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DN-LB-552 Beta SP
02:29:13:00 B W 1947 03Nov47 Sd Long Beach, California Hughes Tests Plane On Eve Of Inquiry. LS of plane with people around it. View from above with 4 motors on one wing MCU of Hughes interior shot of plane with pan looking both directions. Plane on water. AV of plane floating on water pilots checking panels of instruments. Hughes at controls. Plane taxiing along water & newsreel cameraman on back of boat. Hughes at controls. Taxiing and onto step through water before takeoff. Airborne over the water for a mile then slowly settles down and lands past camera. 400,000 lb, $25,000,000 plywood airplane Spruce Goose Aviation Invention Technology Senate Investigation Success Failure Defense Contracts Post-WWII Cold War. Track lags picture slightly. End: 02:30:58:00 02:31:07:00 B W 1947 03Nov47 Sd Champaign, Illinois Football. Michigan 14, Illinois 7. Edelman punt, Elliot runs back along sideline for touchdown for Michigan. Illinois touchdown by Steiger. Other good runs. Sports 1947 College Football. 02:32:11:00 B W 1947 Sd Dallas, Texas Southern Methodist University 14, Texas 13. Kick-off run back by Page, almost to goal then runs. Johnson throws long pass and SMU scores again. Handley pass to Gillroy (sp) for another touchdown. Sports 1947 College Football. 02:33:33:00 B W 1947 Sd Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia Tech 7, Duke 0. Players running onto field in rain with spectators jumping. Owen runs ball. Still passes to Dick Bowen. Still passes to Brodnax for touchdown. Sports 1947 College Football. 02:34:07:00 B W 1947 Sd Cleveland, Ohio Notre Dame 27, Navy 0. Navy fumbles and Notre Dame recovers. Johnny Lujack (sp?) throws for touchdown. Lujack runs and almost does touchdown before fumbling. Hawkins fumbles for Notre Dame. Hart catches touchdown pass. Sports 1947 College Football. 02:35:10:00 B W 1947 Sd Princeton, New Jersey. Pennsylvania 26, Princeton 7 Luongo runs other running plays for touchdown. Dick West passes for Princeton touchdown. Graham runs for Penn. Evans passes to Schneider (sp?). Another touchdown run. Sports 1947 College Football. End: 02:36:47:00 02:36:54:00 B W 1947 06Nov47 Sd News In Brief London, England. Stanislaw Mikolajezyk, leader of the anti-communist Polish Peasant Party, arrives in England after his dramatic escape from Warsaw. He speaks for the newsreel camera as son looks on: (CU) `The military court had been ordered to sentence us for [to] death. So I went [to] my friend, and we decided to go away. MS Last night I arrived here after a journey by plane. From Germany we landed at the airport in ??? And I'm happy to be here, especially I have seen my wife and my son.' Anti-communism Propaganda Poland Post-WWII Cold War. 02:37:35:00 B W 1947 Sd Jaipur, India [Maharajah Durbar Ceremony] British military VIPs watch, including Pamela Mountbatten. Maharajaha receives and blesses people and animals. MCU of people Oxen pulling cart elephant horse blessed. LS of plaza and people marching. Colonialism. Colony. Royalty India Post-WWII. 02:38:25:00 B W 1947 Sd Sports Rockefeller Center, New York [Olympic Figure Skating Team Practicing] High angle of twirling. Couple dancing together Richard Button of Philadelphia doing solo routine seen in slow motion. Eileen Seigh doing woman's solo routine. Also seen but not named: Bob Swenning Yvonne Sherman, Gretchen Merrill. Ice Skating 1948 Winter Olympic Trials. End: 02:40:01:00 02:40:09:00 B W 1947 06Nov47 Sd Athens, Greece [Greeks Honor WWII War Dead]. Marching viewed by wounded WWII veterans in wheel chairs British officers watching King & Queen in motorcade. Greek soldiers in dress costumes Troops march and with K-9 corps Greek navy sailors other units and nurses pushing wheelchair bound veterans. Cold War Post-WWII. End: 02:40:45:00 02:41:01:00 B W 1947 06Nov47 Sd Portland, Oregon [US Defends Golf's Ryder Cup] US Captain Ben Hogan teeing off Sam Snead tees off Britain's Dave Reese & Sam King each tee off in rainy weather. People walking with umbrellas and standing water on course. US wins 7 out of 8 single matches. International Cup presented to Captain Hogan by Robert Hudson, tournament chairman. Others looking on. Sports Professional Golf. 02:42:15:00 B W 1947 Sd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [Backyard Acrobats Train] Circus family doing trapeze act clown & child. Cameraman in net. Baby in crib laughing. Many misses & falls. Oddities hobby. End: 02:43:19:00 02:43:26:00 B W 1947 06Nov47 Si Dallas, Texas Prest - O! Change - O! Magician convention with magician lighting candle under pan drops eggs into glasses from pan. Man doing card trick in top hat. Audience applauding. Vancouver Magic on sign. Man putting something into bag and pouring out flowers. Man lighting candles between fingers and making others appear. Oddities Stunts Gags. 02:44:33:00 B W 1947 Si Claremore, Oklahoma Will Rogers Honored. Parade up small town street with marching units, Jerry Colona in car Bob Hope Boy Scout unit covered wagons. People on lawn of Will Rogers Memorial. Men behind mics standing talking (MOS). Will Rogers crypt surrounded by ladies who place wreath on top. End: 02:45:40:00 02:45:47:00 B W 1947 06Nov47 Si Canada [Society Horse Show] Horses pulling small carriages round arena with US & Canadian flags hanging. People in tuxedos and formal dress watching. Military riders with horses over various jumps. Winner posing with couple in formal wear. Society Wealth. 02:47:02:00 B W 1947 Si Canada [Tobacco Crop] People picking tobacco in field in front of horse. Men tieing tobacco onto poles near tractor and handing up into shed for drying. 2 men shake hands over tobacco. Removing tobacco from shed after drying. Agriculture Harvesting End: 02:47:54:00 02:48:00:00 B W 1947 10Nov47 Sd Football Baltimore, Maryland [Georgia Tech 16, Navy 14]. Wet field. Navy pass to Markle good, then Horn passes to Schwepperman for touchdown. Gerber for another Navy touchdown. Patton pass to Southern for Georgia Tech touchdown. Sports 1947 College Football. 02:49:00:00 B W 1947 Sd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Penn 19, Virginia 7. Bob Deuber running for touchdown. Virginia passes to Ray Brown. Slow motion of McCary attempt to pass then runs with the ball. Jones runs for Virginia touchdown. Deuber runs several plays, good MCU of broken field running. Deuber in slow motion. Sports 1947 College Football. 02:50:49:00 B W 1947 Sd South Bend, Indiana Notre Dame 27, Army 7. Terry Brennon (sp?) runs back kick off for touchdown. Johnny Lujak passes Martin runs Terry Vernon over for touchdown. Army's Stewart passes for touchdown. Hard tackling. Sports 1947 College Football. End: 02:52:14:00 02:52:20:00 B W 1947 13Nov47 Sd Washington, DC Hughes Plane Inquiry. Hughes seated at table to testify about his $40 million dollar plane contract before a war investigating committee photographers take pictures. Sen. Ferguson questions about a $200,000 loan reportedly requested by General Bennett Meyers. Hughes, who had previously testified he had been approached by Meyers, supplies the details: `Well, my God, he wanted, he wanted me or Hughes Tool Company to loan $200,000 toward the purchase of some Liberty Bonds, which were going to be purchased on margin. Now he furthermore wanted me or Hughes Tool Company to guarantee that transaction against reduction in price of the bonds. In other words, if the bonds went down he wanted me or Hughes Tool Company to agree to put up further additional money to hold them. Now the deal would have necessarily been made through a broker and it would have had to be down in black and white there is no way you could cover up a deal like that.' MS Audience listening. 02:53:26:00 B W 1947 General Meyers, formerly Deputy Chief of Procurement, quized by Senator Ferguson. Ferguson: `Now what do you say about that testimony, where Hughes said you tried to get the money from him?` Meyers: `Well I said that is just a terrific careless use of the truth and its ridiculous. I said that yesterday. And I'll say that again.' Ferguson: `Well what does it amount to under oath? In your opinion?' Meyers: `Well, I don't know what a lawyer or judge would call it.' Ferguson: `Well you know what false swearing is don't you?' Meyers: `Sure, its perjury.' Ferguson: `Well, you're of the opinion then that somebody is wrong here.' Meyers: `I certainly am! Very definitely, sir.' Government inquiry Post-WWII Corruption. End: 02:54:21:00 02:54:28:00 B W 1947 13Nov47 Sd [Food Train Nears Goal] MS towards engineer in engine cab. POV from behind of train crossing trestle across Salt Lake & view alongside. View of snowbound rangeland with cattle. POV looking forward on very long freight train. Passenger train being waved in and people waving to Drew Pearson at microphone (MOS), originator of Friendship Train. Truck & men loading freight cars with burlap bags of vegetables & crates of food. POV past night sign on Reno main street. Sign: Rawlins. Sing on train car: Laramie, Wyoming sign on another Cheyenne, Wyoming. POV from train of people waving at train. Views of train through mountains. European humanitarian aid. Post-WWII. Utah. End: 02:56:14:00 02:56:20:00 B W 1947 13Nov47 Sd Sports College Station, Texas Southern Methodist University 13, Texas A & M 0. Sunny day fumble. Gil Johnson passes for 14 out of 16 and Page catches for touchdown. Aggies Beatty (sp) passes but Page intercepts. Johnson passes to McKissick. Good rough plays. Sports 1947 College Football. 02:57:32:00 B W 1947 Sd France. [Professional Wrestling] Violence arm twisting scissor toss. Wrestler thrown out of the ring comes back and slaps other one. Throws him out of ring. Hits in face and then hit on back of neck and over the ropes. Wrestler drop kicking and hitting with elbows etc.. Referee breaks them then wrestler wrapped in ropes is kicked in chest several times and finally thrown out of ring. MCU woman making face at action. Sports Oddities Gags Staged Wrestling Violent. End: 02 59:58:00 03:00:05:00 B W 1947 13Nov47 Si International Beagle Trials. Large sign with art work of beagle. Various beagles with numbers being painted on their sides. On leashes and walked across field. Let loose and running into woods, along lane. Rabbit running and beagles chasing. Man holding winning beagle. Animals dogs beagles competition hunting. End: 03:01:08 03:01:14:00 B W 1947 13Nov47 Si Thanksgiving Preview. People herding large group of turkeys in pen. Running away from camera. Man holding turkey, others showing size. At feeding trough with man shoveling grain into it. MCU of turkeys strutting and fluffing feathers. Poultry Raising Agriculture Holidays. End: 03:02:17:00 03:02:21:00 B W 1947 17Nov47 Sd Food & Labor Crises Face Europeans. Germany. Truck with garbage cans and people chasing and picking through garbage cans women picking up garbage off ground. 03:03:07 Paris, France, Garbage collectors on strike. Men arguing with police who are pushing them around. Anti-communist narration. Streets littered with garbage wagons around markets. Man walking through garbage. Strikes Labor Workers Cold-War Starvation Economics. End: 03:04:13 03:04:17:00 B W 1947 17Nov97 Sd Ottawa, Canada War Dead Mourned. LS of large plaza. Clock tower and men salute and others stand silently in snow etc. for silent memorial. Wreath placing. Line of people placing wreaths around monument. WWI veterans Armistice Day 03:05:15:00 B W 1947 Si Canada Santa Claus Parade. High angle of parade street level with floats, costumed people with paper-mache heads. Other floats of cartoon characters. MCU of kids. Float with Santa and mechanical reindeer. Holidays. End: 03 06:04:00 03:06:11:00 B W 1947 21Nov47 Sd Princeton, New Jersey Football Princeton 17, Yale 0. Crowded Palmer Stadium. Dick West intercepts pass for Princeton Weber runs then others run for touchdown. West throws to ?? for 45 yard play. Sela runs. Weber dives over. Fight for the goal posts and people throwing and punching each other. Violent. People wearing raccoon coats as band marches on field. More shots of fighting over goal posts. Sports College Football 1947 Violence. End: 03:08:08:00 03:08:16:00 B W 1947 28Nov47 Sd San Diego, California [World's Largest Land Plane - XC-99 Demonstrated] LS & MSs 6 motors pushing. Two levels of windows. Huge wheels. Taxiis out and then take off past camera. AV in flight. Size Air Force Cold War Aviation Aircraft Airplane. 03:09:30:00 B W 1947 Sd Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia Seminole Indians watch departure of Ross Allen expedition as they leave in canoes. Man dives in and brings up alligator. Very large cotton mouth snake picked up on paddle and puts into burlap bag for zoo. POV from canoe of bear swimming, climbs tree. Oddities Promotion Staged Phony Expedition. 03:11:28:00 B W 1947 Sd Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington. Staged ski lodge interior setting for fashion show. Seattle models showing jackets, sweaters and boots. Woman model smoking on couch. Skiers leave. EXT with skiers buckling on skies and up rope lift. Some skiing without shirts. Skiers down slopes. Falls Winter Recreation Sports. Oddities. End: 03:13:18:00 03:13:24:00 B W 1947 22Sep47 Si Title: Universal International Newsreel with spinning globe behind (clean) no sound. 03:13:34:00 B W 1947 22Sep47 Si Rio De Janiero, Brazil Pres. Truman Becomes A Shell Back. With binoculars and wife and daughter beside. View of Battleship USS Missouri bow through waves. Playing on deck as sailors take pictures. Leading people in exercises. Margaret looking through movie camera. Truman doing funny exercises. Crossing equator and sailors in drag and ceremony for King Neptune. Shaving over pool and dunking. Margaret laughing paddling. Staged treating of patient by doctor, then dunking. Truman laughing. Much violence. Navy. End: 03:15:54:00. 03:16:00:00 B W 1947 02Dec47 Sd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Christmas Season Opens. Parade with floats, and people waving from them. Dragon with smoking nostrils 6 draft horses pulling Santa float he climbs ladder to wave to children. Oddities 03:16:43:00 B W 1947 Sd Hollywood, California Night parade with Red Skelton on float Sabu riding elephant Judy Canova swinging form sing. William Bendix on float with others. Ralph Edwards on float. Jimmy Durante. Jack Benny riding float with Santa Claus. 03:17:29:00 B W 1947 Sd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Army -- Navy. Army 21, Navy 0. Secretary Forrestal Sec. of Agriculture Anderson Former Postmaster General Hanigan (sp?) General Eisenhower General Omar Bradley Canada's Viscount Alexander. Navy parade onto field. High angle of them and Army in formation. Mascots. Navy football team runs onto field. President Truman shakes with both captains. Navy quarterback Bill Hawkins fumbles. Rough tackling. Pass and run for touchdown. Winfield Scott runs Stewart fumbles. CU of Navy cheering. Rip Rowan broken field running for 92 yard touchdown. Slow motion of pass interception by Army and touchdown. Tearing down goal posts before game is done. crowd shots. Sports 1947 College Football. End: 03:20:45:00 03:20:53:00 B W 1947 22Sep47 Sd London, England Movie Stars At Command Performance. Rex Harrison & wife Queen receives bouquet from Susan Price. Boy gives bouquet to Princess Margaret (?). Mr. Rank presents stars to Queen. Vivien Leigh and others. Ann Todd, Stewart Grainger. Bob Hope & wife presented and in receiving line in MS. Royalty Motion Picture Industry Actors Actresses Entertainers. 03:22:03:00 B W 1947 Sd Broadlands, England [Royal Honeymooners Pose]. Duke & Duchess of Edinburgh, Princess Elizabeth & husband comes out of castle and walking across grass. MCU looking at wedding photographs. Walking arm in arm with dog leading way. They wave to camera. Royalty Newlyweds. End: 03 22:39:00 03:22:45:00 B W 1947 22Sep47 Si Hindustan - Pakistan Border. Rioting Continues in India. Large group of refugees people moving by carriage camel pulled wagons on railroad platform. Sitting on bundles. Ship with British flag planes on field troops weapons left on ground people assisted boarding plane poor thru streets and beggars. Burning buildings streets littered and windows shattered. Debris in doorway and bodies lying in streets. Wounded carried off on stretchers. Empty streets boarded doors Soldier with machine gun. People huddling under tents. Indians under trees and standing in line with water buckets. Colonialism Revolution Violence Violent Aftermath Poverty Cold War. 03:24:52:00 B W 1947 Si Trieste & Gorizia Italians Take Over New Boundary. Crowds around large statue marching waving handkerchiefs troops watch crowd moving through streets. High angle of city. Italian troops greeted as arriving in trucks as moving up to take positions held by US soldiers & GIs. MCU of people cheering. Square and large church. US officer at mic (MOS). American flag lowered. Italian flag flying. Troops march through city streets and people waving, clapping. Yugoslavian & Italian Demonstrators Cold War Post-WWII Communists. 03:26:24:00 B W 1947 22Sep47 Si Baltimore, Maryland Packers Beat Redskins In Benefit Game. Crowd in stands Broken field running for touchdown. Women cheering. Passing for another touchdown. Very long pass and run for another touchdown. Woman in stands kissing man. Player up and runs on play to end zone. Long pass for yet another. Washington fails to come from behind with 3 touchdowns in 4th quarter to beat Green Bay Packers 31 points from first half. Sports Professional Football Exhibition Game. 03:27:45:00 Title: The End.