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DN-RLB-122 Beta SP
Color 1968 The natural landscape of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Flora and fauna of the sandy-soiled, coastal beach environment. No shots of people. Faded color. 00:01:23:00 Color 1968 ECU dragonfly amid marsh grass. 00:01:33:00 Color 1968 Crab montage: various crabs on beach and shallow water of tidal pools excellent shots of a slow-moving horseshoe crab ECU snail shell in very shallow water of tidal pool small crab scurries along sand ECU crab, eyes move hermit crab slowly peeks out of shell and scurries along sand crab burrows into wet sand. 00:03:32:00 Color 1968 ECU caterpillar lying on leaf of pale-colored beach plant. 00:03:37:00 Color 1968 ECU pink flower ECU unripened green berries of bush. 00:03:52:00 Color 1968 Small bird on branch of bush. 00:04:22:00 Color 1968 Small black bird on tree branch. 00:05:00:00 Color 1968 ZO to flower as bee probes the buds. 00:05:33:00 Color 1968 Fish scurry about in the shallow water of lily-dotted pond, VS. 00:06:40:00 Color 1968 Bee approaches and enters a white flower, CU. Good shot. 00:07:53:00 Color 1968 Beach grass and plants, petrified wood drift wood, and wind-swept sand dunes of the coastal beach environment, VS. 00:08:48:00 Color 1968 Shore bird hatchling in nest with two eggs. 00:08:55:00 Color 1968 Watchful sea gull stands amid beach grass. 00:09:00:00 Color 1968 Tern in flight, lands on beach and sits over its eggs in small nest hole in the sand. Good shot. 00:09:52:00 Color 1968 Small lighthouse. 00:10:22:00 Color 1968 Cape Cod peninsula, POV AV. JMR