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DN-LB-594 Beta SP
New York City
12:01:19 V12 #863 Si. Boys club pick 1940 Queen Notre Dame spring football 3 mile record set at Finnish Relief Fund track meet President of Costa Rica to Washington. 12:05:28 V12 #863 Military helping French farming. 12:07:31 V12 #865 London Auxiliary Fire Service do physical fitness show & demonstrate fire fighting technique (sd) New York trout season opens (si) Hoppe wins billards (si) Professional wrestling (si). 12:10:15 V12 #865 Sd. Canada volunteer farmers King & Queen British anti-tank gun. 12:14:04 V12 #866 Canada Si Barrage balloon air raid drill. 12:15:14 V12 #867 Canada Si. Rangers 3, Maple Leafs 2. 12:16:20 V12 #868 Si. Belgium prepares for war Italian fleet maneuvers off Turkey Danube floods Belgrade, Yugoslavia Fritz Thyssen flees Germany to France US ambulance drivers arrive in Paris Army Vultee Vanguard plane tested Clams wash ashore in NJ Fur fashions shown Movie producers beat actors in Polo TN 25 mile cross country motorcycle race FDR throws out first ball as Boston beats Senators 1-0 Philadelphia 3, Giants 1 Oglethorpe Festival. 12:27:32 V12 #869 FDR rebukes GOP on war Thomas Dewey at Indianapolis rally. 12:28:56 V12 #870 Si. FDR hosts Canada's Mackenzie King, Warm Springs, GA Navy Sec. Edison reviews recruits Carrier Wasp leaves on trial run England's military budget & troops in Egypt Spanish Loyalists begin life in Mexico Tuscon, AZ indians ban swastika World's Fair perisphere painted in dangerous work Chinook salmon run in Columbia & Willamette rivers New Orleans women's softball Max Baer & Tony Galento train, Joe Jacob's shortly before death Lucky Teter stunt drivers SC Azalea festival. 12:38:44 V12 #873 Si. Cattle judging Philadelphia zoo monkeys VA Apple Blossom Queen Canada baseball season opens, Toronto vs Newark. 12:42:44 V12 #873 Si Sd. Nazi-Allied battle for Norway (si) France fighting Nazis (si) King Carol of Roumania prepares for war (si sd) Mexico May Day parade ends in riot (si) 35 to 1 longshot wins KY Derby (si sd). 12:49:01 V12 #877 Si. Allied convoy returning from Norway routs Nazi planes Belgium refugees Ben Hogan wins over Sam Snead in golf tourney Cotton Festival Canada's King's Plate Horse Race Canadian Parliment opens Canadian military units inspected. 12:56:09 V12 #882 Si. US war preparations US army recruiting Brooklyn Navy Yard activity Maine Senator WWI aviation ace & comrades reunion w Eddie Rickenbacker School girl fashions Belmont Handicap California roller-skis Arturo Goday trains for heavyweight bout w Joe Louis Oldtimer baseball Governors meet in Minnesota ?? mines open in GA Canada burns Hitler effigy. 13:06:07 V12 #882 Si. Col. Jouett explains how US air supremacy to be achieved Grand Coulee dam nearly completed. 13:07:36 V12 #883 Si. Italy enters war Little defeats Sarazan for National Open title. 13:10:30 V12 #892 Si. Miss Modern Venus chosen Motorcycle cops thrill fans Canada wants US tourists National League All-Stars 4, American League 0 National AAU Women's track meet Canadian tank units ready for action. 13:16:33 V12 #905 Si. Secy. Knudsen sees Lockheed P-38 Douglas B-19 bomber nearing completion Boeing triples size of Seattle plant US-Canada Defense Board meets San Diego zoo Women's National Swim Meet Eastern All-Stars train at West Point for game w New York Giants Women's National Doubles Tennis w Marble, Palfrey, Bundy & Van Ryn Canadian National Exhibition London fashions 2nd Div. Canadians Arrive. 13:24:57 V12 #906 Si. Alien registration begins in US SS American Legion arrives from Finland w refugees British children evacuated by ship to Australia NJ baby parade Fordham football calisthenics & practice Hostesses on Atlantic City trollies Canada Defense Board meets, LaGuardia present Knudsen tours Boeing plant & shipyard Garment & tent cutting Watervliet, New York arsenal machining guns Inglewood pneumatic gun test.