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DN-LB-608 Beta SP
1940, 1941, 1955, 1957, 1961, 1964, 1967
16:01 19 V12 #920, 1940 Sd Si. FDR's draft message Last scrap iron shipped from Seattle for Japan Ft. Lewis trains mules for war Big electric-welded freighter SS American Leader launched Tanks demonstrated for South American leaders Willkie campaigns in Buffalo Dionne quintuplets listen to Princess Elizabeth's broadcast to children of the Empire Navy 12, Princeton 6 15 year old wins cotton picking contest Missouri pioneer festival. 16:09:34 V12 #933, 1940 Si. Mexico hails new Pres. Camacho Bombers rushed to Britain Army speeds draftee training 8 dead in Toppenish, WA gas explosion New York City Christmas shopping Navy 14, Army 0. 16:14:59 V14 #037, 1941 Navy over Army in football Philadelphia mayor proclaims City Defense Week. 16:18:06 V28 #641, 1955 Storms in Europe Eisenhower in first White House press conference Six Bridges to Cross premier Nixon pumps gas for polio Golden Gloves boxing East vs West all stars in Basketball Nickelodeon given to Franklin Institute. 16:25:00 V28 #656, 1955 Si. Australian Premier ? visits Eisenhower Ike buys Easter Seals from crippled boy White House Photographers Awards Railroads move truck trailers British Academy Film Awards Yo-yo's Navy Football practice Abbott & Costello routine in boxing ring w ?? Daytona Motorcycle Racing. 16:31:32 V34 #034, 1961 French Generals revolt in Algeria Castro on TV as Cuban invaders face death JFK meets w Ike at Camp David on Cuba Pender over Basilio to retain boxing crown Minnesota Twins begin first season. 16:37:46 V37 #032, 1964 Casey Stengel & New York Mets debut at Shea Stadium Mt Etna erupts Mrs. Jerrie Mock circles globe in 29 days French music of the future Australia tests solo rocket Travel fashions. 16:43:46 V38 #081, 1965 World Series Berlin Wall escape Army 10, Boston College 0 Texas 27, Indiana 12. 16:51:06 V30 #026, 1957 San Francisco earthquake Mid-east tensions Hair fashions National Collegiate Gymnastic Championships North Carolina 54, Kansas 53 Valencia, Spain bullfight. 16:57:45 V30 #028, 1957 German WWII vets at US paratroop school Eisenhower & Cancer Crusade Miss Press Photographer French use helicopters in Algeria East 73, West 63 in College All-Star basketball Grand National Steeplechase. 17:04:26 V30 #033, 1957 British release Makarios New York City fireworks Bellevue circus Pilot wears helicopter College students have teeter-totter marathon Montreal 3, Boston 1 in Stanley Cup French stockcar racing Cypress Gardens water skiing championships. 17:11:07 V30 #052, 1957 Diefenbaker & Conservatives in new Canadian government United Nations to re-arm in Korea Marine commandos maneuver off Puerto Rico Backyard plane crash in MD Alpine round-up Seattle kids fishing contest Japan's Premier Kishi at Yankee game AAU track championships. 17:17:49 V30 #084, 1957 Queen Elizabeth welcomed to Canada Chiang Kai-shek review troops on Formosa anniversary My Man Godfrey premiere at New York City's Roxy Notre Dame 23, Army 21 Michigan State 35, Michigan 6.