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DN-LB-542 Beta SP
06:01:19:00 B W 1950 17Apr50 Si Canada [Rangers & Red Wings Battle For Cup Final] Well lighted, fast action with good save by goalie. Playing without helmets, referee stops fight from starting. CU of light and clock. Professional sports hockey. 06:02:32:00 B W 1950 Si Canada [Windsors Visit Their Canada Ranch]. Steam train toward camera coming into station. Windsors off tail of train car. He acknowledges camera and they walk with others past people. Snow capped mountains and large buildings. They pose on porch in wind for camera and walk past. End: 06:03:24:00 06:03:31:00 B W 1950 Si Fort Benning, Georgia & Eglin Field, Florida Armed Forces - Truman Sees Display Of Defense Might Riding in car past troops. Shaking hands with ??? Troops march past President in review. B-36 and other planes fly over as Truman looks up. Bombers & fighters fly over low. Bombing run dropping napalm. 06:04:52:00 B W 1950 Si News In Brief Puente, California [2 Hoboes killed in 42 can train crash] Railroad cars crisscrossed as cranes lift off. Incredible damage and amount of wreckage after engine wheel breaks. 06:05:28:00 B W 1950 Si New York City [SS Excalibur arrives from France w 13 Liberty Bell Replicas]. View of ship, CU of liberty bell & MS of all in hold of ship. Captain and 2 men shaking hands. Ringing of bell on deck of ship. 06:06:00:00 B W 1950 Si Burbank, California [41 British War Brides & 32 Children Return for Visit To England] MCU of kids waving & posing with dolls. Fathers kisses kids & wife goodbye. Posing boarding plane shots on plane. Trans-ocean Air Lines skymaster airplane past camera. 06:06:40:00 B W 1950 Si Gainesville, Texas [Local Residents & Amateur Circus] Tumblers, girl balancing on ball, clown, jugglers practice. MCU of ringmaster blowing whistle, firetrucks put into garage and sign pinned up gone to circus, similar sign at railroad. Floats down street. Interior of tent and practicing trapeze acts. People applaud. Entertainment Acts. Gag. Stunts. 06:07:55:00 B W 1950 Si Sports Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [Connie Mack Celebrated on 50th Anniversary as Baseball Manager] Riding up street in car with police escort. CU sign: Shibe Park. Crowd in stands as boxes of telegrams brought in. Mack, players and scroll posed on field. 06:08:31:00 B W 1950 Si Detroit, Michigan [Detroit Red Wings Win 7th Game of Stanley Cup Play-offs Over New York Rangers After 2nd Overtime] Fast and violent skating and falls. Crowd cheering and applauding. People throwing things on ice. Professional Hockey sports championships. 06:10:19:00 B W 1950 Si Meridian, Mississippi Calf Scramble. People applaud indoors as calves run around ring and boys & girls try to catch them. Some are quite large and drag boys around ring. Boys pose with calves. 06:11:37:00 B W 1950 Si ??? Ice Blasted To Prevent Flood Havoc. Men making hole through ice and sticks of dynamite put in. Blast set off. Multiple shots of ice exploding and floating over edge of small dam & falls. River flowing past ice on bank. View of ice field. 06:12:48:00 B W 1950 Si Detroit, Michigan Detroit Wins Stanley Cup. Appears different from previous. More shots of falling. Violent Sports. End: 06:14:22:00 06:14:30:00 B W 1950 24Apr50 Si Canada [..all types...meets] Massey Hall sign & TD as people and children enter. MCU from height of children. Packed seats. Chorus line of young girls doing tap dance. Kids watch. Man performing with marionettes. Kids applaud. Clown blows large balloon. Man with 2 kids in front of banner. Entertainment 06:15:32:00 B W 1950 Si Canada [Invitation Basketball Tournament] Boys holding large trophy. Kids playing basketball in small gymnasium. Girls applauding, views of kids dribbling, passing, fouling. Foul shooting as boys applaud. Cheering and shaking hands with winning captain. Sports. End: 06:16:33:00. 06:16:40:00 B W 1950 08May50 Si Rimouski, Quebec, Canada Fire! 2,500 Homeless After $25,000,000 Blaze. AV over burning fire and smoking remains of other blocks. Ground level of smoking ruins of multiple story buildings. Bridge across river with deck burned off. Firemen playing water. Burned out car. Burned dock, aftermath of brick building and chimneys left standing. 06:17:53:00 B W 1950 Sd (German) News In Brief Frisian Islands off Germany [Rescue of Crew From Sinking Tug] Rescue boat through heavy seas as waves break over. Man in rubber raft gets to crewman hanging on mast of sinking ship. 06:18:45:00 B W 1950 Si New York City [Results of Narcotics Seizure Shown] Police Commissioner O'Brien and staff show pipes, needles, other drug equipment before putting into fire & burning. Shovelling and CU of fire. Crime. Evidence. 06:19:32:00 B W 1950 Sd (intermittent) Switzerland [Pigeons Used For Military Communications] Woman taking pigeons out of cages. Skiing through snow past rocky cliffs. Women in army uniforms stop and take off pigeons carried in wicker on backs. Attach notes in bands and release Arriving back at cage & message taken off & read. 06:20:39:00 B W 1950 Si Louisville, Kentucky Kentucky Derby - Middleground Wins In New Record Time. People outside entrance & through turnstiles of Churchill Downs. Reading racing forms, horses in barn, Packed stands and Bob Hope giving autograph, other motion picture stars and celebrities. Horses onto track. People at betting windows. Horses ridden past camera. Starting gate & 14 horses out. Line of newsreel cameras. Horses break away and running toward camera in telephoto shot, past and around camera. Irving Berlin (?) standing & pointing. Horses around last turn with Your Host in lead and down stretch with two neck and neck and Middleground pulling ahead to win by a length. Sports. Horse race. 06:23:19:00 B W 1950 Si Terrell, Texas Vetch Hailed Crop King At Festival. Men pulling apart vetch, tasting and inspecting. Gag of eating it. Queen crowned with tiara & MCU smiling. Parade down small town street with farm related floats & western clothing. Small town celebration. End: 06:24:23:00 06:24:29:00 B W 1950 11May50 Rimouski, Quebec, Canada [Fire Aftermath] Pan over destroyed city and nuns past large building. Men tape dynamite together and blow down building remains. Burned remains of motorcycles. Red Cross providing mattresses and boxes of food. People leaving with bags. 06:25:27:00 B W 1950 Si [Baseball Season Opens] Marquee listing Royals & Jersey City. People outside. High angle of packed stadium and teams at attention for anthem. Throwing out first ball, pitching and high angle of players. EXT of Toronto sign and players with Leafs on uniform. First pitch. Boys cheering, eating hot dogs. High angle of plays. Sports. End: 06:26:39:00 06:26:46:00 B W 1950 22May50 Si South Amboy, New Jersey Disaster! 26 Die In Amboy Ammunition Blast. Pan over destroyed railroad car and wood floating in harbor. Wrecked railroad cars and buildings. Ambulance past camera. Buildings with windows blown out and damaged clock and plaster off wall. Hospital scenes. National Guard patrolling sweeping of glass damage shown. MP. Destroyed interior of building & man showing blood stains on shirt. 06:28:10:00 B W 1950 Si Sd Washington, DC Decorated - FBI Chief Honored For Boys Club Work. Herbert Hoover presents award to J. Edgar Hoover and handshake and posing. CU of J. Edgar Hoover. `We who are engaged in law enforcement see the results daily in the ungoverned activities of teen-age boys and girls, who are responsible for a percentage of crime out of all proportion to their age group. This is indeed a serious is a the time for action. The need for giving American Youth what is justly his: guidance, training, discipline, proper surroundings, incentives, moral & spiritual development is more important than ever before in the history of our nation. The strength, the security, and the future of America depend upon the character and the quality of our youth.' Juvenile delinquency. Youth Programs. 06:29:19:00 B W 1950 Si Sports Los Angeles, California [10th Annual Coliseum Relays] Night crowd standing in grandstand watching hurdlers seen from track past camera and from grandstand. MCU of winner. Sprinters seen from grandstand. Seton Hall runner in mcu. Starter-pistol and runners beginning mile relay sprinting around turn and down final straightaway for close race. 06:30:34:00 B W 1950 Si Pimlico, Baltimore, Maryland [74th Preakness] Hill Prince wins over Middleground by large margin. Cup carried past camera. Men selling racing forms. Jockeys onto track, spectators, out of starting gate & 3 horses around turn in tight bunch. 4 horses bunched in back stretch. Man with binoculars. MCU of other spectators. Slow motion of winner by half dozen lengths. Sports Horse race. 06:32:02:00 B W 1950 Si Defense - 1st Armed Forces Day Reveal...of US Soldiers marching along dock in Trieste, Italy before flags. Planes fly over. Army troops marching through streets as officers watch. (06:32:42) Soldiers march past Capitol in Washington, DC and past President Truman on reviewing stand. Camera in mid-street. Eisenhower and others watching. Sailors marching. High angle of Pennsylvania Avenue VFW marching. Patriotism Military Cold War. 06:33:24:00 B W 1950 Si Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia Marks Armed Forces Day. People raised on elevator of aircraft carrier, fighter takes off. Parade with floats and truck as battleship past thin crowds on sidewalk. Other military vehicles and floats and soldiers marching. Reviewing stand with troops past marching in dress uniforms. Patriotism. Armed Forces Day. Military. Cold War. End: 06:34:30:00 06:34:36:00 B W 1950 01Jun50 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 06:34:47:00 B W 1950 Sd Berlin, Germany Red Berlin - Soviet Threat Fails During Youth Parade. People standing watching Brandenburg Gate. British troops on tank through streets. Bombastic anti-communist narration. Troops throughout city Communist placards parade through streets of Communist Youth carrying banners and flags in mass through spectators. Cold War Propaganda. 06:35:56:00 B W 1950 Sd Washington, DC World Affairs - Acheson Reports On Western Alliances. Speaks to joint session of Congress in Library of Congress. Congressmen in seats, Acheson and others on stage. He speaks: `It was made unmistakably clear in all our discussions that our common efforts in preparing our common defenses was a peaceful one. We hope never to need them, but so long as any dictatorship builds powerful armed forces, so long must democracy if they are going to be left in peace, evidence their determination to defend themselves by maintaining adequate forces in being, and an adequate state of preparedness. Together this community has the human and material resources, the skills, the initiative, the tradition and the devotion of free men. And it also has a dynamic idea which can give us confidence that the future belongs to freedom. In our unity there is strength, and in our strength there is the foundation of people. Thank you very much.' Applause. Secretary of State Dean Acheson Cold War Diplomacy mutual defense NATO. 06:37:26:00 B W 1950 Sd News In Brief Cuzco, Peru (Cusco) [Earthquake Aftermath] Ruins and rubble of stone churches. A few people seen digging out. One church stands tents and beds in streets. Army and civilians digging and removing boxes or coffins. Disaster. 06:38:31:00 B W 1950 Sd Miami, Florida [Modeling Hats of Hardware as Fashion Gag] Along swim pool of hotel, Hats of metal and motorized. Woman dancing with cocktail shaper and glasses. Hat with lawn sprinkler spraying water. Man eats hot-dog from woman's hat. Oddities. Gags. 06:39:30:00 B W 1950 Sd Sports Epsom Downs, England [Calcador, 100 to 9 shot, wins English Derby]. Crowd from above, line of police, bookies gesturing, King George & Queen Elizabeth, Princesses Elizabeth & Mary and queen Mother Mary arrive. Aga Khan & ?? on crutches. Start of large field with American `Prince Simon' getting into the lead but Calcador pulls up and wins by a head. Royalty in box. Horse Race. 06:40:50:00 B W 1950 Sd Indianapolis, Indiana [Indy 500 Auto Race] Johnny Parsons sets new track record of 124 mph for 350 miles when race is called for rain. Race cars to start, helmets and goggles put on. Start filmed from pace car and cars passing. Cars putting up spray from rain. Winner into pit area. Gets kiss from wife. Sports. Auto Race. 06:41:46:00 B W 1950 Sd. End title. End: 06:41:51:00 06:41:59:00 B W 1950 12Jun50 Si Sd St. Louis, Missouri The President - Truman Raps Russia For ?? Peace Truman in white suit wearing his military Battery D arm-band with other veterans at dedication of Jefferson National Memorial. Flag held up and men marching in parade. Crowd listening. 06:42:39 `In the five years that have passed since the end of the war we have been confronted with a new powerful imperialism. We had hoped that our war-time ally, the Soviet Union, would join in the efforts of the whole community of nations to build a peaceful world. Instead the Soviet leaders have been an obstacle to peace. By means of infiltration, subversion, propaganda and indirect aggression, the rulers of the Soviet Union have sought to extend the boundaries of their totalitarian control. With a cynical disregard for the hopes of mankind the leaders of the Soviet Union have talked democracy and have set up dictatorship. They have proclaimed national independence but imposed national slavery. They have preached peace but devoted their energy to permitting aggression and preparing for war.' Cold War Propaganda Anti-communism. President Truman Speech. 06:43:49:00 B W 1950 Si News In Brief Vatican City, Rome, Italy [Corpus Christi Procession Thru Square At St. Peter's] Crowd, marchers in robes, carry large umbrellas and other religious objects. Pope Pius carried. Catholic Ritual Rites. 04:44:36:00 B W 1950 Si Montreal, Quebec, Canada [Canadian Naval Cadets Study Warfare Using Miniatures] Radio controlled miniature ships watched in large tanks. Officers remotely control ships. Submarine lowered, depth charges dropped from destroyers and seen bubbling 06:45:26:00 B W 1950 Si Virginia [Air Show Dare Devils] Wing walker on bi-plane overhead. People watching as biplane and wing walker past while dipping wings. Piper cub makes several attempts to land on platform on top of car. Men behind wall of slats, then plane flown through. Successfully lands. Aviation stunts. Oddities. 06:46:33:00 B W 1950 Si Ardmore, Pennsylvania [Ben Hogan Takes Open In Golf Comeback] Putting, people across course and gathered by scoreboard. Several golfers teeing off. Crowds running. Hogan putting and crowd onto green. Posing with trophy and wife. Sports Golf. 06:47:45:00 B W 1950 Si New York City [Middleground Wins Belmont] Horses onto track, out of gate & past camera. Spectators cheering on rail. High angle of horses down finish with winner by length from behind. Posing with owner. Sports. Horse Race. 06:48:46:00 B W 1950 Si Washington, DC US Envoy To Canada Sworn In. Hand raised and other hand on bible with wife by side. Sec. of State Dean Acheson shakes hands. CU of ??? after kissing wife. 06:49:09:00 B W 1950 Si Ottawa, Canada RCAF Receives King's Colors. Soldiers marching and on large parade field at attention. Receiving flag(s). Marching past. Reviewing stand saluting. Dog curled up. Soldiers marching. in parade fashion. End: 06:50:11:00 06:50:17:00 B W 1950 13Jul50 Si Korea - Draftees Called Up As War Increases Intensity. Men into Navy recruiting station. Sworn in as PAN across. Marine poster and men sworn in. Swish pan to GIs in uniform & with packs marching, along dock to ship and boarding. Swish pan and truck with GIs along dusty road, jeeps. Crossing bridge. Fighting and running along hillside. Firing bazooka and artillery. Trucks on railroad cars. Men with machine guns. Burning & destroyed village. Tanks past waving Korean peasants. Wounded carried in. Newspapers with headlines about Red Atrocities. Burial and placing crosses. GI crosses self. Religious service in field at burial. Korean War Fighting Cold War. 06:52:53:00 B W 1950 Si New York City Boxing - Middleweight Title ?? LaMotta. Boxers in ring acknowledging crowd. 2 well dressed women in MCU. Thomas Dewey & ??. Crowd. MS of boxers from slightly above as they fight hard with LaMotta doing more punching. Between rings. Jake LaMotta blowing kisses after winning unanimous decision over Tiberio Mitri of Italy. Italian kissed on cheek. LaMotta putting ice bag on black eye. Sports. Violence. End: 06:54:41:00 06:54:48:00 B W 1950 Si Canada [speed boat Regattta] Outboards past shore with large cross on it. Factory buildings along edge of water, crowd watching. Outboards bouncing along. Crowd along road on shore. Large inboards racing around turns through chop. Checkered flag waved. Winner gets kiss. Sports. Boat Race. End 06:56:22:00