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AFP-136BX 16mm
B W 1950 Nature documentary about the life of a pond. Somewhat crude photography. 00:39:16:00 B W 1950 ws Small waterfall in a gentle brook. 00:39:35:00 B W 1950 cu Montage of frogs: bullfrog, leopard frog, both on lily pads tree frog on branch. 00:39:55:00 B W 1950 cu Montage of turtles: turtle slides off log into water spotted turtle, swimming perch fish and sunfish, underwater shots, snapping turtle walking by, turtle eggs, snapping turtle enters water from bank. 00:41:05:00 B W 1950 ms Baby muskrats swimming mink prowling on river bank mink enters burrow, then exits. 00:42:40:00 B W 1950 ms, cu Skunk. 00:42:55:00 B W 1950 ms Boy fishing from log, Tom Sawyer like better shots below. 00:44:00:00 B W 1950 ms Deer (doe) shyly walks through field spotted fawn crosses stream. 00:46:02:00 B W 1950 cu, ms Raccoon sleeping in tree prowling by stream raiding bird's nest, eating eggs. 00:48:05:00 B W 1950 ms Tom Sawyer type boy, wearing straw hat, fishing, with dog: good Americana image CU boy's feet, wiggling toes boy takes fishhook from fish's mouth