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Universal International Newsreel
DN-LB-544 Beta SP
10:01:19:00 B W 1951 12Jul51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel w music under. 10:01:29:00 B W 1951 Sd Kaesong, Korea Cease-Fire - United Nations Envoys Arrive At Korea Truce Parleys. Sign: Kaesong. Mathew Ridgway & other VIPs pose prior to leaving. Ridgway waves good by to Adm. Charles Turner Joy. Boarding helicopter and leaving. Air to air and AV over meeting site. Envoys met by Communists, 2 men and woman. Sitting around table. AV over village. Helicopter landing on return. Press journalist typing on manual typewriter on jeep, cameraman nearby. Korean War Peace Talks. 10:03:27:00 B W 1951 Sd New York City Shrine Parade - 100,000 Nobes Strut In Gotham Convention. Parade down 5th Avenue past Central Park and reviewing stand for 77th National Convention. Banners and signs parade band. Young black girl clapping alongside. Costumed and in gag floats and cars. Cameraman filming man with waving sword. Charity. Shriners Shrine Convention. Spectators. 10:04:52:00 B W 1951 Sd Detroit, Michigan Baseball - Nat'l League Homers Win All-Star Classic. Ext. of Briggs Stadium with name. Managers Eddie Sawyer & Casey Stengel shaking hands. Stan Musial of St. Louis Cardinals & Thane of Yankees Dom DiMaggio & Jackie Robinson in CU. Starting pitchers Ned Garver and Robin Roberts shake hands. High angle of field. Ty Cobb throw's out first ball. Ashburn steals third, then scores. Yogi Berra into home. Musial hits home run. National League wins 8 to 3. Elliot hits home run. Ralph Kiner and Gil Hodges also hit home runs. Professional Baseball All-Star Game. 10:07:09:00 B W 1951 Sd Grass Valley, California Water Fight - Rival Vamps Drenched In Battle of the Hose. Fire truck out of Nevada City, CA. Rival fire companies hook up hoses and try to blow each other away as spectators watch. A hose gets loose and people run before firemen get it under control. Women wringing out dresses. Oddities Gags Heat Hot Weather Celebration Americana. 10:08:23:00 B W 1951 Sd Title: The End w music under. End: 10:08:29:00 10:08:37:00 B W 1951 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel w music under. 10:08:47:00 B W 1951 23Jul51 Sd Tehran, Iran Iran Oil - Harriman Offers New Solution In Dispute. Harriman off plane and greeted by Ambassador Grady. Talking with reporters into palace and shakes hands with Shah. Poses with Grady & Shah Pahlevi. Demonstrators in streets with placards, flags. Clash between groups and police on horseback breaking them up chasing them through streets. Riot. Interior with Harriman and Mossadegh talking. Diplomacy Petroleum Anglo-British Oil Company Revolution. 10:10:16:00 B W 1951 Sd News In Brief Camp Pendleton, California [Helicopters Used To Land Marines] Marines run and board transport helicopters. Take offs and away from camera. In air. Landing 8 marines per copter. Marines out of helicopters and run. Fire machine guns. Military training maneuvers. 10:11:10:00 B W 1951 Sd Madrid, Spain [Admiral Forrest Sherman, Navy's Chief of Staff, Dies on Mission] Film of Sherman & wife with Franco & other Spanish dignitaries at reception. Diplomacy. Obituary. Dictator. 10:11:49:00 B W 1951 Sd Minneapolis, Minnesota St. Paul [Tornado aftermath] Trees broken and debris across houses. Garage on top of car. Houses torn apart. Overturned trolley and airplanes. Weather damage. 10:12:29:00 B W 1951 Sd Hollywood, California `Bright Victory' Premiere Marquee and people beneath with autograph seekers. Peggy Dowl (sp?) & Arthur Kennedy. John Hudson, Julia Adams Tony Curtis Janet Leigh Anne Blyth Jeff Chandler Donald O'Connor & Wife Gale Storm Steven McNally People applaud. Laurie Nelson. Search lights Klieg lights. Motion Picture Actors Stars Self-Promotion Advertising 10:13:38:00 B W 1951 Sd Sports Portland, Oregon [Electric Scoreboard First Used In Boxing Match] Harry Kid Matthews, Seattle vs Baby Dutch Culbertson in Light Heavyweight boxing match. Referee & judges dial in decisions by round. Matthews wins by knockout. Sports boxers. Inventions. 10:14:43:00 B W 1951 Sd Bonneville, Utah [Ab Jenkins & Mormon Meteor Set Speed Records]. 850 hp. 68 year old former mayor sets 24 new records. Car past timer. Engine smoking at end as people look. Wipes eyes. Sports Automobile Land Speed Records Salt Flats. 10:15:38:00 Sd Title: The End w music under. End: 10:15:43:00 10:15:50:00 B W 1951 06Aug51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel w music under. 10:16:00:00 B W 1951 Sd West Point, New York West Point - Cadets Face Ouster For Violating Code. LS buildings. Cadets on parade ground shaking hands with others. Col. Lear with press answering questions. Empty football stadium, Regimental Commander ?? at mic: `Although I have no personal knowledge of the details, there can be no leniency towards violators of the cadet honor code. Whether there be one man, or whether there be ninety men, no violator is ever granted immunity.' Campus shots. Student cheating scandal military army academy. 10:17:20:00 B W 1951 Sd News In Brief Diepen, Holland, The Netherlands. General Eisenhower watches transfer of Thunderjet fighters to the Dutch. Shaking hands of pilots along with Gen. Norstad. Sky blazers flying in tight formation. 10:18:17:00 B W 1951 Sd Pueblo, Colorado [Leopard-skin Rug From Korea To Be Returned] Giltner family looking at rug sent by son Albert. Police take rug back for US government. Diplomacy. Oddities. 10:18:48:00 B W 1951 Sd Dahlonega, Georgia [Week-end Gold Mining] Handing out pans and shovels. Stream & people panning and digging family in water. R.D. Hoge weighing gold. Recreations vacation. 10:19:38:00 B W 1951 Sd Sports Chicago, Illinois. [All-American Tournament at Tam O'Shanter Course] Harvey Locke of South Africa tees off, Cary Middlecoff of Memphis follows, Jim Ferrier also. Fans follow on course. Fred Hawkins misses close putt Middlecoff successfully putts, chip shot and wins. Hand shaking & CU. Sports, golf. 10:20:36:00 B W 1951 Sd Lake Washington, Seattle, Washington [Slo-Mo-Shun V Wins Gold Cup Race]. Starting of race with flag, timing clocks & stop watch, rooster tails, Quicksilver in MCU, crash on turn and race stopped. Divers try to raise boat. Pieces on board and hull attached to winch. Pilot & mechanic killed. Sports inboard boat racing death. 10:21:42:00 B W 1951 Sd Niagara Falls, New York [Daredevil Red Hill Killed In Barrel Made Of 14 Inner Tubes]. LS of falls panned. Barrel shown. Red Hill poses with dog. Crowd watching as he gets into `The Thing'. Towed out onto river. View of Niagara Falls. Tubes smashed below falls inspected. Brothers crying mcu dog. People looking at falls. Stunt. Death. Oddities. 10:22:53:00 Title: The End w music under but dirty and abrupt end. End: 10:22:58:00 10:23:04:00 B W 1951 10Aug51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel w music under. 10:23:14:00 B W 1951 Sd Kaesong, Korea Truce Impasse - Red Violations At Kaesong Halt Talks. United Nations truce team into building Communist team enter. Armed troops seen by cameramen in truce area. Discovered and in bushes. Officer with gun. Adm Joy leaves talks driven away in jeep. Wilfred Burchett of Paris paper and Alan Widington of London Daily Worker shown and sit around radio. Korean War Peace Talks 10:24:38:00 B W 1951 Sd News In Brief Yokohama, Japan [Freighter Akagi Maru Launching by Mrs. Ridgway]. Stern ship launching, Mrs Ridgway receives flowers as Gen. Ridway looks on as she cuts cord with golden hatchet. Occupation Post-WWII. Shipbuilding. 10:25:29:00 B W 1951 Sd Washington, DC President Truman greeted as he visits USO at union Station. Various people reading, eating, and drinking coffee. Military leave recreation. 10:26:08:00 B W 1951 Sd Chile Chilean Whale Hunt. POV from whaler as whale dives man in crows nest. Skipper runs to gun and fires, harpoon misses. Harpoon fitted with charge, whale fin above water and blowing. Whale takes off after charge fails to go off. CU of rope over wheel. MCU of Captain. Whale inflated and towed alongside to shore. Multiple whales on dock being washed. Footage shot by Hamilton Wright. Whaling industry whale oil hunting animals. 10:27:42:00 B W 1951 Sd Sports Polo Grounds, New York [Boxing Exhibition w Jeff Chandler vs Jersey Joe Walcott] Promotion for `The Iron Man'. Walcott runs out to ring, Starlet Betty Pearson is one of Chandler's handlers in 2 round bout. Walter Winchell is ringside. Handshaking with boxers. Chandler boxing. Walcott kisses small trophy. Stunts Self-promotion. 10:28:37:00 B W 1951 Sd Atlantic City, New Jersey [School For Comedy Diving]. Professor Russ Dotson on Steel Pier in graduation robes. Bathing beauties and others watching. Man pushed off clowns do stunts in slow motion. Oddities gags. 10:30:08:00 Title: The End. Dirty and scratched. End: 10:30:13:00 10:30:20:00 B W 1951 20Aug51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel w music under. 10:30:32:00 B W 1951 Sd Detroit, Michigan New Air Mark - Jet Pilot Hits 634 MPH In National Races. Fly over with multiple fighters, bombers and B-36 bombers. 4 Canadian Vampyre Jets. F-86 Sabre Jet with new speed market flies over. Crow looking. Man in coveralls greeted. Woman doing acrobatics while hanging from helicopter on trapeze and rings. Cole brothers in wing-walk upside down on biplanes. 10:31:51:00 B W 1951 Sd News In Brief Bordentown, New Jersey [Hitler's Yacht Grille headed for scrap heap] Sailing past lower Manhattan in harbor. Lowering signal flags of yacht and Norman ?? uses cutting torch to make first cut. Sections lifted off man carrying chairs. Scrap metal Post-WWII War Booty Ship salvage. 10:32:37:00 B W 1951 Sd Lisbon, Portugal [General Craveiro Lopez, Portugal's New President Interviewed]. Shaking hands with foreign press reporters at National Union. EXT of National Palace in full dress uniform to be sworn in at the Assembly. Enters with others. People applaud on street as he leaves with Salazar. Politics Dictator Pomp. 10:33:18:00 B W 1951 Sd Los Angeles, California [Polio Crusader Sister Kenny of Australia Arrives]. Off plane and is greeted by Rosalind Russell. Polio victim pilot Jack Hall accompanied her. She is fatally ill also. Disease Infantile Paralysis Actress. 10:33:49:00 B W 1951 Sd Washington, DC [7th Annual Meeting of The Committee On National Employ The Physically Handicapped Week Greeted By President Truman]. Truman at mic audience. MCU of Peggy Dow, Eric Johnston, Charles E. Wilson. Dow is star of Bright Victory, story of blind soldier's rehabilitation. Truman presents trophy to George Barr, Chemical Manufacturer, who employes 80 persons, 60 of whom are handicapped as is he. Charity Promotion Motion Pictures. 10:34:28:00 B W 1951 Sd Sports Chicago, Illinois [Cleveland Browns 33, College All-Stars 0]. Fumble in end zone. Otto Graham touchdown pass. Short pass & run for touchdown. Sports Professional Football Pre-Season Night Game. 10:35:32:00 B W 1951 Sd Post, Texas [Southwest Championship Junior Rodeo]. Pioneer parade, drugstore checking squirt guns. Bull riding with falls bareback riding. Brahma calf riding. Gags Sports Rodeo. 10:36:31:00 B W 1951 Sd New York City [Boxer & Middleweight Champion Randy Turpin Arrives On Liner Queen Mary]. Interviewed shipboard at mic: `Randy, is this your first trip to this country? Yes, the first time I've been to America and it will take looking over a piece. Where are you going to be training, Randy? I shall be training up a Gatesville ??. I see, now what do you think of Sugar Robinson as a fighter? He's great. He's the best fighter, isn't he? Yes. You intend to take the title back to England with you? Well...that depends upon which is proves to be the best man this time, but I think I shall be taking it back with me. Well good luck to you Sugar...uh Randy. Thank you.' Announcer Flubs Sports Boxing Audio Bloopers. 10:37:22:00 Title: The End. Music stopped. End: 10:37:28:00 10:37:35:00 B W 1951 30Aug51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel w music under. 10:37:46:00 B W 1951 Sd New York City Vets Parade - VFW Stage Colorful 52nd Encampment. Marching down 5th Avenue with Douglas MacArthur and Mayor Impelliteri shaking hands on reviewing stand. Floats with woman (announcer calls them chicks). Miss Dorothy Swisher of Southern Pines is VFW beauty queen. CU of basset hound dog watching. MCU of small girl marching in place as women march past. Miami motorcycle police riding at dusk, other floats and marchers as parade continues into night. Patriotism Cold War Slang Language Military Korean War Homefront. 10:39:00:00 B W 1951 Sd News In Brief Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [Six Alarm Lumberyard Fire] Firemen hosing down flames in piles of lumber. Scorched houses, people watching. Smoking ruins. 10:39:49:00 B W 1951 Sd Alpine, New Jersey [Bernarr MacFadden Makes Parachute Jump On 83rd Birthday] MCU. Climbs into plane and seen as parachute opens. Descends in front of Palisades cliffs into water. Seen from pilings. Brought to shore in outboard. Sipping tea (?). Walks off in suit and bow tie waving at camera. Geriatrics Old Age Stunts Oddities Publisher Physical Fitness. 10:40:34:00 B W 1951 Sd Japan [Governor Warren of California Visits Occupation Troops of California's 40th Division]. Troops sitting in rain ponchos eating in food line. Sitting under tree. MCU eating. Post-WWII Japan. Military Army Politics. 10:41:14:00 B W 1951 Sd Sports Hurleyville, New York [Randy Turpin Training] Boxer roadwork past photographers and barn. Sparring session at Grossinger's Resort in Catskills. MCU smiling. Swish pan to next story. Sports Boxing Training. 10:41:52:00 B W 1951 Sd New Jersey [Sugar Ray Robinson Training] Punching light bag as people watch young boy punching air. CU feet doing rope jumping in slow motion. Mrs. Robinson wipes him down. Boxer Sports Middleweight Championship training. 10:42:23:00 B W 1951 Sd Wembley Stadium, England [British-American Amateur Boxing Championships] Fast boxing by Jimmy Hackney of Philadelphia knocks out Terry Budge in first round. American middleweight champion Tommy Nelson knocked out and hangs from ropes. Light heavies, England Tony Smith knocked out by Jack B??. Americans win 6 bouts to 4. TKO Amateur sports. 10:43:12:00 B W 1951 Sd Lake Placid, New York [Mirror Lake hosts 1951 National Water Ski Championships]. Skillman Snydam, Orlando, Florida, over jump & also by Neville Pilling (sp?). Big fall on jump. Willa Worthington MacGuire seen from plane. Man skiing on chair. Dick Pope, Jr does turns going over jump. Applauding spectators. MacGuire doing tricks and turns in MCU. CU of MacGuire & Snydam and together holding trophies. Sports. 10:44:33:00 Sd Title: The End (with dirt and scratches). End:10:44:37:00 10:44:44:00 B W 1951 03Sep51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel w music under. 10:44:54:00 B W 1951 Sd New York City Dewey Returns - Calls For Firm And United Asia Policy. Greeted by wife & sons at airport after two-month tour of Far East. CU w wife at mic: `We must not allow another vacuum to occur. We announced to the world that we would not defend Korea, and so the Communists were invited in to take Korea. Then we reacted, gloriously and bravely and probably our saving, or at least deferring, WWIII by doing so. Now we have to start drawing lines. Southwest, Southeast Asia is the most critical position in the world in volume of people and resources most of them are friendly to us. All we need is a united policy which will not be easy to make, but it's time we did it, drew a line, told the whole world what the Free World will defend. And that is the way that we can prevent the total WWIII that we all hope to avoid.' Diplomacy Predictions Cold War Anti-communsism Statement Speech. 10:46:02:00 B W 1951 Sd News In Brief Milan, Italy [Solution For Housing Shortage] AV of city. Looking up at box-like apartment house. Round houses designed by Mario Calli named `panatone' after Italian cake, or mushroom houses. MS of several. 26 feet in diameter, costing US$2,400, built of brick with airspace between walls for insulation. Interior shots with man reading and wife at sewing machine. Several rows of them. Inventions Architecture Oddities. Housing 10:46:39:00 B W 1951 Sd California [Helicopter Landing With Injured Demonstrated On Hospital Ship Consolation]. POV from helicopter, man in stretcher alongside. View from ship deck as helicopter lands. Patient Bollo carried off. Military medical emergency training. Korean War homefront. 10:47:19:00 B W 1951 Sd Sports West Point, New York [Football players out of building for training] Exercising new players after scandals eliminated all but 2 lettermen. Coach Red Blaik in MCU. Practicing plays. Running. Swish pan. College Football Army team. 10:48:00:00 B W 1951 Sd Annapolis, Maryland [Coach Eddie Erdelatz watches training]. Players run past camera, tackling practice on dummy. Pushing wooden sled and running around dummies. CU of coach. Sports College Football Navy Team training. 10:48:40:00 B W 1951 Sd Berlin, Germany [Gymnasts of Germany & Switzerland Perform]. Acrobatic routines on horse, parallel bars and high bar to spectator applause. 10:49:39:00 B W 1951 Sd Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah [Amateur Hot Rod Speed Trials] Many different cars seen by spectators, pushed to starting line. Running. POV from car. Car seen through speed. Clocks. Twin engined car does 215 mph driven by Bill Jones of Denver, Colorado. Automobile speed records racing streamlined car. Amateur Sports. 10:50:58:00 B W 1951 Sd Milwaukee, Wisconsin [200-mile Big Car Race]. Cars past on dirt track. Car crashing into wall, driver helped out of car and behind rail. Checkered flag to winner Bill Faulkner for second year getting long kiss from wife. Automobile racing sports. 10:51:39:00 Sd Title: The End w music under (fairly clean). End: 10:51:45:00 10:51:53:00 B W 1951 14Sep51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel w music under. 10:52:02:00 B W 1951 Sd Rosendale, New York Atom Security - Underground Vaults To Safeguard Treasures. LS of farm land. Iron mine entrance as dynamite truck enters. Interior of mine as rebuilding construction by bulldozers. Hand pointing out ore. Masons laying bricks from scaffolding and wheeling out debris. Men in suits in front of vault door look at plans. MCU of Herman Naust (sp?) President of Iron Mountain Atomic Vaults. Helicopter shot of new entrance with uniformed guard. MCU of name above entrance: "Iron Mountain Atomic Storage Vaults". Interior with man at door of vault as guard looks on. Thick 10-ton steel door opened, CU of gears (great to illustrate "man opening safe deposit door", "top secret", "security"). Security guards moving boxes on carts and carrying boxes into small vaults. Closing shot of guard with rifle in front of entrance. Cold War Security Atomic Bomb Defenses Storage Warehouses Economics Banks Museums Oddities. 10:53:57:00 B W 1951 Sd News In Brief France [General Eisenhower Made Citizen of Town Where Louis Pasteur Died] With other NATO officials and mayor. Mamie Eisenhower given book. Honors Awards Cold War. Post-WWII Europe. 10:54:32:00 B W 1951 Sd New York City [Bess Meyerson & Shoshana Damari, Israel Popular Singer Raising Funds with James G. MacDonald, First US Ambassador To Israel]. CU of bond of State of Israel. MacDonald's statement in MCU: `The 500 million dollar Israel bond issue now being floated in this country in order to undergird the economic, industrial and agricultural life of the new state of Israel and so that the new state may take in during the next three years another 600,000 refugees is an investment in the truest sense of the word: morally, socially and politically.' Economics Fund-raising Jewish Post-WWII Miss America Speech. 10:55:19:00 B W 1951 Sd Washington, DC Defense - Marshall Resigns And Lovett Gets Key Post. President Truman, General George C. Marshall and Robert Lovett sitting in office after Marshall resigns and deputy Sec. Lovett appointed to Secretary of Defense. Standing. Lovett sitting in MCU at desk signing paper and looking up posing for camera. Government Cabinet Military Politics Retirement. 10:56:04:00 B W 1951 Sd Washington, DC 3-Power Talks - US, France & Britain Discuss Europe's Future. Foreign Minister Schuman of France out of car and into building, Britain's Herbert Morrison walks in as people watch, Sec. of State Dean Acheson walking past cameramen. Sitting around table in MCU. Meeting precedes NATO meeting in Ottawa. Diplomacy Diplomats Cold War Anti-Communism. 10:56:49:00 B W 1951 Sd Egmond Beach, Holland [1,500 Dutch Dig For Buried Treasure On Beach]. Crowd on hands and news digging for buried chest of 1,500 guilders. Dog digging. 2 boys unearth treasure box and carry off on shoulders. Stunts Gags Oddities The Netherlands. 10:57:39:00 B W 1951 Sd New York City Robinson Wins - Regains Title From Turpin In 10th Round. Sugar Ray Robinson weighed in by Boxing Commissioner Eddie Eagan, on scale. Still photographers. Randy Turpin on scale smiling for press photographers. Shaking hands posing. Swish pan (10:58:12) Young black men beneath sign on Sugar Ray's night club in Harlem waving and smiling. Women against rope laughing. Drinkers at bar waving and laughing. Ray with bandage over eye waving. People at tables toasting. Sports boxing winner celebrating. 10:58:43:00 Sd Title: The End w sound under. Incomplete ending. End: 10:58:48:00 10:58:54:00 B W 1951 24Sep51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel w music under (has nitrate damage visible). 10:58:59:00 B W 1951 Sd Korea - Planes Blast Reds As Peace Talks Hang Fire. Mustang fighters taxi past and take off, fly over. Dive bombing seen through gun cameras. Railyards hit & oil dumps burning. Tanks visible on road. Korean War. 11:00:20:00 B W 1951 Sd News In Brief Forks, Washington [Forest Fire Forces Evacuation]. People carrying furniture out of shack. People evacuated through smoke in convoy with lights on. Fire trucks arriving at night and fire burning as firemen put out hoses. Burning trees. Day and smoking stumps etc. Burned bus, lawn mower, etc. 11:01:16:00 B W 1951 Sd Thessalonika, Greece [King Paul & Queen Fredericka Open First International Trade Fair]. King walking past camera in uniform, crowd, Greek Orthodox priests. Inspecting Greek products, crafts, equipment by ECA. Touring building. Post-WWII Cold War. Anti-communism. 11:02:02:00 B W 1951 Sd Los Angeles, California [Hillside Memorial Park Shrine For Al Jolson Dedicated]. Waterfall, statue of Jolson on bended knee, mosaic in ceiling. Mrs. Jolson and son Asa place wreath. People watching. Entertainer. Cemetery. 11:02:39:00 B W 1951 Sd Washington, DC [President Truman Greets Italy's Premier DeGasperi Enroute To Ottawa NATO Conference]. Hand shaking, standing at mics, wreath laying at Arlington Cemetery. Cold War Anti-Communism. 11:03:21:00 B W 1951 Sd Trenton, New Jersey [Lucky Lucy & Lady Daredevils At State Fair]. Lucy blows kisses getting into car. POV from car and doing acrobatics, roll-overs. Toni Marshall on hood of car through burning wall. Lucy crashes into another car, helped out by women assistants. Stunts Oddities Women Stereotypes Entertainment. 11:04:16:00 B W 1951 Sd Atlanta, Georgia [Georgia Tech 21, SMU 7] College football players onto field. Double fumble. Touchback (?). Pass for SMU touchdown. Georgia running and passing for touchdown. Rain and broken field run for 3rd touchdown. Sports. 11:05:37:00 Sd Title: The End (with dirt and scratches) w music under End: 11:05:42:00 11:05:50:00 B W 1951 27Sep51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel w music under. 11:06:00:00 B W 1951 Sd Korean Front Truces talks bogged down, fighting continues with GIs marching up road, tanks firing and artillery firing. VAriety of weather, explosions on mountains. (11:06:25) Gen. VanFleet awards Silver Star medal for heroism to AP Correspondent John Randolph for removing wounded from battle area. MCU after handshaking. Shaking hands with GIs. (11:06:43) Swish pan to ship with 263 South Korean officers arriving in San Francisco. In crowded room on ship posing. Off ship for training in Washington. Maj. Gen James Lester shakes hands. (11:07:11) President Truman welcomes South Koreans to White House. At podium in Rose Garden: `We are glad to welcome you here, we hope you'll have an enjoyable visit, we hope you'll get some information that will be helpful to you and to us in winning the victory in Korea.' Korean War. 11:07:32:00 B W 1951 Sd News In Brief New York City [Variety Clubs Launch Annual Mass X-Ray Program at Hotel Astor]. Crowd lined up as people sign up for X-Rays. Outside movie theater. Man getting free X-Ray, Starlet. Poster re fighting T-B. Disease Prevention Tuberculosis Will Rogers Memorial Hospital Charity entertainment industry. 11:08:11:00 B W 1951 Sd Hollywood, California [Bathing Beauties Model New Swimsuit Fashions Designed by Cole]. Posing against painted backdrop in stretch fabric. Pool dresses, convertible clothes, woman in swimsuits joined by 5 kids in swim suits. Oddities. 11:09:19:00 B W 1951 Sd Washington, DC [Equestrian Statues Given by Italian People to US via Premier of Italy De Gasperi to President Truman