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DN-S-137 1 inch
JFK CAMPAIGN SPOTS - 1960 F 40-5M B&W, Sound 03:00:54 Title: A MESSAGE FROM ADLAI STEVENSON...."This 1960 election is much more than a test of the two parties....If we propose to be responsible men, then we must be responsible for all men....Two policies for peace are being offered, one is a policy of continuing back talk and trading insults....The other policy for peace is to face the reassert what we positively...want to do ourselves....I believe vigorously JFK...." 03:02:47 JFK "I believe that the times require imagination, encouragement, and perseverance. I'm asking each of you to be all who respond to the scriptural call, be strong and of good courage....leadership, not salesmanship. And the only valid test of leadership is to be able to lead and to lead vigorously....A tired nation is a torry nation." 03:03:14 Stevenson. "The experience that counts most is the experience of developing convictions....We need a president with his convictions and his principles to build a better America." 00:05:13 JFK for president title. F 72-5M (B&W, SILENT) 03:05:40 Title: UNITED STATES....Ext. United Nations building, pan flags flying. Ext. Mayor's office. Mayorial proclamation. Exhibit outdoors of Children's United World, CUs childrens' drawings and paintings. Int. Mayor's office, multiple American flags. Wagner speaking at mic. Eleanor Roosevelt seated, rises to speak, presents award to young boy. Children's exhibit. 00:09:08 Young girl drawing at easel, multiple children drawing in and around exhibit. F 78-5M (B&W, sound) 03:09:19 Harry Belafonte addresses camera, endorsing JFK. Speaking from Harlem in residents' apartment. JFK in apartment, Jackie Kennedy seated on couch w Harlem couple. Mr. "Senator, what do you aim to do about the civil rights 1954 decision?" JFK: "I believe we are going to have to make progress....I believe that the president...should associate himself intimately with this great question" 03:11:18 Man asks about Congo. JFK "Here s a great continent that is changing so much....I want them to feel that we're friends of freedom....that we want what they want....I have been concerned that in Africa...many of them have lost interest in us....many of them feel that we don't practice what we preach....I hope the US joins with these countries to develop their education....Help them build their economies..." 03:12:47 Belafonte: "You have just heard an informal, unrehearsed chat....there are many negroes in America who still do not have the right to vote....I'm voting for Senator Jack JFK, how about you?" JFK on campaign trail w Jackie Kennedy, walking thru crowd of black people. JFK election logo. 03:13:37 End of spot. F 89-5M (B&W, sound) 03:14:04 JFK in home of Mrs. Stiles in Newport, Kentucky. 3 Women who lost sons in WWII. They talk about their sons. JFK: "It is a common experience....what we're all concerned about, mothers every seeing that the US can develop policies to maintain the peace. 03:15:40 Woman asks him about initiative for peace. "Mr. Khrushchev has shown himself to be unstable, and also with the Chinese communists who have dedicated themselves to our destruction....the next president of the US is going to move thru the most difficult and hazardous times....The best way to maintain the peace is by being strong....Secondly, make sure that wherever we draw our lines of commitment...that they be known" Shot of photo of Mrs. Stiles' son. "I want you to know that if I'm elected president, I will put all my energy into that" "I'm hopeful that if we keep our strength, and keep our nerves, I feel that we can remain in peace...." 03:17:58 VO narration. 03:18:23 End of bit. F 17-5M (B&W, sound) 03:18:50 Int. auditorium, mens' heads bowed. Questioning JFK on religion. "I believe in America, where religious intolerance will someday end, where all men and all churches are treated as equals, where every man has the same right to attend or not to attend the church of his choice, where there is no catholic block voting of any kind....I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute....where no religious body seeks to impose its will on the polity....This is the kind of America that I fought for in the South one suggested then that we might have a divided loyalty, that we did not believe in liberty, or that we belonged in a disloyal group...." Intercut w CUs of audience. 03:21:45 JFK discusses visit to Alamo. "If this election is decided on the basis that 40 million Americans lost their chance of being president on the day they were baptized, then it is the whole nation that will be the loser....I can solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the US..." Audience WS standing ovation. F 93-5M (B&W, sound) 03:23:30 JFK at podium: "I want an America that's....first, period." Speaking on campaign trail. Speaking in Salt Lake City. "I think there is a vital link between what we are doing here and what we are able to do abroad...." 03:24:39 Speaking outdoors in California, speaking from back of trolley(?) Speaking in St. Louis conference room. Intercut w CUs of audience. "If we are to protect our heritage of freedom, if we are to maintain it around the world, we must be strong....and that is why I am dedicating this campaign to the goal of a stronger America...." (Mentions Iron Curtain) 03:26:20 In debate w Nixon. JFK "Are we doing as much as we can do?...I should make it clear that I do not think we are doing enough." Speaking in convention hall in Buffalo, New York: "If we can develop our a strong society...then the message of freedom will...around the world...:" Kennedy bled in over cheering crowd. F 13-5M (B&W, sound) 03:28:14 Lincoln Memorial, monument thru columns of Memorial. Liberty bell. JFK's political credo: "I believe in human dignity as the source of national purpose, in human liberty as the source of national action, in the human heart as the source of national compassion, and in the human mind as the source of our invention and our ideas. It is, I believe, this faith in our fellow citizens, as individuals and as people, that lies at the heart of the liberal increase for himself and his fellow men, the amount of justice and freedom...which human life deserves...." Montage of US, farmlands, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, New York City, United Nations, Niagra Falls. "I abhor the waste and incompetence of large-scale federal bureaucracy...when voluntary individual effort can do the job as well...." Ext. Children's shelter. "Our responsibility is not discharged by this announcement of virtuous ends....I believe that liberalism is our best and our only hope for the world today....For the liberal soc iety is a free society" Coney Island AV, industrial montage: steel mill, production line. 03:31:40 "The only basic whether our govt will fall in a conservative ditch and die there, or whether we will move ahead in the liberal spirit of daring." Applause, standing ovation. Liberty bell. JFK for president title. 03:32:16 End F 55-5M (B&W, sound) 03:32:39 Ext Newport, Kentucky grade school LS, MS kids playing outside door. JFK inside classroom answering mothers questions. JFK "At the present time, the fed. govt does provide assistance to those areas which have large fed. projects....fed. aid to education bill, which would provide assistance to various states....we want good classrooms...." 03:33:50 CU woman: "What chance do our children have of going to college?" JFK "We're gonna have to build more college buildings in this country than in the whole for the construction of for college students who are able and bright but who cannot afford to go to college....We should make it possible for them...." 03:35:29 Woman's ? "would the fedl govt try to determine what we teach our children?" JFK "I would be completely opposed to the fedl govt having responsibility...I am delighted to get a change to be with you today, because this is the key subject. A free country cannot survive without the best educated citizens..." Line of students walking outside school. JFK giving speech. CU JFK. JFK for pres. logo. 03:36:50 End of bit. F 14-5M (B&W, sound) 03:37:17 "We can do better" --JFK. Poor rural family. Striking union w banner: "WAKE UP AMERICA" list of numbers of jobless. JFK speaking, people standing, clapping MS. JFK head shot, speaking, intercut w CUs from crowd. "The democratic party says of the 60s, yes, we want to move forward...and the republican party has said in the last 8 years, as it has said in every administration in this century, it has said no to progress. It has vetoed progress. It has had a program of no new starts, and on education and employment...this country has been standing still. We are using today only 50 % of our capacity, and when we don't make steel, they don't mine coal in West Virginia...." 03:38:57 Let me make it clear that I have come to this conference as the standard bearer for the democratic party, and I commit our party to a policy of full employment, as FDR committed it in his generation....And on inauguration day next January, I pledge my administration to this policy, and I will send to the congress specific programs designed to follow out these following purposes.... We spend four billion dollars a year on interest on our debt, and every family who buys a car, a television set, an automobile or a house....I think we should unleash the economy rather than attempting to restrict it, if we're going to put our people back to work..." 03:40:50 "The future of the US is tied up in our obtaining the best possible educational system for our children...If we're going to absorb the new technology, we're going to have to have the best trained people in the world, and they're going to have to come out of this state and the 49 other states...." JFK for pres logo. 03:41:33 End of spot