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AFP-130CG 16mm; VTM-130CG Beta SP
B W 1952 The "babes" in question are children and infants, not - well, you know - babes. Lots of excellent footage of children playing sports, very funny, very cute. 00:48:42:00 B W 1952 ms, cu Baby races: before the race, big group of mothers (and one father) changing babies' diapers CU baby crying another baby sound asleep, his mother holds sign reading THE SLEEPER adult's arms holding baby's feet, baby standing in the air crawling races begin - mothers place babies on starting line, some begin crawling, most just sit there one fast moving baby crawls past placard reading FINISH LINE - excellent shot! CU baby wearing paper crown, says N.I.D.S. CRAWLING CHAMP. 01:03:02:00 B W 1952 ms Little children run around in their underwear, doing exercises and gymnastics - little boys and girls jump rope do tumbling and somersaulting exercises, helped by woman in bathing suit. (Something tells me this is Sweden.) 00:50:17:00 B W 1952 ms, cu Sequence of little children and babies swimming and diving: eight children dive into swimming pool, swim toward CAM excellent, very cute shot of little boys on diving board, each walks to end, does a little ineffectual hop, and jumps in (HA shot from behind) little boy with fat stomach belly flops from diving board mother with tiny baby in swimming pool, baby swims several little boys with striped bathing suits dive off diving board in rapid succession, each springing off from one boy lying on his back at the end of thediving board, funny. 00:51:46:00 B W 1952 ms Toddlers golfing, mostly swinging and missing one little boy in a sandtrap chops away at golf ball, hopelessly, then picks it up and throws it also, little children putting little girl grabs little boy, tries to kiss him, he slumps to the ground, embarrassed. Great stuff, very funny. 00:53:19:00 B W 1952 ms, cu Children skiing, part of a ski class: most ski pretty well a couple of boys wipe out after ski jumping off low ramp. 00:54:26:00 B W 1952 ws, ms Children's rodeo: big group of children ride past on Shetland ponies boy rides horse in arena, does riding tricks chariot races with children as drivers good shot of two boys in cowboy costumes waving to CAM calf riding, several shots, ne boy falls off calf, it rolls over on him. 00:55:37:00 B W 1952 ws, ms Children in oversize baseball uniforms, urban rooftop setting: first they exercise, fat adult coach has big split in his pants as he does knee bends little boys lie on backs, kick legs in the air boys run over to pile of baseball bats and gloves, grab them boy does ridiculous windup for pitch boy in crowd razzes players, sticking his tongue out, brief chubby boy in silly loose uniform hits baseball, then runs bases, slides into home on his rear end, a home run. 00:56:34:00 B W 1952 ms Brief montage of adult athletes: baseball pitcher swimmer golfer tees off rodeo cowboy rides steer skier