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DN-LB-564 Beta SP
1961, 1936
00:01:20 V34 #014 China profits from famine viewed from Hong Kong Navy investigates porpoises New York City Golden Gloves 25 Yrs Ago: Winter blizzards, Dust storms, J.P. Morgan before Senate committee, Aimee Semple McPherson leads parade of followers, Mr & Mrs. Charles Lindbergh to seclusion in England, auto invention re convertiplane. 00:07:52 V34 #016 Congo crises after Lumumba killing USSR Brezhnev in Ghana Formosa sends food to China Miss Chinatown USA Hialeah horse race Wilma Rudolph, Don Bragg, Ralph Boston Valeri Brumel at NYAC indoor track meet. 00:14:31 V34 #017 Space capsule fired in Proj. Mercury test Europe's pre-Lenten carnival Ray Petterson wins Golden Gloves 25 Yrs Ago: mail-carrying rocket plane launch attempt Tri-phibian failure Hollywood pays tribute to Carl Laemmle Fashion show at New York City Stork Club. 00:19:55 V34 #018 King Mohammed of Morocco dies Queen Elizabeth in India London's Royal Family's Film Night Prince Hiro's first birthday House of Dior summer preview Garmisch Alpine Championship races. 00:26:33 V34 #020 Tornado in Chicago Re-enact Lincoln inauguration Queen Elizabeth & Philip on Nepal tiger hunt French Assembly President Chaban-Delmas in DC Nixon visits Eisenhower in Palm Springs, CA Brumel beast Thomas for inoor record at Knights of Columbus Meet 58th Annual Bowling Congress opens. 00:32:51 V34 #021 Polaris sub Patrick Henry in Scotland X-15 sets 2,905 mph record Italian futuristic dream car International Flower Show Spring fashions Women jockeys race in France Mexican bull fighting. 00:39:29 V34 #022 Kennedy outlines Peace Corps 25 Yrs Ago: Weather & flood destruction. 00:46:06 V34 #023 Krishna Menon sees Indian troops off to Congo Ice-breaking on St. Lawrence Willy Brandt meets w Kennedy Ray Patterson loses Golden Gloves title bout Canada 5, USSR 1 for amateur hockey championship. 00:52:43 V34 #024 Pres. Kasavubu in Congo & Peking, China rally protesting Lumumba death Rock Hudson, Tony Curtis, Gina Lollobrigida & Spartacus win Golden Globe awards Old & new planes shown by Air Force & Gen Vaulois British spring hat fashions International weight lifting competition. 00:59:22 V34 #025 JFK calls for negotiations in Laos Formosa art to visit US Tokyo Palace hosts Babies' Day 25 Yrs Ago: Dr. Condon returns from vacation on eve of Haupmann execution FDR on Chief Executive's yacht & hosts Governor of Bahamas Fifth Avenue Easter Parade Clyde Beattie & lions. 01:05:59 V34 #026 JFK meets MacMillan & Gromyko on Laos Grand National steeplechase. 01:12:42 V34 #027 SEATO meeting in Thailand Party for look-alikes of Hollywood actors Machine sculptures shown in Holland Missy the swimming pig Mens' fashions Navy kids boxing. 01:19:01 V34 #028 Easter around world International Auto Show Yale hosts AAU swimming finals Florida Derby at Gulfstream Park. 01:25:20 V34 #029 McMillan meets JFK at White House USSR films of space tests of dogs & mice in weightlessness Khrushchev tours Siberia & Kazakhstan Air Force tests robot B-47 bomber New York City zoo strike Germany 1, Holland 0 in women's soccer.