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Universal International Newsreel
DN-LB-562 Beta SP
00:27:11:00 B W 1953 Christmas Party. 21:01:20:00 B W 1953 16Nov53 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 21:01:30:00 B W 1953 Sd Ottawa, Quebec, Canada President - Gets Warm Welcome In Visit To Canada. President Eisenhower and Mamie greeted by Governor Massey and Prime Minister St. Laurent and his wife. Daytime placing wreath to war dead with other military and civilian officials. People wave as he goes to the Governor's residence where he plants a maple tree. Mamie also shovels dirt. At Parliament Hall he addresses a joint session: `Your country, my country. Each is a better and stronger and more influential nation because each can rely upon every resource of the other in days of crisis. (applause) Implicit in the consultations and detailed studies which must continue, and in the defenses which we have already mounted, is the need for world-wide vigilance and strength. But the purpose is defense. We have no other aim. (Applause as he leaves rostrum). Cold War Speech Ike 1953 Anti-communist. Diplomacy Diplomat. 21:03:19:00 B W 1953 Sd News In Brief Holland (The Netherlands) [1953 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics Prof. Fritz Zernicke Demonstrates The Phase Contrast Microscope]. MCU at microscope, still through scope and with notes and tools. Wife brings bouquet and letters and he sits in chair looking at them surrounded by flowers. Technology Award Scientist 21:03:49:00 B W 1953 Sd Seoul, Korea [Vice President Richard Nixon & Syngman Rhee]. Shake hands in MCU. Banner across capital he & Mrs Pat Nixon walk across waving to people and accept bouquets from school girls. Cheering students waving Korean flags. Propaganda Cold War Korean War. 1953 Diplomacy Diplomat Diplomatic Tour. 21:04:18:00 B W 1953 Sd Washington, DC {Thanksgiving Turkey Given to Ike]. President Eisenhower receives gift in Rose Garden of 39 pound Turkey from Nebraska. Also is given basket of cranberries. Gobbles. 1953 Holiday promotion. 21:04:47:00 B W 1953 Sd Long Beach, California [Rare Zonkey, half zebra & half donkey]. Colt running around pasture. Father is zebra, mother is donkey. Monkey tries to ride, jumps to zebra. 3 animals together. Oddities stunts cross breeding animals. 21:05:31:00 B W 1953 Sd Football College Park, Maryland [Maryland 38, Mississippi 0]. Good broken field run for touchdown. Cheerleaders. Another touchdown. Pass to Maryland's Dennis who catches after hit by another player. Sports 1953 College Football. 21:06:41:00 B W 1953 Sd Madison, Wisconsin [Wisconsin 28, Illinois 7]. Ken Miller scores. Harlan Carl runs for Wisconsin touchdown. Allan Ameche runs, Harlan Carl running and Jimmie Miller scores. Jimmy Witt (sp?) scores another. Sports 1953 College Football. 21:07:52:00 Sd Title: The End (dirty) with music under. 21:07:56:00 Ends 21:08:05:00 B W 1953 19Nov53 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 21:08:14:00 B W 1953 Sd Washington, DC White Expose - Opens Sweeping Probe Of All Red Espionage. Harry Dexter White case is heard before Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. Hearing room with committee room activity Attorney General Herbert J. Brownell at table before mics: `The information contained in these reports was, and the subcommittee knows, of great importance at the time White wrote them. Although with the lapse of time the necessity for secrecy on these subjects has disappeared. But the record which was available to the Truman Administration in December 1945, and thereafter, should have been sufficient to convince anyone that White was a hazard to our government. The question which had to be decided at that time was not whether White could have been convicted of treason in court there was ample evidence that he was not loyal to the interests of our country and that is enough. Government employment is a privilege, not a right, and we don't have to wait until a man is convicted of treason before we can remove him from a position of trust and confidence.' 1953 Cold War Accusations Anti-Communist Spy Civil Service Red Menace Swish pan to: 21:09:28:00 B W 1953 Sd Independence, Missouri [Truman Reply on Harry Dexter White Case]. `The Attorney General of the United States has not only degraded his office, he has deceived his Chief as to what he proposed to do. And in saying Harry Dexter White was known to be a Communist spy by the very people who had appointed him, he lied to the American people. The charges which had been made to the FBI against Mr. White also involved many other persons. Hundreds of FBI agents were involved in investigating the charges against all those who had been accused. It was of great importance to the nation that this investigation be continued in order to prove, or disprove these charges, and to determine if still other persons were implicated. Any unusual action with respect to Mr. White's appointment might well have alerted all the persons involved to the fact that the investigation was underway and thus endanger the success of the investigation. Cold War Spy Accusation Ex-President Truman Red Scare Civil Service 1953. Investigation. Swish pan to: 21:10:33:00 B W 1953 Sd Washington, DC [J. Edgar Hoover Response to Senate Committee]. Tolson sitting beside Hoover. Hoover says: `At no time was the FBI brought into an agreement to promote Harry Dexter White and at no time did the FBI give its approval to such an agreement. Such an agreement on the part of the FBI would have been inconceivable. 1953 Cold War Spy Investigation Red Scare Defensive Speech. 21:10:49:00 B W 1953 Sd News In Brief Oakland, California [Christmas Mail For GI's] Warehouse with stacks of mail bags being unloaded from truck. Bags marked for Korea, Japan, Guam. Loaded on Transport Marine Runner. Pallets loaded under tarps. Military 1953 Korean War Communication Dock Workers Stevedores. 21:11:23:00 B W 1953 Sd California [Douglas X-3 To Fly 2,000 mph] Stiletto jet plane on runway, CU of X-3 insignia. Pulled by truck. Taking off from dry lake and flying low. Landing as other jets monitor. Modern design. Military Technology Development Aviation Experimental Jet 1953 Air Force Testing. 21:11:55:00 B W 1953 Sd Sparks, Nevada [Sail-powered Bicycle Tested]. Pete Brannin demonstrates twin-masted bicycle. Oddities Inventions Gags. Transportation. 21:12:28:00 B W 1953 Sd Vienna, Austria Historical Cathedral Restored. St. Stephen's Cathedral with Steeplejack workmen climbing with ropes and testing stones. Swinging by rope around. 3 men with ladders on very top. Gothic cathedral had been hit by several bombs during war. Ornamental masonry, some loose, being repaired. Workers Danger Height Views down 1953. 21:13:28:00 B W 1953 Sd Sports France [Stock Car Racing In Destruction Derby]. Cars around track smashing into each other. Spectators. 21:13:56:00 B W 1953 Sd England [Military Boxers in Annual Brittania Shield Tournament]. US lightweight Hornsby knocks out Netherlander. RAF middleweight Phillips over US airman Jay Palmer in bout that decides the tournament. Palmer knocked about on ropes but stays up. RAF holding Shield as winners. 1953 Sports Amateur Boxing. 21:14:46:00 B W 1953 Sd Title: The End (dirty) with music under. 21:14:52:00 Ends 21:14:58:00 B W 1953 23Nov53 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 21:15:07:00 B W 1953 Sd Cascade Mountains, Washington Largest Radio Transmitter Is Dedicated. AV of building complex and view of tower. Interior in front of transmitting equipment, RCA Chairman David Sarnoff shaking hands with Admiral Carney. People applauding as Sarnoff sends first message with telegraph key (CU). Light flashing. Plotting board showing where reply messages are coming from. Station known as Radio Jim Creek. Teletype shown working. Tower antennas in linked on mountain top. Military Technology 1953 Cold War Radio Communications Navy Department. 21:16:01:00 B W 1953 Sd News In Brief Strasburg, France [Ammunition Explosion Aftermath]. Police patrol after 200 tons of ammunition at Army Fort blows up. Glass, roofs destroyed in mile radius. 1953 French Military Disaster. 21:16:44:00 B W 1953 Sd Miramar, California [50th Anniversary of Flight Celebrated]. Large transport plane, crowds viewing. Spectators watch demonstration of early Channute glider plane with man running with bi-wings. WWI plane (a Curtiss JN-4 Jenny) and precision flying of Blue Angels (in Panther jets).Oddities Gags. Aviation History 1953 Air Show. 21:17:22:00 B W 1953 Sd Washington, DC [Variety Club Members Present 11th Annual Humanitarian Awards]. Dr. Selman Waksman, discoverer of Streptomycin, and Jane Froman whose comeback after plane accident are honored. Plaques given. Honors Awards Scientist Antibiotic Drugs Movie Actress. 21:17:54:00 B W 1953 Sd Seattle, Washington [Annual Christmas Parade] Giant balloons kids watching from sidewalk. Santa Claus waving and kids timidly wave back. Children Holidays 1953. 21:18:25:00 B W 1953 Sd Football Evanston, Illinois [Illinois 39, Northwestern 14] Sunny day. Ken Miller runs and then fumbles. Miller scores touchdown. Northwestern kick runs back by J.C. Caroline in good broken field running. Long pass for another Illinois touchdown. Wallace runs 45 yards. for another. 1953 Sports College Football. 21:19:35:00 B W 1953 Sd Princeton, New Jersey [Dartmouth 34, Princeton 12]. Dick Jenison runs 30 yards, McKenna touchdown play. Princeton intercepts pass and runs back to set up touchdown play. Pass for Dartmouth touchdown. Runner breaks away for another. 1953 Sports College Football. 21:20:40:00 B W 1953 Sd College Park, MD [Maryland 21, Alabama 0]. Runner does 80 yards for touchdown. Long pass and Walker catches by fingertips for another touchdown. Other good passes. 1953 Sports College Football. Oddities. 21:21:30:00 Ends 21:21:41:00 B W 1953 10Dec53 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 21:21:49:00 B W 1953 Sd United Nations, New York City The President - Urges United Nations To Form World Atomic Pool. President Eisenhower with Madam Pundit & Dag Hammarskjold to podium after return from Bermuda Big Three Conference. Speech: `Today the United States stockpile of atomic weapons, which of course increases daily, exceeds by many times the total equivalent of the total of all bombs and all shells that came from every plane and every gun in every theater of war in all the years of WWII. The United States would be more than willing, it would be proud, to take up with others principally involved, the development of plans whereby such peaceful use of Atomic Energy would be expedited. Of those principally involved the Soviet Union must of course be one. I would be prepared to submit to the Congress of the United States, and with every expectation of approval, any such plan that would open up a new channel for peaceful discussion and initiate at least a new approach to the many difficult problems that must be solved in both private and public conversations. If the world is to shake off the inertia imposed by fear and make positive progress toward peace. Against the dark background of the Atomic Bomb the united States does not wish to merely present strength but also the desire and the hope for Peace. Applause. 1953 Cold War. Swish pan to : 21:23:48:00 B W 1953 Sd Moscow, Russia, USSR [36th Anniversary Celebration Of Bolshevik Revolution]. AV of Red Square with parade of military vehicles. Bulganin reviews troops seen in MCU. Formal ranks of troops. 1953 Cold War Military Strength Red Menace. 21:24:13:00 B W 1953 Sd News In Brief Basilica of St. Mary Major, Rome, Italy [Pope Pius XII Proclaims 1954 As A Marion Year]. High angle with crowds greeting arrival of Pope. Interior of Basilica with art work on ceiling. American Ambassador Clare Boothe Luce in MCU. MCU of Pope worshipers make sign of the cross, Pope carried out blessing people. 1953 Religion Catholic Celebration Mass. 21:25:06:00 B W 1953 Sd Holland [Miniature Jet Flies]. Sailor builds and flies miniature jet airplane. CU constructing plane pumping air to warm motor taking off and circling on wire. Aviation Hobby Model Airplanes Oddities. Netherlands. 21:25:45:00 B W 1953 Sd Heidelberg, Germany [Santa Claus Arrives By Helicopter]. German St. Nicholas meets US Santa. Interviewed at airbase by US army reporter (MOS). Riding on huge float and throwing treats to German children in city. Waving. Oddities Christmas Holiday 1953. 21:26:22:00 B W 1953 Sd Sports Artesia, California [Carnival Game] Back yard constructed ramp with cart. Riders in cart tilt at target with lance and if they miss hole in target buck of water dumped on them. People watching and laughing. Homemade Amusement Park Recreation Oddities 1953 Fun Thrills Children Wet Drenched POV. 21:27:01:00 B W 1953 Sd New York City [1953 Heisman Trophy Awarded John Lattner of Notre Dame]. Winner holding trophy given by Don Miller, Elmer Layden (sp?), Jim Crowley and Harry Studeler (or Stuhldreyer sp?), retired players (NOTE: these 4 players were the famed "Four Horsemen" of Rockne's Notre Dame team of the early 1920s). Plays of Lattner shown running, passing and catching. CU with trophy. Sports College Football. 21:28:14:00 Ends 21:28:21:00 B W 1953 14Dec53 Sd Title: Universal International Newsreel with music under. 21:28:30:00 B W 1953 Sd Oslo, Norway Nobel Awards - Gen. Marshal Gets Peace Prize For 1953. Gen. Marshall in formal coat mounts rostrum and listens as Gunner John (sp?) presents award. Leaflets and shouted protests from gallery. Award then given as photographer takes pictures. Cold War Anti-Communist Narration Propaganda Oddities Interruptions Post-WWII Aid. 21:29:21:00 B W 1953 Sd News In Brief Yugoslavia [10th Anniversary of Founding Of Tito Regime]. Marshall Tito arrives and salutes, shakes hands. Large group of people. Tito on stand people in folk dress watching as he speaks (MOS) animatedly from stand gesturing. Memorial Service to War Dead. Dictator Post-WWII Communism Anti-communism. 21:30:00:00 B W 1953 Sd United Nations, New York City [7th Anniversary of UNICEF Founding]. Children at Henry Street Settlement's World Citizen's Club are guests of United Nations President Madame Pandit and present and serve her birthday cake with decorated icing made by the children. Goodbyes waved. Ceremony. Humanitarian Aid. 21:30:34:00 B W 1953 Sd New York City Honeymoon's Sunny Modes. Staged newlyweds board liner United States with fashion show trousseau by Carol King inspired by gowns of movie star Janet Leigh. He helps her take off coat. Kiss. Women do fashion show in set of stateroom. Tacky looking but funny. 1953 Fashion Oddities. Wealth Travel Clothes Motion Picture Studio Self-promotion. 21:31:50:00 B W 1953 Sd Polo Grounds, New York City [Detroit Lions 27, New York Giants 16]. Giant's coach Steve Owens' last game after 23 years with Giants. Owens on field before game. Playing on muddy field. Bobby Layne pass. Connerly to Gifford pass for Giants. Doak Walker runs 37 yards, then catches a pass from Bobby Layne for touchdown. Detroit Lion intercept and lateral with good broken field running. Doak Walker runs 50 yards for a second touchdown after pitchout. 1953 Professional Football Sports. 21:33:28:00 B W 1953 Sd Obendorf, Germany Silent Night Composition Commemorated. Children with candles and lighted Christmas trees gather at grave of Franz Gruber to celebrate. Small organ on which it was written children's choir holding candles sing in German as guitar player accompanies. CU of religious carving. 1953 Christmas holidays. Christmas carol. 21:35:06:00 Ends 21:35:21:00 B W 1953 28Dec53 Sd Detroit, Michigan Pro Grid Champs - Lions Win Close Game From Browns. Cleveland fumbles, Detroit recovers on cold, slippery field. Cleveland intercepts pass. Graham laterals. Cleveland running. Lou Grosza (sp?) kicks field goal. Tackle sliding through mud. Detroit pass caught for winning touchdown. Detroit 17, Cleveland 16. Sports 1953 Professional Football Championship. 21:37:03:00 B W 1953 Sd Versailles, France New President - France Picks unknown Rene Coty As Chief. Unknown Deputy, Coty, picked to succeed President Vincent Auriol. Police line streets as motorcade arrives. People entering government building, Interior as 13 ballots taken before majority to elect. Coty comes in and shakes hands with Auriol and others. Politics Coalition Cold War French Politicians. French Parliament. 21:37:46:00 B W 1953 Sd News In Brief Tongo [Queen Elizabeth Visits Queen Salote]. Elizabeth with Prince Philip on a round-the-world tour of Britain's Dominions off launch and greeted by 6 ft 3 in. Queen Salote. Receiving line, feast, sitting looking at food. Politics Diplomacy Colonialism Pacific Islands. 21:38:28:00 B W 1953 Sd Chicago, Illinois [Musicians' union Leader James C. Petrillo Hosts 17th Annual Christmas Party For Blind Musicians & Their Families]. People enter, sitting down. Petrillo with mother on dias. Petrillo passes out gifts and holds two children on lap. Labor Union 21:39:02:00 B W 1953 Sd Korea [Cardinal Spellman Touring Military Bases]. Walking to front stage under canvas for service. GIs shaking hands & kissing his ring. Giving host at mass. Religious Services Catholic Religion Korean War soldiers. 1953 Christmas Holidays. 21:39:36:00 B W 1953 Sd Rome, Italy A Fashion Date In Rome. Women modeling gowns on runway. CU of woman watching man & woman watching. Views of models. CU of hair, jewels. 1953 fashions fur coats. White ermine. 21:40:40:00 B W 1953 Sd United Nations, New York City United Nations Greeting - Secretary Calls For More Peace Efforts. Dag Hammarskjold in MCU speaking to camera: `We know that peace cannot be imposed on the world by authority of any national organization. But we also know that we can lay foundations for lasting peace by unrelenting efforts to improve economic and social conditions under which the major part of humanity lives, and to strengthen the rule of law in international life. Some might consider this to be just another expression of noble principals too far from the harsh realities of political life properly to be made a theme of this New Year's message. I disagree. Only in true surrender to the interests of all can we reach that strength and independence, that unity of purpose, that equity of judgment which are necessary if we are to measure up to our duty to the future as men of the generation to who the chance was given to build, in time, a world of peace.' 1953 New Year's Speech Rhetoric. World Peace. Tradition. 21:41:53:00 Ends 21:42:02:00 B W 1953 31Dec53 Sd Title: Universal International News with spinning globes & music under. 21:42:15:00 B W 1953 Sd Korea - United Nations Leaders Ponder Liberation Dilemma. High angle of tents of prisoner liberation center overseen by Lt. Gen KS Thimaya of India. Sign. United Nations Commander John E. Hull and 8th Army Chief Maxwell Taylor visit Thimaya. 67,000 Reds repatriated and 50,000 have refused. 22 Americans have chosen communism. 22,000 are in neutral custody. 1953 Korean War military. POWs Prisoners of War. 21:43:03:00 B W 1953 Sd News In Brief Paris, France [Slum called Notre Dame of the Homeless]. Man and child walking with water can toward shacks in fog. Trailer house. Children outside and living in trucks. People fixing them up, playing with children. Interior of railway car. Interior of nice looking homes. Kids playing. 1953 housing shortage Homes Post-WWII Economics Poverty Family Families. 21:43:53:00 B W 1953 Sd Holland (The Netherlands) [Cigar Bands Used As Material For Art]. Retired fisherman making mosaics of cigar bands. Folk art retirement Man gives him his cigar and he saves band throwing away cigar other man has cigar fall out of mouth in disbelief. Oddities Gags Hobby 1953 Smoking Tobacco Advertising. 21:44:39:00 B W 1953 Sd Pacific Palisades Beach, California [11 Year Old Girl in Feats of Strength]. Swinging from trapeze rings with man hanging from her. Weighing 77 lbs she balances man on back. Man, woman, girl in human tower and she lifts them all. Oddities Family Americana family. 1953 Beach stunts. 21:45:24:00 B W 1953 Sd Paris, France [Parasol & Umbrella Fashions]. Models walking with umbrellas, with fur coats. Hanging from lapel of coat. One holds perfume another holds cigarettes. Oddities Gags 1953 Fashions Gags Women Smoking Tobacco. 21:46:15:00 B W 1953 Sd Sports Austria [Late Snows Cause Ski Substitutes]. Skiers climbing up mountain slopes carrying skiis. Ski jump team skiing on pine needles. Man falls. Winter Sports Oddities 21:47:00:00 B W 1953 Sd Madison Square Garden, New York City [Duke 69, Brigham Young 47] Christmas basketball tournament. Sy Green shooting for Duke. Black players Tucker, Ricketts and Green score all but one of Duke's 27 baskets. Good coverage of play and clapping spectators. 21:48:45:00 B W 1953 Sd Title: The End with music under. 21:48:51:00 Ends