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AFP-19CU 16mm; VTM-19ER Beta SP; NET-79 DigiBeta (19CU at 01:00:00:00); Beta SP
Silent Comedy
B W 1921 01:32:59:00 B W 1921 ms cu Four women at a patio tea party 01:33:27:00 B W 1921 ms Man gets thrown off crowded streetcar for not having ticket 01:33:42:00 B W 1921 ms Car salesman demonstrates car's potential... a load of pots and pans and other kitchen items in the engine compartment... he pours coffee grounds into the radiator turns tap at the bottom and gives man a cup of coffee 01:35:19:00 B W 1921 ws Two bums hitch a ride on a wheeled flap which has dropped to the road from rear of car but is still attached 01:35:52:00 B W 1921 ws Car stops... radiator has boiled over 01:36:08:00 B W 1921 ws Gypsy camp 01:36:17:00 B W 1921 ms Man discovers bums, gets shotgun from car... accidentally shoots large gypsy in the rear instead of bums... large gypsy and associate go after driver... associate keeps missing driver with club... swings again but driver ducks and gypsy hits his large associate knocking him into river... gypsy swings and misses again rolling down the river bank and knocking large gypsy back into water 01:37:47:00 B W 1921 ms Driver takes two eggs from hens cage in the car... opens hood and breaks eggs into frying pan and heats pan on the engine 01:38:22:00 B W 1921 ms Bums eat food set out on car's rear extension... they are joined by several other bums... driver burns eggs... sees bums and chases them with a shotgun... driver, gypsys and bums in mad intermingling in gypsy camp... driver leaves shotgun as lure and knocks out 6 gypsys with a club as they bend to pick it up 01:40:15:00 B W 1921 ws Driver and girl try to set up tent but strong wind blows everything away including the car piece by piece (ie, CAR FALLS APART).