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AFP-72Y 16mm; VTM-72Y Beta SP; NET-240 DigiBeta (at 01:00:00:00); Beta SP
00:53:01:00 B W 1920s - MS - Camera scan of department store window mannequin displays of mid- 1920s women's fashions. Appears to be B. Altman window, Fifth Avenue. Pictured are coats with large cuffs and shawl collars coats of Ermine daytime dresses cloche hats. 00:54:12:00 B W 1926 - MS - Beauty salon in (1926) school with demonstration of head steam chamber, hot wax, and hair wigs. 00:54:55:00 B W 1926 - MS - Long Beach hotel (in 1926) crumble due to ocean storm. 00:55:45:00 B W 1920s - CU - Actress Edna Wallace (wife of comedian DeWolfe Hopper) at 52 in cloche hat. 00:56:05:00 B W 1926 - CU - Baseball's "Bucky" Harris with Elizabeth Sullivan in wedding dress (1926). 00:56:12:00 B W 1920s - MS - President Coolidge and wife attend the ceremony. 00:56:23:00 B W 1920s - CU - The Baseball Wedding Cake. 00:56:34:00 B W 1926 - CU - Paul Whiteman and wife on board ocean liner (1926) holding book titled, "JAZZ," of which he is author. 00:57:05:00 B W 1926 - MS - Group of fiddlers in Lewiston, Maine, at worldwide fiddlers convention, playing and jiggling (1926). 00:57:49:00 B W 1926 - MS - American League Teams in 1926 Spring Training. 00:57:53:00 B W 1920s - CU - Walter Johnson (of the Washington Senators) pitching and the team in the field Johnson with Senators' pitchers Kobaleski and "Bullet" Joe Bush. 00:58:25:00 B W 1920s - MS - Bucky Harris young manager of Senators throwing pitches and also with owner Clark Griffith. 00:58:53:00 B W 1920s - MS - Cleveland Indians in Lakeland, Florida. Tris Speaker batting practice, pitches Denny Schulte and George Ewell, Luke Sewell. 00:59:32:00 B W 1920s - MS - St. Louis Browns at Tarpon Springs, Florida with manager G. Sisler and bunt demonstration also demonstration of being "trapped between bases". 01:00:17:00 B W 1920s - MS - N.Y. Yankees at St. Petersburg with pitchers Wade Hoyt, Sam Jones, and Bob Shawkey Tony Lazzeri swings bat Babe Ruth swings in close stance wearing heavy sweater. 01:00:50:00 B W 1920s - MS - Horse-drawn fire engines on way to fire race along Brooklyn's streets. 01:01:27:00 B W 1922 - WS - Horse fire enjoys going up N.Y. brownstone street in 1922 - maybe Lexington Avenue. 01:02:05:00 B W 1922 - MS - Large mass of people - St. Peters Church in Rome awaiting news of Pope Benidictus XV death watch outside Vatican doors (1922). 01:02:43:00 B W 1920s - WS - balcony of inauguration of Pope Pius XI and mass mobs in square. 01:03:06:00 B W 1920s - CU - Comic cartoon artist Billy de Beck with creation of Barney Google. 01:03:16:00 B W 1920s - CU - Comic artist George McManus and his creation "Jiggs" in Bringing Up Father and his collection of walking sticks. 01:03:53:00 B W 1920s - MS - Dr. Mayo of famed Mayo Clinic with other notable doctors at bedside of Mrs. Harding who is dying. 01:04:06:00 B W 1922 - CU - Bernard Baruch, financier, tips his hat aboard ocean liner Olympia in 1922. 01:04:28:00 B W 1922 - WS - DISCOVERY OF KING TUT'S TOMB, GIZA, EGYPT, 1922: Camel caravan at Giza, Egypt in 1922 making its way between the Sphinx and Pyramid. 01:04:40:00 B W 1920s - WS - American sailors on leave on horseback riding up to the tomb of King Tut. 01:04:46:00 B W 1920s - MS - Sailor entering tomb of King Tut. 01:04:49:00 B W 1920s - MS - Sailor next to Egyptian guardsmen at the tomb. 01:04:51:00 B W 1920s - CU - Explorer Howard Carter (discoverer of Tomb) shows steps leading to the tomb to American sailors. 01:04:54:00 B W 1920s - CU - Carter shows steps, leading to the tomb, to American sailors. 01:05:16:00 B W 1922 - MS - Fashion models showing beach fashions of 1922 at Miami Beach. 01:07:28:00 B W 1922 - MS - Fashion models showing soiree Paris fashion of afternoon ensembles, 1922. 01:06:13:00 B W 1920s - CU - Fashion model showing makeup affect of early 1920s and also walking "swagger." 01:06:50:00 B W 1922 - WS - AV of airplane taking off from deck of carrier USS Langley in 1922. 01:06:58:00 B W 1922 - MS - Rear tail view of airplane taking off from deck of carrier Langley in 1922. 01:07:16:00 B W 1920s - MS - Airplane landing on deck of Langley. 01:07:25:00 B W 1920s - MS - WWII above Langley as pilots board airplanes. 01:07:34:00 B W 1920s - MS - WWII combat airplanes taking off from Langley. 01:07:40:00 B W 1920s - WS - Flight formation of fighter planes. 01:07:48:00 B W 1920s - WS - Combat strapping of Japanese air fields. 01:08:13:00 B W 1920s - MS - Frontal view of combat airplane landing. 01:08:31:00 B W 1925 - CU - Vice President Dawes smoking from upside down pipe and wife wearing "patted" hat Dawes Plan discussed (1925). 01:08:45:00 B W 1925 - CU - Navy Lt. Commander Zachary Lansdown in 1925 just before his death in the Shenandoah dirigible crash. 01:09:06:00 B W 1925 - CU - Harlem store, just appointed associate justice to Supreme Court alongside speaker of the house, Joe Cannon (1925). 01:09:34:00 B W 1925 - WS - AV of Chicago Union Station as it opened in 1925. 01:09:43:00 B W 1920s - MS - Dignitaries on way to board trains in station. 01:09:48:00 B W 1920s - CU - Samme Rea, of Pennsylvania railroad, Mayor Dever, and construction engineer, Esposito. 01:10:01:00 B W 1920s - WS - AV of main lobby of station and large group of opening day visitors. 01:10:13:00 B W 1920s - WS - Main entrance and the staircase of Union Station flanked by American flag. 01:10:40:00 B W 1920s - WS - Open grounds and tents at a Southhampton, L.I. hospital fund-raiser event, 1920s. 01:10:45:00 B W 1920s - MS - Cigarette girl heiresses handing out cigarettes. 01:10:55:00 B W 1920s - MS - Participants burying treasure for a hunt. 01:11:00:00 B W 1920s - MS - Mr. and Mrs. Enrico Caruso put up bulbs on decorations. 01:11:04:00 B W 1920s - MS - Caruso sketching socialite Mr. D. Root. 01:11:22:00 B W 1920s - MS - Children watch circus acrobats perform in the tent. 01:11:46:00 B W 1920s - WS - Dancer Gail Beverly on turret of battleship. 01:12:35:00 B W 1925 - MS - Dancer twirls over line of fallen sailors on deck with background of New York Harbor in view (1925). 01:12:38:00 B W 1925 - MS - Gang member of teenage boys wearing caps of 1920s in stilt walking contest in Chicago, 1925. 01:12:53:00 B W 1920s - MS - Stilt walkers demonstrate a stilt "battle." 01:13:24:00 B W 1920s - MS - Aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky sitting in cockpit of giant passenger plane as guests enter doorway to fly over New York City from Roosevelt Field L.I. (Feb 1925). 01:13:52:00 B W 1920s - MS - Huge flying boat takes off to fly over North Sea with British air Minister, Samuel Hoor aboard (Aug '25). 01:14:22:00 B W 1920s - MS - Wrecked navy airplane caused by winds day before Schneider cup race. 01:14:37:00 B W 1920s - MS - Seaplanes taxi into Maryland Bay to fly in race. 01:14:52:00 B W 1920s - WS - Seaplane in race with Jimmy Doolittle about as pilot. 01:15:04:00 B W 1925 - CU - Jimmy Doolittle 1925 winner of race and the Caval breaker with 200 m.p.h. 01:15:21:00 B W 1925 - MS - Dirigible Los Angeles in 1925 moored to ship in Bermuda. 01:15:58:00 B W 1920s - MS - Pilots offering bombs to underside of wings. 01:16:06:00 B W 1920s - MS - Views of bomb drop and detonation proactive. 01:16:12:00 B W 1924 - MS - Fighter bombers flying in formation, 1924.