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DN-ZLB-071 Beta SP
01:01:15 1944 a) Japanese-American Medics, 34d BN Aid Station, 442nd Inf., 34th Div. Italy. activities at field hospital etc. Nurse treats wounded Japanese-American. 01:10:17 1944 a) 08Oct44 Kornelimunster, Germany INV 2240, Maj Gen Collins presents various Vivs of VII Corps w medals. b) 06Oct44 Etain, France INV 2241 Lt. Gen Patton & demonstration of British mortar (largest ever made). 01:16:21 1945, GENERAL CLARK ADDRESSING 92D DIVISION, VIAREGGO TO CARTOZZA, ITALY FIELD MARSHALL ALEXANDER ON VISIT TO 15TH ARMY GROUP HEADQUARTERS, FLORENCE, ITALY, Japanese-American troops General Mark Clark speaks to troops. 01:25:36 1940s a) Training of Hawaiian Japanese-American Troops, Camp Shelby, Mississippi (arrive by train, duffels et al obstacle course & operating anti-tank gun Review Japanese girl sews First Army patch. Two men do hula dance. 01:36:57 1944, WRECKAGE IN CITY AND HARBOR, LEGHORN, ITALY LEGHORN SIX HOURS AFTER ENTRY OF AMERICAN TROOPS. Soldier holding up sign says "Los Angeles City Limits Welcome". Bombed city. Ruins. 01:44:42 442nd Japanese-Americans LIBERATION OF ROME (June 5, 1944): happy Romans holding up newspapers with headlines "Roma oggi liberata" (Rome is liberated). Italian refugee camp. Refugees in line for food. Children eat food out of cans. Red Cross women hand out clothing. Little boys hold piles of clothing. Man receives inoculation. Men receive blankets. 01:55:10 1943, Alvignano, Italy. US SOLDIERS OF JAPANESE DESCENT FROM HAWAII, Japanese-American soldiers of the 133rd Inf, 34th Div in chow line & eating, washing, shaving, writing, brush teeth. (also on DN-LB-015)