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AFP-45WH 16mm
Sound Feature
Cast: WYNNE GIBSON ("Fay Saunders") KANE RICHMOND ("Police Dispatcher Jim Murray") PAULINE MOORE ("Ellen Bronson") JOHN MILJAN ("Nick Taggart") MARY GORDON ("Mrs. Murray") ROBERT HOMANS ("Captain Murray") FRANK MORAN ("Henchman Cookie") HEINIE CONKLIN ("Henchman Miggs") RICHARD BEACH ("Steve Bronson") others. Directed by Albert H. Kelley. B W 1941 Flashing green neon light, INT club bar, man and woman having serious discussion, policeman with defying look, police broadcasting station, hospital beside scene. Office scene with giant carved desk, motorcycle cop, officer giving woman ticket, policeman dismissed from job, 3 men swilling beer, two people listening at the door, eavesdropping, barbershop pole, man-jumping cable in a truck. 00:00:54:00 B W 1941 - Opening Credits 00:01:02:00 B W 1941 - WS - Neon bar sign flashing: "The Silver Slipper" 00:01:55:00 B W 1941 - LS, CU - In club woman goes from table to table taking pictures. 00:02:51:00 B W 1941 - LS, MS - Man brings drinks to couple. Couple drinks, hokey dialogue. "That's the copper in you talking," man enters. 00:06:26:00 B W 1941 - LS, MS - Policemen break into club. People run out, people are arrested. Woman shoots policeman. Policeman grabs gun from woman then gets shot by mistake. Very hokey scene. 00:07:14:00 B W 1941 - LS, MS - Policeman on radio to motorcycle cop. 00:12:09:00 B W 1941 - LS, MS - Policeman visits hospital. Policeman speaks with injured policeman. Very bad dialogue: Talks with woman outside "You go in there and keep your chin up." 00:14:35:00 B W 1941 - LS, MS - Man talks with woman outside and inside. "I came to give this to you" "He won't be needing it anymore." "Don't tell me he's...." "He's dead." 00:19:31:00 B W 1941 - MS - Man talk in office about horses. Woman enters, talks alone with man. 00:21:10:00 B W 1941 - MS - Woman talks with older woman. Man enters, talks to woman. 00:24:24:00 B W 1941 - LS, MS - Men talk in office, man leaves, another man enters. 00:26:28:00 B W 1941 - MS, WS - Man enters police office talks with captain. "Captain, why don't you play ball with me." Captain strikes man. "Alright captain I guess you don't want to play ball with me." Man leaves. 00:27:01:00 B W 1941 - MS, WS - Man outside police station. Gives signal. In police stations, bullets fly. Policeman is killed. 00:30:28:00 B W 1941 - MS, WS - Policeman on motorcycle. Moves car in front of fire hydrant. Comes back talks with woman. Policeman gives woman a ticket. Policeman hits other policeman. 00:31:21:00 B W 1941 - MS, WS - Policeman thrown out of force, officially 00:32:16:00 B W 1941 - MS - Man leaves home, tearful goodbye 00:36:35:00 B W 1941 - MS - 3 men drinking beer. Man leaves to talk with woman. Men talk as man and woman talk. Woman leaves, another woman enters. Another couple talk. Man leaves conversation. 00:39:08:00 B W 1941 - MS, WS - Men drive away, man follows in motorcycle. Men hide motorcycle. Men take truck to building. They break in. Policeman investigates break in. Catches criminals in the act, "Stick 'em up!" 00:40:16:00 B W 1941 - WS - Men get away 00:41:38:00 B W 1941 - WS - Men talk in office 00:44:11:00 B W 1941 - LS, MS - Men meet in office, talk some more. Man gives scribe. Woman photographs exchange. 00:45:33:00 B W 1941 - MS - Man confronts woman, takes woman prisoner. 00:46:30:00 B W 1941 - MS - Men gather in bar, go to photo shop 00:50:54:00 B W 1941 - MS - Woman and man in office, argue, "You'd double cross your own mother." Man kills woman behind closed doors. 00:52:06:00 B W 1941 - LS, MS - Man taken prisoner put in barn. 00:54:02:00 B W 1941 - LS, MS - Woman taken. Man breaks out of handcuffs. Man talks to policemen, while man is hot wiring truck. 00:54:17:00 B W 1941 - MS - Policemen in office talk 00:55:16:00 B W 1941 - MS, WS - Man works on truck 01:00:57:00 B W 1941 - MS - policemen park on highway. Man pulls out, drives truck. Man drives truck, knocks out man in passenger seat. man drives as he radios to policemen, "Calling all cars." Policemen follow after truck. Truck shouts at policemen and vice versa. Men in truck are shot dead, funny death call. Truck pulls over. Men, woman and policemen enjoy victory .