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DN-LB-571 Beta SP
14:01:19 V36 #044 British Air Force stunt team Buddhist exorcise spirits from office in Hong Kong crash landing on carrier Coral Sea Mile & other track records w 4 runners under 4 minutes. 14:07:19 V36 #050 Cardinals meet to select Pope India chief visits Queen & Duke of Edinburgh East Germans open new Berlin Wall crossing to airport Stratocruiser separates in middle for large cargo Palmer wins golf play-off. 14:13:27 V36 #051 Berlin memorial service for failed 1953 East German revolt New helicopter for sea rescues MacMillan survives spy scandal Buddhists protest in Vietnam German finger wrestling Le Mans Grand Prix accidents. 14:19:31 V36 #052 Pope Paul VI selected JFK arrives in West Germany Boros wins golf playoff. 14:25:25 V36 #054 Coronation of Pope Paul VI JFK visits Ireland & England. 14:31:19 V36 #056 Argentine election Will Rogers Hospital directors meeting Jehovah's Witnesses convene in Yankee Stadium JFK honors Mt. Everest climbers Yachts race around Isle of Wight Hollywood Derby horserace. 14:37:19 V36 #057 Kennedy halts railroad strike Demonstrations against Greek royalty visit to London Universal City begins expansion Willie Mays dominates baseball All-Star game. 14:43:18 V36 #061 Atomic test ban agreement reached in Moscow Nixon at Berlin Wall USS Halsey commissioned British hovercraft begins ferry run Canada mountain climbing school Pamplona bull run in Spain. 14:49:19 V36 #064 Boy Scout World Jamboree in Greece Emperor Hirohito collecting marine biology specimens Hiking around Netherlands Fish swim ashore in Natal, South Africa College All-Stars 20, Green Bay Packers 17. 14:55:18 V36 #066 Rusk w Khrushchev on Black Sea, play badminton, then to Europe & DC Estes Kefauver obituary AAU men's swim meet w Don Schollander. 15:01:18 V36 #068 US extradites ex dictator of Venezuela Opposition to Nehru increases Anglican Church meets in Toronto, Canada Saratoga, New York horse races First International Diving Championships held at Grossinger, New York. 15:07:18 V36 #072 Khruschev & Tito visit earthquake devastated Skoplje Tokyo, Japan prepares for Olympics San Quentin prison art show Paris fall fashions by Pierre Balmain National Water Ski Championship 15:13:14 V36 #073 Vietnam army persecuting Buddhists Germany police show w police dogs playing soccer Surfing at Biarritz, France YBS: September 1938 hurricane. 15:19:11 V36 #074 Miss America contest JFK welcomes Afghanistan King Zahir to DC in rain JFK gives Gen O'Donnell DSM for WWII service Jack Nicklaus wins golf over Palmer & Boros Latin America tops tennis world. 15:25:09 V36 #076 Quintuplets born Taiwan hit by typhoon New York Giants 37, Baltimore Colts 28 25 Yrs Ago (1938): Vander Meer pitches 2 no-hitters in row Babe Ruth as coach for Dodgers Seabiscuit vs War Admiral Glen Cunningham Don Budge, tennis Joe Louis knocks out Schmeling Miss America contest.