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DN-S-138 1 inch
JFK CAMPAIGN SPOTS - 1960 F 19-5M (B&W, sound) 04:00:54 Int. supermarket checkout counter. Wheat field harvest montage. For Sale by Owner sign on farm. JFK "I consider the decline in agricultural income to be the number one domestic problem that the United States faces....My program for agriculture is consistent w my call to the new frontier (WS high angle of crowd) It makes no great promises that can be interpreted different ways (AV of farm, threshing machine, corn harvest tractor, truck pulling up to silos, crowd shot" management, the adjustment of supply and demand at parity income prices. Purchases and loans will be necessary...(Men in field harvesting tobacco, loading truck, trucks arriving at Cauliflower warehouse)...These aren't just to people living in India or Latin America. These are fellow Americans....We cannot find enough good food to feed our own people... 04:03:44 (Riot in China(?) running in streets, woman shouting over crowd, shot from above of crowd, men fighting, people pushing together in crowd, food relief ships).... I preach the doctrine of the interdependence of our economy. I don't see any point in Senators and Congressmen from the Eastern US voting no on farm programs. That doesn't help the consumers....This country will move ahead when they prosper on the farm and prosper on the sea...." JFK for pres logo. 04:05:12 End of spot. F 15-5M (B&W, sound) 04:05:33 Int. elderly couple's room. Seniors in rec hall, senior woman in hospital. JFK at Hyde Park National Shrine speaking to seniors. Anniversary of Social Security bill. "If this nation in his generation kept its rendezvous with destiny, it was because this nation was led by a great leader of men, but he job which FDR set out to do in 1935 is not yet completed. The opening battle was won, but the war against poverty and depredation goes on....(Intercut w crowd shots)...FDR began many tasks, but we must begin our effort in our time to make sure that we do not rely merely on the past. We look forward in this country. There are many things that we can do now... 04:08:05 This is a fight which is never ending. The declaration of independence did not promise us happiness. It promised us the pursuit of happiness, towards a goal which may never be perfectly achieved, but to which we must always address ourselves....I cannot think of any responsibility more..." 04: : 3 CUs of aged men. JFK signing autographs, shaking seniors hands at Hyde Park Shrine. Int. large room w many seniors. CU JFK milling in crowd. JFK for pres logo. 04:09:46 End of spot. F 111-5M (B&W, sound) 04:10:10 Woman in supermarket, putting goods in basket, CU cash register. Family around dinner table. JFK in living room w couple: "Mr. and Mrs. Sills are facing one of the great problems...the increase of the cost of living..." JFK interviews the couple about their troubles. 04: : "I don't think Americans can stand every four or five months having a new breakthrough in the cost of living....Economic and price stability a central goal of govt..." MS JFK shaking women's hands along fence. JFK LBJ campaign logo. 04:14:25 END of spot. F 90-5M (B&W, sound) 04:14:50 JFK on porch w elderly couple, Mr & Mrs MacNamara, sitting on porch swing in Newport Kentucky. They tell their woes of aging in the US, medical expenses, etc, interviewed by JFK. "What I think is the serious problem...he's retired, he's living on social security...then he had an accident...he incurred a debt....Whatever saving they would have had would have to be spent for these bills....They would receive compensation for their hospitalization... It provides that they shall contribute during their working years... It does mean that when they are retired...they would have assistance and help... 04: : I believe that this is the American way, to pay as you go...." Mr. MacNamara: "This is the opportunity of a lifetime!" 04:19:10 End of spot. F 109 (B&W, sound) 04:19:25 Citizens for JFK montage w animation and stills. 04:20:25 END F 58 (B&W, sound) 04:20:50 JFK at desk: "We have to prepare for automation....We have to make it possible for all of our children to be educated...." JFK for pres. logo. 04:21:50 END F 41 (B&W, sound) 04:22:16 Eleanor Roosevelt: "If we are to be the spokesmen for a free world, we must begin at home by assuring all our people...equal opportunity under law and under God. When you cast your vote for the president...I urge you to vote for JFK, for I have come to believe that as a president he will have the strength and the courage...he is a man with a sense of history" JFK logo. 04:23:17 END F 56 (B&W, sound) 04:23:39 JFK at desk: "One of the problems which concerns me most is our failure to meet the problem of medical care for our older citizens....Under present laws, before they can receive any assistance, they must sign a pauper's oath....They pay their own way, they live in dignity...." JFK logo. 04:24:46 END F 101 (B&W, sound) 04:25:09 Kentucky grade school. See ZZZ 10003, repeat. 04:26:13 END F 54 (B&W, sound) 04:26:24 JFK at desk: "This administration has followed in the West a policy of no new starts. No new starts in river development ....letting our mineral resources go to waste....We will do four things: first we will build and expand our forest programs....and we will try to move ahead in those areas which have been cut back." JFK logo. 04: : END F 51 (B&W, sound) 04:27:46 Int. diner, empty seats at counter. Int. conference hall, woman asking about civil rights. JFK at podium: "The president could sign an executive order ending and fair hiring...." JFK logo 04:28:48 END F 25 (B&W, sound) 04:29:12 JFK speaks: "I'm asking each of you to be pioneers towards that new frontier. My call is to the young in heart, regardless of age, to the stout in spirit, regardless of not afraid, neither be dismayed....leadership, not salesmanship....(intercut w WS of stadium) We cannot fail that trust, and we cannot fail to try." JFK logo. 04:30:12 END F 49 (B&W, sound) 04:30:38 Eleanor Roosevelt: "When you cast our vote for the president of the US, be sure you have studied the record. I have. I urge you to vote for JFK....He is a man with a sense of history. That I am well familiar with, because my husband had a sense of history. He wanted to leave a good record for the future. I want JFK wants to leave a good record." JFK logo. 04:31:38 END F 30 (B&W, sound) 04:32:08 JFK at podium, LA with mic. high angle. JFK: "in 1932, the US, I think, took a position which preserved freedom here in the US. I think the great issue in 1960 is to take the kind of decisions which will preserve freedom around the world. Thomas Paine said...that the cause of America is the cause of all mankind. I think in 1960, the cause of all mankind is the cause of America....If we bear our burdens, then I think freedom succeeds here, and also it succeeds around the world." 04:33:08 END F 29 (B&W, sound) 04:33:34 JFK Nixon debate. As I said at the beginning...can freedom in the next generation conquer, or are the communists going to be successful....I think we're ready to move..." 04:34:34 END F 45 (B&W, sound) 04:35:00 Adlai Stevenson: "This 1960 election is more than a test of two parties and two men....If we propose to be responsible men, then we must be responsible to all men. No corner of our nation may remain in darkness, lest the....I believe that under his leadership we will win the fight for human rights." JFK logo. 04:36:00 END F 50 (B&W, sound) 04:36:15 NYT headline, 4Feb: "Nixon Vote Defeats Senate Bid to Increase Aid to Education" Man on floor asking question on education: "The federal aid to education bill has passed the senate and passed the house, but it has never passed the senate and the house. Every bill we put forward is threatened with a veto by the president...." Applause. JFK logo. 04:37:14 END F 80 (B&W, sound) 04:37:38 Harry Belafonte addresses camera w JFK in Harlem: "I want to make it very clear...I stand for these things. The democratic party under FDR stood for them." HB: "I'm voting for this senator, how about you?" JFK logo. 04:38:38 END F 107 (B&W, sound) 04:39:00 JFK w MacNamara's in Kentucky, JFK addresses camera on their medical financial problem. JFK logo. 04:40:00 END F 42 (B&W, sound) 04:40:23 Eleanor Roosevelt: "JFK came to visit me at Hyde Park. We talked to gether and I learned that he was truly interested in carrying on many of the things which my husband had just begun....will provide the leadership for greater social security benefits which the social welfare of a civilized nation demands. I urge you to study JFK's program. To look at his very remarkable record in congress, and I think you will join me in voting...." Intercut w JFK at Hyde Park, looking at FDR photos, etc. JFK logo. 04:41:22 END F 102 (B&W, sound) 04:41:50 JFK: "The Rockefeller brothers reports, ...the relative strength of the US compared to that of the USSR and Chinese communists...has deteriorated" VO: "JFK for pres." 04:42:10 END F 103 04:42:34 JFK: "If we're moving ahead, if we're providing a viable economy, if people have sufficient resources so that they can consume what we produce, then this country's on the move. Then we're stronger. Then we set a better example to the world. We have to do a job here at home" 04:42:48 END F 104 04:43:06 JFK "And the republicans in recent years...have opposed housing...opposed minimum wage....and I think that record tells something." 04:43:25 END F 105 04:43:41 JFK "I don't want historians ten years from now to say, these were the years when the tide ran out of the US, I want them to say, these were the years that the tide came in. These were the years when the US started to move again....Only you can decide what you want, what you want this country to be." 04:44:01 END F 3 (B&W, sound) 04:44:35 Woman in crowd questioning his loyalty to Catholic church. "I have sworn to uphold the constitution....Congress shall make no laws abridging the freedom of religion....many countries have unity between church and state. I would be completely opposed to it....That is my view based on my experience....there is no article of my faith that would in any way inhibit, I think it encourages, my meeting of the oath of office. Whether you vote for me or not, because of my competence to be president, I am sure no one believes that I would be a candidate for presidency if I didn't think I could meet my oath of office....Every American will have the opportunity....(cutaways to press scribbling in pads, CUs audience) 04:46:28 END SPOT #1 (B&W, sound) 04:46:44 Title: STEVENSON SPEAKS FOR JFK-JOHNSON. Adlai speaking at convention hall. "Our national situation has never been more peril, and the decision which faces our electorate in November probably never more fateful. Khrushchev boasts that his system will bury ours. He could not be more deceived....Under the leadership of two democratic presidents, we brought this country out of the worst depression of its history. We rebuilt our national economy to ... enlarge economic security for all....Under this leadership, we made the name of America synonymous around the world with power and purpose and magnanimity....ready to respond greatly to national necessities... I say to you that under democratic leadership they will respond briefly in the future....(Floor, standing ovation)...I know no better way to encourage Mr. K. than to let him know that all Americans are united behind the weak uncertain policies of the last years... (Audience clapping) No one in American public life has spoken more eloquently about disarmament and about peace, and about a positive foreign policy for our country than Jack Kennedy of Mass... Only a liberal govt can bring about .... The democratic party has always been the party of change, the party which has responded to the need for innovation.... 04: : Only a new admin. can restore the image of our country once so well known, so well loved, a nation which gave birth to the dec. of independence, to the four freedoms. A nation marked not by smugness, but by generosity, and not by ... stale conservatives, and a weary reliance on dollars and on guns, but by a broad vision ... This is why I would ask every one of you to join me in electing JFK and Johnson this November." 04:51:08 END K-J anti-Rep. (B&W, sound) 04:51:29 TITLE: STEVENSON SPEAKS FOR JFK-JOHNSON....Adlai at convention: "Life was a good deal simpler at the turn of the century. I though I detected a sort of a yearning for that simple life in a remarkable editorial I read last month... from a local newspaper. Let's see, it's called the Los Angeles Times.... It ends up this way: The people can feel what he did, even although they cannot define it. Even his golf holidays are symbolic. They tell people that they can manage many of their affairs without him.' ... It brings back the frustrations ... Mr. Nixon, I remind you, has promised the country an extension of that kind of govt that it has had for the last 8 years. 8 years of conservatism and complacency...have not rolled back communism. They've not rolled back anyone or unleashed anyone or liberated anyone. They haven't even contained anyone... 04:54:06 Instead, communism has spread through the underdeveloped countries, Soviet Russia has assumed the lead in the contest for space, the Cold War has advanced to our very door step. Meanwhile our sense of purpose and decision has become confused and clouded. Four more years of this could seriously imperil the future of the Republic ... As Wilson once said: Never has nothing been done so systematically as nothing is being done now. We do not charge Republicans with lack of patriotism, but we do charge them with a lack of judgment, a lack of foresight, a lack of concern. We do not charge President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon with all the difficulties of the world but we do charge them with responsibility for failing to anticipate any of these difficulties, for never moving with enough speed, enough imagination, enough generosity of spirit to conquer problems before they become crises...." 04:55:29 Endorsement. Applause. 04:55:51 END K-J anti-Nixon 04:56: Title: STEVENSON SPEAKS FOR JFK-JOHNSON....Fact of the 20th c. is the profound, the irresistible dynamism of change... it affects everything...should the US stand still? Should it press forward again? .... His song has been: everything is fine, there is nothing to worry about, but don't change administrations in these perilous times .... The eminent correspondent James Reston in the NYT described the performance of the Republican president in these apt words, I thought: The only that his basic theme adds up to a picture of the world that no well-informed man would seriously consider for a moment. Mr. Nixon calls the republican record of failure experience, and solemnly advances it as a reason for the people choosing him as pres. In other words, in time of crisis, unite behind a leader experienced in creating crisis. 04:58:04 The Vice President is not a leader, he is a misleader, and we don't want any more of that. I wonder how much longer we can afford to fumble, stumble along. Mr. Nixon thinks that we Democrats have been over critical. I suggest to you that we have been extraordinarily restrained ... Now in a move to suppress discussion, he says that we should not talk about the conduct of foreign affairs, because such discussion might help the enemy ... It taught us nothing to emulate, but something to despise ... We are not going to behave the way the Republican candidate did when he was in the opposition. We are going to raise the sober issues of public policy ... We have no choice but to challenge incompetence and stupidity when ... threaten the whole future of our nation. 05: : In response, I would ask every one of you to join with me in electing JFK..." 05:00:43 END SPOT #4 (B&W, sound) 05:00:58 Title: STEVENSON SPEAKS FOR JFK-JOHNSON...."I have known JFK for many years...I have watch his convictions grow and form and deepen. He has come to his present liberalism ... not as an inherited body of faith ... but through the best and the soundest way of all, but through ... the exercise of an open, inquiring, critical intelligence. And this is why I would ask you to join me in electing..." 05:01:59 END