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DN-ZLB-062 Beta SP
02:12:10:00 B W 1955 United Nations CHIEF VISITS REDS IN PEKING Chinese VO. United Nations secretary, Dag Hammarskjold sits on couch with Prime Minister Chou En Lai and several other men. EXT United Nations building, INT pan meeting. Secretary General makes speech about visit to China. (w sound) 02:13:22:00 B W 1955 NEWS IN BRIEF: Atom Sub Starts Sea Trials, Groton, CT VS Nautilus. Sailor works flicker light. Helicopter hovers over submarine. INT shots, crew working. 02:14:02:00 B W 1955 Probe Costa Rica Conflict Organization of American States representatives arrive by airplane for investigation of conflict greeted by military and civilian men, meeting. VS fighter planes. 02:14:51:00 B W 1955 Korea One millionth G.I. passes through the port of Inchon. VS Sergeant Robert S. Mitchell. 02:15:20:00 B W 1955 Seeing is Believing VS miniature cars and sets, life like models. Creator in workshop. 02:16:38:00 B W 1955 SPORTS VS motorboat show in huge warehouse, New York City. VS women used to sell boats. 02:17:20:00 B W 1955 Los Angeles, VS Pro Bowl game, good touchdowns, passing and runs