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DN-ZLB-021 Beta SP
1910s - 1920s
21:01:15:22 - 22:03:48:06 B W Sound 1910s - 1920s Newsreel footage covering combat, homeland & related world events before, during & after WWI. Also Mexican-American War. Shot 2 titled, "Shots of the WW." Shots 23 - 34 titled, "This Was Yesterday: The American Scene." World leaders & celebrities including: Archduke Ferdinand, President Wilson, General Pershing, Andrew Carnegie, Calvin Coolidge, Senator McAdoo, William Jennings Bryan, FDR, Sarah Bernhardt, Carrie Chapman Catt, Congress member Jeanette Rankin, President Harding, Pancho Villa, Teddy Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Marshall Joffre, Mitchell Palmer, Irving Berlin, "Pussyfoot" Johnson, George Bernard Shaw, Mrs. W. K. Vanderbilt, & President Taft. Mostly good film quality. 21:01:15:22 - 21:04:10:02 B W Sound 1914 Excellent pre- & early WWI. VO British narrator. Completion of manmade Kiel Canal in Germany. VS German navy, warships on North Sea. German emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II's sons (Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm, Prince Max of Baden, & Prince Eitel Friedrich of Prussia) pose in uniform on estate w female family members. Wilhelm II inspects troops. Austro-Hungarian empire. VS Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand w troops, family. VS Ferdinand & Kaiser Wilhelm chat during hunting expedition (their last meeting). Stills of assassination of Ferdinand & wife in Sarajevo, Bosnia (Yugoslavia) on June 28. VS funeral of Ferdinand & wife in caskets. 21:04:10:03 - 21:10:49:23 B W Sound 1914 Start of WWI. VS newspaper headlines about assassination, declaration of war, etc. VS cheering crowds in Berlin. VS German army marching. Pickelhaubes (pointy helmets). Russian Czar Nicholas II w Grandduke Nicholas. VS mobilization of Russian, French, British, Turkish, & Australian armies, marching or on horseback. (Posters, propaganda) Triple Alliance, Allies. French president General Raymond Poincare. Sultan Mohammed V of Turkey. Fezes. VS war-damaged buildings in Belgium during German invasion. Refugees fleeing w belongings. Belgrade, Serbia under cannon attack. Battles, bombardments. German Commander Paul Von Hindenburg. Kaiser in Belgium. VS French troops in foxholes in France. Taxicabs full of soldiers leave Paris. (Troops, military). 21:11:07:19 - 21:20:29:00 B W Silent 1917 - 1918 America enters WWI-- Ships sink in ocean due to German submarine attack. US President Woodrow Wilson declares war on Germany. Intertitles. B-roll: Wilson signs documents on April 6. Good shot American flag in front of Capitol Building. Intertitle: "We enter this war only where we are clearly forced into it because there are no other means of defending our rights." INT Congress in session. American civilians march off to enlist. VS army basic training exercises. VS doughboys march & run. Crowds cheer marching troops. VS soldiers aboard trains. VS Major General John Pershing on the S.S. Baltic. VS ships, soldiers, & sailors headed to France. VS Battleships at sea, testing guns, fleet. Soldiers disembark boats. Soldiers on freight trains. Pershing w French Marshal Joseph Joffre. VS Trucks carry soldiers toward Western Front. VS French refugees, good. VS US soldiers in trenches. Battle scenes, shell explosions. Good American soldiers take out & put on gas masks. 3rd Division marches to Chateau Thierry. General Pershing stands w Marshall Ferdinand Foch. 2nd Division leaves front. Rubble & destruction at Chateau Thierry. 103rd Infantry begin offensive & exit trenches, July 18. Battle of the Marne. 21:20:40:12 - 21:20:43:15 B W Silent c. 1893 Very short shots. Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -- American Industrialist & philanthropist Andrew Carnegie tips his hat while accompanied by an unidentified man. Possibly a dedication ceremony of the conservatory (visible on right BG) & botanic gardens. 21:20:45:09 - 21:21:18:11 B W Silent 1910s - 1920s Automobile race-- VS highlights. Driver smiles & takes drink after race. (speed race cars competition) 21:21:20:12 - 21:21:54:19 B W Silent 1917 East St. Louis race riot, also called massacre-- VS buildings in Black neighborhood damaged after in racially motivated riots. VS Black people (possibly made homeless in the riots) cross over bridge on foot, some carrying bags. Group of Black men released from police wagon. (racism Civil Rights injustice aftermath) 21:21:58:13 - 21:24:49:13 B W Silent 1910s American home front during WWI-- VS sternwheeler riverboats in ?Mississippi river. (One of the boats named NOKOMIS). VS American flag on boats. Boat POV New York Harbor & docks from Hudson River tugboat passes L to R in fg. AV West Side New York City piers on Hudson River. Soldier guards Hudson River dock, New York City. Heavy-set man in coat wearing derby hat (dock boss?). VS patriotic parade down small town main street. Sheet of steel presses through rolls in factory (rolling mill)- wartime industry, production. Police & detectives pose, all remove their hats in unison. VS farmworkers reap grain on farm, using pitchforks & machinery. Threshing, harvesting. CU grains of wheat in man's hand. 21:24:58:06 - 21:25:50:01 B W Silent c. 1917 Russia [Soviet Union]-- Around the time of the October Revolution. VS crowds (mostly women), people wait in lines, fill out documents. Looks like they are taking some sort of test. GREAT hand points to Cyrillic [Russian] text on a page. 21:25:50:20 - 21:26:43:12 B W Silent 1920s Outdoor beauty contest & children's pageant, Bradley Beach, New Jersey-- VS beauty contestants model bathing suits. VS children in costumes, including group of black children in stereotypic African native dress dancing & holding trophy - racist. VS beauty contest winners holding trophies. 21:26:46:23 - 21:27:08:11 B W Silent 1920s Lower East Side, New York City -- Crowd of boys use large wooden tank filled w water on street as swimming pool. Summer ghetto, urban, heatwaves, poverty. 21:27:10:05 - 21:28:41:20 B W Silent 1924 Democratic National Convention, New York City -- VS INTs & EXTs. Crowd holds signs, "Alfred E. Smith for president," & "Wilson 1916, McAdoo 1924." VS confetti falls on Broadway. Speeches, politics, Democrats, celebrations, elections. 21:28:45:27 - 21:29:58:01 B W Silent 1920s Senators & other politicians, some involved in Teapot Dome Scandal. Talking head politician. 2 politicians point to map of world. Asian man in suit. US Secretary of Interior Albert Fall [2nd from L, front row], Vice President Calvin Coolidge [3rd from L, front row] & others take seats in garden. Coolidge walking w cane outside White House, Washington, DC US Secretary of Treasury William McAdoo, wearing overcoat, removes hat & waves, turns & enters building. 21:29:59:08 - 21:30:40:00 B W Silent 1920s PAN oil derricks, probably Teapot Dome area near Casper, Wyoming. VS AV oil fields & residential areas. 21:30:46:00 - 21:31:13:22 B W Silent 1910s WWI. Paris, France-- VS unspecified ceremony attended entirely by military officers w mustaches & one woman. 21:31:24:16 - 21:32:12:16 B W Silent 1912 President Woodrow Wilson campaigning-- Alfred E. Smith removes his hat. GOOD President & First Lady Wilson ride in convertible car through crowd. First Lady shields her face from the sun w fan. People in crowd enthusiastically wave flags & straw hats. William Jennings Bryan makes speech, and Wilson delivers speech from stage. (soapbox) 21:32:12:17 - 21:32:29:14 B W Silent 1910s - 1920s CU American lawyer & politician William Jennings Bryan speaks & smiles. Jennings Bryan w boy [grandson?]-- GOOD Bryan reads book w boy. Bryan sits on dock holding fishing pole as boy stands beside him. 21:32:29:16 - 21:32:48:29 B W Silent 1910s New York State Senator FDR takes boat trip-- FDR pulls up collar to overcoat during snowstorm aboard boat. Boat takes off from dock. (bad weather winter) GOOD footage of able-bodied, young FDR. 21:32:49:01 - 21:33:12:28 B W Silent 1910s WWI home front. EST huge meeting hall, possibly in New York City. PAN crowd inside hall. Preacher and former professional baseball player Billy Sunday stands before American flag banner, removes collar, speaks very animatedly before huge crowd. Revival meeting. CU marching band conductor John Philip Sousa in uniform outdoors. CU Sir Harry Lauder (famous Scottish singer and entertainer) in wearing tam o' shanter, smokes pipe. Members of bagpipe band, in traditional Scottish dress, including kilts, assemble & perform outdoors. Man from B. F. Keith's Red Cross production speaks to crowd outdoors. Concerts, fundraisers, war effort rallies? Actor Sarah Bernhardt rides in convertible car with unidentified man. VS crowd waving American flags. Bernhardt speaks to crowd from back seat of car. AV crowd around parade. French General Joseph Jacques Cesaire Joffre & others walk through parted crowd. CU Marshall Joffre, wearing decorated cap & cape. 21:33:12:29 - 21:35:16:25 B W Silent 1916 US Election campaign, Washington, DC - Crowd around Capitol Building & steps. Senator William McAdoo (?) talks w Henry Ford on balcony. He shakes hands w Thomas Edison outdoors. Suffrage & peace activist Carrie Chapman Catt speaks forcefully to unidentified politician. EXCELLENT Jeanette Rankin, America's first female member of congress, stands in crowd holding flowers, American flag BG. Rankin whisked away in convertible car full of women. VS mounted police officers control crowd. Politics patriotism Americana suffragettes democracy, soapbox. 21:35:16:26 - 21:36:10:10 B W Silent 1910s - 1920s Submarines in WWI-- Submarine takes off w men standing atop it. Torpedoes fired from top of submarine or ship. Includes U W shots of submarine. Ocean liner capsizes, then sinks. People jump off, climb into lifeboats. Ships in water. Cannons bombs Navy naval battles E-boats U-boats boats. 21:36:10:11 - 21:36:33:16 B W Silent 1910s - 1920s New York Harbor-- Boat POV harbor. Male immigrants disembark ship carrying duffel bags. (immigration melting pot) PAN large group of men, women, & children pose for portrait. GREAT MS 1 girl puts arm around girl sitting next to her (friendship). 21:36:33:17 - 21:37:44:22 B W Silent 1910s - 1920s Bomb damage, WWI, unspecified location in Europe -- VS smoke & flames rise from burning houses on fire. People walk through ruins, still on fire. VS ruined buildings. VS damaged railroad tracks, train cars, & train station w broken windows. People pick through ruins. Woman holds baby in rocking chair among ruins. Bombings, destruction devastation. 21:37:44:24 - 21:40:04:14 B W Silent c. 1917 American troops in training, WWI-- Soldiers guard damaged building. VS American soldiers march along dusty dirt roads, speed up & jog. VS soldiers in base camp. Soldier picks up little girls & kisses them kisses wife (family marriage love daughters). CU soldiers march holding rifles. President Woodrow Wilson in top hat on horseback at base camp, inspects troops. VS AV troops march in formation on Broadway through Times Square, New York City. VS crowds of spectators at parade. 21:40:24:06 - 21:42:01:20 B W Silent 1910s - 1920s Blizzard in New York City-- People make way through heavy snow. Horses loose footing on ice. Horsedrawn carriages & trucks drive on cleared sidewalk to avoid muddy, icy, snowy streets. Men use large shovels to clear street in snowstorm. VS men holding hats as they walk in wind. Police help people cross slippery city street. VS people walking in gusting winds. (bad weather winter) Sound music during intro only. 21:42:01:22 - 21:42:48:11 B W Silent c. 1914 US intervention in Mexican Revolutionary War. Mexico-- American soldier stands guard w dog next to river. Barricade of barbed wire. US troops patrol desert area. US troops evacuate native women & children. US soldier stands guard outside upscale house. Mexican Revolutionary leader Francisco Pancho Villa leaves house. GOOD Villa poses. VS Native men, could be Revolutionaries, gathered around table outdoors. 21:42:48:12 - 21:43:07:15 B W Silent 1910s - 1920s Train wreck-- Smoke rises from damaged railroad tracks. Stranded passengers wait w their luggage beside train cars, which have jumped their tacks. Men unload cargo from upset train cars. PAN debris at train station yard. 21:43:07:16 - 21:43:09:05 B W Silent 1910s - 1920s CU bullet holes in door. 21:43:09:08 - 21:44:17:05 B W Silent 1910s US troops marching, WWI or Mexican Revolutionary War. -- Boy sitting atop lamppost waves to CAM. Soldiers marching in parade on Broadway, New York City. Officers ride in armored cars (tanks) and trucks in parade. VS new recruits march past crowd to trains at train station. Soldiers hang out of windows of train, hugging babies & toddlers. Army stable: horses & mules run through corral gate. Good shots horses swarming in corral. Soldiers w gear wave from railroad tracks. Doughboys march across field. 21:44:17:06 - 21:45:19:04 B W Silent 1910s R & R at US Army camp, WWI or Mexican Revolutionary War. -- Soldier hangs laundry on clothesline between tents. Soldiers gather for mail distribution. Soldier sits on ground writing letter or in journal. Soldiers prepare meal outdoors. Group of soldiers march by carrying mess kits. Group of soldiers sit outdoors eating & drinking from large cups. Soldiers pass litter of puppies around group. VS soldiers playing games, such as hopping on 1 foot, & leap frog. If you squint, these young men resemble Boy Scouts. Keywords: whimsical wacky innocent military male bonding humor homespun cute fun rough housing horse play down time) 21:45:19:05 - 21:45:47:15 B W Silent 1910s US General John Pershing & pilots at military camp. WWI or Mexican Revolutionary War. VS General Pershing & other officers. GOOD CU Pershing. Group of pilots wearing leather flight jackets, leather hoods, & goggles stand in front of biplanes. Great biplane AV POV over camp. CU of pilot wearing goggles in cockpit during flight. 21:45:47:16 - 21:47:09:24 B W Silent 1910s US troops mobilize for intervention in Mexican Revolutionary War-- VS soldiers ride through desert on horseback- GREAT shots of troops riding past cacti. Soldiers on horseback w pack mules in tow navigate steep switchback on desert hillside (rugged terrain). CU of armored car (tank). Armored car drives across dirt road. VS soldiers gallop on horseback. Caravan of horsedrawn covered wagons crosses bridge. 21:47:09:25 - 21:47:25:24 B W Silent 1920 Presidential election campaign-- EST American flag banners hang on facade of Coliseum building. Crowd of men in suits & straw hats (boaters) march carrying American flags. GREAT talking head Republican presidential candidate Warren G. Harding removes straw hat. (politics Americana presidents) Elderly man in crowd. 21:47:25:26 - 21:47:34:23 B W Silent 1910s Women, probably suffragettes, march carrying umbrellas in rain. None of their banners are legible. Feminists, women's rights demonstrations. 21:47:34:24 - 21:47:47:28 B W Silent c. 1916 GREAT VS Republican (& failed) presidential candidate Charles Evans Hughes. 21:47:47:29 - 21:48:19:01 B W Silent 1912 Teddy Roosevelt, post presidency, all EXCELLENT-- VS Roosevelt talks & jokes w group of men. Roosevelt rides in convertible car adorned w American flags in a motorcade during a patriotic parade, during his unsuccessful campaign for president on progressive, "Bull Moose" ticket in 1912. Roosevelt delivers soapbox speech to large crowd. (politics politicians) 21:48:27:13 - 21:49:21:15 B W Silent 1917 Commencement ceremony at Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey-- Faculty members in robes, including university president John G. Hibben. US Secretary of State Robert Lansing & National Food Administrator Herbert Hoover receive honorary law degrees. (graduation ceremonies academia politicians presidents) 21:49:29:03 - 21:50:10:27 B W Silent 1910s - 1920s French military leader Marshall Joffre visits Yokohama, Japan-- Joffre arrives at port in rowboat. Young girls in dresses greet him w flowers. Good shots Asian men wearing top hats & waistcoats. VS Joffre tours train station. (generals) 21:50:11:17 - 21:50:34:17 B W Silent c. 1920 US Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer & family, Washington, DC-- Palmer reads book to his daughter Mary as she sits on his lap. Palmer poses w wife & daughter outdoors. (Palmer Raids Red Scare fathers daughters families politicians) 21:50:34:25 - 21:51:05:26 B W Silent c. 1920 Einstein Tower, Potsdam, Germany-- Unidentified scientist stands outside tower in lab coat. Scientist runs up steps to "futuristic" looking observatory tower, designed by Erich Mendelsohn. PAN building. (futuristic science scientists physicists) 21:51:06:06 - 21:51:19:11 B W Silent 1926 Composer Irving Berlin & wife on honeymoon, Atlantic City, New Jersey-- Berlin & wife Ellin McKay pose in hotel suite. McKay wears a cloche hat good fashions. Berlin & wife pose outdoors. (newlyweds marriage elope eloping couples) 21:51:19:11 - 21:52:02:00 B W Silent c. 1920 Prohibition era Sioux City, Iowa-- Group of policemen break into garage door & forcibly remove man involved in producing contraband rum. (Probably reenactment as most everyone is laughing.) Police officer & detectives remove distillery equipment from building. American journalist & temperance movement leader William E. "Pussyfoot" Johnson removes his jacket, picks up a large hammer & beats equipment to the point of destruction. Anti-Saloon League, Prohibition, alcohol, bootleggers, morality. 21:52:02:01 - 21:53:09:24 B W Silent 1920s George Bernard Shaw in Suna, Italy-- Irish author George Bernard Shaw visits prince, his dogs & others in garden on the shore of Lago Maggiore in the Lake District. MS Shaw & prince look at lake. GOOD the prince artist creates bust sculpture portrait of Shaw as Shaw jovially poses & fidgets. CU sculptor adds details to bust. (authors playwrights essayists critics) Woman enters briefly. 21:53:09:28 - 21:54:00:06 B W Silent c. 1925 Obituary montage for American lawyer & politician William Jennings Bryan-- GREAT CU talking head Bryan wearing hat & bow tie. Bryan walks, wearing cape, in rain in New York City, pauses on sidewalk, removes hat. GOOD ECU Bryan. GOOD CU Bryan standing next to unidentified man (perhaps his brother Charles). Florida, 1924: VS Bryan speaks against teaching Darwinist evolution theory onstage. (The Commoner politicians Scopes Trial presidential candidates) Bryan stands on balcony w his family in Miami. 21:54:00:29 - 21:55:03:10 B W Silent 1918 Le Pantheon de la Guerre (the pantheon of the war) WWI memorial, Paris, France-- French, American & other Allied dignitaries gather to see memorial before it is sent to US American millionaire & society matron Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt unveils large, multi-paneled mural. VS detail views of mural. (Armistice) Entire painting & pantheon building housing it were included in 1933-34 Chicago World's Fair. 21:55:04:00 - 21:55:32:10 B W Silent 1918 WWI, Armistice Day Centralia, Washington-- State troops stand guard. Soldiers march in street. Soldier stands guard outside city jail where 37 anarchists were being held pending trial. Civil disobedience. 21:55:32:11 - 21:55:49:18 B W Silent c. 1918 Centralia, Washington-- VS American Legion members pick through trash & document outside damaged headquarters of Industrial Workers of the World aka Wobblies after the group had been in confrontation w soldiers. (radical leftists socialists political persecution labor unions Red Scare anarchists revolution) 21:55:50:25 - 21:56:07:25 B W Silent 1910s - 1920s WWI British-occupied Palestine (Israel) Jerusalem-- British Commissioner of Palestine Sir Hubert Plumer & his wife onstage. Commissioner Plumer inspects troops in desert. 21:56:08:28 - 21:57:05:12 B W Silent 1919 First Conference on League of Nations, post-WWI Paris, France-- VS crowd assembles in front of buildings. 21:57:12:26 - 21:59:45:04 B W Silent 1919 Post-WWI, France-- Wilson visits France. President Woodrow Wilson & others emerge from negotiations of first Conference on the League of Nations (Treaty of Versailles). VS US President Woodrow Wilson visits Cathedral of Rheims ruins in snowstorm. Huge crowds gather to watch as Wilson walks thru ruins. Destruction. May 30: Wilson speaks before crowd during Memorial Day ceremony in Susrenes. Wilson places wreath on 1 of 50, 000 fresh graves of soldiers. 21:59:45:05 - 22:02:00:27 B W Silent 1919 Post-WWI US President Woodrow Wilson tours Belgium-- Wilson arrives via train & is greeted by King Albert I & Queen Elizabeth of Belgium. President & First Lady Edith Wilson pose w King & Queen of Belgium. Wilson inspects Yser Canal upon its reopening. More ruins, bombing damage. VS Wilson surrounded by crowds. Wilson at Thurout. Wilson visits Charleroi children bring him flowers. Wilson visits Cardinal Mercier in Mechlin [poor quality blurry & overexposed]. 22:02:00:28 - 22:02:39:28 B W Silent 1919 Post-WWI President Woodrow Wilson returns to US after European tour Boston, Massachusetts-- EST ship carrying Wilson in Boston Harbor. Wilson's boat approaches dock & terminal w large "welcome" sign. Wilson disembarks ship, walks through crowd. Wilson & Massachusetts Governor Calvin Coolidge ride together in convertible car. Wilson poses w First Lady Edith Wilson. 22:02:39:28 - 22:03:48:06 B W Silent 1919 League of Nations Paris, France-- VS former President William Howard Taft participates in League of Nations activities. INT Hall of Mirrors in Versailles during Peace Conference, Paris, France. Independence of Poland is declared. New head of Polish government, pianist, composer and statesman Ignace Paderewski.