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DN-LB-562 Beta SP
21:48:58:00 B W 1954 04Jan54 Sd Title: Universal International News w spinning globes and music under. 21:49:11:00 B W 1954 Sd Indo China - Reds Launch Drive To Cut Laos In Two. Transport and soldiers moving another takes off. Fighter planes seen from ground strafing and bombing. Troops advance and firing mortars. View over shoulder and from lower front of rifleman firing rifle in CU. Wounded carried on stretchers and walking are helped past camera in partial silhouette. Ho Chi Minh mentioned in narration. Release sheet: `French Union forces experience their worst military setback in the history of the 8 year old war as Red forces drive to the Siamese border, splitting the nation in two, despite powerful French resistance.' Vietnam War Indo-chinese War Fighting Cold War French Imperialism Colonialism Revolution 1954 Asian War Anti-Communism. 21:50:08:00 B W 1954 Sd News In Brief Casablanca, Morocco [19 Killed In Bombing]. Wounded victims laying on ground writhing in pain. Police and others with stretchers remove people as crowd watches. Bomb planted by anti-government terrorists explodes at height of business day in market. Arabs Anti-Colonialism Revolution North Africa. 1954. 21:50:38:00 B W 1954 Sd Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada [Royal Canadian Air Force Transport Crashes On Landing] All 51 passengers survive cartwheel crash. Wreckage with fuselage upside down and broken apart. Injured into building. Survivors shaking hands. Transportation 1954 Aviation Safety Oddities. Military. 21:51:11:00 B W 1954 Sd Football Miami, Florida Orange Bowl. Night parade with large crowd see elaborate floats and waving bathing beauties. Glenn Miller orchestra featured. Woman riding sea horse. (21:51:50) Game highlights with Larry Grigg running several plays with touchdown. Oklahoma 7, Maryland 0. Sports 1954 College Football Bowl Game. 21:52:17:00 B W 1954 Sd Pasadena, California Rose Bowl. Tournament of Roses parade. Crowd of spectators warming over fire Miss USA & Miss Universe show long underwear they are wearing. March of Dimes float with Haiti theme Budweiser Clydesdale horses pull wagon. Flying saucer float. EXT of Rose Bowl stadium, & newsreel cameramen overlooking field above crowd. Game highlights with UCLA Paul Cameron passing and running. Passes to Stitz for touchdown. Billy Wells of Michigan State runs for touchdown. Wells runs back kickoff for touchdown and win. Michigan State 28, UCLA 20. Sports 1954 College Football Bowl Game. 21:53:41:00 B W 1954 Sd New Orleans, Louisiana Sugar Bowl. Pepper Rodgers passes and kicks for Georgia Tech touchdowns. Danny Williams of West Virginia runs for touchdown. Hennsley catches Rodgers pass. Georgia Tech 42, West Virginia 19. Sports 1954 College Football Bowl Game. 21:54:52:00 B W 1954 Sd Dallas, Texas Cotton Bowl. Starr fumble. Dicky Moegle running for touchdown tackled by Tommy Lewis of Alabama who leaves bench to make the tackle. Moegle runs for three touchdowns to give Rice win by 28 to 6 over Alabama. Sports 1954 College Football Bowl Game. Sports Oddities. 21:55:30:00 B W 1954 Sd Title: The End with music under. End: 21:55:37 21:55:45:00 B W 1954 07Jan54 Sd Title: Universal International News with spinning globes and music under. 21:55:59:00 B W 1954 Sd Washington, DC State of Union - The Congress Hears Presidential Program. President Eisenhower to podium in front of House of Representatives with Nixon behind. Crowd listening. `As we maintain our military strength during the coming year and draw closer the bonds with our allies, we shall be in an improved position to discuss outstanding issues with the Soviet Union. A truly constructive Soviet reaction will make possible a new start toward an era of peace and away from the fatal road of atomic war. (applause) No government can innoculate its people against the fatal materialism that plagues our age. Happily our people, though blessed with more material goods than any people in history, have always reserved their first allegiance to the kingdom of the spirit which is the true source of that freedom we value above all material things. But ladies and gentlemen of the Congress, a government can try, as ours tries, to sense the deep aspirations of the people and to express them in political action at home and abroad. So long as action and aspiration, humbly and earnestly, seek favor in the sight of the Almighty, there is no end to America's forward road. There is no obstacle on it she will not surmount in her march toward a lasting peace in a free and prosperous world. I thank you for your very great...' applause. 1954 Cold War Political Rhetoric Ike 1954 State of the Union Speech Economics Consumerism Consumer Goods. 21:57:54:00 B W 1954 Sd News In Brief Washington, DC [$160,000 Robbery At Treasury Department's Bureau of Printing and Engraving]. EXT with name over door. Men sorting bills. Man shows two bundles, one with real money and the other with plain paper. Someone walked out and left money with father-in-law nearby who returned it. Accomplice Williams Gilles is questioned. James Rufus Landis and wife are seen arrested and into car. Money bags. 1954 Crime Thief. 21:58:52:00 B W 1954 Sd Tokyo, Japan [GI Claude Batcheler Returns From Communist China]. MCU smiling and signalling by giving thumbs up. CU sign: Tokyo Army Hospital Receiving Office Ambulance Entrance. Greeted by Japanese wife with photographers taking pictures. Hugging and kissing in MCU. Batcheler is first of 22 pro-Red POWs to renounce Communism. 1954 Cold War Anti-Communism Korean War prisoners. 21:59:18:00 B W 1954 Sd Manila, Philippine Islands [Ramon Magsaysay, 3rd President of Republic, Inaugurated]. Large crowd as he moves through people. Standing in front and shaking hands. US naval officers seen. Colonialism Government 1954 Cold War Anti-Communism. 21:59:46:00 B W 1954 Sd France [Royal Wedding] Archduke Robert of Austria on arm of his mother and Princess Marguerite of Aosta, niece of former King Umberto of Italy. Couple walking up aisle to priest. View from high in church. Stone sculpture cherubs walking past nuns. MCU. Bride Groom 1954 Religious Wedding Ceremony Royalty. Post-WWII. 22:00:33:00 B W 1954 Sd Sports Madison Square Garden, New York City [Pancho Gonzales vs Pancho Segura]. Segura from Ecuador loses to Californian. Shake hands, then playing mens singles for $4,000 prize money. Crowd applauding. Shake hands at net. CU of winner. Sports 1954 Professional Indoor Tennis. 22:01:18:00 B W 1954 Sd New York City [Golden Gloves Boxing]. 147 lbs, Sunnyside Gardens. Winner in first round. First round matches with fast boxing. TKO. CU of spectators. Hard knockout. 1954 Sports Amateur Boxing. 22:02:38:00 B W 1954 Sd Title: The End (dirty) with music under. End: 22:02:42:00 22:02:50:00 B W 1954 18Jan54 Sd Title: Universal International News with spinning globes and music under. 22:03:03:00 B W 1954 Sd White Death - Hundreds Buried In European Avalanches. Aerials over mountains and valleys with village ruins seen. US army helicopters flying in. People with shovels moving past downed wires to dig. Men measure or test snow. Digging out buildings and removing dead by sled. Injured wrapped and moved. Digging out train moved off track. CU of injured loaded onto helicopters and flown out. 1954 Winter storm disaster Europe. 22:05:07:00 B W 1954 Sd News In Brief Paris, France [French President Invested]. Outgoing President Aurial and incoming President Rene Coty arrive at Elysee Palace. Coty becomes 19th President of France. Kissing flag. Gold necklace placed around neck. CU. Government Ceremony. French Politics. 22:05:44:00 B W 1954 Sd Austria [Serum Flown To Austrian Boy] Gottfried Eder suffering from Hemophilia has anti-hemophiliac globulin flown from US at request of local USIA officer Roberts. Eder shown in bed visited by doctor. Roberts with wife and son. Box of globulin. Boy smiling in MCU. Humanitarian effort Medical Supplies 1954 Medicine. 22:06:13:00 B W 1954 Sd Stockton, California [Aid To Korea] Dock with stacks of goods gathered by American-Korean Foundation and loaded onto relief ship Hawaiian Bear. Nina Warren, daughter of Chief Justice Earl Warren, breaks ribbon for loading of first pallet as Korean Ambassador watches. First vessel using new port of Stockton. Anti-Communism Humanitarian effort 1954 Korean War relief. 22:06:53:00 B W 1954 Sd Boston, Massachusetts [Fishing Fleet Frozen Over]. Trawlers return from Grand Banks with ice encrusting entire ship. Fish unloaded and ice being chipped. Winter Weather Cold Storms 1954. 22:07:23:00 B W 1954 Sd Bridgeport, Connecticut [Sikorsky NHR2S, Largest Marine Helicopter]. Two combat squads board thru front with a jeep. Watched by military officers. Twin engines and lifting off in demonstration. Flying away. Military Aviation Technology Development 1954. 22:07:54:00 B W 1954 Sd Sports New York City [Golden Jubilee Motorboat Show Opens]. Kingsbridge Armory in Bronx hosts the show with models sitting on boats. The Lillian Russell 1905 mahogoney wooden launch shown. Models shown with other boats. Evinrude electric starter on outboard shown. Consumerism Luxury goods Economics. 22:08:44:00 B W 1954 Sd Seattle, Washington [Wade Halbrook of Oregon State is tallest basketball player]. 7 ft. 3 in. player leads Oregon State over University of Washington. Shown in hotel or dormitory room. 1954 Sports College Basketball. Oddities Height. 22:09:29:00 B W 1954 Sd Title: The End incomplete. End: 22:09:36:00 22:09:44:00 B W 1954 08Feb54 Sd Title: Universal International News with spinning globes and music under. 22:09:57:00 B W 1954 Sd New York City Back To Freedom - John Hvasta Home From Iron Curtain Captivity. Pan American Airlines plane pulls up and family greeting Hvasta as he waves from stairs then descends to hugs. Walking off, cameraman. MCU speaking to camera: `I'm glad to be home, I guess everybody who has been in a situation as I had, really knows what it is, what kind of a feeling that is, to be home again once more.' Question: `How did you manage to remain at large for 21 months in Czechoslovakia?' `That was God's help, that's one really believes fully or not at all.' 1954 Cold War Anti-Communism Escape. 22:10:58:00 B W 1954 Sd News In Brief Washington, DC [6,000 Republicans Hold Lincoln Day Dinner]. LS of large hall and state signs in CU. Nixon & House Speaker Martin talking in MCU. President Eisenhower and wife greeted as they walk in. Herbert Hoover helped to front and greeted by VP Nixon. Statue of Lincoln. Stacks of box lunches. Sec. Wilson and Senate Leader Knowland eating in MCU. LS of diners. Politics 1954 Political Fundraising. 22:11:53:00 B W 1954 Sd Chinatown, San Francisco, California [Chinese New Year] Pan over beauties in Chinese robes dancing dragon as people watch for year of horse. Fireworks and firecrackers makes boy cry. Night parade with marching band and large dragon float. Celebration Ethnic Chinese-Americans. 22:12:36:00 B W 1954 Sd Sydney, Australia [Queen Elizabeth Welcomed]. Arriving with Prince Philip and greeted by PM Menzies and Air Force flyover. Motorcade up streets lined with cheering spectators in sunshine. Waving from car. Royalty Cermonial Duties Colonialism United Kingdom 1954. 22:13:36:00 B W 1954 Sd Sports Madison Square Garden, New York City [Millrose Games]. Spectators watching pole vault by Bob Richards. Start of 880 with runners past camera Mal Whitfield wins after previously winning 600 yard race. Waves to camera in MCU. Herman Wyatt almost clears high jump with bar falling at last second. Shakes hands with co-winner. 1954 Sports Indoor Track and Field. 22:14:49:00 B W 1954 Sd Washington, DC [Japanese Baseball Fans Present Samurai Armor To President Eisenhower]. Baseball Commissioner Ford Frick and Giants owner Horace Stoneham present it to Ike on behalf of Japanese. Look at it and gesturing. Gifts Diplomacy Oddities Sports Professional Baseball 1954. 22:15:18:00 B W 1954 Sd Palm Springs, California [14th Annual Rodeo]. Girl riding two horses to jump falls as horses balk. She then rides four horses over jump. Cowboy makes successful ride on horse others falling. Bull riding with three thrown and bull picking one up and tossing. Oddities Trick Riding Violent Sports. 1954. 22:16:19:00 B W 1954 Sd Title: The End (incomplete). End: 22:16:25:00 22:16:32:00 B W 1954 28Feb54 Sd Title: Universal International News with spinning globes and music under. 22:16:45:00 B W 1954 Sd Washington, DC Dulles Reports - Denies Possibility Of Red China Recognition. MCU John Foster Dulles speaking to camera after recent 4 Power Berlin Conference: `First, as far as Europe was concerned, we brought Mr. Molotov to show Russia's hand. It was seen as a hand that held fast everything it had including East Germany and East Austria, and also it sought to grab some more. Secondly, so far as Korea and Indochina were concerned, we brought Mr. Molotov to accept a resolution which spelled out the United States position that Red China might, in these two instances where necessary, be dealt with but not as a government recognized by us. You may ask whether or not it was worthwhile to go to Berlin and make that great effort at that conference involved merely to obtain these results. My answer is yes. And I have no doubt about that. Berlin cleared the way for other things to happen. The unification and the strengthening of West Europe may now go on. In Asia there could be a unification of Korea and an end to agression in Indochina if Red China wants it. I do not predict that these things will happen what I do say is they could not have happened if it had not been for Berlin.' Cold War Rhetoric Statement Secretary of State 1954 Diplomacy Diplomat Anti-Communism. 22:18:19:00 B W 1954 Sd News In Brief Almagordo, New Mexico [Rocket Sled]. Sled launched in steam or smoke to end of tracks. MCU of rockets and men lashing dummy on. Water scoops breaking and slowing at end of run. 1954 Military Technology Testing Supersonic Speed. 22:19:09:00 B W 1954 Sd Nice, France [1954 Pre-Lenten Carnival] Huge Mardi Gras figures and costumed people riding on daytime parade floats. Throwing confetti back and forth with the crowds in MCU. Religious Celebration Catholic. 22:19:45:00 B W 1954 Sd Paris, France Spring Is In The Air For Fashions. Models against black background showing white hat, striped dress and white coat. Cocktail dress tailored suit taffeta gown with long full knotted skirt. Huge cape wrapped around low-cut gown. 1954 French Fashions. 22:21:15:00 B W 1954 Sd West Palm Beach, Florida Sports. Manager Eddie Joost talks with coach staff in Philadelphia Athletics uniforms at beginning of 1954 baseball spring training. Players posing. Alex Kilner & Bobby Schantz warming up. Hitters with Gus ?? 22:22:03:00 B W 1954 Sd Madison Square Garden, New York City [28th New York City Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing Finals]. Tom DeNitti knocked out by Arthur (?) Miller. Bob Mahon knocks Jimmy Archer out of ring. 145 pound boxers in fast slugging match. Good crowd shots. Woodside knocked out. Sports 1954 Amateur Boxers TKO. 22:23:13:00 B W 1954 Sd Title: The End (incomplete). End: 22:23:18 22:23:25:00 B W 1954 04Mar54 Sd Title: Universal International News with spinning globes and music under. 22:23:38:00 B W 1954 Sd Caracas, Venezuela Pan-America Nations Open Tenth Parley. 10th Inter-American Conference of 20 nations. American delegation off plain seen walking with John Foster Dulles leading. EXTs of modern University buildings & interiors with President Jimenez and others walking in. Delegates sitting down and shots of speaker and delegates. Dulles talking in MCU with delegate. Ext. with flags flying. Anti-Communism 1954 Cold War Western Hemisphere Aid. 22:24:31:00 B W 1954 Sd France News In Brief [World's Smallest Delta Wing Jet Airplane]. Payen Flechair with 16 feet wingspan and weight of less than 1400 pounds, a spectacular sight with its needle nose. Airplane from above on runway with 2 men. Views from various angles. Pilot covered with plexiglass and taking off past camera. Flyby. 1954 Military aviation technology Oddities. 22:25:09:00 B W 1954 Sd New Orleans, Louisiana [Proteus Parade for Mardi Gras]. Daytime parade with large floats and people throwing favors to waving crowds. Man in drag with mop wig and tight dress dancing as others watch & cheer. Costumed people through crowd. Man with elaborate hair piece or hat. Religious celebration 1954. 22:25:40:00 B W 1954 Sd Sao Paulo, Brazil [Brazil 1954 Film Festival]. Movie stars sightseeing. Irene Dunne arrives past crowd starlet Barbara Rush Anne Miller Walter Pidgeon Rhonda Fleming Eric Johnston in MCU speaks: `Not only in the United States, but in all the countries of the world, the films being shown in the theaters today are better than ever before. This is a good sign, for healthy competition among filmmakers is the best way to ensure improved quality for the consuming public. Clean, wholesome motion picture entertainment means better entertainment for families all over the world.' Motion Pictures Publicity Fans Economics Exports Cold War Trade Organization Speech Statement 1954 Junket Cultural Imperialism. 22:26:53:00 B W 1954 Sd Melbourne, Australia [Queen Elizabeth Cheered By Crowds]. Motorcade through cheering crowd seen from above. Convertible followed by police on horseback. Flag waving. British Royalty Colonialism United Kingdom 1954 Royal Visit. 22:27:25:00 B W 1954 Sd Sports St. Petersburg, Florida [Casey Stengel with Yankees in 1954 professional baseball spring training. In MS with George Weise. Players throwing for the camera. CU of Stengel. Joe Collins Eddie Robinson. Players with bats. Pan in CU over Hank Bauer Yogi Berra Gene Woodling. Gil McDougald. Bill Dickey with Elston Howard. Whitey Ford pitching Allie Reynolds. Harry Byrd. swish pan to: 22:28:22:00 B W 1954 Sd Vic Raschi pitching as St. Louis Cardinals Manager Eddie Stanky watches in CU. 22:28:38:00 B W 1954 Sd Bradentown, Florida [Milwaukee Braves]. Posing with Charlie Grim. Warren Spahn Gene Connolly Del Crandall, Joe Adcock & Eddie Matthews seen in CU. Bobby Thomson hitting. Sports 1954 Baseball spring training. 22:29:14:00 B W 1954 Sd Belfast, Northern Ireland [Kelly Knocked Out In Boxing Bout]. Fast bantam weight with Cohn of France knocking him down several times before knocked out and carried to corner. Sports Professional Boxing 1954. 22:29:58:00 B W 1954 Sd Title: The End with music under. End: 22:30:05