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DN-LB-552 Beta SP
02:01:20:00 B W 1946 07Mar46 Sd Madison Square Gardens, New York Golden Gloves. Good LS of spectators before fight. Heavyweight, Ezra Goodenham of Huntington, West Virginia vs Torey Borsalino from Newark, New Jersey. Punching, clinching. Fans calling through cupped hands. Borsalino knocked out. Referee bends over him staring. Sports Amateur Boxing Boxers TKO. 02:02:12:00 B W 1946 Sd Tail Credit: The End with music under (clean). End: 02:02:19:00 02:02:27:00 B W 1946 07Mar46 Orlando, Florida Senators In Training. Players sitting in front of camera, get up and run towards camera and past CU of clown player. Pitchers pitching and limbering up. Others throwing for camera. Owner (?) and ?? talking. Batting practice. Sports Professional Baseball Washington Senators Spring Training, 1946. 02:03:25:00 B W 1946 Si Pasadena, California Sox Open Training. Players running, hitting, throwing in unison. Several coaches or managers with groups of players. Sports Professional Baseball Chicago White Sox 1946 Spring Training. 02:04:25:00 B W 1946 Si St. Petersburg, Florida Cards Start 1946 Training. Four coaches, one in CU. Players fielding and in CU. Pitchers tossing and pitching. On mound. Feet in MCU. Batters swinging and hitting. Sports Professional Baseball St. Louis Cardinals 1946 Spring Training. 02:05:21:00 B W 1946 Si Tigers Open Spring Grind. Pan over players posing for photographs. Pitchers throwing. Detroit coach and players Pitchers pitching seen from ground and in stands and behind catcher. Good LA with bleachers behind pitcher. Sports Professional Baseball Detroit Tigers 1946 Spring Training. End: 02:06:17:00 02:06:23:00 B W 1946 18Mar46 Sd Liverpool, England Blaze Sweeps Liner. Night and hoses onto flaming ship along docks. Fifth ship to catch on fire. CU `Milwaukee Hamburg' on charred hull. Burning deck. Listing 17,000 ton former Nazi German liner Arson (?) Post-WWII. 02:07:09:00 B W 1946 Sd The World Of Sports West Palm Beach, Florida. Baseball. Connie Mack sitting with Philadelphia Athletics in front of board fence, posing for filming. Players get up and with 83 year old Mack run past camera. Dick Fowler, number 25, pitching. Bobo Newsome, number 16, pitching. Russ Christopher, number 25, pitching. Connie Mack pitches for camera. Sports 1946 Professional Baseball Spring Training Geriatrics. Music and announcer, sound lags picture. End 02:07:59:00 02:08:08:00 B W 1946 18Mar46 Sd Hollywood, California [Radio Station Publicity Stunt]. Women running down street toward camera. Sign: Al Lewis, Peter Potter Are Giving Away Nylons with women clustering in front and man throwing out nylon stockings for a Hollywood radio station. Ambulance and police, with man loaded into back. Women sitting on rock wall pulling up stockings in gag shot. Post-WWII Scarcity Consumerism Advertising Gags Oddities Promotion. 02:08:48:00 B W 1946 Sd Buffalo, New York [43rd American Bowling Congress Tournament]. Many lanes of bowling alley and bowlers rolling balls while spectators watch. LS of huge convention center(?). Pins falling. Bowlers seen from in front, side. Pin boys from above. Two strikes side by side and others in slow motion. split left. CU of hand with fingers into ball, rolling and picking up the two pins. 1946 Professional Sports Recreation. 02:09:43:00 B W 1946 Sd New York City [Woman Pool Champion Demonstrating Trick Shots]. Ruth McGinnis praying pocket billiards the break HA sinking pool balls into side pocket. Trick shots of various combinations. MCU of her looking down cue. Shoots shot without looking. Women Champions Sports Oddities. End: 02:10:32:00 02:10:39:00 B W 1946 25Mar46 Si Yokohama, Japan Japs Take A Powder! Men in white coats and US Army GIs with spray guns spraying DDT around small houses with people inside, down women's dresses and in their hair, up sleeves. Also spraying a few men & children. MCU of women. Babies. Release sheet--`In an effort to prevent plague, Army medicos instruct Japs in the use of dusting powder, DDT and typhus vaccination. Special teams comb wide areas of the city and treat many civilians.' Oddities Post-WWII Japanese Occupation Medicine Disease Prevention. End: 02 11:26:00 02:11:33:00 B W 1946 25Mar46 Si Chicago, Illinois [Willie Mosconi & Jimmy Caras Winding Up 10,750 Point, Cross-Country Challenge Match]. Shaking hands One breaks balls other does tricks with cue ball and two cues as men sit and watch. Both doing trick shots. Good Shot of lining up cue. Spectators applauding. Sports Gags Oddities. End: 02:12 31:00 02:12:36:00 B W 1946 01Apr46 Sd Hull, Quebec, Canada Fire Sweeps Pulpwood Stockpile. Burning at night with firemen hosing larger pile of burning logs. Men silhouetted and equipment twisted. Large pile burning during daytime and catching nearby bridge on fire and rails twisted by heat. Partially collapsed bridge seen. Smoking wreckage. Paper Mill Disaster Paper Industry Hazards. 02:13:39:00 B W 1946 Sd Atlanta, Georgia [Dirt Track Auto Racing] First American Automobile Sanctioned Race Since WWII. Cars towed for start and open cars cross starting line. High angle shot of cars on long circular track. Crash seen from distance as `Speed' Morelock's racer flips end over end. Post-WWII. End: 02:14:33:00 02:14:40:00 B W 1946 01Apr46 Sd Snoqualmie Pass, Washington Winter's ???. LS of rotary snow plow cutting through avalanche blocking Cascade mountain pass. Men breaking loose snow into rotary blade probe with hand shovel. Traffic past plow and then plow edging road wider. Line of cars through on wet pavement in sunshine. Beauty shot of snow. Spring. 02:15:29:00 B W 1946 Sd Madison Square Garden, New York City Basketball. Eastern College All-Stars Win Over West 60-59. LS from high angle. Spectators at courtside watching benefit game for Fresh Air Fund. Fast pace and sharpshooting with swisher longshot baskets. Jump shot. Sports 1946 College Basketball All-star Game. End: 02:17:08:00 02:17:15:00 B W 1946 01Apr46 Si Title: Universal Newsreel World-Wide Events with montage behind. (movement). 02:17:33:00 B W 1946 Si Iwo Jima Navy's New Rocket Packs Big Wallop. Men assembling approx. 24 inch diameter 1,200 lb. `Tiny Tim' rocket used against the Japanese attaching fins and fuel line. Small fighter plane mounted on test stand with rocket swinging down and forward, then igniting. 02:18:12:00 B W 1946 Boy in sailor suit on beach lighting small rocket with fuse on wooden launcher and it sails off. 02:18:18:00 B W 1946 Another shot of rocket fired from stationary fighter plane. 02:18:23:00 B W 1946 Mounting rocket under larger bomber plane. LS of firing from plane into targets on water (multiple shots). Post-WWII Military weapons testing. 02:19:09:00 B W 1946 Sd Washington, DC Truman Signs Housing Bill. Truman in front of three men in White House signing Emergency Housing Program Bill for appropriation of additional $250,000,000 for construction of 100,000 housing units. Signs with multiple pens. Post-WWII GI housing homeless Economy Government Aid ca 01 April 1946. 02:19:44:00 B W 1946 Si Santa Anita, Arcadia, California Harness Racing. Mobile starting gate along tracks demonstrated. Using electric magnet to release screens in front of trotters. POV from in front of running trotters and sulkies. Inventions Post-War 1946 Entertainment. Horse Racing Sulky. End: 02:20:30:00 02:20:36:00 B W 1946 08Apr46 Si Kingman, Arizona Airplane Graveyard. AV over huge field of airplanes parked on grid in desert. Bombers. Seen in high angle. Rows of motors, propellers. Partially dismantled planes. Nose art: The Swoose Leading Lady Mabel's Labels Hell's Belles. LS of planes among sagebrush. Post-WWII. End: 02:21:24:00 02:21:31:00 B W 1946 15Apr46 Sd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [1946 Miss Press Photographer Contest] Bathing beauties parading for camera holding numbers. MCU of legs crossed. Sitting around. Marcha Adams wins contest and crowned Miss Press Photographer by Bess Myerson, 1945 Miss America. Photographers taking flash pictures. TU legs and she is holding Speed Graflex camera and flashes at photographers. End: 02:22:20:00 02:22:26:00 B W 1946 15Apr46 Sd The World of Sports. Morin River, Paris, France Kayak Race. Couple in double kayak racing on smooth water with castle in background. Single and doubles racing. Both men and women. Some open canoes. People watching from bridge as couple go over approx. 4 foot falls. Post-WWII France Recreation. 02:23:19:00 B W 1946 Sd Montreal, Quebec, Canada Hockey. `Canadiens 6, Boston Bruins 3 in 1946 Stanley Cup finals win. Rough checking, fighting. Professional Sports Hockey 1946 Championship. End: 02 24:33:00 02:24:39:00 B W 1946 22Apr46 Sd Los Angeles, California Togs For Tots. Spring fashions for children. Young girls on stage at style show. Girl kisses boy. Kids Fashion Show Oddities Gags. Post-WWII Consumerism. 02:25:40:00 B W 1946 Sd Passaic, New Jersey Izaak Walton Junior. Man fires pistol at start of fishing contest. Many kids around lake in park casting boy in wheelchair. Little girl bringing in tiny fish man nets. Two little girls hold up small fish. 2 boys with largest and smallest fish. Size. Boy trying to untangle line. Trick reverse photography to show fish jumping into hands. Oddities. Spring 1946. 02:26:31:00 B W 1946 Sd Paterson, New Jersey Midget Racer Clash. High angle of dirt track at Hinchcliffe Stadium with midget racers going around small track. Cars sliding and bouncing off rail. Spinning out. Men in stands standing up cars crashing over fence. Post-WWII Entertainment Automobile Racing. End: 02:27:33:00 02:27:40:00 B W 1946 30Apr46 Sd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Penn Relays. Broad jumper towards camera and from alongside. Fred Dunston (sp?) of Marines jumps over 23 feet. Sprinters seen in 100 yard dash. Bill Carter of Tuskegee Air Forcers wins & in MCU. Sam Felton, Dartmouth, throws hammer in slow motion. MCU. Hurdles combined with relays. Some slow motion. Knocking down hurdles. Sports 1946 College Track Meet. End: 02:29:08:00