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AFP-62CS 16mm; VTM-62CS Beta SP; PA-2325 Beta SP; PA-0686 Digibeta; NET-218 DigiBeta (62CS at 01:21:04:00); Beta SP
Color 1956 Cross-country bus journey: Re-enactments of historic events: signing the Declaration of Independence, Battle of the Alamo, Boston Tea Party, "the winning of the West," Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, California Gold Rush and Chicago Fire. Directed by Harold Schuster. Director of Photography: Jerry Fairbanks. Screenplay by Charles L. Tedford, Leo S. Rosencrans. Film Editor: Milton Kleinberg. Art Director: Theobold Holsopple. Production Supervisor: John McKennon. Musical Supervision by Edward Paul. Assistant Director: Robert Scrivner. With Marshall Thompson (Mysterious Stranger) TOMMY KIRK (Jimmy Rollins) Morris Ankrum (Fred Schroder) ANGIE DICKINSON (Mary) Charles Maxwell (Bill Roberts) and TEX RITTER as himself. Winner of the Freedoms Foundation Special Award. 00:58:43:00 Color 1956 ws Old West: Wagon train caravan, 1800's 00:58:58:00 Color 1956 cu Two 1800's Army men on horseback, looking out 00:59:17:00 Color 1956 ws INDIANS ON THE WARPATH 00:59:27:00 Color 1956 ms ARMY MAN CHARGING ON HORSEBACK, SHOOTING PISTOL 00:59:31:00 Color 1956 ws INDIANS SURROUND WAGON TRAIN 00:59:36:00 Color 1956 cu MEN SHOOTING AT INDIANS FROM WAGON TRAIN 00:59:42:00 Color 1956 ms INDIAN, HORSE FALL 00:59:43:00 Color 1956 ms MAN SHOOTS RIFLE, STANDING ON WAGON TRAIN HIT BY ARROWS 00:59:51:00 Color 1956 ws CHARGING INDIANS! WHITE MEN SHOOTING FROM WAGON TRAINS! WAR WHOOPS! 00:59:53:00 Color 1956 ms ARMY MAN ON HORSEBACK HIT BY ARROW 01:00:09:00 Color 1956 cu TEX RITTER sings title song over title cards (Ritter not seen) 01:00:58:00 Color 1956 cu Rolling bus wheels 01:01:06:00 Color 1956 ws GREYHOUND TOUR BUS on "Scenic Route 1", California coastline 01:01:16:00 Color 1956 ws Passengers on tour bus 01:01:28:00 Color 1956 cu Boy Scout on bus 01:02:35:00 Color 1956 ws SAN FRANCISCO street cablecar, hill 01:02:54:00 Color 1956 cu SAN FRANCISCO street sign: "Market" and "Sutter" 01:03:01:00 Color 1956 cu Panning of gold 01:03:08:00 Color 1956 ws Shoveling dirt onto sifter 01:03:12:00 Color 1956 ws Wagon train painted on side: "CALIFORNIA OR BUST" settlers 01:03:38:00 Color 1956 ws Long caravan of wagon trains stretching far into horizon rocky, flat mountain range 01:03:46:00 Color 1956 ws WHOOPING INDIANS BURN WAGON TRAIN ROLL WAGON INTO RIVER 01:04:54:00 Color 1956 ms Passengers getting off bus bus driver standing by door of bus 01:05:10:00 Color 1956 cu P.A. system loudspeakers: "ALL ABOARD!" 01:05:16:00 Color 1956 ms Bus driver punching tickets, passengers board bus 01:06:19:00 Color 1956 ws Bus traveling on Western highway high clouds 01:06:27:00 Color 1956 cu On bus: man talking to woman seated beside him -- YOUNG BRUNETTE ANGIE DICKINSON 01:06:51:00 Color 1956 cu Man asks "How 'bout seeing the big town together?" 01:06:55:00 Color 1956 cu Woman [DICKINSON] says "Why, uh..." transfers ring from one hand to the other, making sure man sees ring "I, uh, I'll be pretty busy!" 01:07:01:00 Color 1956 cu Man: "Oh. Oh, I see..." clenches mouth 01:07:37:00 Color 1956 ms Bus passes sign "ROUTE OF THE PONY EXPRESS" picture on sign: pony express rider 01:08:04:00 Color 1956 cu WAGON-WHEEL SPOKES 01:08:10:00 Color 1956 ws WAGON, 'way out West 01:08:15:00 Color 1956 ws PONY EXPRESS RIDER 01:08:18:00 Color 1956 ms Man peeks out from wagon window 01:08:22:00 Color 1956 ms Galloping PONY EXPRESS RIDER, bent over horse 01:08:24:00 Color 1956 ws PONY EXPRESS RIDER gallops over hill 01:08:28:00 Color 1956 ws PONY EXPRESS RIDERS at check-point, exchanging riders and horses without missing a beat 01:08:50:00 Color 1956 ws (same as above shot) 01:09:01:00 Color 1956 ws Bus passing over arched bridge scenic mountain range, background 01:10:09:00 Color 1956 ws Arched neon sign over street: "RENO -- THE BIGGEST LITTLE CITY IN THE WORLD" neon signs of clubs, including "Nevada Club" 01:10:16:00 Color 1956 ws Brightly lit, flashing signs: "NEVADA CLUB -- GAMING -- BAR -- COFFEE SHOP" "SLOT MACHINES -- PLAY KENO": from moving vehicle on RENO street 01:10:21:00 Color 1956 ms Woman looks out bus window, says "THEY ALL COME HERE TO GAMBLE" 01:10:54:00 Color 1956 ws Bus travels down RENO street 01:11:00:00 Color 1956 cu Spinning bus wheel 01:11:18:00 Color 1956 ms TEX RITTER cowboy hat, holding guitar, talking to Boy Scout (TOMMY KIRK) on bus 01:11:33:00 Color 1956 cu Boy Scout: "Say, aren't you TEX RITTER, the movie cowboy?" Tex: "That's ma' brand!" 01:12:21:00 Color 1956 ws "THE ALAMO" SAN ANTONIO 01:12:28:00 Color 1956 cu TEX RITTER singing song about the Alamo Boy Scout entranced, clasped hands as if in prayer 01:12:42:00 Color 1956 cu Boy scout, in "attitude of prayer," lost in thought, pensive 01:13:04:00 Color 1956 ws Simulated "BATTLE OF THE ALAMO": night-blazing puffs of gunsmoke, gunfire 01:13:52:00 Color 1956 ms Man behind wall, shooting rifle 01:13:52:00 Color 1956 cu Man hit by gunfire, jerks violently, falls back 01:13:58:00 Color 1956 ws FLAG OF TEXAS, FLYING PROUDLY 01:14:06:00 Color 1956 ms Bus passengers applaud TEX RITTER 01:15:07:00 Color 1956 ms Suburban boulevard, from bus driver's POV ws (same shot) 01:15:33:00 Color 1956 ws CHICAGO SKYLINE, LAKE MICHIGAN 01:15:42:00 Color 1956 ws Simulation of GREAT 1871 CHICAGO FIRE 01:15:48:00 Color 1956 ws Thousands flee to lakeshore, set out onto lake with boats, fiercely burning buildings 01:16:01:00 Color 1956 ws Modern-day CHICAGO, from LAKE MICHIGAN 01:16:40:00 Color 1956 ws Bus on strangely traffic-free super-highway 01:17:49:00 Color 1956 ws Lone bus on very long bridge, FLORIDA KEYS: expanse of water 01:18:18:00 Color 1956 ws SPANISH GALLEONS 01:18:21:00 Color 1956 ms CANNON-FIRE, SMOKING, BLAZING SPANISH GALLEONS 01:18:25:00 Color 1956 ms BLAZING CANNONS 01:18:31:00 Color 1956 ms Pirates climbing off side of ship 01:18:34:00 Color 1956 ws Fighting pirates, swinging on ropes 01:18:42:00 Color 1956 ms BRUTAL, FIGHTING PIRATES: CLUBS, FISTS, SLASHING ROPES, EXCITING STUFF! 01:18:45:00 Color 1956 ws PIRATE CHOPS ROPE SAILORS FIGHTING ON MAST FALL INTO WATER 01:19:49:00 Color 1956 ws Sign above door, "POST HOUSE" Parkway rest area, restaurant, parked bus, tourists 01:20:03:00 Color 1956 ms Old woman talking: "Everything is planned in advance. We don't have to worry about anything!" 01:20:37:00 Color 1956 ws Caped man rides on horseback over wooden bridge 01:20:42:00 Color 1956 ms Simulation of BOSTON TEA PARTY: men throwing tea bales overboard feathers in caps, burning torches 01:20:48:00 Color 1956 ms Stocky men, wearing "warpaint", feathers, laugh, embrace 01:21:00:00 Color 1956 ws Simulation of Philadelphia gathering of delegates, circa 1776 01:21:24:00 Color 1956 ms Cheering delegates at Philadelphia convention, 1776 01:21:30:00 Color 1956 ws SIGNING THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE 01:21:33:00 Color 1956 cu DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE 01:21:40:00 Color 1956 cu Prominent signature of JOHN HANCOCK 01:21:51:00 Color 1956 cu Actor portraying BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, signing Declaration of Independence. 01:21:57:00 Color 1956 ms Ringing LIBERTY BELL man waving three-cornered hat 01:22:05:00 Color 1956 ws INDEPENDENCE HALL IN PHILADELPHIA 01:22:41:00 Color 1956 ws Man walks up from cafeteria table 01:22:49:00 Color 1956 ws PHILADELPHIA SKYLINE, fountain, park, trees 01:23:28:00 Color 1956 ms ANGIE DICKINSON on telephone, in booth 01:23:54:00 Color 1956 ms Man kisses woman [ANGIE DICKINSON] woman slaps man 01:24:00:00 Color 1956 ms ANGIE DICKINSON says angrily: "You and your football manners!" 01:24:13:00 Color 1956 ws Washington Square Arch, New York City 01:24:28:00 Color 1956 cu Mild-mannered man in crowd yells "MARY!" 01:24:30:00 Color 1956 ms Woman waves, holding small traveling suitcase mildly says, "Hello Waldo" 01:24:36:00 Color 1956 ms Man tips hat to woman: "Welcome, thrice welcomed!" 01:25:04:00 Color 1956 cu Sign: "PHILADELPHIA EAGLES" 01:25:13:00 Color 1956 ws Woman speaking to secretary in office 01:25:22:00 Color 1956 ms Woman standing beside LIFE-SIZE POSTER OF FOOTBALL PLAYER 01:25:40:00 Color 1956 cu Beaming woman holds up RINGLESS FINGER to man 01:25:55:00 Color 1956 ms Man, woman hug passionately, kiss 01:26:06:00 Color 1956 ms Highway sign: "GETTYSBURG -- Named for James Gettys, One of the First Settlers" 01:26:11:00 Color 1956 ws Bus riding through GETTYSBURG MEMORIAL BATTLEGROUND 01:26:42:00 Color 1956 ms Simulation: ABRAHAM LINCOLN WRITING "GETTYSBURG ADDRESS" 01:26:48:00 Color 1956 cu "ABRAHAM LINCOLN" [actor does NOT look like Lincoln] 01:27:20:00 Color 1956 ms Man yells out window: "FELLOW CITIZENS!" 01:27:42:00 Color 1956 ms A contented "ABRAHAM LINCOLN" listens to brass band outside playing "Dixie" 01:27:51:00 Color 1956 ws GETTYSBURG BATTLEGROUND: cannons, monuments 01:28:16:00 Color 1956 ms Bronze bust of ABRAHAM LINCOLN 01:28:21:00 Color 1956 ms Bronze duplication of GETTYSBURG ADDRESS 01:29:45:00 Color 1956 cu "LINCOLN" DELIVERS GETTYSBURG ADDRESS: very hammy portrayal 01:30:46:00 Color 1956 ws WASHINGTON MONUMENT, Tidal Basin, Washington, DC 01:30:49:00 Color 1956 ws JEFFERSON MEMORIAL 01:30:55:00 Color 1956 ws LINCOLN MEMORIAL 01:30:58:00 Color 1956 ws IWO JIMA STATUE: soldiers planting American Flag 01:31:05:00 Color 1956 ws CAPITOL BUILDING, DOME 01:31:16:00 Color 1956 ws TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER 01:31:23:00 Color 1956 ws Cemetery, graves 01:32:08:00 Color 1956 ws Man walking through cemetery suddenly .... HE DISAPPEARS