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AFP-45RB 16mm; AFP-45RC 16mm; VC-45RB 3 4in.; NET-1 Beta SP (45RB at 01:00:00:00, 45RC at 01:29:37:00); DigiBeta
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B W 1942 Mary Carlisle, Richard Cromwell, Robert Armstrong. Gangster comedy about the son of a crook who is made the figurehead of phony insurance film by some old gangsters who want to bring back the old days. Even with the repeal of prohibition, the gang sees a great opportunity to get back to business because the FBI is to busy chasing wartime spies and saboteurs. Cromwell thinks the company is legit so he sells insurance policies on the trucks that the gang are trashing to collect their protection money. Eventually the whole scheme goes bust after the insurance policies are paid off. (MPG). 00:01:10:00 B W 1942 WS Broadway and Times Square 1930s 00:01:19:00 B W 1942 MS man selling booklet to man in derby hat city street 00:02:31:00 B W 1942 MS boarding house, man, woman carrying suitcase sign on wall: "Rents Must Be Paid in Advance" 00:03:31:00 B W 1942 WS race track, horse race 00:03:38:00 B W 1942 MS people on line for $2 WIN, betting window man attempts to give people winning tips 00:04:07:00 B W 1942 MS man talks to bald midget 00:04:38:00 B W 1942 MS men playing dice at counter top 00:05:03:00 B W 1942 CU man playing pinball machine called "RED HOT" 00:06:11:00 B W 1942 CU telegram message, "Postal Telegraph" 00:06:21:00 B W 1942 CU plaque, "Hotel Metropole, Central City" 00:07:15:00 B W 1942 CU mustached man unveils painting of mustached, bow-tied man holding machine gun 00:07:21:00 B W 1942 CU men remove hats in gangster reverence "Don't he look natural" 00:07:38:00 B W 1942 MS meeting of the gangsters 00:09:29:00 B W 1942 CU store window, "DA Canbey General Store, Washburn, Ark" bicycle parked on street 00:09:32:00 B W 1942 MS waiter, white cap, serving sodas to man, woman at table 00:09:43:00 B W 1942 CU stupidly giggling, grinning young woman 00:09:48:00 B W 1942 CU man in bow tie, eating ice cream soda 00:10:02:00 B W 1942 CU cartoon in magazine 00:11:16:00 B W 1942 CU man attempting to tie bow tie, looking in mirror and diagram on dresser 00:12:39:00 B W 1942 CU grinning young man talking on old fashioned wall telephone, winking at camera 00:14:12:00 B W 1942 CU astonished young man says "no" 00:14:15:00 B W 1942 CU telegram: "Everything Jake Baby Face Morgan Enroute. The boys" 00:14:19:00 B W 1942 CU moving, churning wheels Steam Engine 00:14:24:00 B W 1942 MS men playing billiards 00:14:40:00 B W 1942 MS three men playing craps shooting dice 00:14:47:00 B W 1942 CU three men in rear of taxicab 00:14:57:00 B W 1942 MS side of tall skyscraper, looking up 00:16:29:00 B W 1942 MS men look out balcony - people, cars on sidewalk below 00:18:02:00 B W 1942 CU sign, "Edward Morgan - President" 00:18:06:00 B W 1942 CU man in chair, leaning back, feet on desk, blowing smoke rings, hole in shoe 00:18:15:00 B W 1942 MS standing man tries to put finger through smoke rings 00:19:38:00 B W 1942 MS cheap blonde, sitting edge of desk, skirt hiked up, swinging legs, cigarette in mouth - taking dictation 00:19:46:00 B W 1942 MS man takes cigarette out of girl's mouth, pulls down skirt 00:19:46:00 B W 1942 MS man holding rabbit in arms 00:20:25:00 B W 1942 MS montage: pay offs, shake downs, money, money, money, grasping hands 00:20:50:00 B W 1942 CU window sign: "Clark Transportation Co. , Virginia Clark, Prop." 00:22:56:00 B W 1942 MS man "feeling the heat", loosens shirt collar 00:23:09:00 B W 1942 CU man in bow tie conducting with baton singers reading music to pep song 00:24:52:00 B W 1942 MS city street, car brick thrown from car into window 00:24:58:00 B W 1942 MS newspaper printing press, workers 00:25:01:00 B W 1942 CU whirring presses 00:25:06:00 B W 1942 CU papers hot off the press 00:25:08:00 B W 1942 CU newspaper headline: "Baby Face Morgan Declares War" 00:25:54:00 B W 1942 MS man thrown out front door, hits car at curb hat thrown after man 00:26:01:00 B W 1942 MS exhausted man, holding hat, leaning against car woman throws coin in hat 00:27:51:00 B W 1942 VS man trips on chair leg, falls out door 00:28:01:00 B W 1942 MS men on hill ambushing truck on road below 00:28:18:00 B W 1942 CU front of truck truck blows up 00:28:49:00 B W 1942 CU sleeping secretary (works for lazy) 00:29:10:00 B W 1942 CU man lying on couch, two rabbits lying on man's shoulder and stomach 00:30:47:00 B W 1942 MS man, woman eating in Italian restaurant checkered tablecloth, mustached bow tied waiter 00:33:12:00 B W 1942 CU bald newspaperman or editor at desk, wearing head visor, on telephone 00:33:27:00 B W 1942 CU man loading large barrel onto rear of truck 00:34:21:00 B W 1942 MS 30 degree angle shot: man drags truck driver out of truck, beats him up 00:34:38:00 B W 1942 MS more hoods picking on truck drivers 00:35:08:00 B W 1942 CU hands, checkbook writing out checks 00:35:17:00 B W 1942 CU superimposed man's head, with flipping checks flying around him 00:36:00:00 B W 1942 MS man searching for number in telephone book 00:36:16:00 B W 1942 MS blond secretary, man, three rabbits on desk 00:36:45:00 B W 1942 CU sign on door: "J.B. Brown Detective Agency - Information Anytime About Anyone Anywhere" 00:38:10:00 B W 1942 CU man sputtering on telephone: "But - but - but - but" 00:39:55:00 B W 1942 MS gum chewing blonde secretary drops mail on desk, wiggles out room 00:40:27:00 B W 1942 CU photo, "the spineless man" 00:40:59:00 B W 1942 MS man, woman enter detective agency shocks, scares man at desk 00:41:39:00 B W 1942 MS shocked, frightened man gets up, wipes brow with handkerchief 00:42:21:00 B W 1942 WS busy city street, trucks, pedestrians winter, snow 00:42:26:00 B W 1942 MS heat off in office people wearing coats indoors 00:42:50:00 B W 1942 CU man lights match in ash tray holds hands over it to keep warm 00:43:22:00 B W 1942 MS repairmen in reception room blonde secretary in coat, cigarette in mouth and chewing gum 00:44:00:00 B W 1942 VS repairmen see name plate: Edward Morgan, President cower frightened - run from room 00:45:01:00 B W 1942 CU gangsters driving car one in derby hat and cigar 00:45:11:00 B W 1942 MS man pacing around room in coat - arms not in sleeves, appears armless 00:46:20:00 B W 1942 CU reaction: man slinks back in chair, dumbfounded, staring, mouth open, after being told: "You're Baby Face" 00:47:45:00 B W 1942 CU gangsters giving young man crash course in how to act like a gangster 00:48:05:00 B W 1942 CU gangsters grab young man's hair young man grimaces, shuts eyes 00:48:11:00 B W 1942 CU young man yells, excited, angry :"Let go of my you mugs" collar open, mussed up hair 00:48:36:00 B W 1942 CU grim faced young, coat, scarf - shoot gun 00:51:08:00 B W 1942 CU gangsters man grimacing, thrashing 00:52:03:00 B W 1942 CU man removing white rabbits from inside file cabinet 00:52:17:00 B W 1942 CU rabbits, rabbits everywhere 00:52:20:00 B W 1942 CU man removes black rabbit from file cabinet, puts him back, shuts door 00:52:29:00 B W 1942 CU man removes white rabbit from safe 00:52:40:00 B W 1942 MS woman struggling with gangsters 00:52:52:00 B W 1942 MS gangsters drag woman into car 00:53:13:00 B W 1942 MS injured man on floor, room trashed man helps injured man to feet 00:53:25:00 B W 1942 CU injured man - who looks like Ed Asner - sitting in chair, out of breath, rumpled, torn shirt, vest 00:54:10:00 B W 1942 MS gangster "grilling" woman, woman frightened, gangster shoves woman into chair large group of crooks watch 00:54:29:00 B W 1942 MS gangster slaps woman - a hard whack 00:54:58:00 B W 1942 CU men fighting, struggling on floor 00:55:01:00 B W 1942 MS crook, gun, woman woman diverts gunman's aim, he shoots in air 00:55:12:00 B W 1942 MS poolroom everyone is fighting - melee 00:55:17:00 B W 1942 VS still fighting - a real knock about 00:55:26:00 B W 1942 MS men fighting, woman slapping, pool table, woman hits man's rear end with billiards stick 00:55:40:00 B W 1942 CU brutal fighting, continued 00:55:45:00 B W 1942 CU man under pool table, hitting feet with billiards ball 00:55:55:00 B W 1942 MS police enter poolroom fighting stops crooks, raise arms, police aim guns at crooks 00:56:13:00 B W 1942 CU police giving crook third degree crook in chair, bright light on face, shadowy 00:57:44:00 B W 1942 CU excited reporters running to telephones 00:58:34:00 B W 1942 CU man, woman kiss