picture has been removed at some point. 00:01:56:00 B W 1949 Si. Ann Arbor, Michigan [Picture only of college football game, Ohio State 7, Michigan 7] Running, passing, sliding. Sports. Note: track for this story begins behind picture at 00:03:00:00, ends at 00:03:50:00 00:02:45:00 B W 1949 Si. Palo Alto, California [Picture only of college football, California 33, Stanford 14] Good running, cheering students. Touchdown. Sports. Note: Sound track for this story is from 00:03:50:00 - 00:04:52:21 B W 1949 00:03:46:13 B W 1949 Si. New Haven, Connecticut. [Picture only of college football, Yale 29, Harvard 6] Running, passing for touchdown, and good run with tackle & dive over. Sports. Note: sound track for this picture is from 00:04:52:21--00:05:56:00. 00:04:51:02 - 00:05:58:18 B W 1949 Si. Charlottesville, VA. [Picture only of college football, Tulane 28, Virginia 14. Long pass, short pass for touchdown. Dog on field. Long pass & catch in MCU. Long pass for touchdown. Long kick and runback for touchdown. Sports. Sound track for this picture begins but abrupt end. 00:05:57:00--00:06:01:08. Consider lost. 00:06:07:00 B W 1949 Si. Canada [Bridge Construction] Steel lowered into place, men move pieces of lighter metal, walk over suspeneded bridge above fast water. Last pieces lowered into place by cranes. Iron Workers Dangerous Occupation. 00:07:01:00 B W 1949 Si. Calgary, Canada Men & women in cowboy stetson hats wave as women in fancy cowboy shirts off train, Indians escort old man through street in parade. High angle of crowd packed street. MCU of men in coats. American flag, British flag etc. Signs for Stampede on side of cardboard float of train, abrupt end. Western Celebration. 00:07:34:00 B W 1949 Si. Canada. [Unid. Rugby football game in snow] Probably professional teams. Crowds, passing, muddy. Score. Good passing. pushing, fumbling. Falling on ice. Violence. Crowds with goal posts. Montreal Wins (?) ?? Cup Classic. Sports. End: 00:09:03:00 00:09:11:00 B W 1949 01Dec49 Si. Dallas, Texas. `28 Die! Big Airliner Crashes And Burns In Dallas.' Brightly burning fire & firemen silhouetted. Burning house. Burned fireman face in MCU. Covered bodies carried off on stretchers. Firemen pick through smoking wreckage. AV of smoking buildings. Ground shots of debris. 18 survived after crash into hanger & then chemical plant upon losing power in two motors while landing. Aviation Disaster. 00:10:23:00 B W 1949 Si. Bogota, Colombia `Violence: Riots Mark Election In South America' High angle of city, soldiers out of building and thru streets in back of truck seen from above. Ground shot out of trucks and searching men on streets after brother of liberal candidate is killed. People milling about, women in black marching. Picture of dead man and flowers on ground. Troops on tanks. Open air voting booths and boxes with fingers marked for voting. CU of winner, Laureano Gomez, new conservative party president. People cheering seen from above. Military. Army. 00:11:33:00 B W 1949 Si. News Flashes [Floods & storms sweep northwest]. Sailors in small boat past fence posts towing rowboat. View past flooded houses, garages, barns, etc. Men in rowboat try to rescue cow and calf. Army DUKW. Weather disaster. Storm Flooding. 00:12:26:00 B W 1949 Si. Key West, Florida [President Truman at Shangri-La, Winter White House] Truman and wife down ramp from plane followed by Margaret Truman. Sailors on runway to greet. LS of compound with house. Marine guard & no trespassing sign. Truman in sunglasses and bright tropical shirt posing and walking as photographers take pictures. Fashion. Vacation. Leisure. 00:12:57:00 B W 1949 Si. Long Beach, California [Army get Globemaster Transport Airplane] Men descend ramps out of front of plane, crowd watches. Ramps automatically raised seen from outside and inside and front doors closed. Very large airplane takes off past camera. Cold War. 00:13:32:00 B W 1949 Si. France [One Day General Strike] Crowd of workers in CU listening to speaker (MOS). Idle workers on street with bicycles outside Renault Plant (sign over door). Closed gates to subway and empty streets around railroad station. Interior empty and tracks not in use. Parked trucks and quiet docks. Nuns move handtruck of boxes. Automobile traffic in streets. 00:14:23:00 B W 1949 Si. New York City Sports [Army Cadets Get Lambert Eastern Football League Trophy] CU of trophy and presenting to army cadets in West Point uniforms. VS game with running play. MCU of cadets. College Army Military Academy. 00:15:14:00 B W 1949 Si. Florida [20th anniversary (?) of water skiing]. Aquamaids honor anniversary. On dock and towed in line waving at camera. One stands on shoulders of two others, 4 groups at once. MCU. Cypress Garden, Florida promotion. See two shots as next entry as better exposed. End: 00:16:04:00 00:16:10:00 B W 1949 Si. Florida [Row of Aquamaids at dock & past camera] 00:16:22:00 B W 1949 Si. Canada [Huge Hydro Plant Nears Completion] LS of dam with plant in foreground. Men working on concrete dam and with reinforced iron. Men watching, workers climb ladders, lowered in bucket, large pipes & construction in progress seen. Supervisors in hardhats watch, Dam from water level with fast flowing water out. Hydro-electric power. River. End: 00:17:23:00 00:17:30:00 B W 1949 17Nov49 Si. Universal International Newsreel [Main Title] 00:17:39:00 B W 1949 Si. New York City `Airborne Baby: Stork Outraces Plane In Mid-Ocean Birth.' Plane lands and taxiis up, Crewmember carries new born baby in blanket down steps, mother carried off on stretcher. Steward or pilot & stewardess pose in MCU, Father & other children posing. Mother on stretcher. Polish refugee family. Medical emergency. Unplanned. 00:18:37:00 B W 1949 Si. Washington, DC. News In Brief [Iranian Shah greeted by President Truman at National Airport] Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi down stairs with military, shakes hands with Truman and in MCU. US Military Honor Guard at attention. On stand with Truman. In back of convertible limousine with Truman and driving past camera. Diplomacy Cold War Politics. 00:19:04:00 B W 1949 Si. Washington, DC. [Dr. Ralph Bunche honored by National Council of Negro Women] President Truman seated with other VIPS. Bunche receives certificate for work in Palestine as mediator & handshake from Truman. Applause by audience. Woman with corsage receives scroll, MCU from LA and handshake from Truman. CU of applauding women in audience. LS of room. Awards. Ethnic. Blacks. Civil Rights Middle East. 00:19:42:00 B W 1949 Si. Baltimore, Maryland [New 3 Jet Motor Bomber Unveiled] Front view, Martin XB-51, towed past camera. Jet assisted take off (JATO) past camera and awy. AVs of plane with fly-over. Cold War Military Aviation Air-Force Defense Contractor. 00:20:21:00 B W 1949 Si. New York City Putting On The Dog Dog show w goofy hairstyles and jewels as decorations. Dogs in MCU & CU. Hats & shoes on dogs. Gags Stunts Animal Fashions. Oddities. 00:21:32:00 B W 1949 Si. Portland, Oregon `Football - Oregon State 25, Michgan State 20' MS of play with passing, catching and touchdowns Interception & partial runback, touchdown. Sports. College Football 00:23:05:00 B W 1949 Si. Columbia, Missouri `Oklahoma 27, Missouri 7.' College football. Lateral and good broken field run. Long jump pass. Touchdown pass. Cheering crowd. Other interceptions. Sports. End: 00:24:27:00 00:24:35:00 B W 1949 28Nov49 Sd. Universal International Newsreel [Main Title w music] 00:24:45:00 B W 1949 Sd. `Noel! Christmas Previews Throughout The Nation.' (00:24:50:00) Hollywood, California night parade with floats & movie stars. Holy family statues on float Sabu riding elephant trained dalmatian dog performing. Dennis Day & women on large wooden horse frog & ?? on float. People applauding from curb. Santa Claus on float & people walking & waving. (00:25:25:00) New York, New York Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade w large balloons seen through Times Square & along Central Park West. Moving shot from high camera past crowd below. (00:25:51:00) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania w Santa Claus float and paper mache figures on others. Large Howdy Doody figure, other floats intercut with MCU of black & white kids watching. Santa climbs ladder to headquarters up fireladder as artificial snow dropped. 00:26:34:00 B W 1949 Sd. Washington, DC [President Truman presents plaque to George C. Marshall from US Conference of Mayors]. Mrs. Marshall watches as Mayors look on in White House. CU of plaque. Awards Hero Soldier Statesman Government Patriotism. 00:27:03:00 B W 1949 Sd. Buenos Aires, Argentina [US Ambassador Stanton Griffis arrives] Arrives in carriage to honor guards, into palace & shakes hands with Juan Peron. Presents gold coin to Peron & everyone laughs. Dictator. Diplomacy. Diplomatic Relations. Laughing. 00:27:43:00 B W 1949 Sd. Sandhurst, England [British Military Academy Cadets Present A Silver Service For West Point Use] General Leonard accepts. CU of silver. Cadets parade before British War Sec. Emmanual Shinwill & Gen. Leonard. Cold War. Gift. Military Ceremony. 00:28:16:00 B W 1949 Sd. South Bend, Indiana. [Sports: College Football] Notre Dame 32, USC 0. Long touchdown pass. Powers of USC pass intercepted by John Pettibone. 00:29:18:00 - 00:31:30:00 B W 1949 Sd. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [Army 38, Navy 0] Cadets march onto field as President & Mrs. Truman watch in MCU. Salute to colors Defense Sec. Johnson & Attorney General McGrath, Navy Sec. Matthews, Admiral Holloway, General Taylor & Field Marshall Montgomery. Covered wagon & float of mule. Galiffa & Stephenson lead Army team. Running, tackling, passing. Bobby Vinson runs 92 yards for touchdown. College football sports military academy.