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B W 1935 Swashbuckler about Sir Francis Drake, the first English circumnavigater of the globe, and the sinking of the Spanish Armada by his small British fleet in 1588. A romantic subplot deals with the secret marriage of Drake and one of Queen Elizabeth's ladies-in-waiting. (Costume drama of the late 16th Century). 00:01:33:00 B W 1935 CU "Hampton Court Palace, 1568" 00:02:37:00 B W 1935 MS doors open king enters room people bow 00:03:32:00 B W 1935 MS queen seated at head of large table men seated 00:05:17:00 B W 1935 MS indignant queen kicks subject 00:06:12:00 B W 1935 MS prince bows, kneels to Queen Elizabeth I 00:08:00:00 B W 1935 MS queen, prince, another in front of large globe prince spins globe and points 00:10:56:00 B W 1935 MS darkness ship silhouette harbor 00:10:59:00 B W 1935 MS pirates, sailors overboard, to lifeboats darkness 00:12:16:00 B W 1935 MS couples dancing, large room 00:13:11:00 B W 1935 CU dancers 00:13:29:00 B W 1935 MS man hands woman sword she kisses, hands back 00:13:49:00 B W 1935 MS five men hold swords aloft over couple 00:14:22:00 B W 1935 LS,MS flames over town, gunfire hits porch where man stands 00:14:40:00 B W 1935 MS frantic man rings bell cord 00:14:45:00 B W 1935 MS screaming people scurrying over dance floor 41:04:44:00 B W 1935 MS soldiers cannon flames flaming arrows 00:15:49:00 B W 1935 MS break down door panicked man on steps holds head in hands 00:17:15:00 B W 1935 MS man with lantern enters room TREASURE CHEST, COINS 00:17:22:00 B W 1935 CU hand cupping coins 00:17:32:00 B W 1935 MS Injured man stumbles, falls on steps 00:17:38:00 B W 1935 MS another man steals his sword 00:17:56:00 B W 1935 MS man on steps, hold sword aloft 00:18:06:00 B W 1935 MS men carrying away injured man 00:19:45:00 B W 1935 MS walking soldiers donkey 00:19:52:00 B W 1935 MS drummer, ambush, gunfire 00:19:56:00 B W 1935 MS sword-play and gunfire soldier toppled from horse 00:20:10:00 B W 1935 CU soldier brandishes sword 00:20:17:00 B W 1935 CU soldier lifts knife, is knocked backward 00:20:29:00 B W 1935 CU man opens treasure chest, PAN to ground as coins pour out 00:20:40:00 B W 1935 CU men distribute the loot - pearls, bowls 00:21:19:00 B W 1935 MS courtyard children chasing geese 00:21:42:00 B W 1935 CU happy woman stands, smiles, runs to door, people follow 00:21:52:00 B W 1935 MS excited villagers run in street 00:22:14:00 B W 1935 MS people greet crew of ship 00:22:16:00 B W 1935 CU radiant smiling woman, in veil and hat 00:22:31:00 B W 1935 MS pirates, sailors open treasure chest, show to crowd 00:22:38:00 B W 1935 MS excited crowd reaches to crew over ships edge 00:22:58:00 B W 1935 MS man talks to crowd, they shout "hurray" 00:23:26:00 B W 1935 MS man offers woman pearls puts around neck 00:24:16:00 B W 1935 MS two men on horses cobblestone street alight 00:25:08:00 B W 1935 MS queen shouts offstage, hurriedly enters room subjects bow 00:25:17:00 B W 1935 MS queen leaves room, ladies-in-waiting holding train, leaving with her 00:25:21:00 B W 1935 CU man in royal coat, "Gentlemen by your leave, stand by" trumpets sound, doors swing open 00:25:28:00 B W 1935 MS,LS three doors, each further apart, swing open in long perspective Queen Elizabeth I and royal entourage grandly enter 00:25:57:00 B W 1935 CU man kisses queen's hand 00:26:12:00 B W 1935 MS Queen Elizabeth I walks through three doors 00:26:37:00 B W 1935 MS Queen Elizabeth I handed sword 00:26:55:00 B W 1935 CU man reads from large newspaper 00:30:02:00 B W 1935 CU Queen Elizabeth I, rear of head, large collar turns around 00:31:25:00 B W 1935 CU woman in window, birds on ledge 00:31:57:00 B W 1935 CU trapped woman cannot open door 00:33:55:00 B W 1935 MS woman leaning out window 00:34:02:00 B W 1935 MS large woman, standing with laundry 00:35:10:00 B W 1935 MS woman kisses queen's hand 00:37:28:00 B W 1935 MS man and woman kiss in archway 00:37:32:00 B W 1935 CU "Church of St. Andrew" book page 00:37:38:00 B W 1935 CU man writing in book 00:38:18:00 B W 1935 MS man, woman, blossoming tree, ocean, waves kiss 00:38:55:00 B W 1935 CU "Port of St. Julian, June 1578" 00:39:35:00 B W 1935 CU man spits off side of ship 00:39:56:00 B W 1935 MS men at candle lit dinner table 00:40:06:00 B W 1935 MS,CU men, goblet, drinks 00:40:50:00 B W 1935 MS door opens, man salutes 00:41:08:00 B W 1935 MS man pulls sword, threatens 00:42:13:00 B W 1935 MS lifeboat pulls up to ship 00:42:18:00 B W 1935 MS pirates laughing 00:42:53:00 B W 1935 MS man, lantern, treasure chest, open chest, chest secret panel 00:43:26:00 B W 1935 CU "To the Right Honorable, The Lord Burghley, Treasurer of England", paper in secret panel 00:43:35:00 B W 1935 CU man reading, another man holding lantern 00:44:18:00 B W 1935 MS man puts sword on table 00:44:58:00 B W 1935 MS man being tried in court, aboard ship 00:45:12:00 B W 1935 CU man slams fist on table angry faces 00:46:57:00 B W 1935 MS handcuffed man 00:47:27:00 B W 1935 MS crowd of men raise hands 00:48:40:00 B W 1935 MS British flag on ship mast sky, clouds 00:48:49:00 B W 1935 CU "Deptford, April 1581" 00:48:54:00 B W 1935 CU large sign: "O NATURE, TO OLD ENGLAND STILL CONTINUE THESE MISTAKES" 00:50:28:00 B W 1935 MS Queen Elizabeth I in ornate hand-held chariot crowd cheers 00:51:27:00 B W 1935 MS Queen Elizabeth I reviews her troops 00:52:15:00 B W 1935 MS large cheering crowd 00:54:34:00 B W 1935 MS queen is handed sword 00:55:02:00 B W 1935 MS queen knights man 00:55:27:00 B W 1935 MS man raises sword crowd cheers 00:56:08:00 B W 1935 CU man attempts to murder another man 00:57:50:00 B W 1935 CU "Cadiz" 00:58:30:00 B W 1935 MS men raising cannon onto ship 00:58:50:00 B W 1935 MS man painting mural "Santa Maria" on ship 00:59:01:00 B W 1935 CU ship's log 01:00:01:00 B W 1935 CU men bowling, outdoors 01:00:30:00 B W 1935 WS large fleet of ships fog 01:00:45:00 B W 1935 CU bowling, balls hitting on grass 01:01:16:00 B W 1935 MS ships in harbor dusk 01:01:24:00 B W 1935 MS man in ship's mast 01:02:28:00 B W 1935 WS cannons blaze ships battle 01:03:22:00 B W 1935 CU large circular "light" hoisted to top of mast 01:03:43:00 B W 1935 MS ship blasted, destroyed 01:03:47:00 B W 1935 MS sailors falling in water 01:05:20:00 B W 1935 CU "Outside Calais Harbor" 01:06:22:00 B W 1935 CU man raising ship mast 01:06:27:00 B W 1935 CU men setting fire jumping into water 01:06:43:00 B W 1935 WS ship afire 01:07:10:00 B W 1935 MS man cutting ship's rope 01:07:24:00 B W 1935 WS two ships afire cannon fire 01:07:54:00 B W 1935 MS blazing ships, high flames 01:08:16:00 B W 1935 MS total destruction of ships 01:08:18:00 B W 1935 CU ship masts afire 01:09:54:00 B W 1935 CU horrified man's face ship deck blown up 01:09:55:00 B W 1935 MS man falls backward from mast hits deck 01:10:10:00 B W 1935 MS men pulling rope two ships battle cannon fire 01:10:25:00 B W 1935 MS poised man, holding and pointing arrow 01:10:30:00 B W 1935 CU dying man falls forward into water 01:10:38:00 B W 1935 CU men placing planks between ships throwing ropes swinging on ropes dueling falling into water sword-play gunfire 01:11:19:00 B W 1935 CU man punches another's face other man falls over ship side 01:11:39:00 B W 1935 MS man holds sword over side of ship action ends 01:12:50:00 B W 1935 MS man rings large bell lake setting large tree, background 01:12:53:00 B W 1935 MS Queen Elizabeth I reviews troops 01:13:06:00 B W 1935 MS men running, holding spears 01:13:10:00 B W 1935 MS ship arrives, lake shore men run to shore 01:13:30:00 B W 1935 MS Queen Elizabeth I, men walk onto pier to greet men on ship 01:14:01:00 B W 1935 MS costumed soldier in feathered helmet kisses queen's hand 01:14:30:00 B W 1935 MS cheering crowd, waving, lake shore THE END