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DN-LB-545 Beta SP
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12:01:19:00 B W 1951 15Oct51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 12:01:29:00 B W 1951 Sd United Nations, New York Iran Crisis - Mossadegh Pleads Oil Case Before United Nations. Lake Success, New York Mossadegh arrives with Trygve Lie sits in MCU before Security Council. Shots of press & gallery. Sir Gladwyn Jeb & Warren Austin listen. Diplomacy Petroleum. Revolution. Independence Economics. 12:02:13:00 B W 1951 Sd Toronto, Canada Royal Visit - Princess Elizabeth Good Will Emissary. Princess & Prince Philip visit children. Crowd pushing against soldiers. Fainted woman carried out. 100,000 in fair grounds. Royalty visits Niagara Falls in rain gear. Diplomacy British Commonwealth. 12:03:10:00 B W 1951 News In Brief Sd. Austria [Vienna - Rome Express Rail Crash Aftermath] 20 killed when crashes into rear of freight train. Inspected wreckage, passenger car rolled over. Dead removed. Railroad wreck. Passenger Train. 12:03:52:00 B W 1951 Sd Santa Barbara, California [Ralph Kiner Marries Nancy Chaffee In Sports Marriage]. 6th Ranked in Women's Tennis & Pittsburgh Pirates player exiting church and pose for photographers in MCU. Hank Greenberg is best man. Long shot. Bob Lemon kisses bride. Bern Stevens of Boston Red Sox. Reception line. Groom eating piece of wedding cake and almost drops it. Bloopers Bride Groom. Baseball. 12:04:28:00 B W 1951 Sd Miami Beach, Florida [American Legion Convention Night Parade] Marching and elaborate military floats, train, Auto with Pegasus on front traveling on rear wheels. Members march in drag. Cross dressing Military veterans organization. 12:05:07:00 B W 1951 Sd Sports Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [Princeton 13, Penn 7] College football with Princeton jump pass and other passes by Kazmaier move ball to goal line where short run over middle makes touchdown. Princeton intercepts long pass. Long pass for another touchdown. 12:05:53:00 B W 1951 Sd South Bend, Indiana SMU 27, Notre Dame 20. Big upset. Cheerleader with confederate flag running across field. Musslewhite scores. Johnny Mazer. Reynolds runs for Notre Dame touchdown. Fred Benners of SMU with very long passes to Russell. Fumble. Touchdown pass by Mazer. Russell gets long pass for 45 yards. Long pass to end zone for SMU. Benners to White for final SMU touchdown. Sports College Football. 12:08:22:00 Sd Title: The End (dirt & scratches) with music under. End 12:08:27:00 12:08:35:00 B W 1951 23Oct51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 12:08:44:00 B W 1951 Sd New York City Ship Tie-Up - East Coast Dock Strike Halts War Shipments. Workers on docks wave to camera. Stand in front of docks. Police holding them back. Anastasia Brothers (?) in white suits talking with longshoremen. They had tried to break the strike which was a wildcat walkout. Some members claim Union boss negotiated unfavorable wage increase. Gen. Lytell of Brooklyn Navy Base. Equipment and supplies sitting on docks. Crate with label: From USA For Mutual Defense in MCU. Soldier MPs patrolling. Organized Crime investigation. Labor unions. Korean War supplies Exports Military. 12:10:00:00 B W 1951 Sd Korea - Big Guns Blast Reds As Peace Talks Resume. Canadian artillery officers plot ranges & others fire artillery. Tanks & rockets firing, artillery in CU. Explosions on hillside. Operation Salvage gathering huge mountains of brass shell casings. Pan over. Barren desolate hillside. GI inspects cave. Dead bodies on hillside. Korean War fighting battles. 12:11:18:00 B W 1951 Sd News In Brief Tokyo, Japan [US Athletes To Japan]. Joe DiMaggio & other major league players pose after getting off airplane, receiving bouquets. MCU of DiMaggio. Motorcade through Ginza. DiMaggio with couple in car mobbed by fans. Sports Baseball Goodwill Visit. Cold War. Korean War. 12:12:03:00 B W 1951 Sd Seattle, Washington [First Korean War Bride Reaches US]. Transport ship w waving GIs & tickertape. Sgt. John Morgan, Bremerton, Washington & bride Yong Soon pose for cameraman. Kiss. People waving. Couple down gangplank and greeted by John's parents. Newsreel cameramen. Returning GIs. 12:12:36:00 B W 1951 Sd Edinburgh, Scotland [British Soldiers Volunteer For Seasick Tests]. Take pills, put into covered boats bounced in pool with wave machines. Troops taken out of boats sea sick soldier sits down next to sailor who quickly picks up his hat. Gag Oddities. Medical Tests. 12:13:15:00 B W 1951 Sd Football Evanston, Indiana Northwestern 16, Navy 7. Dick Alban runs through middle then laterals for touchdown by Northwestern. Alban runs 69 yards for another. College sports football. 12:13:58:00 B W 1951 Sd College Park, Md Maryland 14, North Carolina 7. College football. Confederate flag waved. Pass to Linsay, then next play nearly to touchdown. Weiss runs for N. Carolina. Military officers in MCU smoking cigars. Students cheering and jumping. Sports. 12:15:18:00 Sd Title: The End, incomplete. End: 12:15:22:00 12:15:27:00 B W 1951 25Oct51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 12:15:38:00 B W 1951 Sd Washington, DC United Nations Anniversary - Acheson Pays Tribute To Heroes of Korea. United Nations spelled out by Marines & Navy on Capitol steps. Military soldiers of various national armies from Korea in MCU past camera. Acheson speech from steps of Capitol: `It is true of course that the United Nations has not realized the hopes which were held for it six years ago today when the Charter for it was signed. Those hopes were based on the belief that the great powers would and could work together to carry out the principles of the Charter. And as it has turned out one of the great powers is not willing to do that. And therefore the hopes of six years ago have not been realized but something that is totally unexpected has been realized, and that is that if it is necessary for all of us to stick together, and if it is necessary for all of us to fight to achieve those hopes that is what we are going to do.' Secretary of State Politics Post-WWII Korean War USSR. 12:16:45:00 B W 1951 Sd Korea - United Nations Launches Attack On Vital ?? Stronghold. Soldiers running ahead thru grass while wearing camouflage. Firing machine guns, artillery exploding. Barren hillside and caves. North Korean prisoners taken on Bloody Ridge. CU of POWs. Tracers firing machine guns firing. Korean War fighting. Battle. 12:18:05:00 B W 1951 Sd News In Brief Washington, DC [Red Cross Chapter House Cornerstone Laying w President Truman Officiating]. CU of cornerstone. Truman with trowel places mortar. People applaud. Concrete building structure seen in MLS. Construction Ceremony. 12:18:33:00 B W 1951 Sd Karachi, Pakistan [Liaquat Ali Khan, Assassinated Premier Mourned]. Commoners pass bier, bowing and with hands together in respect. Some crying. Commonwealth politics India. 12:19:00:00 B W 1951 Sd San Diego, California [Carrier USS Boxer Returns From Korea]. 75 crew members see babies for first time. Sailors waving. Wives & children, balloons. Sailors down gangplank and kisses. Sailor holding & kissing baby. Multiple shots. Baby hugged between couple. Naval Homecoming welcomes families. Korean War homefront. Navy. 12:20:09:00 B W 1951 Sd Sports Germany [Danish Gymnasts Perform]. 14 women exercise and perform with various exercises. Men of troupe doing tumbling acrobatics. Many flips. Calisthenics. 12:20:48:00 B W 1951 Sd Seattle, Washington [Illinois 27, Washington 20]. Johnny Carras for Illinois running. Don Stevens scores. Dean Rockie breaks away and nearly scores. Hugh McIlhenny scorers, cheerleaders perform. Johnny Carras hands off for touchdown as he is tackled. Sports College Football. 12:22:13:00 Sd Title: The End with music under, incomplete End: 12:22:19:00 12:22:24:00 B W 1951 05Nov51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel w music under. 12:22:33:00 B W 1951 Sd Washington, DC Gen. Ike Returns - Seeks More Arms For NATO Nations. General Eisenhower & wife greeted by Gen. Omar Bradley and Sec. Lovett. Eisenhower speaks to press: `I am here for one purpose only, to talk military affairs with my superiors in the Pentagon and in the other offices of Washington.' Out of car into Pentagon, still photographers with flash bulbs popping. Eisenhower meets with President Truman. Cold War. European Defense. 12:23:32:00 B W 1951 Sd News In Brief Longview, Washington [Inventor Moulton Taylor Demonstrates Combination Automobile & Airplane]. Car down highway pulling wings folded behind. Pulls into parking lot of San Francisco International Airport and assembles as aerocar as airplane flying car. Pusher prop turned and plane takes off past camera. Successful Invention Air Flivver. 12:24:33:00 B W 1951 Sd Munich, Germany [Madam Schiaparelli Fashions Shown]. Models on runway viewed by tables of women and a few men. Violin & piano accompanying. Evening gowns applauded. Fashion Show. 12:25:28:00 B W 1951 Sd Football Duke 14, Georgia Tech 14. Fight on field after game when rough tackle made after final whistle. College Sports. Football. 12:26:36:00 B W 1951 Sd New York City USC 28, Army 6. Yankee Stadium with snow falling. Army takes early lead & cadets excited. Muddy field with sliding and uniforms dirty as USC quickly pulls ahead. Punt returned in broken field run by USC in college football. Sports. 12:28:00:00 B W 1951 Sd College Park, MD Maryland 35, Missouri 0. Sunny weather but muddy field. Touchdown run. Cheering students. Pass intercepted on goal line for 100 yard run touchdown. College sports football. 12:29:16:00 Si Title: The End (very dirty). End: 12:29:18:00 12:29:23:00 B W 1951 12Nov51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 12:29:34:00 B W 1951 Sd Crisis In Suez - British Fight To Hold Canal Zone. Soldiers off transport plane from Cyprus. Troops accompanying people on streets. Trucks of goods loaded as Egyptians evacuate. Troops unloading ships. Soldiers at checkpoints searching Arabs & buses. Searching cars. Troop carriers along roads soldiers lining Suez as tankers pass. Middle East Oil shipping ship petroleum. 12:30:46:00 B W 1951 Sd Korea - United Nations Planes Continue Blasting Targets. Mustang fighters & gun camera footage & films from behind of planes diving and strafing as rockets are fired. Napalm bombs dropped. View from another plane as napalm dropped and exploding. B-26 with damaged landing gear safely skidded to a stop on runway with crash trucks arriving. No fire. Plane inspected. Lt. Williams talks with others and crew pose for film. Korean War. Air Force. united Nations. 12:32:30:00 B W 1951 Sd Hollywood, California Film Stars In Fashion Parade. Film stars model historical costumes during style show for ladies of SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers). Joyce Holden poses in gay nineties outfit, walks through group Ann Blyth Susan Ball with fan & feathers Wanda Hendricks Lynn Bari in 1925 flapper outfit Piper Laurie in 20's outfit. Modeling Fashion Show. 12:33:48:00 B W 1951 Football Sd. Los Angeles, California Stanford 27, USC 20. 96,000 in Memorial Coliseum. Gifford over. Decathlon star, Bob Mathias of Stanford runs for 96 yards after kick-off return. Mathias scores a second time on short run. College sports, football. 12:35:15:00 B W 1951 Sd East Lansing, Michigan Michigan State 35, Notre Dame 0. Sunny day and touchdown on first play. Cheering fans. MCU of plays. College football sports. 12:36:12:00 Sd Title: The End with music under. End: 12:36:18:00 12:36:24:00 B W 1951 26Nov51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 12:36:34:00 B W 1951 Sd Rome, Italy European Defense - Council Meets To Discuss Strategy. EXT of building as NATO officers enter. Sitting around large tables. Secretary of State Acheson, Treasury Secretary Snyder, Lester Pearson of Canada, and Premier De Gasperi of Italy, all in MCU. LS of De Gasperi at mic (MOS) as people listen. swish pan. Cold War. 12:37:19:00 B W 1951 Sd Holland [Canadian 27th Brigade of Specialists Arrives To Join NATO]. General Eisenhower inspects with Defense Minister Claxton of Canada, Building with NATO flags flying, troops parade in front. Military build-up Cold War. 12:37:45:00 B W 1951 Sd News In Brief Alexandria, Egypt [Demonstrators March Through Streets of Alexandria & Cairo, Egypt] Arab crowds with a few banners. Protesting for nationalism, anti-British banners carried by Egyptians, Greeks and others. Group of women marching. Independence revolution. 12:38:22:00 B W 1951 Sd Avignon, France [Rhone River Flooding]. Cu of water water running through streets convoy of trucks through water milk delivered by rowboat. POV from boat through streets. 12:38:54:00 B W 1951 Sd Travis Air Base, California [Ten Korean & One Chinese War Brides Arrive On PAA Clipper Mandalay]. Off plane. Sign: Strategic Air Command, Travis Air Force Base. Pose by plane with children and GI husbands. GI holding baby. Kissing. Walking away from camera. Korean War returnees. 12:39:40:00 B W 1951 Sd San Francisco, California [Food Gathered by Red Cross for GIs held by North Korea]. Boxes stacked and labeled. Package contents shown. Loading onto freighter. Korean War. 12:40:15:00 B W 1951 Sd Tokyo, Japan [Joe Louis Touring Military Bases]. Louis receives bouquet. Boxing as GIs cheer from side as Louis boxes sailors. Korean War. Military recreation entertainment. 12:40:47:00 B W 1951 Sd Football Lexington, Kentucky Tennessee 28, Kentucky 0 Muddy field. Sports College Football. 12:41:37:00 B W 1951 Sd Palo Alto, CA California 20, Stanford 7. Unbeaten Stanford loses before 90,000 fans in sunshine. College football Sports. 12:42:12:00 B W 1951 Sd East Lansing, Michigan Michigan State 45, Colorado 7. Good running plays for touchdowns. College football, Sports 12:43:17:00 Sd Title: The End (dirty & scratched). End: 12:43:23:00 12:43:29:00 B W 1951 03Dec51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 12:43:38:00 B W 1951 Sd Korea - Buffer Zone Set As Prelude To Truce. Communist delegation arriving in snow for talks in tent. Officers viewing maps and marking up as still photographer takes pictures. Transports and troops of parachute command practice jumping in South Korea. Views from in planes, seen from other planes and ground. Landings. Korean War training. 12:45:01:00 B W 1951 Sd News In Brief Honolulu, Hawaii [10th Anniversary Of Attack On Pearl Harbor]. White crosses with flags and Boy Scout placing leis. View of Sunken Battleship Arizona. Ceremonies by Navy with Leis thrown on water, bugler, oil slick on water. Post-WWII. Cemetery. 12:45:53:00 B W 1951 Sd Quantico, Virginia [Marine Sgt. Harry D. Bartley, 76, Retires After 44 Years of Service]. Handshake, saluting. Lt. General Hart reviews parade in his honor. Taking off uniform at home with wife, putting up feet and having drink. 12:46:47:00 B W 1951 Sd Hollywood, California [Santa Clause Lane]. Elephants ridden and in costume in elaborate night parade Spectators laughing. Floats with Mickey Mouse, Wise Men, movie stars, and Santa & Reindeer. POV from top of float through crowded street. Christmas parade. 12:47:32:00 B W 1951 Sd Los Angeles, California Football Notre Dame 19, USC 12 Rain & foggy night. Frank Gifford running for USC. Neil Wharton scores for Notre Dame. College football sports. 12:48:24:00 B W 1951 Sd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Navy 42, Army 7 Fans into stadium. High shot of packed stadium and Navy marching on field. Army cadets marching. MCU of spectators. Large floats with cheerleaders, mascots. MCU of Navy cadets cheering. CU of woman jumping up and down. Interception with 101 yard touchdown run. CU of Navy cheering somber Army cadets. End: 12:50:22:00 12:50:30:00 B W 1951 10Dec51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with sound under. 12:50:40:00 B W 1951 Sd Camiguin, Philippines Volcanic Death - 2,000 Feared Killed In Philippine Eruption. LS of volcano on horizon AV over showing lava flows and smoking rock. Evacuation of people on trucks. AV and ground shots of devastation. Smoking village and dead. Stick into lava. Hospital with burn victims treated. Geology. 12:51:49:00 B W 1951 Sd Truman - President Hastens Back To Capital. Truman off plane at night with military greeted by Attorney General J. Howard McGrath. Next day Joint Chiefs of Staff arrive at White House. MCU of Collins of Army & Stechler (sp?) of Navy. CU of General Omar Bradley walking toward and past camera on way into White House. Many still photographers. Sec. of Defense Lovett. Air Force Secretary Finlander (sp?), Army Secretary Pace and Air Chief Vandenberg. More photographers. 12:52:41:00 B W 1951 Sd Sports Bavaria, Germany [Ski-bob skis on bicycle frame demonstrated on Zugspitze]. People watching as racing down hill ridden by men and women. Skiers watching. Under finish banner. 12:53:30:00 B W 1951 Sd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [High School Football] West Catholic High wins 42 to 0 over Bok Vocation Tech in city championship. Walt Bradley running, Multiple shots MCU of students cheering. Amateur Sports. 12:54:30:00 B W 1951 Sd Toronto, Canada [Jack Dempsey Sponsor & Referee of White Hope Boxing Tournament]. Dempsey with boxers, Hogan wins, talks with reporter. Preliminary bouts are very rough with knockdowns fast swinging. Knockout after knockdown. Amateur Sports. 12:55:52:00 B W 1951 Sd Christmas - Dreams Come True During This Season. Snowing with kids playing with homemade sleds in snow. Multiple shots of EXTs of suburban houses some with wreaths on door. Interior of boy in bed sleeping. Double exposure of kid dreaming of dolls and other toys. Electric train, mechanized window displays in CU. Christmas windows with kids noses to glass. Doll blowing bubbles. Santa Claus sitting at top of tall steps writing with large quill. Suburbia Tract Houses Americana. 12:57:23:00 B W 1951 Sd Title: The End (dirt and scratches) with music under. Incomplete End: 12:57:26:00 12:57:33:00 B W 1951 28Dec51 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 12:57:43:00 B W 1951 Sd West Frankfort, Illinois 119 Die! - Trapped In Shaft In Coal Mine Blast. Mine head with elevator tower and people standing waiting. Men into elevator. Governor Adelie Stevenson. Men bring stretchers of bodies out. One man survived. Industrial Safety Disaster. 12:58:45:00 B W 1951 Sd Korea Battlefront - Guns Roar During Cardinal's Visit. Artillery raised, Koreans firing from camouflaged positions. Explosions on hillsides troops climb through brush, fire machines. North Korean surrendering. Wounded prisoners removed. Weapons piled. (12:59:54) Cardinal Spellman visits wounded in hospital, talks with them. General Van Fleet watches. Korean War Fighting Christmas tour. 13:00:17:00 B W 1951 Sd News In Brief Chicago, Illinois [Snowstorm & Blizzard] Truck through deep snow in street scenes snow plow moving. High angle of buried cars and man shoveling out. Winter weather. 13:00:51:00 B W 1951 Sd Paris, France [Winston Churchill Visits] Train into railroad station, Churchill off train along with Anthony Eden and others. People watch, into government building past photographers. Visiting NATO with General Eisenhower and others, handshaking and posing. Into NATO headquarters. Diplomacy. Diplomat. Cold War. 13:01:46:00 B W 1951 Sd Astoria, Oregon [Danish Freighter `Erria' Burns]. Run aground after catching fire then burns. 103 of 114 were saved by Coast Guard. Pan along burning ship's side. Rescue. Ship. 13:02:14:00 B W 1951 Sd Sports Val De Ser, France (sp?) [Ski Competition]. People watching, mcu of skiers, racers thru slalom gates in long shot and mcu. Jumping over camera and racing past. 13:03:08:00 B W 1951 Sd Los Angeles, California [Los Angeles Rams wins over Cleveland Browns]. Professional football championship. Otto Graham passing for Browns. Norm Van Brocklin passes for Rams. Carpenter runs for touchdown. Van Brocklin passes to Fears who runs for winning touchdown. Professional Sports. 13:04:21:00 Sd Title: The End with music Under end: 13:04:26:00 Continued on 1952 entry.