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22:01:20:00 B W 1946 06May46 Sd San Francisco, California 5 Die In Alcatraz Jail Riot. People looking at Alcatraz Island from bluff, some with binoculars. Alcatraz in MCU from water. CU of three prisoner mug shots. Guards firing at prison from on Alcatraz shore. People on roof. Guards running alongside, throw grenades into windows. Federal Prison Director Bennett & Warden Johnston out of prison with others as they view results. Shaking hands with guards. Assistant Warden Edward Miller with stitched up cut across face in MCU. Guard patrolling. View of prison with two stack liner passing. Fighting. Convicts rioting Isolation Occupations Prison Guards. 22:02:34:00 B W 1946 Sd New York City Louis & Conn Sign For Bout. Louis onto scales for weigh-in weighing 224 pounds, Billy Conn weighs 195. At signing in front of flag. MCU of Louis smiling. Ed Eagan, Promoter Mike Jacobs posed sitting between Conn & Louis. Professional Sports Heavyweight Boxers. 22:03:20:00 - 22:05:45:00 B W 1946 Sd Louisville, KY Kentucky Derby Won By Assault. People into Churchill Downs thru turnstiles setting new attendance record. First post-WWII running. MCU of man carrying girl on his back. High angle of track and crowds. People pouring mint julips, drinking from bottles etc. Betting windows. Horses onto track and walking to gate. Newsreel cameramen horses out of gate and down front. Spy Song leading. Back stretch Assault, 8 to 1, pulls ahead on final turn and wins by eight lengths with Spy Song second. CU of fans. Jockey, trainer and owner seen in winners circle. Sports Horse Racing Gambling Horse Race Alcohol Recreation. 22:05:52:00 - 22:06:51:00 B W 1946 06May46 Canada [UNRRA Grain Shipped By Canada] Large grain elevators seen from water loading grain ships. Much dust shipboard. Longshoremen also loading pallets of grain with burlap bags marked UNRRA. Loading into hold. Converted aircraft carrier with grain augers dumping into holds. CU of grain pouring past camera on wooden slides. Tugboat moves ship into harbor. Post-WWII aid United Nations assistance wheat dock workers. 22:06:59:00 B W 1946 09May46 Sd Bremerton, Washington [Navy Tests New Cycloidal Ship Propeller] CU of blade-like device. Inventor, Prof. Kerston (sp?) of University of Washington standing beside the egg-beater device. Demonstrated in box. Then on landing craft churning up water and landing craft turning quickly. MCU. Turning landing craft in its own length seen from above. Post-WWII Invention oddities. 22:08:15:00 B W 1946 Sd Edmonton, Alberta, Canada [Operation Musk Ox Ends] Canadian Army unit finishes 3,100 mile snowmobile trip to arctic south of the North Pole. Blizzard blowing and men in parkas and with snow and ice on face & beard seen. Sled dog in snow. Sleds nearly stuck. Interior of vehicle with man reading magazine and getting haircut. Large snowmobile pulling sleds through deep snow. Returning on Alcan highway celebrating drinking from bottles. Tracked vehicles into Edmonton in convoy from train. Lt. Governor Bowen shakes hands with Col. Baird, commander of expeditions. Post-WWII Winter Military Training Exercise. 22:09:45:00 B W 1946 Sd Tokyo, Japan Japan's New Policewomen. New York City's former police commissioner, Lewis J. Valentine, greeted by Tokyo police chief Masohara (sp?). Reviewing Japanese policewomen at Shiba as they complete training. MacArthur appointed Valentine to oversee police training during US Occupation. CU of graduates. Valentine with woman who won't look at him. Reviewing cadets with US military officers. Post-WWII Japan Occupation. 22:10:36:00 B W 1946 Sd New York City [Shoe Fashions] 3 models at St. Regis Hotel in bright floral outfits. Metallic beads on black gabardine shoes. Sandals summerwear hats. Tacky looking fashions. 5 models in summer outfits bows on shoes. CU of model. Oddities. 22:11:34:00 B W 1946 Sd Kansas City, Missouri [Women's International Bowling Congress]. Multiple lanes and women bowling in skirts and pants. Many strikes at once. Baby handed to man. Pinboys seen as pins fall. Strike with last pin slowly falling. Body english. Sports Bowling Championship Post-WWII Gags Recreation. 22:12:30:00 - 22:13:25:00 B W 1946 Sd Wenatchee, Washington [Motorcycle Hillclimb] Crowd watching on dusty hillside. Bikes tipping over, spectators help get them upright. Falls Sports Post-WWII Oddities Recreation. 22:13:33:00 B W 1946 13May46 Sd Fordham University, New York City Truman Urges Education For Future Peace. President Truman walking in cap & gown with Father Gannon to dedicate college victory bell. President is given Honorary Doctor of Law degree in front of 10,000 including Cardinal Spellman and Cardinal Griffin. Crowd applauds. Truman speaks: `Ignorance and its handmaidens: prejudice, intolerance, suspicion of our fellow man breed dictators. And they breed wars. Civilization cannot survive an atomic war. Nothing would be left but a world reduced to rubble. Gone would be Man's hopes for decency. Gone would be our hope for the greatest age in the history of mankind an age, which you and I know, can harness atomic energy for the welfare of man and not for his destruction. And so, we must look to education in the long run to wipe out that ignorance which threatens catastrophe. Intelligent men do not hate other men just because their religion may be different or, because their habits and language may be different or, because their national origin or color may be different. It is up to education to bring about that deeper international understanding that is so vital to world peace.' Applause & LS of speakers platform. Civil Rights Purpose Rhetoric Speech Post-WWII Atomic Power Atomic Bomb Atom Bomb Threats Cold War Behavior. 22:15:27:00 B W 1946 Sd Shanghai, China Raid Chinese Black Market. Street scene with back alley. US military officer and civilian walking through. Street scene with US and Chinese soldiers grabbing goods and pushing people around. Army K-rations shown. Policing Arrests Navy Shore Patrol Scuffling Post-WWII Military Government. 22:16:35:00 B W 1946 Sd White Sands Proving Ground, Las Cruces, New Mexico 1st Pictures Nazi Rocket Tests in US. Truck pulling V-2 on trailer along road. 45-foot long rocket is raised as military VIPs watch. Parts to make 100 rockets were prepared. Men at top of rocket preparing for blast-off. Concrete blockhouse EXT, men entering and closing door behind. Interior with men at controls. Rocket slowly lifting off in launch. Tracking telescope seen with men cranking to follow. Post-WWII military testing technology. 22:18:01:00 B W 1946 Sd Tokyo, Japan Tojo Goes On Trial. Police & soldiers outside courthouse. Tojo out of bus, followed by other Japanese defendants. Into courtroom and seated in box. Tribunal entering. Brig. Noland standing reading indictment. MCU of Tojo. Defendant Okowa (sp?) slaps Tojo on head. Post-WWII War Crimes Trial Behavior Oddities Gag. 22:18:58:00 - 22:20:50:00 B W 1946 Sd Baltimore, Maryland Assault Cops Preakness. Stands filled with racing fans including: Governor Herbert O'Connor Mrs. Graham Secretary Vincent & House Speaker Rayburn J. Edgar Hoover & Clyde Tolson in boxes. Horses onto track with one kicking. Out of gate and down straight to first turn, Crowd shot, back stretch and Assault pulling up and going ahead into the home stretch. Lord Boswell catching up but comes in second. Sports Horse Racing Gambling Preakness Horse Race. 22:20:58:00 B W 1946 16May46 Sd Coast Guard Patrolling North Atlantic for Icebergs. Heavy seas and POV from boat with icebergs seen & approached. AV of Cutter Tampa near huge berg. View from plane low over iceberg and AV of patrol plane past. Shipping hazards. 22:22:08:00 B W 1946 Sd New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada Around The ?? Parade with floats and young kids with May Queen. Girls in dresses doing special dance. Doreen Durst crowning Queen Sally. People applaud. Maypoles and kids dancing around it. Other folk dance on large field. Spring Celebration Children. 22:23:04:00 B W 1946 Sd New York City [Blind Bowlers Tournament] Using handrail, And picking up spares. Champion given award and handshake. Handicap Sports Oddities Bowling. 22:24:05:00 - 22:25:15:00 B W 1946 Sd New York City [Liverpool, England 3, USA Allstars 1 In Soccer] Triborough Stadium with full grandstand. Sports Soccer. 22:25:19:00 B W 1946 23May46 New York City Variety Clubs Annual Award. Formal Dinner with Barney Balaban next to Miss Evangeline Booth, former head of Salvation Army. Bill Scully of Universal in MCU. Pittsburgh Mayor Lawrence, Admiral Farley with Mr. Fitzgibbons. George Jessel and Jack Benny. R.J. O'Donnell gives award to Miss Booth amidst applause. Charity Theater Industry Motion Picture Industry Business Fund Raising. 22:26:11:00 - 22:26:53:00 B W 1946 Sd Indianapolis, Indiana [Rocket Attachment For Race Car]. MCU of attaching to Duke Nalon's car. Shown testing. Wilber Shaw shakes hands. Down straightaway and tested with much smoke. 22:27:01:00 B W 1946 03Jun46 Washington, DC Eisenhower Says We Must Back Victory. Ike at desk: `Two years ago on D-Day the American soldier again proved his outstanding worthiness as a fighting man. No obstacle could stop him, no enemy could withstand his outstanding courage, a determination, and will to win. We have yet to complete the job he so well advanced at such great costs. For victory at war is barren until a secure peace has been established. Young men who have not yet done their share must now come forward to help bear the burden. May the memory of what the American fighting man accomplished inspire in us a high resolve to see the job through. We, who strength did so much to win the shooting war, cannot afford to become laggard now. That we owe to every man who fell on D-Day and on so many other fields throughout the world.' Patriotism Post-WWII Military victory. D-Day Memorial Speech Army Soldiers Rhetoric. 22:28:09:00 B W 1946 Sd New York City Cops and Kids Parade waving at camera some carry PAL banners. On paddlewheel steamer Claremont, 2,700 boys and girls wave at aircraft carrier Midway. Eating sandwiches. Kids boxing on deck. Policeman with frog.. Kids clammering over cop. Police Athletic League Youth summer programs Urban Life Summer Outing Hudson River. 22:29:10:00 B W 1946 Sd Darien Jungle, Panama Refrigerator ??. Choco Indians with machete cutting & harvesting bananas. Carry off large bundles, to dugouts and then down river. Canoes with fruit unloading. Monkey on board. United Fruit Company (?) Agriculture Business. 22:30:25:00 - 22:32:12:00 B W 1946 Sd Indianapolis, Indiana Crowds across grass into stadium. 1908 Buick & other early cars arrive to celebrate first post-WWII race. Wilber Shaw & Colonel Roscoe Turner Gen. Jimmy Doolittle & Henry Ford II. Drivers and mechanics at cars, people watching. Paced start. Cars passing and Russo crashes into the wall on northeast turn. George Robson of Los Angeles at nearly 115 mph. Into winners circle with wife. Sports Automobile Racing Indy 500 Race 22:32:20:00 - 22:33:09:00 B W 1946 20Jun46 Canada [Repatriated Japanese Sail on General ?? Liner]. Japanese waving from on deck MCU smiling, talking and young people on deck. Young children in MCU, and with father. People on dock waving as ship sails. Post-WWII Returning Ethnic. 22:33:16:00 - 22:34:16:00 B W 1946 03Jun46 Sd New York City Assault Wins Triple Crown. Crowd at track horses & jockeys led past. Seven thoroughbred out of gate. Assault comes from behind to win the Belmont Stakes horse race by three lengths. MCU of jockey on horse. Sports Horse racing. 22:34:23:00 B W 1946 24Jun46 Sd Seattle, Washington Crew Race. Spectators along Lake Washington. Man in MCU eating hot dog. Couple standing on saw horse, others in trees. People watching with binoculars, telescopes, etc. 8 college crews rowing seen from water and high angle. Cornell wins with MIT second. College Sports Rowing. 22:35:26:00 - 22:36:50:00 B W 1946 Sd Minneapolis, Minnesota Track Champs NCAA track & field championships before large crowd. Runners finishing the mile race. Camera pans around. Winner in MCU. Sprinters run 100 yard dash. Illinois's Mathis wins. 220 run with turn at beginning. McKinley of Illinois wins. College Sports. 22:36:56:00 B W 1946 18Jul46 Sd Mitchell Field, New York [RAF Squadron 35 Arrives For Good Will Tour]. 16 Lancaster bombers over Manhattan seen from ground and air. POV from in cockpit and from above planes. Landing and taxiing into line. Gen. Stratomeyer (sp?) welcomes. Airmen lined up. Post-WWII Diplomacy. 22:38:06:00 B W 1946 Sd Portland, Oregon [Hollywood Stars Arrive For Canyon Passage Premiere]. Welcome placards & signs. Walter Wanger & wife Joan Bennett arrive off United Airlines plane fans wave. Lou Costello with 3 starlets waving. Indians in beadwork & buckskin dancing to drum Costello also dancing on airplane steps. MCU Indian child looks up at drummer. Governor Snell riding in convertible in motorcade. Float of pseudo-Indians in canoes. Costello with cigarette blowing kisses from back of convertible. (22:38:51) Night and lighted marquee for premiere seen from high angle. Costello in white sport coat down ramp. Marquee: `Walter Wanger's Canyon Passage In Technicolor.' Motion picture business self-promotion actors actresses Western Ethnic stereotyping American Indians publicity advertising. 22:39:06:00 - 22:40:17:00 B W 1946 Sd Albany, Oregon [Timber Carnival] Lumberjacks descending tall spar poles. Log rolling exhibition with acrobatic flip done. Tries to balance on chair on log. Brothers dump each other into pond. Loggers Celebration Exhibition Oddities. 22:40:23:00 B W 1946 18Jul46 Sd Nola, Italy Tower Fiesta. Festival of the Towers. High angle of narrow street at tower is carried between buildings and in plaza. Towers about 90 feet high and weighing 8,000 lbs. CU of men carrying. Four towers visible. among large crowd in plaza. Catholic Religion Patron Saint Fiesta of Lilies Oddities Strength Celebration. End: 22:41:12:00 22:41:18:00 - 22:42:23:00 B W 1946 18Jul46 Sd London, England Canada Admiral Mountbatten and wife arrive at Guild Hall in ornate carriage, to receive the Freedom of the City of London award, greatest civic honor of the Empire. Greeted by Lord Mayor & given ceremonial sword. Speaks: `I am deeply appreciative of what's bestowed on me today, that the Sword of Honor, which will be my most treasured possession, shall hang above that sword which was surrendered to me by the Japanese Supreme Commander of the Sultan Regions (?) Count de la Roucha (sp?). Civic Ceremony War hero Post-WWII. 22:42:31:00 B W 1946 22Jul46 Sd Onset, Massachusetts Gas Blast Rocks Town. Men walking through wooden debris of completely destroyed four buildings. Other buildings shifted off foundations and had to be pulled down. Men watch buildings pulled down. Crane removing parts. Nine killed in explosion in basement of restaurant. 22:43:22:00 B W 1946 Sd The World of Sports - Sailing Cambridge, Maryland Sailboat regatta with 40 sloops. View from on board of sails and other boats. Turning around buoys. Boat heeled way over, dumps into water. Admiral Byrd presents trophy to Chauncy Willis. Sports Racing Sailboats Recreation Hobby. 22:44:46:00 B W 1946 Sd Bangkok, Siam Boxing. Kick boxers in ring with referee. Judges at ringside. Very quiet & staid audience of spectators. Sports oddities Kick boxing Fighting. 22:45:40:00 - 22:46:41:00 B W 1946 Sd Chicago, Illinois Horse Racing. 32,000 fans watch start of Arlington Handicap horse race. Historian beats favorite Armed, passing him at the last minute by a neck. Excited crowd. Sports Horse Race. 22:46:47:00 B W 1946 25Jul46 Si Chester, England King Visits Wales. Crowds standing in torrential rain waiting for motorcade of King and Queen. Seen writing inside car up stairs to balcony of church (?) where they wave to crowd. (22:47:18) Large castle, royalty up steps. Man opens enormous lock. Royalty & VIPs walk through large crowd watching. Ceremony Royal Duties. 22:47:42:00 B W 1946 Si Atlantic City, New Jersey The World of Sports - Horse Race. Opening of new race track with the Inaugural Handicap. Large grandstand seen from infield. People lined up at small betting windows. Barbershop of large bricks. Nearly bald man getting trim. Jockey helped on horse. Dining area of grandstand with people eating on linen tablecloths. Horses running along backstretch and around turn. Two horses neck and neck till close to finish. Woman happy. Sports Horse racing. Oddities. 22:49:00:00 - 22:49:54:00 B W 1946 Si London, England Track Meet. Very large stadium runners begin three-mile race, camera panning with them. People applaud. Sprinting for finish and Dutch runner is overtaken by Wooderston, the British champion.. Winner with trophy. Sports AAA Championships. 22:50:00:00 B W 1946 29Jul46 Sd Vezelay, France Crusade For Peace. Site of the seventh Holy Crusade in the Middle Ages. Pilgrims come to pray for peace. Barefoot man kneeling, crowds of others carrying crucifix, nuns kneeling, priest giving sacrament. Catholic Religion Faith. 22:50:35:00 B W 1946 Sd St. Clair, France [Torchlight Religious Procession] Interior of St. Clair church with people carrying torches past camera. Ext. with 9th Century Saint carried in glass cover. Fire burning. Statue of beheaded Saint. Holy springs, woman descends into it and puts holy water on face. Large group with torches. Catholic Religion ritual tomb. 22:51:29:00 B W 1946 Sd The World of Sports - Golf Chicago, Illinois Herman Barron of White Plains leads all the way to win the $10,500 prize in the All-American Open at Tam O'Shanter. He winds up with a par-matching 72 for a 280 total, one stroke ahead of Ellsworth Vines (former tennis champ). Crowds following to watch putt. Man misses putt. Baron gets victory handshakes. Crowd applauds. MCU holding check. 22:52:31:00 - 22:53:31:00 B W 1946 Sd Hollywood Park, Los angles, California Gold Cup. High angle grandstand & of filled parking lot of race track. Hollywood actor Fred Astaire watches his horse Triplicate come from behind to nose out Honeymoon. Horses to post, crowd shots. Louis B Mayer horse falls behind. Close finish. Sports horse racing. 22:53:37:00 B W 1946 08Aug46 Sd Balboa, California The World of Sports - Yachting Many small sailboats of `Snowbird' fleet going back and forth. High angle of the getting underway. View of several women in one boat others sailed single handed. Sports Recreational Sailboat Racing. 22:54:29:00 - 22:55:17:00 B W 1946 Si Valence, France Gymnastics. Man doing routines on high bar. French & Swiss contest. Very graceful and difficult routines. Man working out on side horse defending his championship title. Graceful agile. 22:55:24:00 B W 1946 23Aug46 Burbank, California [Lockheed `Constitution' Rolled Out For Navy]. 168-passenger plane weighs 92-tons and will be able to fly to Tokyo in 19 hours. Small twin engine plane under wing. MS of man standing on wing. Wheels designed to turn prior to hitting the ground. Technology Invention Aviation Aircraft 22:56:08:00 B W 1946 Sd Bugaboo Glacier, British Columbia, Canada [Mountain Climbers put on boots, coil ropes, walking up trail and over rocks. Climbing up waterfall. Across snow bridge roped climbers ascend. People crossing snowfields with ropes. Rocky Mountains Recreational Sports Hobbies. 22:57:07:00 B W 1946 Sd New York City [Painless Dentistry] Dentist with mirror and pick working in pretty model's mouth. He is using new drill that uses carbon dioxide on the drill to cool it and avoid pain. CU of drilling on the tooth with drill appearing frosted. Dentist & model smiles. Dentist office Dental chair Invention Technology. 22:58:04:00 B W 1946 Sd Livingston, Montana AV of large fish drawn on desert ground. Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley with fishermen and women. 1,500 entered in fishing contest. Small boys fishing. Man bringing in large trout. Measuring fish. Rainbow trout weighed over 3 lbs and gets check and kisses. Recreational Sports Fishing Contest. 22:59:13:00 B W 1946 Sd Washington, DC Speed Ball Bob Feller throws a baseball 98.6 mph at Griffith Stadium to set a record. Army engineers time the throw with a special recording device. Catcher behind. MCU of Feller holding ball, pitch seen from behind catcher. Device was used to test velocity of shells during WWII. Sports Records Baseball pitching Measuring Speed Technology. 22:59:57:00 - 23:01:06:00 B W 1946 Sd Polo Ground, New York City [Roller Derby Teams Perform]. High angle along track as people bouncing into each other. Seen from beside track. Falls, Falls. Official judge booth. Women pushing and shoving. Falls. Sports Roller Skating Racing Violence Oddities. 23:01:12:00 - 23:02:19:00 B W 1946 05Sep46 Si Sd Calcutta, India Thousands Killed In Indian Riots. Hindu police with long sticks & soldiers thru streets. Damaged firetruck soldiers burning buildings. People thru streets. 23:02:24:00 B W 1946 10Sep46 Canada [Bumper Canadian Wheat Crop] AV over grain field largely harvest. 3 swathers seen cutting oats. Grain combines loading trucks in a row. Wheat poured over hand. AVs over ca. ten combines in row. Agriculture harvesting farming. 23:03:31:00 B W 1946 23Sep46 Gander, Newfoundland, Canada 18 Rescued In Crash of Air Liner. AV over forest looking for Belgium transport. Shadows of plane over woods. Trees. Ground view of wreckage, some burned. Mud & tundra. Helicopters, tents, and army carrying survivors to helicopter pad of planks. Helicopter lifting off. People boarding helicopter, flying to Deadwood Lake where PBYs are reloaded for flight to Gander. Rubber rafts used to transfer bodies. Amphibian lands and stretchers unloaded into ambulance. Sign: `Sir Frederick Banting Memorial Hospital, Gander' where people watch arrivals. Airliner crash aftermath. 23:07:17:00 B W 1946 Sd Salerno, Italy Gen. Clark Honored At Salerno. AV across beach and remains of beach landing. Clark salutes sign. Locals in swimming suits cheer down road past locals. Bust of General is presented to city. Military Hero Honor Ceremony. Post-WWII. 23:08:13:00 - 23:09:48:00 B W 1946 Sd Baltimore, Maryland Charity. 52,000 football fans watch Chicago Bears play the Washington Redskins and win 20 to 14 in a Variety Club benefit game. Sid Luckman throws pass for first Chicago touchdown. Player runs into referee and knocks over photographers on the sidelines. Osmanski runs for touchdown. Goal posts on goal line. Dick Todd has 66 yard run to set up touchdown. Sports Professional Football. 23:09:54:00 B W 1946 23Sep46 Sd Washington, DC [Secretary of Commerce Wallace Resigns] MS on telephone, signing resignation as requested by President Truman after Wallace advocated a softer policy towards USSR. Puts feet up on desk and photographers take his picture. Government Fired Removed Opposition Post-WWII Cold War Peace. 23:10:28:00 - 23:10:53:00 B W 1946 Sd Paris, France [W. Averell Harriman at Paris Peace Conference to Succeed Wallace] Ambassador to Great Britain and previously to USSR talks with Secretary of State Byrnes in MCU. (23:10:45) Wallace sitting on park bench reading want ads in newspaper. Appointment. 23:10:59:00 - 23:12:24:00 B W 1946 30Sep46 Sd Moscow, USSR President of Soviets Mourned. Flags of mourning over doorway as long line of mourners snakes in. Many crying. Kalinin laying in State. Molotov, Stalin & other VIPS carrying casket out of building and following through street. Ceremony in Red Square. Military VIPS. People watch. Lowering of casket into grave. State Funeral. 23:12:32:00 - 23:13:24:00 B W 1946 03Oct46 Sd San Marino, Italy San Marino Decorates US Admiral. LS of principality on hilltop. Admiral Ellery Stone, chief of the Allied Italian Committee and other military VIPS walk through applauding citizens. Castle on rocky hilltop. Flags. Stone in MCU saluting. Interior of government building as Stone receives Grand Cross of San Marino. Cross seen in CU. Saluted and with handshaking. Propaganda Post-WWII Aid Military Government Oddities. Continued on list with 1947 Universals.