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Universal International Newsreel
DN-LB-547 Beta SP
Aerials; New York City
16:01:20:00 B W 1960 10Mar60 Sd Title: Universal International News with music under (spinning globes). 16:01:33:00 B W 1960 Sd New York City Ice Queen - Gotham Ovation For Carol Heiss. Ticker-tape parade & motorcade. MCU of waving in front of City Hall intercut with more parade. Good shot looking up at falling ticker tape and covering road. NYU coed mentioned. Mayor Wagner gives kiss on cheek while posing. Up stairs to receive medallion. Olympic winner Celebration Woman athlete Figure skater. 16:02:40:00 B W 1960 Sd Agadir, Morocco AV over destroyed city where most buildings are seen destroyed by earthquake. King Mohammed off plane and POV through streets. Visiting refugee camps past refugees and stacks of blankets. Planes spraying over city. 16:03:40:00 B W 1960 Sd Grossinger, New York. [Motion Picture Premiere & Fashion Show]. Grossinger's resort interior with summer fashion show beside large swimming pool as spectators applaud. Part of premiere of The Snow Queen, an animated film. Clown leads children to screening. Shelley Winters crowns skating star Jinx Clark. CU with crown. Promotion. 16:04:43:00 B W 1960 Sd Hamburg, Germany Fashion Parade. Hotel lobby front desk as setting for synthetic fashions. Modelling on runway in large hall for both men's and women's formal fashions. 16:05:48:00 B W 1960 Sd Toledo, Ohio [American Bowling Congress Tournament Opens] Ext. of Sports Arena, interior with 36 lanes, Spectators applauding bowlers with strikes. Views from each end of alleys. Picking up spare. Sports Professional Bowling Americana. 16:06:47:00 B W 1960 Sd Hollywood, California Golden Globe - World Press Picks Screen Favorites. Neon sign: `Ambassador Coconut Grove Golden Globe Award Contest By Hollywood Foreign Press Association'. Interior with large formal banquet. Mr & Mrs Tony Randall Debbie Reynolds & Glen Ford Mr & Mrs. John Gavin Diane Baker & John Saxon in MCU. Best Supporting actress award to Susan Kohner for Imitation of Life. Rock Hudson receives award for Best Actor from Louella Parsons. Doris Day receives award for Best Actress. Day & Hudson together with trophies. Motion Pictures Self Promotion Celebration 16:07:43:00 B W 1960 Sd Trailer `Who Will Win The Oscars? Don't Miss The Academy Awards NBC TV Radio Monday Evening April 4th.' 16:07:52:11 Title: The End (clean) with music under. End: 16:07:58:00 16:08:05:00 B W 1960 21Mar60 Sd Title: Universal International News with music under (spinning globes). 16:08:19:00 B W 1960 Sd Puerto Rico Big Slam - Caribbean War Games Test Mass Air-Lifts. Planes dropping parachutes seen from ground and paratroopers landing in operation Big Slam & Banyon Tree. 22,000 troops & 12,000 tons of equipment brought in in Operation Big Slam around the lock for two weeks in the largest peace-time military airlift. In Operation Banyan Tree, units from Latin American nations join Caribbean Command forces in war games that include large-scale para-drops. VIPs watch trucks, jeeps, tanks pass camera. Cold War Military training Western Hemisphere. 16:09:14:00 B W 1960 Sd News In Brief Florida Flooding rivers, houses underwater near Tampa POV from motorboat, people paddling. Passenger train across bridge barely above water. Soldier patrolling sand bags washed out aluminum outboard through suburban neighborhood. Weather 1960 floods. 16:10:06:00 B W 1960 Sd Belfast, Ireland [Liner Canberra Launched] Super-liner to carry 2,250 passengers between Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada & The United States. Prior to launching. Knocking away props. Dame Patty Menzies christens. View from in front and from river as sliding down ways. Shipyards Shipbuilding industry. 16:10:54:00 B W 1960 Sd Sports Pennsylvania [Penn State Gymnasts Win National Collegiate Championship]. Larry Snyder of Iowa on trampoline doing flips in slow motion and regular. Jay Winner on flying rings. Tumbling of Al Barish (sp?) of Illinois. College Sports Gymnastics. 16:12:01:00 B W 1960 Sd Toronto, Canada [Rotary Charity Ice Carnival]. Top amateur ice skaters from around the world. USSR Soviet Couple Donald Jackson of Canada doing men's solo Barbara Wagner & Robert Paul world champion couple from Canada. Ice Skating Figure Skating Exhibition. 16:13:06:00 B W 1960 Sd San Francisco, California [NCAA Bastketball Championships] Cheerleaders, spectators. Ohio State 75, California 55 win over California. Darrel Imhoff Jerry Lucas Joe Roberts. Cheering crowds. Lucas cuts net after game. Sports College Basketball champions. 16:14:25:00 B W 1960 Sd Trailer `Who Will Win The Oscars? Don't Miss The Academy Awards NBC TV, Radio, Monday Evening April 4th', music under. 16:14:34:00 Sd Title: The End (clean) w music under. End: 16:14:40:00 16:14:48:00 B W 1960 11Apr60 Sd South Africa Verwoerd Shot! - South African Farmer Attacks Prime Minister. CU of Verwoerd at agriculture fair. CU of steer. Mounting to podium shot in head and scuffle. CU still camera. MCU of Verwoerd holding head. Man throws water on still photographer. Stretcher carrying Verwoerd out. Shot by white cattle farmer. Assassination attempt race violence. 16:15:39:00 B W 1960 Sd News In Brief Pusan, Korea [Riot against balloting Fraud] People in streets. Police and soldier arresting people through streets students. Syngman Rhee (not seen) Dictator. Korean War Cold War. 16:16:17:00 B W 1960 Sd Groton, Connecticut [Nuclear Submarine Patrick Henry Commissioned]. Polaris missile carrying sub with VIPS on board. Man at podium. Sub seen from water. CU of sign USS Patrick Henery. Moving to sea. Cold War Navy. 16:17:02:00 B W 1960 Sd Italy Fashion Parade [Italian Designed Evening Wear] Modelled on San Vincent runway. Very decorated dresses, gown, sun suit, hats, print dresses. Fashion Show. Wealthy. Society. 16:18:13:00 B W 1960 Sd Sports Boston, Massachusetts [Boston Celtics 122, St. Louis Hawks 103 to win NBA Championship]. EXT & interior of Boston Garden. Spectators, Bob Cousy leads Celtics. Men smoking cigarettes. Cousy carried off on shoulders. Sports Professional Basketball. 16:19:37:00 B W 1960 Sd Augusta, Georgia [Masters Tournament Final Round] Crowds following. Ken Venturi putts on final hole to pull ahead of Arnold Palmer. Walks off to applause. Crowd moving on golf course seen from high angle. Palmer onto green, putts and wins by one stroke. CU shaking hands. Sports Professional Golf Championship. End: 16:21:02. 16:21:09:00 B W 1960 25Apr60 Sd Washington, DC America Hails De Gaulle. White House EXT. Interior with President Eisenhower talking with De Gaulle. CU of each. 16:21:36:00 B W 1960 lays wreath at Lafayette statue in DC as crowd & Ike watches. 16:22:02:00 B W 1960 Into Congress where he speaks to joint session. Politics Diplomacy Cold War. 16:22:22:00 B W 1960 Sd News In Brief White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico [Redstone Missile Test Firing]. Setting up missile, technicians working on it. Firing. Slowly lifting off, seen from high angle. Camera in nose shows missile leaving rocket, then camera records still pictures seen every five seconds till point of impact. Cold War Military testing. 16:23:39:00 B W 1960 Sd Brasilia Brazil [Midnight Mass Begins Dedication of Capital City]. Catholic officials seen at Mass. Daytime with crowd cheering Brasil President at flag raising. 16:24:18:00 B W 1960 Sd Seoul, Korea [Legislators Scuffle As Crisis Deepens]. Man at podium pushed aside several times. Streets with coffin, people crying fighting, oddities. 16:25:02:00 B W 1960 Sd 25 Years Ago New York City [Dutch Schultz Faces Trial For Income Tax Evasion]. Walking across in front of Court House with jurors. Schultz & lawyer stop in front of camera & pose. Hung jury leaves. Gangster Bootlegger Organized Crime. 16:25:28:00 B W 1960 New York City [Smashing gambling tables] Roulette wheels broken & put onto bonfire. 16:25:38:00 B W 1960 Boston, Massachusetts John E. Kelley defeats Clarence DeMar. Policemen on motorcycles following runners. Kelley to ribbon & in MCU with olive crown. 16:25:54:00 B W 1960 Kansas Relays. Glen Dawson defeats Glenn Cunningham. Around track, spectators standing. Close finish. Sports. 16:26:19:00 B W 1960 Newark, New Jersey Babe Ruth MCU its his first home run of season for Boston Braves against Newark in baseball exhibition game. 18:26:49:00 B W 1960 Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky [Kentucky Derby] National Guardsmen fighting spectators trying to crash through fence. Omaha wins over Roman Soldier. Horse & Jockey posing with floral wreath. Depression. End: 16:27:23 16:27:31:00 B W 1960 02May60 Sd Seoul, Korea Crisis Ebbs - Korea Restores Order Vice President Is Buried. Funeral of Right wing conservative Lee Ki Poong, Vice-President elect who committed suicide in pact with wife & two sons. Syngman Rhee attending. Students, people in street with trucks covered with black bunting. Street scenes. Funeral, crying, Rhee helped through. CU of caskets. 16:28:27:00 B W 1960 Sd News In Brief Berlin, Germany May Day in East Berlin with satellite float, Military equipment and goose-stepping soldiers. (16:28:58) Huge crowd with banners for Adehauer. Mayor Willie Brandt leading marchers past spectators. Brandt on podium speaking (MOS) and gesturing. Cold War Anti-communist propaganda. 16:29:32:00 B W 1960 Sd London, England Princess Margaret & Antony Armstrong-Jones out of house and posing for camera with dog. Street scene of construction of lamp posts with triple crowns along Mall hoisted in place. Carriage & riders cavalry do a practice run. British Royalty Wedding Procession Practice. 16:30:23:00 B W 1960 Sd Stuttgart, Germany [Sonny, the Chimp, Feeding Sea-Lions]. Chimp looks at, and listens to watch. Chimpanzee putting fish into bucket, carrying to sea-line pool, pushing up sleeves and throwing to sea-lion. Gags Intelligent Animals Intelligence Oddities. Time. Clock. Zoo. 16:31:25:00 B W 1960 Sd Sports. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [66th Penn Relays] Don Bragg pole vaulting 15 feet judges. 200 meter w Ray Norton, Dave Sime, Bobby Morrow. Norton wins tieing world record. John Thomas clears 7 ft 1 1 2 inch for new outdoor world's record. College athletes Track meet. 16:32:35:00 B W 1960 Sd Aqueduct, New York Spectators, horses out of gate, Sword Dancer is 10th place, then pulls up to come from behind to win to win by a neck. Man excited with racing form. Sports horse race. End: 16 33:41 16:33:50:00 B W 1960 11Aug60 Sd Washington, DC Ike Tells Dems: Nations Business Before Politics. First press conference since vacation. When asked whether he would go to the People if Congress blocks his legislative program President Eisenhower says: `Well, I don't know possibly, I'm doing it right now. I am just simply trying to say that I have been standing for a number of things for quite awhile, and I think that to now, to desert them, and to say we'll do nothing about them, merely because Congress saw fit to recess and then have what they say is a short session. We cannot just simply say that politicking is more important than the nation's business. And I don't think it is I think that the nation's interest come first and that we should do what we can about it.' Government branches legislative executive. 16:35:07:00 B W 1960 Sd News In Brief Congo [Volunteers Train For Katanga] Marching past camera soldiers in background in truck wave. Doing obstacle course. United Nations Troops (not seen) Pres. Lumumba (not seen). Colonialism Belgian troops (not seen) Belgium Congo. 16:35:53:00 B W 1960 Sd Havana, Cuba [Mock Funeral for Cuban Telephone Company. People demonstrate and deface Telephone company building. Wreaths, caskets carried by demonstrators for mock funeral. Trucks nationalized by from Electric Company used in demonstration. Anti-US Cold War Revolution Nationalism Economics Nationalizing. 16:36:35:00 B W 1960 Sd Wales [Prince Charlie's First Visit To Wales]. With Queen Elizabeth visiting arts & crafts center. Children receive gifts and leave on Royal Yacht Brittania. People view Royalty family at rail of yacht waving. British Royalty. Duties. 16:37:34:00 B W 1960 Sd New York City Bellevue Hospital. Baby with mother in iron lung after delivery. She was 1958 Polio Mother of the Year. Baby held by father. Father gives cigar after handshake. Disease Infantile Paralysis Disabled. 16:38:12:00 B W 1960 Sd Sports Washington, DC National Teen-Age Rodeo. Convertible with banner. Student finalists driving through tight courses. Cameraman riding on car. Contest Automobile Safe Driving. 16:39:04:00 B W 1960 Sd Bad Kissingen, Germany Slow motion divers practicing on trampoline for Rome Olympics. Then diving in pool. End: 16:40:04:00 16:40:12:00 B W 1960 29Aug60 Sd Congo New Turmoil In The Congo. Patrice Lumumba meets with other leads of new states in conference. Seen shaking hands outside. During speech inside, opposition fight the police and soldiers. Man hittih rifle, soldier throws rifle at man he's chasing. Wipe (16:41 07) Belgium mass funeral for 49 soldiers killed on return from Congo. King with Generals as he places medals on trucks carrying caskets. Colonialism Independence Katanga Province. 16:41:42:00 B W 1960 Sd England Tank-Killing Baby Rocket. Man carries small rocket, has mile long guidance cable. Inventors show insides of missile, Vigilance. Animated diagrams show how it can be used. Actual demonstration shown. Multiple firings soldier watching with rifle scope-like guidance system. Invention military soldiers army Cold War. 16:43:05:00 B W 1960 Sd Williamsport, Pennsylvania [Little League World Series]. Final game with Levittown, PA against Fort Worth, Texas. Pitcher, Joe Mormora, hits home run and then pitches 16 strike-out no hitter. Kids jumping and celebrating on field before cameras. Pose with banner. Sports Amateur Baseball. 16:44:44:00 B W 1960 Sd Rome, Italy [17th Modern Olympics Opens] AV over stadium. Flags, marching delegates around track. 84 nations. USSR team. Rafer Johnson leads US team. Womens and mens team seen. Runner brings flame and torch is lighted. 5,000 pigeons released. Amateur Sports 1960 Summer Olympics. Opening Ceremony. End: 16:46:24:00 16:46:31:00 B W 1960 15Sep60 Balmoral Castle, Scotland Royal Family Home Movies. LS of castle, gardens, Queen, Prince Philip and 3 children walking and playing with Prince Andrew in carriage and held. Sitting on blankets on lawn. CU of Prince Andrew smiling and playing. Corgi dogs. British Royal Family Royalty. 16:47:45:00 B W 1960 Sd News In Brief La Guardia Airport, Queens, New York [76 Escape From Flaming Tragedy] LS of entrance, LS of plane, Turboprop electra that flipped over. Firemen looking at foam-coated wreckage. Aviation disaster. Rescue Stewardesses. 16:48:24:00 B W 1960 Sd Long Island, New York [Hurricane Donna Aftermath]. Large trees downed. Damage to house, EXT torn off & interior destroyed. Sail boats up onto land. Weather. 16:49:17:00 B W 1960 Sd Argentina [Acrobatic Canary]. Taken out of cage on finger and demonstrating tricks. Bird on head. Climbs up man's arm. Swung on fly swatter. Plays dead in hand, CU. Oddities gags birds. 16:50:12:00 B W 1960 Sd Sports Rome, Italy [1960 Olympics End] Night torchlight ceremonies as placards carried around stadium. Flags. Olympic flag lowered. Athletes marching. Crowd holds torches. 16:51:09:00 B W 1960 Sd New York City [American Football League Opens] New York Titans 27, Buffalo Bills 3. Muddy field. Bob Broadhead Richie Lucas. Darryl Hopper scores field goal for Bills from 35 yard line. Nick Jameson passes to Don Maynard of Titans. Bill Shockley field goal for New York. Doro runs for touchdown. End: 16:52:44 16:52:50:00 B W 1960 06Oct60 Sd Boston, Massachusetts Air Tragedy - 61 Die In Boston Airliner Crash. Helicopter searching shallow water where Turbo-prop Electra crashed shortly after take off. Nigh and raising parts of hull, daylight and removing seats. Night and divers in water. Ship lifting plane out of water. Air Disaster Crash Aftermath Salvage. 16:54:04:00 B W 1960 Sd Cape Canaveral, Florida News In Brief. [Courier Satellite Launched]. Thor-Able-Star rocket carries 500 pound satellite into orbit. Technicians working on satellite prior to mounting on rocket. Rocket in gantry. 100th successful launching. Launch and slowly rising. Designed to re-broadcast transmissions from earth. Space. Cold War. Launching electronics. 16:55:03:00 B W 1960 Sd Hollywood, California [Movies' Charity Campaign Launched]. Samuel Goldwyn at United Way. Janet Leigh at large banquet. 16:55:43:00 B W 1960 Sd Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania World Series [Game One]. Ext. & Interior of Forbes Field. Managers Danny Murtaugh & Casey Stengle pose. Vernon Law in CU pitching to Roger Maris who hits home run. Bill Burton. Bob Skinner hits. Cheering fans. Roberto Clemente in good CU and hits. Fans cheering. Yogi Berra in 4th inning hits long hit. Bill Mazeroski hits home run for Pirates. Elston Howard pinch hits and hits home run. Hector Lopez hits single. Yankees lose after 15 game winning streak 6 to 4. Sports Professional Baseball. End: 16:59:01:00 16:59:07:00 B W 1960 10Oct60 France Worst Floods In Decades Rip South Of France. AVs over flooding. Swift river seen in mcu. From buildings & streets good CU of rushing water and swift flowing past stone buildings. US Army DUKWs. Water 6 ft deep standing water. Aftermath and mud cleaned up partially destroyed buildings inspected by people. Debris dumbed including stalk of bananas. Weather rain flooding. 17:00:29:00 B W 1960 Sd New York City Spartacus Premiere! Night with marquee of De Mille theater. Kirk Douglas & wife out of car, wave to still photographers. Milton Rackmil & wife and other Universal VIPS in MCU. Blond in CU. Myrna Loy in CU waving. Sal Mineo Arlene Francis, Lauren Bacall & Christopher Plummer pose. Motion Picture Industry self-promotion actors actresses fans celebration. 17:01:32:00 B W 1960 Sd Football West Point, New York Pennsylvania State University 27, Army 16. Mules spelled out on field spectators sunny day Frank Landis pass to Bob ?? for touchdown Don Jones Ian Hall passes to Jim Kerr for touchdown. John Torris (sp?) intercepts for Penn State. Sports 1960 College Football. 17:02:39:00 B W 1960 Sd Champaign, Illinois Ohio State 34, Illinois 7. Packed stands. Bob Ferguson touchdown. Bill Wentz runs 102 yards for touchdown at 3rd quarter kick-off. Another 57 yard touchdown run. Sports 1960 College Football. 17:03:41:00 B W 1960 World Series Highlights Game 3. Ext. of Yankee Stadium. Bobby Richardson in CU with bat, hits home run with 3 on base, then hits in a total of 6 runs for new World Series record as Yankees win 16 to 3 over Pittsburgh Pirates. (17:04:13) Games 4, Bill Virdon catches long hit against the fence. Pittsburgh wins 3 to 2. (17:04:35) Game 5. Pittsburgh 5 to Yankees 2. Roger Maris hits home run. Pittsburgh leads 1960 World Series 3 games to two. End: 17:05:19:00 17:05:27:00 B W 1960 17Oct60 Sd Formosa Free China Celebrates Birthday Chiang Kai Shek & Madame Chiang down steps with US & Chinese military VIPS. Walk past camera in MCU. LS of parade. MS of goose-stepping Nationalist China troops. Troops in trucks past reviewing stand in military parade. Enormous human flag formed by troops running in double time. Cold War Propaganda Military Strength. Oddities. 17:06:24:00 B W 1960 Sd Hollywood, California [Evening Hat Fashions] Fashion designer Mister John, creates hats inspired by Universal-International's new film `Midnight Lace'. Models in front of ornate mirror putting veil in place and modelling for camera. Others with bows and jewels. Mister John fitting one model. Motion picture promotion. 17:07:29:00 B W 1960 Sd Football Iowa City, Iowa Iowa 28, Wisconsin 21. Cheering spectators. Wilburn Hollis for Iowa touchdown. Hollis passes to Gene Winston & runs for another touchdown. Ron Miller passes to Tom Weisner (sp?) for 50 yard game. Miller runs to 5 yard line. Merrit Norvo (sp?) runs for touchdown. Norvo makes another touchdown. Hollis 39 yard pass is deflected by caught by Sam Harris in end zone for winning score. Sports College football. 17:09:14:00 B W 1960 Sd 25 Years Ago Armistice Day wreath-laying by President Roosevelt. Eleanor puts blossom. (17:09:49) FDR speaking at podium to assembled veterans: `The primary purpose of the United States of America is to avoid being drawn into war. Jealousies between nations continue armaments increase national ambitions that disturb the world's peace are brushed over and most important of all: international confidence in the sacredness of international contracts is on the wane. America must, and will, protect herself. (Applause) Under no circumstances will this policy of self protection go to lengths beyond self protection. Aggression, aggression on the part of the United States, is an impossibility in so far as the present administration of your government is concerned. But defense against aggression by others, and the measure of that defense, is and will be solely the amount necessary to guard us, to safeguard us, against the armaments of others. The more greatly they decrease their armaments, the more quickly and surely shall we decrease ours.' Pre-WWII Military strength preparedness. Speech. Peace. 17:11:46:00 B W 1960 Sd Ottawa, Canada Artista De La Camara Exhibe ??? [Studio of Yousef Karsh]] Armenian born Karsh was appointed official portrait photographer to the Canadian Government in 1935. Now honored with one-man show at Canada's National Gallery. Karsh is seen posing subject in his studio selecting prints for the show opening with crowd in formal dress. With gallery director Charles Comfort. Portraits hanging of George Bernard Shaw, Einstein, Helen Keller and her companion, Ernest Hemingway, Prince Rainier & Princess Grace, Pope John XXIII, Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt, Cartoonist David Low, Pablo Picasso, Dwight Eisenhower in WWII uniform. Final shot of gallery. Artist photography exhibit photographs. End: 17:13:02:00 17:13:07:00 B W 1960 27Oct60 Sd Ciudad Acuna, Mexico Mexico Hails Ike. Motorcade with President Eisenhower and President Adolfo Lopez Mateos with crowds. Listening crowd. Ike waving from balcony and receives key. Ike speech: `I am honored by this gift, but I must warn you sir, that this is not something that I intend to give up along with my office. It will be my hope one day to come across the bridge and unlock the gates of this city so I can come again to see you.' Ike holds up key, stands with arm around shoulder of Mexican President waving to crowd. Honors Gift Key To City Diplomacy National Borders Mexican-Americans Oddities. 17:14:18:00 B W 1960 Sd News In Brief Monaco [De Gaulle Tours South of France & Visits Winston Churchill, Prince Rainier & Princess Grace]. Standing in convertible waving through streets. Sitting in formal situation with Churchill. Views of Monaco. Standing with Princess. Diplomacy. 17:14:55:00 B W 1960 Sd New York City [Tony Curtis Presents Laurel Award to U-I President Milton Rackmil] International film buyers award it to man who has done most for industry. U-I announces net profits of nearly 6 million dollars. Publisher J. Emmanual. Motion Picture Industry self-promotion. Business executives. 17:15:22:00 B W 1960 Sd Cleveland, Ohio Football [Philadelphia Eagles 31, Cleveland Browns 29]. Milt Plum passes to Leon Clark who runs 86 yards for touchdown. Jimmy Brown runs for touchdown in 3rd quarter. Eagles' Clarence Peak does long run, Billy Barnes scores. Norm Van Brocklin throws to Barnes for another touchdown. Browns gets lead with Bobby Mitchell touchdown run. Bobby Walston field goal with 15 seconds left gives Eagles the win. National League Professional Football Sports. 17:16:53:00 B W 1960 Sd 25 Years Ago [Election Day Voting In Hyde Park] FDR & mother & Eleanor Roosevelt ride in open convertible to vote. Standing in election hall, shown coming out of booth as curtains open. 17:17:28:00 B W 1960 Greece restores monarchy of King George II in a national plebiscite. Soldiers seen voting, ending Republic founded in 1925. Cheering soldiers. 17:17:54:00 B W 1960 Earthquakes in North America. Helena, Montana damaged buildings pulled down after 700 tremors. Debris and heavily damaged buildings in snow fall. 17:18:27:00 B W 1960 Manhattan & Brooklyn also had earthquakes with minor damage. Buildings shown propped up and cracked stonework. 17:18:38:00 B W 1960 Los Angeles, California. Lions harnessed to pull cart of food while zoo keepers feed animals. Hitched to wagon they run toward camera and tip over wagon. Oddities Gags. End: 17:19:22:00 17:19:29:00 B W 1960 17Nov60 Sd Charleston, South Carolina Nuclear Navy - First Polaris A-Sub Sails ?? Patrol. Submarine `George Washington', docked and loading 16 Polaris missiles, each with H-bomb. 16 Polaris missiles equal all bombs dropped in WWII. Sailors and others working on deck captain. Sub leaving dock. Navy sailors Cold War. 17:20:19:00 B W 1960 Sd News In Brief Vandenberg Air Base, California Discoverer 17 satellite launched into north-south orbit. After 38 orbits a capsule is released over Pacific ocean where its caught by a Flying Box Car on second attempt. First time a rocket engineer was re-started in space. Biological specimens were r