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Universal International News
DN-LB-563 Beta SP
1960 & 1961
Aerials; New York City
23:01:19:00 B W 1960 & 1961 29Dec60 Title: Universal International News with spinning globes and music under. 23:01:32:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Belgium Upheaval - Belgium Rocked By Strike Riots. Government building with police and soldiers moving striking workers who move through streets and stop buses. Railroad station and empty tracks leading in. Mail stacked on carts outside railroads. Parked trolleys and buses. Release sheet: `Strikes and demonstrations by some 700,000 Socialist Union members in Belgium protest planned austerity measures caused by the nation's financial losses in the Congo. Strikers clash with police as transportation and vital services are crippled and the nation nearly paralyzed since the holiday season's start.' Economics striking workers labor union 1960 Colonialism breakup. 23:02:22:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd News In Brief Newport News, Virginia [Tanker Pine Ridge breaks in two off Cap Hatteras, NC killing 7]. AV of stern section of tanker bouncing in storm. Calmer weather and view overhead and from onboard. Helicopters overhead. Stern with name and Wilmington, Del. home port visible. Various shots of damaged ship docked. 1960 Storm damage. 23:03:10:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Vientiane, Laos [Ruins of US Embassy after shelling]. Pathet Lao troops gut embassy views of heavy damage. Soldiers patrolling streets and sitting on tanks looking scared. Asia Cold War Communist Revolution, 1960. 23:03:49:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Grid Champs - Eagles Down Packers 17-13. Packed stadium. Van Brocklin pass to Tommy McDonald for touchdown. Tom Moore running Bart Starr passing for touchdown. Ed Dean runs back kick off for 58 yards. Van Brocklin passes to Billy Barnes who runs Ted Dean runs to touchdown for Philadelphia NFL championship. National Football League. Sports 1960 Professional Football championship. 23:05:17:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd 25 Years Ago San Francisco, California [Golden Gate Bridge construction] Spinning of cables and workers tightening. AV over bridge. 23:05:49:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Jack Dempsey shaking hands while holding Black Angus 1,000 lb beef steer. CU of each. Walks it into building. Boxer retirement. 23:06:07:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Opening day at Santa Anita and the Christmas Stakes with Top Row winning in record time. Sports. 23:06:29:00 B W 1960 & 1961 3 cushion billiards with Willie Hoppe playing Welker Cochrane. Hoppe is defeated in 45th frame. Playing in tuxedos as spectators in suits applaud. Sports. 23:06:50:00 B W 1960 & 1961 NYU 41, California 26 in college basketball. Sports. Tip off jump good shooting and fast game. 23:07:18:00 B W 1960 & 1961 18 year old Laura Roth playing and wrestling with two year old, 450 lb pet tiger in cage. Fairly violent. She pulls on tigers tail at end. Oddities. 23:07:46:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Title: The End with music under (clean). End: 23:07:52 23:08:00:00 B W 1960 & 1961 02Jan61 Sd Title: Universal International News with spinning globes and music under. 23:08:13:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd News Highlights of 1960 Algiers, Algeria [Anti-French Rioting] Fire in street, soldiers behind tanks as people throwing stones and troops fire back. De Gaulle through crowd of Arabs. Anti-colonialism revolution. DeGaulle. 23:08:33:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd South Africa. [1960 Sharpeville Massacre aftermath] Black men past camera in protest march and demonstration of burning pass books in anti-apartheid demonstration. Racism. 23:08:40:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd South Africa [Attempted assassination of Premier Verwoerd seen. CU of speed graphic camera and wounded man's head held by man who throws water on cameraman. 1960 Racism. 23:08:56:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Congo. Soldiers chasing man through field and hitting with rifle butt. United Nations troops past camera. Lumumba and other man with hands tied behind back with rope. Mobutu (?) in doorway. 1960 government coup Revolution. 23:09:25:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Japan Students pulling down gates with ropes in protest against defense agreement between Japan and the United States. Parliament fighting as speaker is violently carried to speakers platform. Socialist leader Asanuma in MCU speaking and then fatally stabbed by right wing student. Violence. Assassination. 1960. 23:09:53:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd [Cold war U2 reconnaissance airplane flyover]. Captured equipment on display and trial in USSR of Gary Francis Powers. Powers at microphone courtroom spectators Khrushchev speaking and gesturing. President Eisenhower with DeGaulle and Eden at Paris Peace Conference. De Gaulle. 23:10:32:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd [Khrushchev standing with delegation and gesturing at 1960 United Nations session]. British Prime Minister MacMillan at podium. Khrushchev & delegation pounding table. Cold War. Diplomats. 23:10:56:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd [World Leaders Meeting in New York] Nassar with Tito Delegates from India, Africa and ??. Khrushchev & Castro outside Harlem Hotel Theresa. Eisenhower at table with Pan-American leaders. 1960 United Nations. 23:11:17:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Cuba Castro marching with others down street. Worker chipping telephone company name from building after nationalization. Cuban Revolution 1960 International Telephone And Telegraph. 23:11:25:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd England High angle of crowds watching as Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones wave from balcony after wedding. Royalty Commoner Photographer. 23:11:37:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Belgium's King Baudouin marrying Spain's Donna Fabiola as they kneel before priest and shake hands. Royalty 1960. 23:11:45:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd England Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on plaid blanket with children with castle in background as they introduce smiling Prince Andrew in CU. 1960 Royalty. 23:11:50:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Japan Prince Akihito and Princess Michiko with Prince Naruhito in CU. 1960 Royalty. 23:11:56:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Iran Shah of Iran Pahlevi & third wife shown at wedding have son as heir to throne. Ext. of hospital and baby in Plexiglas crib. 1960 Royalty. 23:12:06:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd JFK wheeling wife out of hospital after birth of John F Kennedy, Jr, (JFK Jr). 1960. 23:12:16:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Agadir, Morocco Destruction from earthquake. Spraying from plane. (23:12:30) Chile earthquake destruction. 1960 Natural Disaster. 23:12:41:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Hurricane Donna with winds blowing palms and ocean. 1960 weather storm. 23:12:45:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd New York City Tail section of United Airlines plane viewed by crowds in street with wreckage around and burning building. 1960 disaster. 23:12:54:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd New York City Super-carrier Constellation burns at dock with firemen fighting. 1960 disaster. 23:13:03:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd JFK and wife in car during New York ticker tape parade. Nixon & wife shaking hands with crowds. Zipper sign showing JFK winning election. JFK up steps to meet with President Eisenhower, shake hands and pose. 1960 Presidential election. 23:13:24:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Title: The End with music under. End: 23:13 29:00 23:13:36:00 B W 1960 & 1961 09Jan61 Sd Title: Universal International News with spinning globes and music under. 23:13:50:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd France & Algeria Algeria Ballot - De Gaulle Triumphs In Key Referendum. French street scenes voters in line at curtained voting booths. People entering and standing in line, taking ballots & putting into box. EXT in Algeria. De Gaulle voting. Photographers. voting gives DeGaulle plan a narrow margin of victory. Colonialism Independence Revolution. 1961. 23:14:47:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd News In Brief Casablanca, Morocco. [African Summit Meeting] Arrival of Nassar's yacht with ornate bow past camera. Nassar standing on shipboard by rail & greeted by King Mohammed V. Nkrumah of Ghana arrives by airplane and descends steps smiling. Greeted by King Mohammed. Algerian rebel leader Ferhat Abbas arrives by car and is greeted by King & walks waving to supporters. Group seated around large table with aides. 1961 Third World Conference Delegates Leaders Diplomats Emerging Nations Anti-colonialism. 23:16:17:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Germany [Conrad Adenauer Celebrates 85th Birthday]. EXT of residence, Seen through window and inside shot at table. Outside reviewing troops. 21 grandchildren and well-wishers toasting him. Talking with Willie Brandt. On balcony. Celebration Age Geriatrics Birthday party Celebration Diplomat. 1961. 23:17:09:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Istanbul, Turkey [Fiery Tanker Ships Burning]. In Bosphorus Turkish and Yugoslavian tankers burn, igniting Turkish liner. Heavy burning oil with black smoke. Long shot of fireboats. Fires Oil tankers Crash Aftermath 1961. 23:17:50:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Sports Grossinger, New York [Barrel Jumping Championships]. View from inside hotel as jumper leaps. EXT of successful and not successful jumps with falls and crashes. Leo Lebel falls and fails. Jimmy Waldo of Portland, Oregon wins as only jumper to clear 16 barrels. Receives trophy from Yogi Berra. CU of Waldo. Oddities Failures 1961 Winter Sports. 23:19:05:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Bear Mountain, New York [1961 Tokle Memorial Ski Jump] Many jumpers jumping quickly in montage. Failure. Art Tokle wins jumping 160 feet for fifth straight year. Receives trophy. Winter Sports Ski Jumping. 23:20:04:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Title: The End with music under. End: 23:20:11 23:20:20:00 B W 1960 & 1961 12Jan61 Sd Title: Universal International News with spinning globes and music under. Clean. 23:20:30:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Holland (The Netherlands) Boating News. Outboard with two outboard motors rising onto hydrofoils and lifts up then cruising at 30 knots. Interior shots showing bumpy ride as it starts up. View from alongside canal as it planes along past barges. Boat is to be used in Ecuador. Invention Transportation Oddities. 1961 Exports. 23:21:29:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd New York City [1961 National Boat Show] High angle of many boats. Models walking around on outboards, lounging on inboards. Futuristic helicopter-like boat with Plexiglas. Salesmen standing. Spectators viewing models. Model as mermaid sitting on boat. Bathing beauties Marketing Selling Recreation Luxury Excess Fiberglass boats. 23:22:24:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Amsterdam, Holland (The Netherlands) Chic Canine Coiffure. Hairdresser and woman getting hairdo, looks in mirror and sees dog. Man combing dogs hair in beauty shop chair. Oddities Animal Gags. Walking a dog. 1961 Hair styles. 23:23:19:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Sports Garmisch, Germany [Ski Jumping]. Ski jump with Olympic symbol on end. Spill and fall. Jumper off, landing and jumpers seen from above and below. Slow motion. USSR's Kiba Tzakadze wins with jump of over 300 feet. Germany's Helmut Recknagle takes second. CU of winner. 1961 Winter sports. 23:24:58:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Title: The End with music under. Clean. End: 23:25:04:00 23:25:12:00 B W 1960 & 1961 19Jan61 Sd Title: Universal International News with spinning globes and music under. Clean. 23:25:24:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Washington, DC White House - Ike Meets Kennedy, Bids Press Farewell. Ext. of end of White House interior with Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy and their cabinets sitting around table. Newsreel cameramen. President talks to reporters outside at mics with journalists taking notes. JFK questioned re Laos and how the Presidential transition is going. President JFK thanks the various individuals involved, some by name. Wipe to: 23:27:23:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd White House interior. Photographers at final press conference of President Eisenhower. He walks in and stands at mics saying good bye to people. Walks out through applauding journalists and reporters. MCU of seated press. Waving Ike seen through crowd. 1961 farewell. 23:28:08:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Mysore, India Elephant Roundup. LS of elephant herd standing in trees. Indians with bamboo sticks hitting them together. Man on elephant watching. Men carrying smoldering logs and making smoky brush fire. Moving elephants seen through trees swimming. Trained elephants ridden and moving others. Large pen and elephants herded inside. Wild animals rounding up herding. 1961. 23:29:15:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Spartacus - Capital V.I.P.'s Hail Washington Premiere. Night and EXT of Warner movie theater with banner and crowds. Philippine Ambassador Romulo and wife arrive. Senator Byrd arrives and walks past camera Senators Ellender of Louisiana and Fulbright of Arkansas. Others watching. Ambassadors from Haiti, Israel, France & Japan arrive. Advertising Self-promotion. Motion Pictures 1961. 23:30:09:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Sports New York City [Golden Gloves First Round Elimination]. 175 lb boxers in furious match. Fight stopped in middle of first round. 147 lb match. Boxer runs and tries to hide and is stopped in first round. first round TKO. Knockout and winner jumping arounds. Amateur sports boxing 1961. 23:31:32:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Title: The End with music under End: 23:31:39 23:31:46:00 B W 1960 & 1961 26Jan61 Sd Title: Universal International News with spinning globes and music under. 23:31:59:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Washington, DC 1st Conference - Kennedy Tells Press Reds Free US Airmen. EXT of State Department auditorium interior as President JFK walks to front for first press conference & first broadcast live to nation. Newsreel cameramen and others at back, reporters listening. MCU of JFK at podium: `I am happy to be able to announce that Captain Freeman B. Olmstead and Captain John R. McComb (sp?), members of the crew of the United States Air Force RB-47 aircraft who have been detained by Soviet authorities since July 1st, 1960 have been released by the Soviet government and are now enroute to the United States. The United States government is gratified by this decision of the Soviet Union and considers that this action by the Soviet government removes a serious obstacle to improvement of Soviet-American relations. Our deepest sympathy and understanding goes to the families of the men of the RB-47 who gave their lives in the service of their country. At the same time I'm sure that all Americans join me in rejoicing with the Olmstead and McComb families. The families as well as the men deported themselves in these trying times in a way which is truly in the best traditions of the military services of the United States. Restraint in these conditions is obviously not easy. But they can be assured that they have contributed in large measure to the final achievement of the objective that we all sought: the release of the men.' Question: In the light of this announcement, what will be your general policy on overflights and on such things as the U2 case, or the U2 flights. Do you see circumstances which might warrant resumption of such things as the U2 flights. JFK: `The Soviet government is fully aware of the united States government's views with respect to the distinction between the question of the United States Air Force RB-47 and the incident which occurred over Soviet territory on May 1st, 1960 involving an American U2 type aircraft. Flights of American aircraft penetrating the air space of the Soviet Union have been suspended since May, 1960. I have ordered that they not be resumed.' Cold War Spy Planes Spying. Aerial reconnaissance flights. 23:34:39:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd News In Brief New Delhi, India [India Hails Queen Elizabeth]. First visit by British sovereign in half a century. Motorcade seen from different angles. Queen & Prince Philip put on sandals to visit tomb of Gandhi. Wreath laying of wreath with 500 white roses at shrine. Maharajah of Jaipur provides elephant ride. Ceremonial duties. English Royalty. Post-Colonialism. Tourists. 23:35:56:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd 25 Years Ago. King George & Queen in royal situation, riding in carriage through streets during Silver Jubilee shortly before his death. Seen with Edward VIII, now Duke of Windsor. Funeral carriage and Eleanor Roosevelt with VP Garner & wife and others at memorial service in Washington where Cordell Hull, Chief Justice Hughes and Japanese Ambassador attend. Mourners on sidewalk in England. Obituary Royalty Swish pan to: 23:37:08:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Washington, DC [Colonel Edwin A. Halsey, Secretary of Senate Signing Veterans Baby Bond Bonus Bill]. Men watching ceremony after President's veto was overridden. South Carolina Senator Byrnes passes out pens after signing. Men in government office receiving forms to fill out. Post-WWI veterans. Depression. 23:37:34:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Tulsa, Oklahoma [Mayor Perry Signs Anti-Kissing Law]. Designed to end downtown traffic jams. Sedan pulls up in front of government building. Man and woman kissing and policeman knocks on window. Law limited kiss to three minutes. Car with just married sign on it and cop waving it on. Stunts gags. Government regulations Laws. 23:38:09:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Title: The End with music under. Clean. End: 23:38:15:00 23:38:22:00 B W 1960 & 1961 30Jan61 Sd Title: Universal International News with spinning globes and music under. 23:38:35:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Washington, DC State of Union - JFK Addresses House And Senate. President JFK enters to applause, shakes hands and at mic: `In short the American economy is in trouble. The most resourceful, industrialized country on earth ranks amongst the last in the rate of economic growth. Since last Spring our economic growth rate has actually declined. Business investment is in a decline profits have fallen below predicted levels. Construction is off. A million unsold automobiles are in inventory. Fewer people are working. And the average work week has shrunk well below forty hours. Yet prices have continued to rise so that now two million Americans have less to spend for items that cost more to buy. No man entering upon this office, regardless of his party, regardless of his previous service in office, could fail to be staggered upon learning even in this brief ten day period the harsh enormities of the trials to which we must pass in the next four years. Each day the crises multiply each day their solution grows more difficult each day we draw nearer the hour of maximum danger as weapons spread and hostile forces grow stronger. I feel I must inform the Congress that our analysis over the last ten days make it clear that in each of the principle areas of crisis the tide of events has been running out and time has not been our friend.' (applause & wide shot of room). `We are pledged to work with our sister Republics to free the Americas of all such foreign domination and all tyranny, working towards the goal of a free hemisphere of free governments extending from Cape Horn to the Arctic Circle. (applause) We must increase our support of the United Nations as an instrument to end the Cold War instead of an arena in which to fight it. In recognition of its increasing importance and the doubling of its membership we are enlarging and strengthening our own mission to the United Nations. We shall help to insure it is properly financed. We shall work to see that the integrity of the office of the Secretary General is maintained. Life in 1961 will not be easy. Wishing it, predicting it, even asking for it will not make it so. There will be further setbacks before the tide is turned, but turn it we must.' Standing ovation. Economy Cold War 1961 JFK Presidential Speech Rhetoric Latin America Bad Economic News Depression. 23:42:06:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Brazil Saga Of Santa Maria Continues. AV over hi-jacked cruise ship. One-stack Portuguese liner. Families greeting freed wounded crewmen. Captured as protest against Portugal premier Salazar. Revolution Anti-fascist Terrorists 1961. 23:43:06:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd New Delhi, India Queen In India - Mammoth Celebration For Republic Day. AV of crowds and motorcade. Queen riding in carriage with President. Prime Minister Nehru greets Prince & Queen as they leave carriage. Applauding crowd. Ghurkas riding, camel troops riding past, others marching in large parade with Indians playing bagpipes. Women marching in white gowns. Float of Indian Air Force. Elephants ridden through streets. Other marching units with swords. 1961 Celebration Pageant Independence Colonialism. 23:44:48:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Title: The End with music under. End: 23:44:55 23:45:02:00 B W 1960 & 1961 02Feb61 Sd Title: Universal International News with globes spinning and music under 23:45:15:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Katy, Texas Texas Premiere - Lone Star State Hails `Tomboy And The Champ'. CU of sign. Pan over small town empty street as shops are closed and locked for people to go to Houston, Texas for movie premiere. AV of motorcade of cars school buses passing camera. Night shot of marquee. Jesse White out of car with cigar. Candy Moore & Rex Allen arrive. Others smiling and teen age singing star walking past. Ben Johnson seen (?) and on marquee. 1961 Motion Picture Promotion Advertising Western movie. 23:46:39:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Sports Negeve, France [Downhill Ski Race]. LS of skier down steep mountain. Views past camera. Multiple spectacular falls. Skiers across finish line. MCU of winner Guy Perrilat of France. 1961 winter sports. Failures Gags Oddities Spills. 23:47:47:00 B W 1960 & 1961 title: The End with music under End: 23:47:54:00 23:48:01:00 B W 1960 & 1961 06Feb61 Sd Title: Universal International News with spinning globes and music under. Clean. 23:48:13:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd New York City Snow Cripples East. View up snowbound street with pedestrians walking in front of car. Past apartment houses and kids throwing snowballs. Pedestrians walking through snow and slush. Snowplow working. 42nd Street. Firemen fighting fire with heavy ice covering hoses and fire trucks during 5 alarm fire in Bronx. POV past buried cars. Pedestrians and MCU of feet. Suburbs with tail fins on Cadillac as it moves slowly in snow. Man pulling small boy through snow on sled as he falls off. Cars in parking lots covered as men shovel out. Bare city street after plowing. 1961 winter snow storm. 23:50:35:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd News In Brief Old Delhi, India [Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip On Viewing Stand] Crowds waving and Royalty waving to crowd who wave British flags. Replica presented to Queen by Nehru. Tower seen, crowds, motorcade to Taj Mahal. LS of Taj and royalty given tour as overshoes are put on before entering. Ornate carved stone seen. Past fountains and through gardens. Vacation Royal Duties Ceremonies Tourists 1961. 23:51:59:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd San Francisco, California [Safety Belts Introduced By Chrysler For Installation On Any Car]. Seat belts shown installed. Chrysler President L.L. Holbert (sp?) announces at press conference in sync sound announcement say 10,000 lives per year can be saved. Chrysler offering on a non-profit basis. Automobile safety Transportation Salesmanship Advertising Invention Seat belts 1961 Promotion. 23:53:07:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Sports Madison Square Garden, New York [1961 Millrose Games]. Indoor track meet. Runners around track from above and low in 600 meter race won by NYU Jim Wedderburn. Hayes Jones wins 60 yard high hurdles in world record. Wilma Rudolph wins women's 60 yard dash and tying own record of 6.9 seconds. Men's 60 yard dash won by Frank Butts in 6.2 seconds. Ralph Boston almost matches his world's record. 23:54:22:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Title: The End with music under. End: 23:54:28:00 23:54:34:00 B W 1960 & 1961 09Feb61 Sd Title: Universal International News with spinning globes and music under. Short. 23:54:35:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Germany NATO War Games - Germany Is Stage For Big Winter Maneuvers. Snow as trucks cross pontoon bridge and into village. Officers at maps. Tanks and troops up roads. People shaking hands. Fleet of helicopters over snow-covered fields and land with troops out. Soldiers dug into foxholes and fire machine guns. Firing Honest John missile. Tanks across field of snow, firing guns. Drone target plane down by parachute. Tanks past in snow. Plane dropping napalm bombs. Tank firing flames. 60,000 troops involved in biggest maneuvers since WWII. Cold War 1961 NATO military winter maneuvers. 23:56:11:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd News In Brief Palm Springs, California [Ex-President Eisenhower on 1961 Vacation]. Ike and Mamie sitting on lawn chairs and pose for news photographers. Ike goes golfing, putting, teeing off. MCU getting into cart and driving off past camera. Relaxation. 23:57:09:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Paris France [Spring Hat Fashions]. Model with veils decorated as hat. CU of various models in odd hats. Straw hat and leather hat. Satin. 1961 Summer Hat Fashions. Oddities. 23:58:12:00 B W 1960 & 1961 Sd Sports Madison Square Garden, New York [1961 Professional Tennis Traveling Tournament]. Barry MacKay against Alex Olmedo with Olmedo falling. Pancho Gonzalez vs Lew Hoad of Australia. Crowd watching. Applause. Earl `Butch' Buchholz wins from Spaniard Andres Gimeno. Professional Sports Mens Tennis Singles. 23:59:57:00 - 24:00:04:00 Title: The End