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DN-LB-604 Beta SP
1934, 1954 - 1955
08:01:19 1934, Si Sd. French Foreign Minister Louis Barthou funeral In Yugoslavia, King Alexander's body returned home English men, CWA Scott & T. Campbell Black, win London-Melbourne air race speed derby Football: St. Mary's 14, Fordham 9. 08:03:49 1954, Addressing the National Council of Catholic Women, President Eisenhower sees the war threat easing. President Eisenhower greets 20 new US citizens at White House. Later, Eisenhower greets Japan's Prime Minister Yoshida In Washington, DC, Iwo Jima memorial dedication, Marine Corps War Memorial. President Eisenhower and 3 survivors of the original group are present. Judy Holliday receives the Minute Man award for her assistance with bond sales. 5 yr-old, Suzanne Bechard, is crowned Little Miss USA in junior paegent In Spain, jewelry by Salavador Dali. Paris dog show at the Paris Sports Palace. Football: Auburn 14, Miami 13 Evangelist Billy Graham and Governor F.G. Clement receive honorary degree from Baylor University. 08:11:54 1954, 24th Division leaves Korea, President Rhee reviews farewell parade. Eisenhower Museum dedicated. Entire Eisenhower family is present. Queen Mother Elizabeth visits Williamsburg, VA. Goats airlifted to Israel from Holland, protest at the airport. Worlds biggest woman, Katja van Dyck, in Germany. Tallest woman. She goes on shopping spree, rides in a midget car, she's 8'4" tall. Football: Ohio State 28, Purdue 6 Princeton 21, Yale 14, Royce Flippin. 08:18:31 1954, Fleeing Indo-China Catholics rescued from raft journey across the Gulf of Tonkin. Morocco locust plague. At sea, Navy tests steam catapult on aircraft carrier, hurtles carrier-based planes. President Eisenhower presents the Harmon aviation trophy to Jacqueline Cochrane, the first woman to break the sound barrier, and Major Chuck Yeager, pilot of the X-1A rocket plane. The National Turkey Federation gives President Eisenhower a Thanksgiving turkey. Sportswear fashions in New York. Boxing: Britain's Alex Burton knocks out Albert Finch in light-heavyweight boxing Football: Detroit Lions 48, San Francisco 7. Bobby Layne & Doak Walker. 08:25:06 1954, (Silent) Tony Curtis, Rock Hudson, Jeff Chandler, Abbot & Costello & others in Hollywood honor polar fliers, the Scandinavian leaders and flight members of historic plane that inaugurated commercial flights over the North Pole. NATO chiefs meeting in DC Seattle, WA Santa Claus parade, Christmas parade. Football: Ohio State 21, Michigan 7 UCLA 34, USC 0. 08:30:47 1954, (Silent) New huge jet fighter, the "Voodoo" fighter unveiled for Strategic Air Command. Former President Herbert Hoover visits Germany and is greeted at the Cologne Airport by Chancellor Adenauer and high-ranking officals. Field Marshal Montgomery receives an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Columbia University Allentown, PA manufacturer of Christmas window decorations. In Italy, the Carrara marble quarries are revitalized with US aid. Children's fashions. Football: Los Angeles Rams 17, New York Giants 16, "Deacon Dan" Towler. 08:37:22 1954, (Silent) President Eisenhower's new plane, the Columbine III is christened by Mamie Eisenhower while the President and Field Marshal Montgomery look on. Alger Hiss leaves prison after 3 years and 3 months. Former President Herbert Hoover receives honorary degree from German University, Tulbingen University. Sir Winston Churchill celebrates 80th birthday. Queen Mother Elizabeth returns to England, is greeted by her daughter and royal children. Football: Navy 27, Army 20. 08:43:55 1954 (Silent) Queen Elizabeth II opens Parliament on the same day that England honros Prime Minister Churchhill on his 80th birthday. Korea supply depot burns In Algeria, French troops search for nationalist Algerian rebels in Aures mountains In Holland, trained trick horses sit down for dinner. 08:48:13 1954 (Silent) Japan's first jet-wing takes to the air, first US trained jet pilots. Reno trains women for gambling work in casinos, women work at gambling tables. In Seattle, Santa visits dog pound. Football: Detroit Lions tie Philadelphia Eagles. Southeast Catholic High 34, Frankford High 0 in Philadelphia. 08:52:46 1954, United Nations acts to censure China & free US airmen. United Nations General Assembly. Social Democrats win Berlin election. President Perez Jiminez dedicates housing in Venezuela during housing boom. World's first heliport is dedicated at Ft. Eustis, VA. Family fashions with an emphasis on rayon. Football Heisman trophy awarded to Alan Ameche. Ski-skating in California. 08:59:20 1954, Super-Carrier Forrestal launched, world's largest warship. Floods in Ireland & England. "Nike" rockets guard Washington, DC. President Eisenhower films construction of his new farm house in Pennsylvania. Canadian Air Force hero, Squadron Leader Andrew Mackenzie returns home after 2 years in China prison, reunites with wife. Fashions based on film, "So This Is Paris" are modeled on Strato-Cruiser. Kentucky Derby winner, Determine, biggest money winner of year. College Basketball: St. John 93, Holy Cross. 09:06:00 1954, 26 die after Italian plane crashes at Idelwild Airport. Greeks riot in Cyprus dispute, 5,000 students battle police in anti-American demonstration. NATO discusses atomic plans in the event of Soviet invasion. French President, Rene Coty, decorates NATO head General Alfred Gruenther with medal of the Legion of Honor. Eisenhower presents annual Collier Aviation Trophy to the men who developed America's first supersonic military aircraft. Basketball: Utah 79, LaSalle 69, Tom Gola. Massachusetts Governor Christian Herter plays Santa Claus to Christmas Carolers who visit the State House. 09:11:11 1954, French vote yes on German re-armament, Premier Mendes-France. In England, Canberra jet bomber crashes just outside an orphanage and explodes, no orphans are hurt. In Germany, woman spy is jailed. Irmgard Schmidt, a modern day Mata Hari, is convicted of extracting secret data from US intelligence officers for the Reds. Nelson Rockefeller is sworn in as special assistant aid to President Eisenhower. Cardinal Spellman in Korea, welcome ceremonies. Connie Mack celebrates 92nd birthday. House surrounds tree in Germany, tree grows through roof of house. Malayan strong man (muscle man) does stunts of strength, he drives spikes with his fist, shatters granite millstones and tows a heavily laden truck. Football: Cleveland Browns 56, Detroit Lions 10 in title game, Otto Graham in last game before retirement. 09:17:47 1954, In New Mexico, at the Holloman Air Development Center, Col. John Stapp on rocket sled, becomes fastest land-traveler in the world - reaching speeds of 632mph. 23 Japanese fishermen are released from hospital after H-bomb radiation fallout from Bikini tests. Miracle fabric fashions shown underwater. Gen Dean's son, William F. Dean, Jr. enlists and is sworn in with group of Air Force cadets. Basketball: Philadelphia Warriors 84, New York Knickerbockers 78. 09:24:12 1955, Parades from coast to coast: Miami Florida. Parade salutes King Cotton, Florida beauties In Pasadena: Tournament of Roses parade, Rose Queen Marilyn Smuin and Miss Universe Miriam Stevenson take beauty honors Parade in Philadelphia, the Mummers. Football Bowl Games, Sugar Bowl: Navy 21, Mississippi 0, George Welsh Rose Bowl: OH 20, USC 7, muddy game Cotton Bowl: Georgia Tech 14, Arkansas 6 Orange Bowl: Duke 34, Nebraska 7 Averell Harriman sworn in as New York governor.