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DN-LB-668 Beta SP
00:00:00:00 B W 1945 Coast Guard's role during WWII. 13:18:22:00 B W 1945 "All hands, man your battle stations" over loudspeaker - men run to stations. VS anti-aircraft guns fired, men signal with flags, look through binoculars, load guns. Dog patrol through jungle. Releasing weather balloon. Loading Liberator airplane with supplies. Naval and Coast Guard fleets. 13:22:17:00 B W 1945 Beach landing, tanks drive on to beach from LST. LCIs. Coast Guard cutter in rough sea. Man sends radio message. American diplomats arrive in Greenland, walk up steep hill. White men and eskimo women unload supplies, good. Man scales wall of kryolite mine (kryolith). US guards mine. Topographical survey team at work on island. Men smoke in weather station beside radios. News story about capturing Nazi outpost, German POWs taken. Rescuing men at sea after German submarine attack. Explosions under water. 13:29:45:00 B W 1945 EXT US Coast Guard headquarters, Washington. Coast Guard Commandant Russell Waesche makes statement to CAM. CU pulling up anchor. Attack and invasion at Guadalcanal. LCVPs to beach. Beach landing. 13:32:41:00 B W 1945 Fleet of over 800 ships on way to North Africa. Naval bombardment of coast, transporting troops to beach. Invasion of Sicily. VS of amphibious invasions of Tarawa, where Americans are slaughtered, Normandy, Saipan, South of France, Luzon, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and kamikaze attacks