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AFP-136CH 16mm
Color 1950 Educational film about the living things of the seashore. Shows a variety of small marine creatures. Good color. 00:55:50:00 Color 1950 ws, ms Waves crashing on rocky shore. 00:56:16:00 Color 1950 Gulls, VS: CU gull gull in flight tern bird dives into sea for fish. 00:57:04:00 Color 1950 cu Hermit crab, crawling around a tide pool he exchanges his shell. 00:58:04:00 Color 1950 cu Various creatures of the seashore: the sand dollar horseshoe crab burrows in sand a disgusting sand worm blue crab in shallow water razor clam. 01:00:00:00 Color 1950 ms, cu Creatures of the tide pools of the rocky coast: crab in tide pool barnacles starfish ECU starfish's suction cups brittle-star starfish sea urchin green crab rock crab seaweed in tide pool. 01:02:50:00 Color 1950 cu Various undersea fish and invertebrates: sea anemones sea cucumber butter fish and pollock fish squids one squid eats a herring. 01:04:40:00 Color 1950 cu Sea raven, grotesque looking toad-like fish skate fish, looks like a stingray