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DN-ZLB-013 Beta SP
1932, 1931, 1953 & 1954
Aerials, New York City
13:01:19:10 - 13:09:09:23 Universal Newsreel Vol. 4, Rel. 82 (10 6 1932): 13:01:19:10 - 13:02:57:10 B W 1932 "Thousands Acclaim Hoover: 2,500 March in Farm Relief Demand" Des Moines. (MOS) Farmers protest - driving trucks through Des Moines with signs, "One For All - All For One Justice, " "Hoover's Farm Relief, First Foreclosure - Then This, " "In Hoover We Trusted Now We're Busted." Two farmers ride horses in street demonstration, wearing sandwich boards - "Here's where Hoover Put Us." President Hoover arrives by train. President and wife are welcomed, get into car, escorted by police, some on horses. VS Hoover motorcade, spectators, Hoover poster, ticker tape (under exposed). INT President Hoover makes first reelection speech to Republicans at packed coliseum. MS Hoover waves from back of convertible in motorcade through city. 13:02:57:11 - 13:03:47:20 B W 1932, 1931 "Amazing Engineering Feat Raises Gigantic Mussolini Monolith" Rome, Italy. CU Italian engineers test hydraulic jack to raise scale model of Carrara marble obelisk- cuts to VS of raising real marble obelisk in honor of Il Duce at athletic stadium. MS workers on top of marble block. 13:03:47:21 - 13:04:48:20 B W 1932 "Sea-Trains Built by Federal Loan, Under Quiz by Government." Hoboken, New Jersey. VS large elevator cranes lifting freight train cars from tracks into ship's hold for transportation to Havana, Cuba. 13:04:48:21 - 13:05:24:02 B W 1932 "Odd Bits in Today's News - Erie Grape Crop Sets New Record" Middle Bass, Ohio. AV vineyards. VS women and men picking grapes. Grape harvest. Women wear bonnets and pinafores over dresses. Baskets of grapes loaded into barrels on horse-drawn cart. Transportation of grapes. 13:05:24:03 - 13:06:05:23 B W 1932 "Natives Hold Rare Battle-God Rites" Katsura, Japan. Great shots of men carrying palanquin through narrow, crowded streets in ritual to thank god of war for success over Chinese armies. Bouncing palanquin on their shoulders. Men in water with palanquin, splashing each other. 13:06:05:24 - 13:06:47:12 B W 1932 "State Wages Starfish War" Wareham, MA. VS fishermen on boat - catching starfish (because of threat to scallop fishing). CU man holding starfish in hand. Men shovel pile of starfish into back of truck. 13:06:47:13 - 13:08:06:27 B W 1932 "Navy Balloon Victor over World's Best in International Races" Basel, Switzerland. VS field full of people and hot air balloons, good. Twentieth James Gordon Bennett Cup contest. VS balloons taking off (under exposed). "US Navy" balloon ascends, over houses and hills. LS several balloons in sky. Wilfred Bushnell and T. G. W. Settle fly for Navy. 13:08:06:28 - 13:09:09:23 B W 1932 "Police Army Called as Bargain Hunters Riot at Dollar Sale" Brooklyn, New York. VS police trying, mostly failing, to control huge throng of people, bargain hunters, mostly women. Sale. Crowd control pushing and shoving. Depression. Woman poses outside of store wearing coat. She ties belt and turns to show back of garment. Consumerism. Crowds. 13:09:16:19 - 13:17:44:11 Universal Newsreel Vol. 3 Rel. 98 12 3 1931: 13:09:16:19 - 13:11:42:06 B W 1931 "All-American Board of Football Picks 1931 Super Grid Squad" New York City. From notes "Exclusive pictures of the one and only All-American Board in session selecting the greatest eleven in the nation. Christy Walsh, Tad Jones, former Yale head coach Bill Alexander, Georgia Tech mentor Pop Warner, Stanford moderator, and Jesse Harper, athletic director of Notre Dame, bond over nominations for gridiron's hall of fame, and select a squad representative of colleges from coast to coast and from the gulf to the lakes. For the first time in screen history the making of one of the teams of football's immortals is seen in a newsreel." Selectors sit at table in front of banner "The All-American Board of Football 1924-1931" CU of men (under exposed). Man holds certificate in his hand, shot from behind and above. VS chosen football players posing for CAM on football field, some wear helmets. 13:11:42:07 - 13:12:28:06 B W 1931 "Reds Mix with Cops as Walker Pleads for Mooney Pardon" San Francisco, CA. From notes "The zeal of fiery Communists, in a demonstration of sympathy for the imprisoned man, is dampened by the swift movements of the Golden Gate City's minions of the law, who toss the most obstreperous in waiting patrol wagons. Appearing as an associate counsel, the chief executive of New York enters an appeal for the absolute freedom of the man convicted of murder in the 1916 Preparedness Parade bombing, at the hearing before Governor Rolph. Mrs. Mary Mooney, aged mother of the prisoner, attends the session with other members of her family, accompanied by the wife of the man whose unconditional release is sought for by Mayor Walker." VS EXT courthouse and people entering. VS demonstration march outside of court. Banners "Walker's Police Kills Unemployed Workers." Equestrian police. Police on horses. Crowd control. Police arrest woman, escort her to police wagon. Police throw placards and signs into back of police wagon. Civil disobedience. 13:12:28:07 - 13:13:34:03 B W 1931 "Deer Hunting Hordes Invade North Woods with Bow and Arrow" St. Ignace, Michigan. From notes "Thousands of real crack shots put aside their firearms to stalk the game with primitive weapons in Blaney Park. At the opening of the season the Strait of Mackinac is jammed with sportsmen eager to enter the forest and track the animals on even terms. Civilized men prove capable of handling the Indian weapon, and establish themselves as smart woodsmen in bagging the elusive buck." Cars cross river on ferry. Cars drive off ferry. Hunters walk through snow carrying bows and arrows. MS hunter fires arrow. Hunters drag buck through snow by antlers." 13:13:34:04 - 13:14:11:18 B W 1931 "Upper Classmen Electrocute Newcomers! - Hair-raising Stunts Initiate ? Oregon Tech." Portland, Oregon. Stunt. Gag. Student, dressed in striped prison uniform, is secured in electric chair by students dressed as prison guards. VS hair raising from electric shock. Electricity. Static. CU male student with hair standing on end. Student is congratulated when released from electric chair. 13:14:11:19 - 13:15:06:17 B W 1931 "Shopgirl Spinsters hold Annual Race! - Dash along ze Boulevards Honors Saint Catherine's Day." Pan women, carrying box hats, stand on start line. VS women running through streets and crowds of spectators and men cycling bicycles. Winner raises her hands in air - sits on shoulders of men and waves. 13:15:06:18 - 13:16:04:08 B W 1931 "City in War Frenzy as Army Hosts Rush to Manchuria Front" Shinagawa, Japan. Notes "More than 30,000 men, women and children give reinforcement troops a mighty send-off on their way to the seaboard to embark for active duty in the trenches of the fighting area. The national spirit prevails in the throng's enthusiasm as the soldiers mobilize from remote military posts, converging at this center before boarding transports. Fired with resentment against China and the Geneva League of Nations, the warriors march off toward the battle zone with the din of compelling patriotic display ringing in their ears." VS packed railroad platform as soldiers wait to board train. Train pulls out, soldiers wave Japanese flags from train windows - people on platform wave flags. 13:16:04:09 - 13:17:44:11 B W 1931 "White men Rescue Indian Band Trapped in Raging Blizzard" Atarque, NM. Notes, "Sensational pictures of the disaster that covered hundreds of square miles of the Red men's reservation, 9,500 feet above sea-level. Zuni and Navajo tribes threatened with complete annihilation, brave the fierce elements and swirling drifts to aid in the relief of 1,600 of their number trapped in the snow-bound mountains. Led by eager and intrepid white men the clansmen work frantically to defeat the most terrible storm that has visited the country in forty years, and avert one of the nation's most shocking tragedies." VS rescue team locating survivors in snow and covering them with blankets. Bodies, covered with blankets, carried across snow and placed in back of wooden cart. Indians and live stock (sheep) transported on carts through snow. Indigenous people. Zuni or Navajo Indians eat from cans - woman feeds infant. 13:17:51:21 - 13:24:42:03: Universal Newsreel Vol. 26 Rel. 471 6 3 1953: 13:17:51:21 - 13:24:42:03 B W 1953 "Coronation of Elizabeth II" (with sound) VS coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. British royal family. House of Windsor. Pomp and ceremony. VS spectators line procession route to Westminster Abbey - British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in carriage. VS parade route - line with sailors and soldiers. Queen Mother and Princess Margaret pass in carriage. Queen Elizabeth's carriage leaves Buckingham Palace - guard of honor lines street. MWA royal procession with houses of parliament and Big Ben in BG. INT Westminster Abbey - VS coronation ritual and ceremony - queen tales oath administered by the archbishop of Canterbury. Queen is anointed - men fuss around her, taking off robes, and putting on white robe - she sits under canopy. MS Prince Charles with Queen Mother - he's talking. Queen is crowned. Queen is seated in throne, holding scepters in both hands. Stiff and rigid. Duke of Edinburgh, Philip, takes oath, kneeling in front of queen (his wife) - he kisses her cheek and she fixes her crown. EXT procession and spectators after coronation - in rain. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Princess Anne and ladies in waiting stand on balcony - crowds below cheer royal family. Nice shot of queen waving and smiling. 13:25:06:12 - 13:31:40:07 - Universal Newsreel Vol. 26 Rel. 486, 7 27 1953: 13:25:06:12 - 13:26:44:16 B W 1953 "Truce in Korea" (with sound) EXT VS United Nations and communist leaders and observers. CU "United Nations" patch on uniform. CU "Sweden" patch on representative's uniform. President Eisenhower press conference at White House - reporters write in notebooks, cameramen shoot. Eisenhower speaks, "We have won an armistice on a single battleground, not peace in the world..." 13:26:44:17 - 13:29:15:12 B W 1953 NEWS IN BRIEF - VS ceremony as silver star medal is awarded posthumously to mother of soldier - Governor's Island. Grief. Korean War. Holland's air force celebrates its 40th anniversary with air show - VS formation flying, planes fly making figure of "40", B-36 in flight, Hawker Hunter flies low to ground, hare or rabbit runs across grass, B-47s fly in close formation, good. Running of bulls in Pamplona - VS as stupid young men get trampled, etc., good. VS bull fighters in ring - bull with swords stuck in him attacks fighters. 13:29:15:13 - 13:30:23:15 B W 1953 "Congress Repeals Movie Tax" MS Capitol dome, Washington. MS Congressman Noah Mason walking down steps of Capitol Building. Mason address CAM from desk and explains why repealing tax is good for economy and small business. 13:30:23:16 - 13:31:40:07 B W 1953 "Chimp Beats the Heat" VS chimpanzee playing with water in small pool in garden. He fills pool with water from hose, lounges in water. Chimp chases duck around garden and dunks in water. CU chimp drinking water from shower nozzle. Cute. 13:32:05:21 - 13:38:45:25 - Universal Newsreel Vol. 26, Rel. 487 7 30 1953: 13:32:05:21 - 13:33:36:06 B W 1953 "Truce Signing - First Films of Korea Armistice" United Nations honor guard outside peace pagoda in Korea as military leaders enter to sign truce agreement - General William K. Harrison enters. INT VS military leaders from both sides sign cease fire agreement. INT shot of United Nations Supreme Commander, Mark Clark, signing document. EXT crowd of cameramen - Clark waves. VO "The armistice becomes official. The fighting is over, prisoners will be exchanged, but there is little rejoicing. The Cold War is on and the Free World wonders - what next?" 13:33:36:07 - 13:34:42:05 B W 1953 "Good Samaritan - US Food Arrives for East Berliners" Freighter SS American Inventor docked in Hamburg where supplies are unloaded. VS East Berliners cross into West Berlin to pick up food supplies shipped from US Good Cold War propaganda VO using language like "red satellite" "communist overlords." Women lying on ground having fainted waiting in line. Cold War propaganda. 13:34:42:06 - 13:36:06:11 B W 1953 NEWS IN BRIEF - VS Japanese monsoon and volcanic eruption disaster - flooding, refugees walk along railroad tracks. Supplies are dropped by parachutes from airplane - air drops. AVs. Homemade armored car, tank, tricks Czechoslovakian guards as seven people cross border - women, men and two children escape. Tank, car displayed in field. Cold War propaganda - VO talks about "Red slave camp." 13:36:06:12 - 13:37:06:07 B W 1953 Senator Knowland Lauds Record of Congress. Knowland talks directly to CAM about good bipartisan relationship in senate with 48 Republicans and 47 Democrats - Cold War propaganda at end of statement. 13:37:06:08 - 13:38:45:25 B W 1953 "Jolting Jamboree" VS rodeo with bucking broncos, Brahma bulls, clowns. CU actor, Walter Brennan, amongst spectators. 13:39:04:01 - 13:43:20:29 - Universal Newsreel Vol. 26, Rel. 523 12 3 1953: 13:39:04:01 - 13:40:04:06 B W 1953 "BIG THREE MEET - Churchill Set Stage for Parley in Bermuda" Sir Winston Churchill descends airplane stairs, cautiously, upon arrival in Bermuda - greeted by Governor Hood of "the colony." EXT Mid-ocean club building. INT President Eisenhower's room. Press corps briefed. 13:40:04:07 - 13:42:18:18 B W 1953 NEWS IN BRIEF - VS including AVs of Pusan, Korea, in aftermath of disastrous fire. VS people standing around, sitting in rubble. VS fire damage and devastation. Panama - Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Philip, walk across lock over Panama Canal - INT Elizabeth turns lever that opens gates of lock in control room. VS Elizabeth boarding ship again, smiling. VS pet gorilla in house - woman dresses him, he swings on rope in living room, man plays ball with him, gorilla sits in woman's lap. 13:42:18:19 - 13:43:20:27 B W 1953 "Guys get Gaudy Garb" Men's fashion. Great VO. Mr. David of Damon Creations drapes fabric against male model on board the Andrea Doria luxury liner. Two male models on deck of ship - VO "Yes sir, this style show is for men. Gay plumage for gay birds if you like. Casual shirts detailed for sturdy comfort but gaudy enough for most any guy." VS silk and cotton shirts. Models play shuffleboard. Models smoke pipes. Model poses and smokes cigarette. Manly. Masculine. 13:43:20:29 - 13:45:26:28 B W 1953 SPORTS - VS England Vs Hungary in table tennis final - ping pong - good. VS Hungary beats England 6-3 in soccer game at Wembley Stadium - goals scored, goalie makes nice save. 13:45:44:17 - 13:52:12:02 - Universal Newsreel Vol. 26 Rel. 523 12 7 1953: 13:45:44:17 - 13:46:35:12 B W 1953 "BIG THREE - Agree on Future Parley with Russia" Bermuda. President Eisenhower, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Premier Laniel of France meet - CUs of three leaders. Press corps is informed of plan to meet with Russian leaders. Guards at checkpoint. 13:46:35:13 - 13:47:30:25 B W 1953 "TORNADO DISASTER - 30 Dead, 270 Injured in Vicksburg Twister" VS tornado devastation, damage. People walk through rubble and ruins of houses. Black woman sits on steps of damaged house - two black toddlers sit amongst ruins. Sign "Modern Cleaners" hangs from building - car crushed under debris. VS clean up. 13:47:30:26 - 13:49:34:01 B W 1953 NEWS IN BRIEF - CU Venezuela's President, Colonel Marco Perez Jimenez, cuts ribbon in opening ceremony for autopista highway. Priest sprinkles road with holy water - blesses new highway. AVs of highway, good. Cars drive through tunnel. California - Jet bombers fly to England. Air crews prepare and pack airplane. Bomber airplane takes off - VO "It's a small world to giants of the jet age." Connecticut - VS Nautilus submarine under construction. 13:49:34:02 - 13:52:12:02 B W 1953 SPORTS - South Bend, Indiana. Notre Dame plays SMU (South Methodist), VS. Philadelphia - St. James plays North East High - highlights of high school championship. 13:52:35:13 - 13:59:06:24 - Universal Newsreel Vol. 27 Rel. 539 1 30 1954: 13:52:35:13 - 13:53:46:17 B W 1954 "CONFERENCE - Dulles Rejects Red Great Power Rule" Berlin, Germany. MS Anthony Eden getting out of car and entering building. MS John Foster Dulles exists car and enters building. Andrei Gromyko and Molotov arrive. Georges Bidault arrives. INT cameramen and reporters in room with leaders - brief shots of Molotov and Dulles. 13:53:47:00 - 13:55:58:06 B W 1954 NEWS IN BRIEF - Tetouan, Morocco. Arab and Berber tribesmen meet with Spanish officials to put pressure of sultan appointed by French - VS rally, procession, dancing. New York - nuclear energy - two scientists of David Sarnoff Research Center demonstrate method of converting atomic radiation into electricity - atomic battery. High pitched noise from earphone when it's placed on microphone. Washington, DC. Vice-president, Richard Nixon, greets Turkish president and his wife at airport. Motorcade to White House where President and Mrs. Eisenhower greet visitors. 13:55:58:07 - 13:57:40:14 B W 1954 Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia's sports writers golden anniversary celebration honors sportsmen. Cleveland Indian, Al Rosen, receives award. Joe Louis, George Miken, Jesse Owens receive awards. Pan men who received awards. Seattle, Washington. INT Seattle's Civic Auditorium - Junior Chamber of Commerce banquet to honor ten outstanding young men of the year, under age 36. Pan nominees. Washington, DC. Jimmy Stewart present when Glenn Miller's widow, Helen Miller, donates Miller's music manuscripts to the Library of Congress. Helen Miller presents "Moonlight Serenade" to librarian. 13:57:40:15 - 13:59:06:24 B W 1954 "Fashions on a Hula Holiday" Hawaii airport at Honolulu - "Aloha" on tower. Women wearing grass skirts and leis welcome models. Fashion - bags - purses - handbags. (Joseph design) VS models with bags - one model in sugar cane filed - four hula dancers with bags.