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DN-LB-546 Beta SP
14:01:19:00 B W 1952 18Feb52 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 14:01:31:00 B W 1952 Sd London, England George VI Buried - Monarch Interred At Windsor Castle. Funeral procession with crowds watching as coffin is carried on gun carriage followed by Queen Elizabeth & Queen Mother in carriage & other royalty following on foot. Overhead shots showing solomn pace. Soldiers in formal uniforms carry rifles in reverse. Foreign leaders march also. Cortege through streets & into Paddington Station where coffin loaded on train which slowly leaves station. Train leaving London. Coffin to Windsor Castle with roadway lining road. Horseshoe Chapel & mourning women follow coffin inside for burial. British royalty. 14:05:11:00 B W 1952 Sd Oslo, Norway Winter Olympics - US Third After 5 Days of Classic. 6th Winter Olympic & flags flying. Women's Giant Slalom beginning and along course. Spectators watching. Andrea Mead Lawrence from Vermont wins. Men's downhill schuss. POV from skis. Bill Beck of Dartmouth gets 6th. Winner balding 32 yr old Gino Colo (sp?) of Italy in MCU. Bobsledding with Dan Vennom (sp?) and Pat Martin start then Germans past in 2-man race. Germans win. MCU of team. 14:07:13:00 B W 1952 Formal Opening Ceremony begins a day late. Athletes carry banners across ice. US team in coats past. Princess Ragnhild at mic substitutes for King who is in London for King George's funeral. Torch lighted. MCU of flame. 14:08:04:00 Sd Title: The End with music under. End: 14:08:08 14:08:15:00 B W 1952 21Feb52 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 14:08:26:00 B W 1952 Sd Oslo, Norway Olympics - Norse Take Big Lead In Winter Sport Epic. Speed skating with men doing 10,000 meter. Hjalmar Andersen wins 3 Gold Medals in 3 days. Andrea Mead Lawrence on winning stand in mcu. High angle of foot of mountain with crowds seen. Beginning of slalom & Stein Erikson starting (previously won Giant Slalom) and 2nd place. Jack Redisch of Salt Lake City, Utah. Austrian skier Schneider through gates in good coverage. CU of Schneider. Winter Olympics Amateur sports. 14:10:21:00 B W 1952 Sd Vienna, Austria Carnivals - Revelry Ushers In Pre-Lenten Season. Costumes being stitched seen in MCU. Women & men putting costumes on in MS. Costumed dancers and CU of champaign poured, toasted and drunk by people in masks. 14:11:00 Swish pan to Viareggio, Italy. Large mechanical floats & huge papier-mache costumes. Very good coverage and quality. Mardi Gras celebration. Festival Catholic Religion. 14:11:42:00 B W 1952 Sd London, England Sportswear - British Designers Strike ??? Note. Models on runway modelling summers fashions. Swimsuits, sports wear, Designed by Teddy Tingly. Tennis fashions. Women making notes. Golf-wear plaids. Fashion show. 14:13:04:00 B W 1952 Sd Palm Springs, California [Rodeo]. Bareback riders and spills. 2 cowboys come out to help injured rider. Brahma bull riders thrown. Clowns with bull. Sports. 14:14:05:00 B W 1952 Sd Daytona Beach, Florida [Stock Car Races]. Past camera on road section and then along beach. Hood pops up on one car, others sliding and bumping into stalled car. Car rolls off track, several in same place. Sports automobile racing. Wrecks. Crashes. 14:14:59:00 Sd Title: The End with music under. End: 14:15:05 00. 14:15:11:00 B W 1952 25Feb52 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 14:15:22:00 B W 1952 Sd Lisbon, Portugal NATO Backs Ike - Lisbon Meeting Passes Europe Army Plan. LS of Lisbon & plaza. EXT of government building with Lester Pierson, Omar Bradley, Anthony Eden, Dean Acheson, Robert Schumann, De Gasperi all arrive. Portugal welcomes delegates in ornate building. They are seen sitting, listening, applauding. Acheson in front at mics (MOS) MCU of men listening & applauding. 14:17:01:00 B W 1952 Sd News In Brief Athens, Greece 29 Communists brought to trial. Seen out of truck into court in courtroom as people watch. EXT of house found with radio transmitters and money. Interior of court. Cold War Anti-communist Conspiracy trial. 14:18:04:00 B W 1952 Sd Newport, Rhode Island [Tanker Fort Mercer Stern towed into harbor. Will be taken to Brooklyn where a new bow will be put on. Workers on deck of tanker. Storm aftermath Oil tanker Damage Rescue. 14:18:50:00 B W 1952 Sd Jackson, Mississippi [Theater Owners Watch Governor Hugh White Sign State Tax Repeal] Up stairs to Governors Office. Sign: Governor. MCU signing. Handshaking. Ext. of movie theater with sign re ticket price: 46 cents, federal tax 9 cents. Repealed tax was 10 per cent. Economics WWII luxury taxes. 14:19:38:00 B W 1952 Sd Oslo, Norway Olympics - Norway Wins Winter Games With US 2nd. 4-man bobsled race with Germans down run with snow. Germans first, US second. Women's ski slalom. Andrea Mead Lawrence goes down run, misses a gate, backs up and starts again. Won with good second run. MCU. Olympic flame in CU. Dick Button doing figure skating solo routine of spins, jumps. Amateur sports Winter Olympics. Skiing. 14:21:51:00 B W 1952 Sd Title: American Red Cross Presents Humanity In Action. Lightning flashing, waves breaking, fire burning, war footage of battles, in hospital treating wounded. Blood being taken, bottles, moved in ambulance and loaded on plane. Hospital ship and unloading stretchers. Giving wounded juice and cigarettes on dock. Nurse passing out Life magazine. Flood footage. Red Cross volunteers, Children. Old woman in kitchen. Various men in work situations: truck driver, machinist. Fund raising. Charity. 14:23:32:00 Sd Title: The End 14:23:44:00 B W 1952 28Feb52 Sd Tripoli, Libya [Voting & rioting in Monarchy's first free election]. Men pointing at Arabic writing, street mob with people waving, men in line at polls, voting with paper ballots into boxes. Counting. Flag. Rioters throwing rocks, tear gas thrown by police and soldiers. Pistols fired. Soldiers moving people. Cold War Democracy Propaganda Arabs. 14:25:05:00 B W 1952 Sd News In Brief New York City [Look Magazine Award to Robert O'Donnell for his handling of `Movietime USA' Program] Award presented by Vernon C. Myers (sp?). Sync sound. Self-promotion. Motion Picture Industry. Theaters. Exhibitors. 14:26:06:00 B W 1952 Sd Paris, France French troops return from Korea and awards given. Legion of Honor to decorated soldier. Women giving bouquets and flowers to veterans marching up Champs D'Elysee. Korean War returnees. United Nation troops. 14:26:50:00 B W 1952 Sd San Remo, Italy Carnival Time - Revelry Precedes Season of Fasting. Floats, confetti and festival of flowers with throwing from floats etc. Costumed riders on floats and parading. Spectators watching along street. 14:27:40 swish pan to parade in New Orleans. Costumed wolf, gorilla. Witches. People chasing each other in street. Celebration. Religious. Mardi Gras. Oddities Gags. 14:28:19:00 B W 1952 Sd Oslo, Norway Olympics - Norwegians Sweep Ski-Jumping Events. February 24, 1952. Holmenkollen 1952 Olympic Winter Games. Huge crowd of 150,000 watching ski jumpers at Holmenkollen Hill. very good form shown. Fall. Winner. Canadian (Lucien Laferte, # 39) falls, gets up and bows. Amateur sports. Dangerous. 14:29:59:00 Title: The End interrupted. End: 14:30:06:00. 14:30:13:00 B W 1952 03Mar52 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 14:30:23:00 B W 1952 Sd Washington, DC Bullet Proof - Marine Vest Deflects Bullets And Grenades. Bob Glasgow models Marine Corps jacket worn on patrol. Demonstrated on dummy. Vest with plastic laminated fiberglass shown deflecting slow traveling bits of exploding grenades. Inventions Military Korean War Clothing. 14:31:24:00 B W 1952 Sd News In Brief New York City [Women Present Scroll To Motion Picture Industry] Mrs. Herbert Langner presents to Eric Johnston an award for superior and wholesome entertainment on behalf of 13 pre-view organizations representing 40 million members and which had reviewed 350 pictures during the year. He holds up and says: `It is warmly encouraging Mrs. Langner to have your organization speak of the Americanism in our pictures and of the wholesome entertainment that Hollywood provides. These are aims that our organization shall always attempt to maintain.' Censorship Anti-communism Volunteers. 14:32:21:00 B W 1952 Sd Sherriton, Manitoba, Canada [Entire Town Moves] Houses are jacked up and loaded on sleds and towed 167 miles to Linn Lake (sp?) where new strike of nickel made moving necessary. Town & supplies towed by bulldozers over ice and lakes. Construction workers in snow. Housing Homes Oddities Mining Town Winter. 14:33:21:00 B W 1952 Sd Ivrea, Italy [Battle of Oranges] Queen on float, women throwing oranges. Teams throw oranges from wagons and street back and forth in town square. Also from balcony. View from above. Festival Fighting Oddities Gags Fruit Food Fight. 14:34:10:00 B W 1952 Sd. Sports Rome, Italy [Recumbent Bicycles Touring] 2 Danish bikers touring in Italy and people watching them pedal through streets with scooters and pedestrians following. Oddities Gags Transportation Tourists Traveling Invention. 14:34:57:00 B W 1952 Sd New York City [Knights of Columbus Track Meet] Madison square Garden. Half mile race with Don Gehrman trying to catch Roscoe Brown. Brown wins. Gehrman starts mile but has limp from being kicked. Bill Mack sets pace but Fred Wilt comes from behind. Gehrman finishes race limping badly. Indoor track meet. Sports Injury Runners. 14:36:15:00 B W 1952 Sd St. Petersburg, Florida [Yankees 1952 Spring Training]. CU Casey Stengel Yogi Berra catching. Phil Rizzuto others running past camera. Mickey Mantle smiling in CU. Professional Sports Baseball practice. 14:37:06:00 Sd Title: The End with music under. End: 14:37:11:00 14:37:17:00 B W 1952 06Mar52 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 14:37:28:00 B W 1952 Sd Washington, DC NATO Report - President Outlines Foreign Aid Needs. Speaks from Oval Office: `These are its three interrelated parts. First, direct military assistance which is the biggest part right now. Second, the contributions we make to support the defense efforts of other nations. And third, our program of economic and technical assistance. This is not a program to carry the world on our shoulders, it is a program to make it possible for the world to stand on its own feet. The cost of the entire Mutual Security Program that I have recommended is less than two and a half percent of our national output. And this country is raising its output by something like five percent a year. We can afford this program. No, the real threat to our security isn't the danger of bankruptcy, it is the danger of Communist aggression. If Communism is allowed to absorb the Free Nations, one by one, then we would be isolated from our sources of supply and detached from our friends. Then we would would have to take defense measures that might really bankrupt our economy and change our way of life so that we couldn't recognize it as American any longer. That's the very thing we are trying to keep from happening. The program I recommended today is a necessity if we are going to block the plans of the Soviet rulers to dominate the world. Make no mistake about it, this is the way we can strike the hardest blows against the Russian Communism.' Budget speech foreign aid Post-WWII Cold War Anti-communism Defense. 14:39:14:00 B W 1952 Sd News In Brief Nice, France [37 Dead In Air Crash] Police picking through wreckage and debris. Blamed on flock of seagulls. Aviation Disaster Airliner crash aftermath. 14:39:48:00 B W 1952 Sd Washington, DC Coast Guard cutter Courier inaugurated as transmitting ship for Voice of America by President Truman. Truman at podium. Antennae. Radio transmitter. Cold War Anti-communism. 14:40:29:00 B W 1952 Sd Paris, France Spring Modes - Paris Frames Its Fashions For 1952. Fashion models in picture frames for effect. Modelling strange hats, and gowns. Oddities gags moving paintings. 14:41:38:00 B W 1952 Sd Saskatchewan, Canada Sports [Hunters in Snowmobiles] Used to hunt coyotes shooting out of roof of Bombadier. Dead coyote in CU. Running coyote. POV inside with driver. Live coyote teased with stick. Winter hunting snow. Oddities gags. 14:42:28:00 B W 1952 Sd New York City [Golden Gloves Finals, Madison Square Garden]. Floyd Patterson, New York City vs Harold Conner of Newark, New Jersey. Ref stops as Patterson wins. Ernest Anthony vs Albert Anderson in 147 lb won by Anthony in knockout. Sports. Amateur Boxing. 14:43:28:00 B W 1952 Sd Phoenix, Arizona [New York Giants Spring Training] Leo Durocher, Jim Hern, Sal Magli, Larry Jenson. Bob Hoffman, Davy Williams. Watching Indian child doing dance in feathers as parents watch. stereotyping Irwin Mayes, Muller, etc. Bobby Thomson batting Sports Professional Baseball. 14:44:07:00 Sd. Title: The End, incomplete. End: 14:44:13:00 14:44:19:00 B W 1952 10Mar52 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 14:44:30:00 B W 1952 Sd Hokkaido, Japan Earthquake - Scores Die As Trembler Devastates Jap Island. Men inspect fault shift, damaged buildings and bridges. People picking up books from school. Collapsed houses. Students cleaning up houses. Street scene of collapsed houses. Geology. 14:45:29:00 B W 1952 Sd News In Brief Saskatchewan, Canada [Hoof & Mouth Disease Outbreak] Quarantine sign posted by Mounted Police. Cattle moved through snow and in barnyard driven into pit. Shooting and covering by bulldozer with dirt. Agriculture Disease Dairy Farmers. 14:46:21:00 B W 1952 Sd Athens, Greece [Eisenhower Greeted by Greek Officials]. Reviews Greek troops and tours Parthenon. 14:46:56:00 B W 1952 Sd San Francisco, California [Boy & Girl Scouts with Seeds For Democracy to be Shipped to Philippines]. Seeds for Filipino farms collected by Committee of Free Asia to overcome hunger and privation put into boxes at airport in front of Philippine Airlines plane. Post-WWII aid charity. 14:47:29:00 B W 1952 Sd Paris, France Spring Styles From Paree. Scissors cutting cloth. 2 models in front of photos and with sketches of fashions. Stylized clothes and presentation. Bizarre looking CU of jeweled gown. Oddities. 14:48:51:00 B W 1952 Sd Sports Holland [Lion Tamer School With Woman Student] Lions put through paces. She makes them lie down, get up onto stands and turn around. Caged Animals. Oddities. 14:49:57:00 B W 1952 Sd New York City New York University. Smashing pies into faces of NYU students as a means of raising money for new dance floor. Oddities Gags Fundraising. 14:50:30:00 B W 1952 Sd Vero Beach, Florida [1952 Brooklyn Dodgers Spring Training]. MCU of Ralph Pica Preacher Roe Charlie Dressen Joe Black Roy Campanella Pee Wee Reese Gil Hodges Carl Furillo. Sports Professional Baseball. 14:51:12:00 B W 1952 Sd Orlando, Florida Senators Open 1952 Training. Players run onto field past camera. CU Bucky Harris owner Clark Griffith. Pitching with Bob Porterfield Joe Haynes Catchers. Various players. Spring training professional baseball practice Sports. 14:52:01:00 Sd Title: The End, interrupted. End: 14:52:07:00.