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DN-LB-539 Beta SP
New York City; Aerials
01:01:15:00 B W 1950 21Jul50 Si New York City Sports [Veteran amputees play all-star team at Polo Grounds]. Fans in grandstand and players shaking hands in dugout with National Amps vs. New York. National Amps run onto field. One armed pitcher, batter out at first. One armed batter gets hit & drives run across home plate. Sports, Baseball, Disabled Post WWII Military Veterans Oddities. 01:02:19:00 B W 1950 Si Madrid, Spain [Baffling Billiards] Trick shots as men watch Senor Carreras, Argentine champion, around table. Shoots along cues, with two balls doing tricks, etc. Sports, recreation. Skill. Oddities. Stunts. End: 01:03:19:00 01:03:26:00 B W 1950 Si Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Men sit on balcony watching sailboats in harbor, racing with mountains in background. Men on deck fixing sails, boats close past camera. Crew waving at camera. Wealth Society Recreation. Leisure Sailing. End: 01 04:27:00 01:04:31:00 B W 1950 10Aug50 Si Sd `Korea: United Nations Forces Halting Red Push.' MacArthur & other officers off plane & down steps past camera upon arriving in Formosa. Leave in cars . Madame Chiang & Chiang Kai Shek out of car. 3 star general w another officer. Convoy of Army trucks and Korean soldiers along road. 2 GIS in fox hole directing fire & artillery exploding on hillside. Views of firing. Korean POWs moved along train platform with GI watching. One taken away by Korean. Gun camera footage of firing rockets at roads. Many ships in harbor & AVs over docks. GIs lining ships, MCU to cmaera. United Nations troops with flags march past camera. United Nations building with member flags. Sd. (01:07:07) United Nations meeting called to order. Security Council meeting with Warren Austin speaking and denouncing USSR for invading and influencing North Korea. Invasion Army Military Korean War Politics Communists. 01:07:56:00 B W 1950 Si `Boxing: Sugar Ray Outpoints Fusari In Big Bout' Fighters in ring warming up, fans facing camera. Boxing with press photographers around ring apron. Long angle and medium angle. Near knockdown. CU of fan. Much punching. End of fight and wate thrown on Fugasi. Police around ring. CU of smiling Sugar Ray Robinson. Sports Boxing Welterweight Championship Winner Boxers. 01:09:48:00 B W 1950 Si Sd. Goshen, New York `The Hambletonian: Lusty Song Wins In ?? Heats'. Flag, LS of tent over spectators. Trotting horses onto track. Man with cigar in CU, People lining rail. Starting gate mounted behind car and horses around track with parked cars seen behind and trees. Announcer voice inaudible but good enthusiasm. Down home stretch nearly neck and neck as number 8 wins over Star's Pride, and poses for winning photo. Horse Racing Sports Sulky. 01:11:28:00 B W 1950 01:11:34:00 B W 1950 Si. Canada. [Motorcycle Jamboree] American & Canadian flags hanging across street filled with motorcycle riders and trees behind. Riders past camera, many in leather. CU of Canada, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts license plates. Petes Roamers Motorcycle Club, Fitchburg, Mass. seen. Man riding motorcycle up 4 inch wide boards with motorcycle in contest. Boy scouts watch. Winners applauded. MCU of winner & runner up. Recreation. Hobby. End: 01 12:27:00 01:12:34:00 B W 1950 14Aug50 Si. `Korea: Decisive Battle Rages Along 140-Mile Front' Jeep up mountain road lined with cars refugees carrying large loads on packs coming down from mountains. Old man carried by younger. Man on tank waves to camera. Korean soldiers walking up both sides of road. US GIS into ditch and with rifles at ready. Tending wounded. Digging artillery emplacement, firing artillery and explosions on hillsides. Men with parachutes standing near where bombs are being readied. B-29 bomber taking off. Interior of B-29, Air to air shot. Dropping bombs seen out bomb-bay doors. Shot of 3 bombers dropping bombs. View of ground from bomber. Jet seen strafing and gun-camera footage. Firing rockets at vehicles on highway and alongside. Shooting up airstrip. Korean War. Military. Bombing Fighting. 01:15:24:00 B W 1950 Si. Chicago, Illinois `Big Families Selected by `Louisa' Cast.' Parade of stars Piper Laurie, Ronald Reagan, Charles Coburn to Chicago Theater World Premiere of Louisa. Marquee says Billy Eckstine & Martha Stewart in person. Nash car. Families parade in circle as stars watch them for judging as `largest Chicago family'. Mixed races. Shot of large black family and another of whites each given loving cups by Spring Byington. Industry Motion Picture Premier Promotion Award Hollywood. Jazz Marquee Entertainment. 01:16:38:00 B W 1950 Si. Akron, Ohio Sports [13th Annual Soap Box Derby Finals] Boys march & carry banners, preparing cars, wiping down with most having newspaper names on them. Crowd watching, instructions given by men to boys in cars. First 3 down track seen from above. Clock as racers cross finish line with checkered flag. Mother gets kiss from winner, Harold Williamson of West Virginia. Teenagers Racing. 01:17:40:00 B W 1950 Si. Daytona Beach, Florida. [Auto tows water skiers] Car along beach, man & woman waterskiing along edge of surf. Woman falls & guy narrowly misses her. Stunt. Oddities. 01:18:19:00 B W 1950 Si. Chicago, Illinois [Football, night game of College All-Stars led by North Carolina's Charlie Justice playing Philadelphia Eagles. All-Stars 17, Eagles 7. Professional Football Pre-Season. 01:19:29:00 B W 1950 Si. Florida [Water skiing Stunt] Man waterskiing on surf board, then grabbing ladder and putting up on board to ski from ladder on surfboard. Oddities Gags. End: 01:19:49:00 01:19:56:00 B W 1950 Si. Memphis, Tennessee `High School All-Star Grid Teams Clash.' All-American High School All-Stars battle for East-West honors with Eastern team winning 27-0. Night game, kick off & runback all the way for touchdown. Lateral, run and nearly another touchdown. Pass interception. Sports High School Football. End: 01:21:07:00 01:21:14:00 B W 1950 21Aug50 Si. Korea: United Nations Hold As ??? ??? Turns. LS of runway and B-29 Superfortresses parked, landing & nose art. POV behind pilot taxiing, AV of bombing mission and many planes. Bombs falling from plane & AV of planes dropping bombs. Smoke from explosions. View of bombardier. More than 100 planes drop 4500 tons of bombs. Strafing Naktong rivr and storage next to it, Strafing trains. Terraced fields next to road being strafed. Korean War 01:23:09:00 B W 1950 Si. Germany News In Brief [Transparent Woman] Needle inserted in figure as people watch. Turns around on platform to show bones, etc. Dramatically lighted. Anatomy Science Instruction. Medical Training Model Human Body. 01:23:50:00 B W 1950 Si. New York City [Baruch made honorary Commissioner of Works for Borough of Manhattan. O'Dwyer (?) swearing him in and giving plaque. Sitting on bench in white suit on eve of 80th birthday. Holds boy on lap. Honor Award Geriatrics Politics Banker. 01:24:26:00 B W 1950 Si. Washington, DC [New uniforms for Air Force women]. Walk past camera and pose showing shoes, coat, cap, insignia wings on both summer & winter uniforms. CU of smiling woman. Purse and coats modeled. Four smile together. Military Fashions Image Promotion. 01:25:26:00 B W 1950 Si. New Jersey. [Tanker torpedoed in 1942 blown up with 15 tons of TNT] Deep sea diver fitted with helmet and put over side of small diving boat. Dynamite lowered in bag. Large cloud of water exploding. Heavy oil slick. Post WWII. Explosion. 01:26:17:00 B W 1950 Si. Estella, Spain [Bulls running through streets after teenage men & women. Large group of men in ring teasing bull and being dragged, gored as people watch. Dangerous Machismo Bravado Sports Teasing Animals. Oddities. Gender. 01:27:15:00 B W 1950 Sd. (German) Munich, Germany [Zugspitz acrobats perform on high wire] Ride motorcycle, balance above & below while crossing canyon as people watch. Man descends hanging by neck strap. POV as cameraman follows down wire. Stunt Family Dangerous Oddities. 01:28:16:00 B W 1950 Si. Lawrence, Kansas. `National Semi-Pro Baseball' People into stadium at Lawrence Athletic Field. Pitchers warming up VFW color guard and others. People looking into light as though looking at game. Night game. Good slide at home plate. Umpire rules runner safe. Sports Baseball. End: 01:29:14:00 01:29:21:00 B W 1950 28Aug50 Si. `Korea: united Nations Forces Repulse Waves Of Red Attacks.' Trucks, jeeps and equipment toward camera. GIs carrying rifles. Pohang on rooftop of house in large town. Officer & drivers talking & resting along roadside. GIs firing mortars, explosions on hillsides. AVs of B-29 bombers in flight coastal targets exploding. Prop planes with torpedo bombs beneath in flight. POV of gun camera planes strafing city and rural targets. Artillery firing from reinforced pits. Tanks firing large guns and machine guns. Burning huts. Destroyed bridge and tanks. Naked baby crying sitting on road next to tin cup. Prisoners walking under guard and POWs by roadside with confiscated guns & ammunition stacked on ground. Artillery heavily damaged and shells and plate showing Chinese or Russian source. Tank past camera. Korean War United Nations troops Military Army Soldiers. Fighting Horror Refugees Atrocities. 01:32:30:00 B W 1950 Si. San Francisco, California `Navy Hospital Ship Sunk In Collision.' undamaged hospital ship Benevolence on water, small boat and buoy on water off Golden Gate. Freighter at dock with damaged bow after ramming & causing ship to sink within 15 minutes. Navy MPs and others help survivors in blankets climb out of small boat, bundled into ambulances. Korean War Homefront. 01:33:38:00 B W 1950 Si. Forest Hills, Queens, New York. [Australian Tennis Team Wins Davis cup]. Players stand behind enormous trophy. High angle of men's doubles. Good shot of spectators. Final hit and happy players as Sedgman & Bromwich defeat Schroeder and Mulloy in five sets. MCU of smiling players posing for camera. Sports. Championship. 01:34:56:00 B W 1950 Si. Williamsport, Pennsylvania. [Little League World Series] Players with banner, Texas champions lead march onto field. Boys sign autographs for girls. Catcher giving signals, pitcher pitching. Large stadium crowd. Team runs out of dugout, man throws first pitch and game is on with hits & runs. Texas defeats Connecticut, 2-1. Winners given trophies. Sports Baseball Championship. End: 01:36:17:00 01:36:25:00 B W 1950 04Sep50 Si. Mt. Sinai, Egypt `Biblical History: Mt. Sinai Treasure Trove of Religion'. Mountain pass & St. Catharine's Monastery with monks descending hallway and stairs. Frescos, ornate lamps, paintings. US scholars microfilming Greek writings of bound volumes and scrolls. Library librarian religion Greek Orthodox. EXT of village with stucco and wood. 01:38:11:00 B W 1950 Si. News In Brief. The Hague, Holland [Police conference on counterfeit money] Men with national flags on desks including Israel. Men inspect wall display of currency bills with real and forgeries side by side. Drawers with examples for comparison. Measuring thickness of US bills. Display of forged passports, bank notes, American Express travelers checks. Science economics. 01:39:32:00 B W 1950 Si. Copenhagen, Denmark [Cattle show] Balloons released. Men showing large steers, work horses, chickens, rabbits in cages, pigs suckling sow. Post WWII Europe Agriculture. 01:40:25:00 B W 1950 Si. Sports [Navy Gridders Work Out] Exercising, running toward and past camera. Tackling dummy on elastic rope. CU of coach. Coach & captain with mascot. Players hit dummies. Sports College football training. 01:41:04:00 B W 1950 Si. Monmouth, New Jersey [Stunt flier crack up biplane] Tommy Walker into plane as people watch from behind fence. Crashes through thin wall. People applaud. He comes out and removes helmet smiling. Oddities Dangerous Exhibition Entertainment Air Show. 01:41:36:00 B W 1950 Si. San Sebastian, Spain. [Bull gores bullfighter] Crowd watches as Jose Maria Martorell works the bull but is hooked, gored and thrown. Others go to his aid. He walks off. Sports Bullfighting Dangerous Injury. End: 01:42:23:00 01:42:31:00 B W 1950 11Sep50 Si. `Korea: Allies Roll Back Red Suicide Battalions' Plane pulled out onto runway, supplies loaded in boxes, tires. GIs with rifles and packs into plane. Swish pan, troops eating and sleeping in devastated area. Tightening fuse on bomb. Man in plane looking at map, directing fire. Artillery firing, bombing. Burning thatch huts, Devastated burned building & vehicle by roadside as Korean carrying South Korean flag walks past. Korean War Fighting Battle Tired United Nations Troops. 01:44:08:00 B W 1950 Si. Fort Worth, Texas [New B-36 Bomber Tested] Taxiing past, taking off over camera. AV of plane in flight. Air Force Military Testing. Cold War. 01:44:52:00 B W 1950 Sd. Washington, DC [Council of Motion Pictures Organizations pledges film industry aid during war time to President Truman] Members posing with Pres. Truman. Shot of business men, brief shot of newsreel cameramen & soundmen. MCU of Truman at mic speaking: `There is no organization in the whole world who can make a better contribution to truth than can your industry, and any other contribution you can make to the moral of the country and the moral of the troops not only would be highly appreciated by me but would be highly appreciated by the whole country. Thank you very much." Shakes hands with unid. VIP. Cold War Korean War Self Promotion. 01:45:33:00 B W 1950 Si Montreal, Canada [Fire destroys Housing Project] Night fire of multistory building with flames burning vertically and wooden walls collapsing as firemen fight fire. Day and debris being sifted. 01:46:23:00 B W 1950 Si Pompton Lakes, NJ Sports [Joe Louis Making Come-back] Louis sitting with boys and signing autographs. MCU. Boys and dog. Newsreel cameras set up on top of cars. Louis at punching bag as sparring partners watch. Dancing around ring. Women watching, laughing and gesturing. Louis shakes off sweat when protective headgear taken off. Swish pan (01:47:11) Fallsburg, New York Ezzard Charles gets in shape for coming bout at Yankee Stadium. Punching heavy bag as still photographs shoot and people applaud. With sparring partner in ring boxing. Wiping down. Sports Boxing Training. 01:47:41:00 B W 1950 Si New York City [Giants win over Rams in Fresh Air Fund Charity game] Players and Fund VIPS shake hands. CU of several players. Kids wave, Fumble. Touchdown. Long pass intercepted and good broken field running. Professional Football Sports. 01:49:19:00 B W 1950 Si Gainesville, Texas Gainseville Celebrates Centennial Parade with covered wagons, VIPs riding on one. High school marching band, lines of viewers and stagecoach past Safeway Store. Crowning of Queen at night. CU smiling. Unveiling plaque at honoring native son Frank Buck. Bathing beauties walk animals around, small elephant swaying as model talks to it. Anniversary Americana. End: 01:50:32:00 01:50:40:00 B W 1950 14Sep50 Si Korea: United Nations Forces Ready To Make Offensive. Planes in flight, view out bombay doors. Bombs dropping seen from above & explosions near dock area of city. B-29 superfortresses in flight. Interior of plane with boxes, Printed safe conduct pass leaflet seen. Dropping leaflets over village. Nurse giving wounded GI sandwich. Korean War Bombing. 01:51:58:00 B W 1950 Si News In Brief New York City [Big Three Conference Meets At Waldorf Astoria Hotel] EXT with flags of US, France & England. Interior with Acheson meeting with Foreign Ministers. Aids sitting behind, ministers pose for pictures. Cold War. Communist threat in Western Europe. 01:52:41:00 B W 1950 Si Washington, DC [George Marshall takes over as Secretary of Defense] Walks up steps in rain and pauses for cameramen. Smiling. Walks into office and sits at desk. CU as poses for cameramen. 01:53:10:00 B W 1950 Si Washington, DC [Truman & Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt receive United Nations flag from 4-H Club representatives] Cameramen & sound recorders, Truman holds flag as two girls stand between him and Mrs. Roosevelt. 01:53:35:00 B W 1950 Si Osaka, Kobe, Japan [Typhoon kills more than 250] High angle of flooded street. Fishing boats beached & badly damaged, buildings with roofs blown off. Dramatic Wind Weather Storm Aftermath. 01:54:03:00 B W 1950 Si Canada [Reindeer roundup north of Arctic Circle] Cloth carried by men to herd reindeer & drive into corral. Men watch as they are branded and released. Herd milling around, running back out onto tundra with lake and mountain behind. Animals Wild. 01:55:13:00 B W 1950 Si Detroit, Michigan La Motta KOs Dauthuille In Final Round. Boxer in ring wearing leopard robe. Boxers fighting slowly as though tired. Flurry of hitting as La Motta punches at bobbing and weaving Frenchman. Round ends. Final round and fighters punching. Knockdown and counted out 13 seconds before end of final round. Jake La Motta blows kisses as he retains middleweight title. Sports Boxing Championship. End: 01:57:23:00 01:57:30:00 B W 1950 Si Canada [Male Body Building Contest] Various men pose and flex muscles. Numbers on trunks. One dissolves into another. Men & women in audience applaud. Woman presents trophy, winner poses with it. Oddities Hobby Beauty Image Gender. End: 01:58:42:00 01:58:49:00 B W 1950 26Sep50 Si Korea: Reds routed By United Nations Drive ?? Fronts. High angle of Inchon beach and supplies Korea soldiers past camera. DUKW into water away from camera. POV on board. Army cameraman talks to camera (MOS). GI digging out truck nearly covered with mud. 2 GIs bail with helmets. GIs carry mess kits through mud and jeep drives through. Drier and GIs advancing, past tanks on road. Wounded help to retreat along road. GIs firing from roadside & behind stone wall. POWs marched along at rifle & pistol point. Girls give POWs water thru barbed wire. Eating w chopsticks from tin cans in compound. Korean War Weather. 02:00:47:00 B W 1950 Sd South Africa World Mourns Jan C Smuts. MCU. LS of buildings, flag at half mast. High angle of funeral procession thru streets and people watching as coffin carried past on artillery. Women crying. Pall bearers into church. Flag decorated grave. 02:01:51:00 B W 1950 Si Sd. News In Brief [Dr. Bunche Gets 1949 Nobel Peace Prize]. Sitting at desk with books behind. MCU. Wife and son & daughter beside him. Boy says: `Daddy, here is something that I made for you.' Bunche: `Oh thanks very much Ralph. This is very nice. Of all the congratulatory messages that I've received, I shall treasure this most of all. I think we should have it framed, don't you? MCU of greeting card made by son. Family. Palestine mediator. Middle East. African American Ethnic. Black. Politics. 02:02:38:00 B W 1950 Sd. (German) Germany [Inventions shown by inventors]. Self starting garden spade demonstrated, uses lever device to spade. Woman rides up on bicycle, attaches pump to tire that is founded through seat. Man and woman at table, he takes out high frequency auto starter and uses it to start car in garage. MCU of exhaust pipe as car starts and exhaust seen. He fiddles with antenna beside car. Oddities stunts. 02:03:49:00 B W 1950 Si Football Columbia, South Carolina Duke 14, South Carolina 0. College Football Sports. Touchdown by Jack Mounie. Short running plays, several passes and second touchdown seen. 02:04:36:00 B W 1950 Si Seattle, Washington Washington 33, Kansas 7. Roland Kirby & Don Heinrich lead Washington. Pass play with good broken field running for touchdown. Other passes for touchdowns. Long run for touchdown. College Football Sports. 02:05:54:00 B W 1950 Si Port Arthur, Texas Bald Knobs Shine Hair? No! Dare! Parade. Woman in care with bald man. Man with key to city and bald men registering for convention. CU of bald head. Woman crowning winner with High Dome crown. Laughing. Bald photographer. Men goofing. Oddities Gags. End: 02:07:07:00 02:07:13:00 B W 1950 Si 29Sep50 Korea: United Nations Forces Drive Reds Back To 38th Parallel. AV of airstrip. Ground shot of Kimpo Airbase with sign press center. Inspecting wrecked planes. Jeeps & trailers up road and Koreans wave & cheer. Heavy bulldozer at work. Koreans firing rifles into caves. Set explosion in cave and run (no explosion seen). Prisoners come out of bunker. Many bodies seen on ground. Leveled village with few buildings left standing. POW interrogated and walked out. Group of POWs sitting in field with hands on top of head. 2 woman. Wounded treated by roadside. Plasma given. Chaplain leading services in field, men make sign of the cross. Korean War Fighting. 02:09:53:00 B W 1950 Si News in Brief Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn, New York. [Aircraft Carrier Oriskany Commissioned Seen from water, deck & honor guard, saluting officers, Nimitz (?) present. View from bridge. Escalator and sailors and dates come up. View up aircraft elevator Manhattan Bridge visible in BG. Korean War Cold War. Ceremony. 02:10:54:00 B W 1950 Si Brindisi, Italy [40 Fighter Planes Arrive on USS Mindoro] Seen from water line with planes on deck, Presentation ceremonies w Ambassador Dunn giving flag to ??. Sailor puts Italian flag on plane. Through water. First planes to arrive to assist defense of Europe. Cold War. Anti-Communism. Military. Ceremony. 02:11:35:00 B W 1950 Si New York City Sports [Joe Louis fails in heavyweight boxing title rematch] Boxer Ezzard Charles with badly swollen eyes walked to press conference in dressing room. Joe Louis with trainer and others. He has badly swollen and bruised face. Boxing. Sports. Violence. 02:12:07:00 B W 1950 Sd (German) Germany [Stretz & Mueller Box for German Middleweight Title] Outdoor ring and fast boxing, much punching. Knockout and winner Mueller goes nuts jumping around. Winner & loser stand together in wreath. Sports. Boxing. 02:12:51:00 B W 1950 Si New York City [Rodeo in Madison Square Garden] High angle of horses doing serpentine. Bareback riders thrown. Saddle broncs in slow motion and horse rolls over cowboy. Bramha bull riding and throwing. Clown in barrel of tires butted around by bull as another clown moves it around. Injury. Sports. Stunts gags danger. End: 02:14:09:00 02:14:17:00 B W 1950 02Oct50 Si Toronto, Canada [Dedication of University of Toronto Institute of Aerophysics]. Students & professors look at drawing of jet fighter. Man working on lathe. Military man pushing button and belts drive turbine. Wind tunnel tests. People watch wing shape manipulated and effect on smoke blown past. Aviation Teaching. Design testing. End: 02:15:30:00 02:15:38:00 B W 1950 10Oct50 Si Korea: Reds Given Choice of Surrender Or Defeat. Ship at dock, wounded GIs helped down gangplank. Some on stretchers, long line of ambulances and loading of them. Swishpan (02:16:20:00) United Nations interior. Vote taken as members raise hands. Swishpan (02:16:39:00) Refugees on road toward camera with carts, carrying bundles. Tank crossing railroad tracks. Sign 10.2km Gumczon. Soldier through building with picture of Stalin & North Korean(?). Prisoner along road held by hair and kicked and stomped. Beaten. High angle shot of pit with many bodies, doctor inspecting. People trying to identify. Atrocities 20,000 killed. Korean War. 02:17:56:00 B W 1950 Si. New York City Yankees Take Series With Four Straight. Ext. of Yankee Stadium, crowds going in. Full grandstand. Yankee Ed Lopat (# 30) pitches, man slides home, crowd shots. Dimaggio walking. Dimaggio runs home, probably in 9th inning of 3rd game on hit by Coleman. Good shots of various players from highlights of games 3 & 4. Whitey Ford (??) pitches 4th game. Catcher congratulates players at end of game. Sports Baseball Championship 1950 World Series. 02:20:47:00 B W 1950 Si Berkeley, California. California 14, Pennsylvania 7. Crowd waves, Good run for touchdown, other running plays on bright sunny day. Sports College Football. 02:22:29:00 B W 1950 Si Mobile, Alabama [1950 Miss America Welcomed By Home Town Yolande Betheze arrives with guards and wearing tiara, in convertible with large smile, in motorcade. Rides large float in parade. Fireworks. Walking through honorguard with swords raised. Contest winner. Beauty Queen. Homecoming. 02:23:24:00 B W 1950 Si. Mobile, Alabama. Football. Vanderbilt 27, Alabama 22 Long pass intercepted. Long pass and touchdown run. Crowd filled stadium. Pass into end zone caught while falling. Long run nearly for touchdown. Many others. Sports College Football. End: 02:25:06:00 02:25:14:00 B W 1950 13Oct50 Si Korea: Allies Press Northward As Seoul Is Liberated. GIs running through heavily damaged streets. Burning buildings, downed wires. Firing machine guns at rooftops. Carrying wounded. Tank past burning building. POW camp and searched before entering. POWs eating from tin cups. Banner across road United Nations Troops Welcomed. People applaud them. Tank with gambling fool on it. Men sleep by roadside. Korean War Tired GIs Fighting Soldiers. 02:26:38:00 B W 1950 Sd. Lake Success, New York United Nations Day Marked By Film Industry. Eric Johnston presents newsreel of the United Nations flag to United Nations President Nasrollah Entezam with speech. `I do believe that the motion picture industry has a great mission to perform in helping to promote the aims of the United Nations and bringing the world closer together...' Gift. Self pro